Just a quick story. Maybe it'll be something longer, maybe something shorter. Who knows. Please enjoy!

He happened to be in Malibu.

Callahan had heard of a trial that he wanted Emmett to observe for future reference. Something about a married couple getting a divorce on the account of the husband poisoned the wife to kill her unborn baby. It was interesting at times and completely boring at others. But Emmett credited that case to changing his life. That's when he met her.

He didn't know her name then. She didn't know his. But he remembered her every day.

His hair was shorter then. He had an almost beard. More like stubble really. It was no wonder she didn't recognize him.

Emmett was walking out of the courthouse when he heard someone calling: "Excuse me! Sir?"

He didn't think much of it.

"You in the navy shirt and houndstooth tie!"

He looked down at himself. Yup. That was him. He turned around to see a young, blonde woman in a pink pencil skirt dress and maroon jacket running towards him. Holy cow, she was running in stilettos! And she was insanely beautiful. Her blonde hair was short but it still managed to somehow flow behind her. She was thin and kind of short but her legs were so long. Emmett just had one question at the time. Why was this gorgeous woman running towards him?

She stopped in front of him, not at all out of breath. She must stay in shape. She must to stay so thin. But she was still well structured and well endowed in certain areas.

"You forgot this," she told him and held up his jacket. He knew it was his. Brown and patches on the elbows.

"Uh, thanks," he stuttered as he took it. She laughed a little and brushed a strand of soft hair out of her face.

"I saw it on a bench by the water fountain," she explained. "I started looking for it's owner, but no one who was missing a jacket would even match this one. I could tell that you had the guts to wear such a jacket from the look of your tie."

"Um..." Emmett didn't know whether to be insulted or impressed. Instead he just asked the first thing that came to mind. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh! My daddy's friend, Julia, is suing the head of a tanning company for selling her a tanning bed that made her turn the most disgusting shade of orange. The case is called Bikini Tanning Vs. Roberts."

It sounded normal and like a case a woman who looked like this would go to, but then Emmett stopped to think for a minute.

"Wait...Julia Roberts?"

"Uh-huh." This woman didn't seem at all aware of how incredible it was that, not only did she know Julia Roberts, but that she was there because the woman was suing a tanning company. There was no way right?

"Can, I um," Emmett started, "can I come with you to watch that case?" She furrowed her brows for a second.

"Oh, um, I'm a law student at Harvard Law," he explained. "I'm here watching court cases for reference and that sounds like a good one."

The blonde woman nodded in understanding and smiled a gorgeous smile. Damn it was so beautiful.

"Totally! Come on!"

The case Emmett was watching was done for the day, so he curiously followed this new person. He followed her to the end of the courthouse to a room with two big body guards blocking the door. They looked all grouchy until they saw the blonde woman.

"Woodsie," one of the guards said happily, "welcome back! Who's this?"

"My plus one," she answered. The guards nodded and let them in.

"Woodsie," Emmett repeated.

"It's what Julia calls me," the blonde answered. That was enough for Emmett. He didn't ask for more detail about her name. God, he should have. He looked to the front of the room and sure enough, there was a very orange Julia Roberts. No way.

Court went into recess and Woodsie grabbed him by the hand and led him to the esteemed actress.


The woman turned and her face widened into a smile.

"Woodsie! Thank God you're here," Julia grinned as she pulled the younger woman into a hug. "These people are being absolutely ridiculous, claiming all this stuff about "instruction manuals". Instruction manual my ass! There was no such thing."

"Oh, Julia, I'll be here for you, no matter what," Woodsie assured the woman as she took her hands. Julia seemed so reassured by that and they hugged again. They separated and Julia's eyes landed on the strange man behind Woodsie.

"Now who's this," Julia asked as she gestured to Emmett.

"Oh. He's my new friend, I just met him outside. He wanted to see the courtcase. He's a law student"

Emmett was shocked to hear that this pretty woman had called him a friend. He wasn't about to question it.

"Hi, it's a pleasure to meet you," Emmett said as he stepped forward and presented his hand to shake. The other woman didn't hesitate to take it at all.

"Please, call me Julia," she instructed him. "Any friend of Woodsie is a friend of mine."

No fricking way.

Woodsie suggested they get a picture together and used Emmett's phone to take it so he would have the memory. It was a selfie. They all looked good, even the orange Julia. He didn't let his blonde companion see him set it to his home screen immediately.

Court went back into session and Woodsie and Emmett left, both tired from a trying day of legal "jargon".

"Wow, you really know Julia Roberts," Emmett offered as a conversation as they walked out of the courthouse.

"Yeah! She was my babysitter. She went to high school with my dad," the blonde woman answered. There was a small silence as they came to a stoplight.

"Well, I turn here," the blonde said, pointing left. Emmett silently pointed right. Her shoulders seemed to drop and she looked slightly disappointed under the smile.

Emmett came up with a lie, and he came up with one fast.

"Um, I'm hungry. And I don't quite know the area. Do you know any good places to eat around here?"

The small blonde perked up so quick, she straightened her spine and her grin was genuine.

"I'm in hungry too. There's a sushi place down the street, would you like to go with me?"

Emmett didn't particularly love sushi but he was so intrigued by and kinda attracted to this woman that he had to go along.

"Yeah. That'll be fun."

They went to the restaurant, talking the whole way. And they didn't stop talking the entire time they ate. Emmett learned quickly that this girl was big on jokes. Almost anything he could come up with she thought was hilarious and she was pretty good at funny stuff herself. But it wasn't just funny. He told her about his mom and law school, how he was at the bottom of his class. And she told him about her struggles with a boy she kind of liked and how he just kept on rejecting her.

As soon as their meal was over, they stepped outside onto the sidewalk and they were silent again. Woodsie picked up her finger and pointed straight, Emmett pointed left.

"Um, what about coffee," Woodsie asked.

"Yeah, I would like that."

So she took him to her favorite little coffee shop, Emmett had to admit it was pretty good. They kept on talking about anything and everything. They didn't even wait until they were done when Woodsie said:

"So, have you ever been shopping in Malibu?"

"No, why," Emmett asked sipping on his coffee as he furrowed his brows.

"Well, I hate to say it but that tie does not match your shirt and jacket."

Emmett chuckled a little bit.

"I don't know, kinda like it."

Woodsie laughed.

"Why would you?"

"Well it helped you find me, didn't it?"

There was a pause of silence. But not an awkward one, a comfortable one. She smiled a little half smile and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Anyway," she continued after a moment, "I insist on taking you to a store and buying you a tie. I'll pay for it"

"I can't let you pay for that," Emmett told her, meeting her eyes.

She kept his gaze as she said, "treat me to dinner tonight and we'll call it even."

Emmett didn't even hesitate.

She got him a new tie and in the process she learned that he'd never been to a beach before. He always lived in a landlocked state before he moved to Massachusetts. And even then he was so busy with law school that he never got the chance to go. That was when she took him to a store, bought them some bathing suits and took him to the nearest one.

"It's so bright," Emmett told her. She smiled and laughed.

"It is! Come on!"

She dragged him towards the beach, throwing her stuff down. He quickly unbuttoned his dress shirt he had been wearing over his swim trunks and threw it down with his stuff. She kept dragging him until they were in the water. She shoved his back and he fell right in, coming up quickly and shaking out his hair. She laughed as he stood up straight in the water next to her. They stopped and stared at each other for a minute.

He was only four inches taller than her but in the water it seemed like six. She put a hand on his chest, and looked up at him slowly. Slowly, he put his hands on her waist. He only now looked at the pink bikini she was wearing. She lifted her head further up to look at him and he leaned his forehead down to touch hers.

She kissed him and then pulled away quickly, spitting.

"Ew, gross! Salt water!"

He laughed and then pulled her in again for a kiss. This one lasted a full five seconds. He counted.


After the beach, they went to dinner at one of Woodsie's favorite restaurants. And it wasn't too expensive which was good because Emmett was a broke university kid.

They laughed and talked and held hands and played footsie under the table and yes, kissed every once in a while. It didn't dawn on either of them that they didn't know each others' names yet. They were so wrapped up in all the fun they were having with each other and how much they enjoyed each others' company that it didn't even dawn on them.

Once dinner was over, and they stepped outside onto the concrete, they stood still for a moment.

Emmett held up a finger pointing towards his hotel. Woodsie smiled and pointed her finger that way too.

They both fell onto the bed, sweating and breathing heavily. Woodsie's bare chest was rising so heavily and her hair was splayed out onto the pillow below her. Emmett swallowed his spit and continued to take deep breaths as he stared up at his hotel ceiling. They had agreed to this. They talked about it on the way to the hotel and all the way up to his room. Somehow it made it better.

It had been so good. Both times. He looked at the woman next to him, she was beautiful. But somehow he didn't notice anymore. He liked her laugh and her smile and the way her mind worked. She was funny and smart and stylish. Was she the perfect woman? In that moment, to him, she was. And not even because of sex or looks. But because of how badly he just wanted to look at her and be around her.

A few seconds passed of them catching their breaths and then Emmett spoke up.

"What now?"

A pause.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean what would you like to do? Would you like to sleep here? Go home? Forget about this forever or exchange numbers?"

A sigh. Oh no. Emmett felt his stomach churning. He could already hear the "this never happened".

"Listen," she started as she turned to him, "I don't usually have casual sex with people I've just met in a courthouse, but this," she paused. Emmett froze. "This was special."

He relaxed, turning to meet her gaze. Her eyes were big and bright and hopeful. Emmett fell in love right then looking at those eyes.

"You are unlike any man I've ever met or been with and I wouldn't sleep with you otherwise. I don't think I want this to end."

He smiled so wide.


The next morning, Emmett drove her back to the courthouse to pick up her car. They were still talking about everything and nothing at all. When they got to the courthouse, there was a brunette clad in a cheer leading outfit leaning against Woodsie's pink car.


The brunette pushed her sunglasses onto her forehead as she watched Woodsie and Emmett get out of his car.

"Honestly, honey, the girls have been looking all over the city for you."

"This is Serena, she's a part of my sorority," Woodsie explained.

"Not for long, the sorority is going crazy searching for you. Soon there might not be one left. Let's go."

She grabbed Woodsie's hand and began dragging her away.

"310-522-636," the blonde shouted to him and Emmett put it in his phone immediately.

On the way back to his hotel, after parking, he slipped with his phone in his hand, dropped it in a puddle of some sort of drink, and watched as it got stepped on by a passerby.

He was forced to get a new phone and a new number.

That's how he lost Woodsie.

He never imagined, in a million years, that he would see her again. Upon meeting her again, he doubted that she would remember him much less like him at all anymore. But we all know how that turns out.