One Decision

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This is a fanfiction, a work of fiction. It is an unofficial, non-canon alternate story based on Marvel's "Movies". Most of the media - such as the images and video's used in this fanfiction - are from the web. Thus, most of them aren't mine (because I really, really can't draw) unless mentioned. To fit the story, images are also edited by a photo editor. So they aren't mine, just edited.

Spoiler Alert

Alpha/beta/omega dynamics, Male/Male relationships


Katherine ~ Katherine Mcnamara

Tony ~ Robert Downey, Jr.

Pepper ~ Gwyneth Paltrow

Christine Everhart ~ Leslie Bibb

Today's Special

"But if I knew then, what I know now.

I would have never agreed to let her come along.

That one decision would have changed everything.

Prevented all this heartache and pain"

~ Yuri Dreyar - Fairy Tail Zero - Episode 2

I pause my game when I hear Jarvis tell the blondie dad brought back last night that she isn't allowed to mess with the temperature.

"He's right you know." I add.

"But it's cold." The woman whines.

"Well maybe you would feel less chilly if you put some real clothes on." I snap back, referring to the fact she was only wearing the wine colored shirt my dad had on yesterday. Honestly, the only woman I can ever accept my dad getting together with, aside from my late mother, would be Pepper.

The women's eyes widen, as she probably finally realizes who I am. "You must be Katherine Stark."

I smirk. "Yep. That's me. I'm fine with people assuming I am Pepper's daughter, because we do look alike, and she is like a mother to me. But remember this, if you ever so much as even mention, to anyone, who I am. You can kiss your career goodbye." I smirk, as I see fear on her face.

"Kat." Pepper calls out sterinly. "Stop antagonizing the poor women." I turn around to see Pepper standing behind me. She then turns to the blond, "I've got your clothes here. They've been dry-cleaned and pressed, and there's a car waiting for you outside that will take you anywhere you'd like to go."

"You must be the famous Pepper Potts." She smirks, walking toward us.

"Indeed I am." Pepper nods.

"After all these years, Tony still has you picking up the dry-cleaning." Blondie jabs at Pepper, causing me to narrow my eyes.

But Pepper just smirks, " I do anything and everything that Mr. Stark requires, including, occasionally, taking out the trash. Will that be all?"

I whistle.


I know Pepper can be snarky, but she was just a downright savage.

Me likey.

I watch as the other woman's cheeks flush red in embarrassment. She opens her mouth, probably to say something snarky, but nothing comes about. She closes her mouth and lets about a sound of frustration, storms toward Pepper. She snatched her clothes out of the smirking redheads hands, and stormed back upstairs to change.

"Now." She turns to me. "We need to get your father. He's supposed to already be on flight right now."

"Yeah." I nod, walking toward the staircase leading down. "I know you could be sassy, but wow!" I complement.

Pepper just smiles. "There is a reason why I haven't quit, despite working for your father for all these years. My way with words just so happens to be one of them." When they reach the garage door, Pepper types in the password known only to a select few.

"You are supposed to be halfway around the world right now." Pepper tells Tony, putting her folder in one hand, so she can write with the other.

"How'd she take it?" Tony asks, referring to the women he had in his bed last night.

"Like a champ." Pepper replies, without skipping a beat.

"Yeah, if you mean you were the champ. You should have seen her. I'm willing to bet we won't be seeing her for a while." I laugh, sitting in dad's swirly chair.

"Now, about where you need to be right now." Pepper calls, trying to steer the conversation back to the original topic.

"Why are you trying to hustle me out of here?" Tony asks, still continuing to look at the car part he was working on before the girls entered.

"Your flight was scheduled to leave an hour and a half ago." Pepper says.

"That's funny, I thought with it being my plane and all, that it would just wait for me to get there." My dad fires back.

"Yeah, well you don't own the army. And plus, they put their lives on the line to keep us safe. You should at least show them enough respect to be there on time." I add, opening up my phone to check the latest thing happening on Instagram.

"Hey! Whose side are you on Kit-kat. And plus, I may not own the army, but I am a huge part of what's keeping them alive."

The older omega looks over her folder, looking at the things she needs to go over before Tony leaves. "Tony, I need to speak to you about a couple things before I get you out of the door."

"I mean, doesn't it kind of defeat the whole purpose of having your own plane if it departs before you arrive?" Dad says, still hung up about the plain thing.

Pepper continues to speak, ignoring dad's comment about the plane. "Larry called. He's got another buyer for the Jackson Pollock in the wings. Do you want it? Yes or no."

"Is it a good representation of his spring period?" The alpha asks.

Pepper looks over the information on the paper, "Um, no. The Springs was actually the neighbourhood in East Hampton where he lived and worked-"

Dad raises an eyebrow, "So?"

Pepper continues, "-not "spring" like the season. I think it's a fair example. Um.. I think it's incredibly overpriced."

Dad gives Pepper a look, "I need it. Buy it. Store it."

Pepper sighs, "Okay. The MIT commencement speech…"

Dad walks across the room, "Is in June. Please, don't harangue me about stuff that's way, way, down…"

Pepper follows after him, "Well, they're haranguing me, so I'm gonna say yes."

The alpha turns around to look at his assistant, "Deflect it and absorb it. Don't transmit it back to me."

"I need you to sign this before you get on the plane." Pepper says, pulling out a paper.

My dad just raises an eyebrow "What are you trying to get rid of me for? What, you got plans?" he asks.

Pepper smiles, "As a matter of fact, I do." Uh, I internally groan. Don't tell me he's forgotten again.

My dad lets out growl, "I don't like it when you have plans." Jealousy, I sing-song happily in my mind. Happy would be happy to know that dad's showing jealousy, which often causes alpha's to act out on their feelings.

"I'm allowed to have plans on my birthday." Pepper answers frowning, and causes me to smile. If she was sad about him forgetting her birthday, she does care about what he thinks.

Tony's inner alpha calms down a little at the information, "It's your birthday?" he asks.

Pepper nods, "Yes."

Tony tries to play it off, "I knew that." but his next question says something different, "Already?" he asks, proving he didn't know.

Pepper smirks lightly, "Yeah. Isn't that strange? It's the same day as last year."

Tony smiles, "Well, get yourself something nice from me."

"I already did." Pepper says, as always one step ahead of her boss.

"And?" The alpha asks, curious.

Pepper shakes her head, "Oh, it was very nice."

"Yeah." my dad asks, a little breathlessly, signing the papers without even reading them, proving just how much he trusts Pepper.

Pepper nods, "Very tasteful. Thank you, Mr. Stark."

"You're welcome, Miss Potts... Okay." Tony says.

"You guys do remember that I'm still here, and you need to be leaving now." I smirk, reminding them that 'their' little pup was still in the room.

Looking back on it. There are some days I wish that dad hadn't taken that flight. That one decision would have changed everything. Prevented so much heartache and pain.

But then again, if he didn't go, it would have prevented all the love, and happy times we have together.

It would have prevented us from realising how much we truly take for granted.

How much we truly need to cherish every moment we have with our loved ones.

And if dad hadn't taken that trip, I may have never gotten to meet, HIM.