Nessie and Tony were playing in his room after school. She was reading a book as Tony was drawing at his desk. Nessie look up to see a golf ball hit your brother's foot. She saw dad at the door with golf clubs. "look what I got you" he said. Tony looked back and pretended to be happy. "A golf club!" Tony exclaimed. Dad nodded his head and smiled. "Yeah, a junior set of golf clubs" he explained.

"You know the game was invented in Scotland?" Dad said as he looked at both of them. "but there's no one to play with," Tony said sadly. Their dad sighed. "Well, that's the beauty of gulf, You don't need anyone to play with" he explained. Tony frowned and looked down slightly. "But I want someone to play with" Tony whined a Lil.

"Then I'll teach you," he said. You looked at both of them and sighed going back to reading your book. "You never have time" Tony replied. Dad sighed and looked at Tony desperately. "Now, Look, Tony. I'm trying here" He said. Your mom walked in. "there you are" she said. You looked up to face her, and she was wearing a beautiful black shimmery dress. Her hair was perfectly styled,and she was wearing a gorgeous red lipstick.

"The babysitters downstairs," she said. They both nodded and she went up to you and kissed them both on the head. "When are you going to be back?" Tony asked. Their mother smiled. "Not too late hun" she replied. He nodded to his mother. "Its business Lord Mcashton invited us," she said. then his mother looked at his drawing and smiled. "Hey, look at those," she said pointing them out. Their father walks up to tony's desk and looks at his drawings.

"those are great!. I didn't know you could draw so good!" Dottie exclaimed. Tony smiled as his father sighed in disappointment. "Great," he said. Dottie smiled and kissed Tony's head forehead again. "Good night hun," Dottie said as she walked to the door. "I want you in bed by 9:00" she explained. "Okay mom!" Nessie said. Tony just nodded. "I love you both! Tony don't get nightmares okay?" she said as she walked to the door. Tony nodded as they left.

"So what do you want to do?" She asked looking at her little brother. "let's play vampire" he smiled. She nodded in agreement. Nessie quickly looked in her closet to find her vampire costume hanging. 'Good thing I kept this' She thought. Nessie made it for herself for Halloween last year so it became really helpful.


(This is it pick what color you like)

She shimmied it on. "Ness! Look what I found!" Tony exclaimed. He ran up to her with a crown and placed it perfectly onto her head.


She gasped. "Its beautiful tony!" Nessie said happily as he giggled. "Where did you find it?" you asked curiosity in her voice. He shrugged and pointed under the bed. She tilt her head in confusion but shrugged.

Then they both started playing until a bat flew into the fireplace.