'Orphaned' (Part two)

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Again, this story is not for the faint of heart. I'll change the rating to M, just to be safe. I don't know if I need to, but just in case.

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Tiago sat on his swing, gently rocking on it. He was quite mellow, which is in total contrast to his usual energetic and immature personality. He was looking out somewhere a thousand yards away, as he slowly swung back and forth like a pendulum.

The humans took note of his state, but they decided to just let him mourn in peace. His mind was jumbled, and nothing coherent broke through.

Linda, Tulio and Fernando had gone out to do their duties in the aviary. The doors were locked, and Tiago was safe in there. He knew how to turn on a television if he got bored, but right now he wasn't in the mood.

A sense of unease crept over him, and he felt the presence of someone else. The feeling bore through him, and his eyes started to dart around. That's when he saw her.

He let out a startled yelp and jumped to the cage edge. Carla sat there on a perch, and she was staring at him with hatred and disgust. Like Bia, she was mutilated. There were bits of bone sticking out, and her feathers were covered in dried blood. Her body was disfigured in a completely different way than Bia's. That's when Tiago remembered that she was crushed by the Harpy eagle. They weighed 9 kilograms or more. Adult Spix's macaws weighed 500 grams. The eagle's weight must've crushed her completely, offering a relatively merciful ending... or at least, Tiago hoped it was.

''Carla… I-'', Tiago had an idea of what was going to happen, and he tried to apologise. However, she cut him off.

''Don't even bother. You left us, all of us. You did nothing while we died.'', she spat. Tiago was more used to her harshness, but this came from a place of hatred, even more so than Bia.

''I'm sorry…'', his emotions were starting to swell up again, but Carla didn't care.

''I had a whole future ahead of me. I would have sung and danced, like Nico and Pedro. I would've been the queen of carnival… But your cowardice took that away from me.'', Carla herself was getting emotional. Tiago sighed,

''Please, I never meant for this to happen…'', Tiago's head laid low.

''Well, it happened.'', Carla responded bluntly, ''and you left us.'', Tiago teared up more, and decided he'd make things right.

''I shouldn't have left you; I know.'', Tiago admitted. He wanted to explain everything, so maybe, just maybe, she'd forgive him.

''Yeah, you shouldn't have. Good job, genius!'', she sarcastically remarked, with a bitter look.

''Can I explain?'', Tiago asked in a quiet voice. Carla rolled her eyes,

''Ugh, fine.'', she grunted. Tiago took a deep breath.

''I'm really sorry, Carla. I… I wasn't thinking straight. When I saw them, I was so scared, and I just bolted without thinking. I was blinded by fear, because I didn't want to die… I'm really sorry, I should've been the one to die… not you…'', Tiago wiped away a few tears, and slowly looked at Carla. Her expression had softened slightly, but she still appeared to hate him.

''It doesn't matter, you selfishly abandoned us.'', and there goes his attempt at getting her forgive him. He thought back to his encounter with Bia and tried to do the same.

''I'm sorry for everything I ever did to you, or Bia. I… I take back every insult, every prank and every act of immaturity I ever did. Because you didn't deserve that! You and Bia are the best sisters I could ever ask for… and I took you for granted. Look, I'm sorry about everything I ever did. I miss you; I miss Bia, I miss mum and I miss dad… I'm sorry for everything… I'm so…'', Tiago couldn't hold back, and he burst into tears.

''Well, that's what you get for leaving us. But I'm glad you're sorry. At least you realise what a horrible brother you are.'', Carla spat at him, and by the time Tiago's crying died down enough for him to be able to see, she was gone.

He began to feel a hatred towards himself, if he only could go back to that morning, and tell them not to go. If he were back there, he would tell them those things. He'd change his ways. He'd be a good brother, and he'd appreciate his life that he no longer had.

Hopefully, his encounter with his parents would be better. Maybe their love for him would make them more forgiving…

Tiago had swung on his swing for about 20 minutes, and he felt better now. His father had taught them how to open a bolt lock, in case they were ever caged.

He opened the cage door and flew to the couch, hoping that the TV would take his mind off his current situation. Before he could reach the remote, however, a shadow loomed over him. He quickly looked up, and his heart sank as he saw his father and mother.

Blu had a similar disfigurement on his chest, thanks to the crushing weight of the Harpy. His face was ripped at, and so was his entire body. He was missing his entire right wing, and his leg was mangled. Jewel had similar injuries, with blood staining her once beautiful cerulean blue feathers. A chunk of her neck was missing, and part of her lower mandible was mangled. Her neck wound exposed her windpipe, larynx and numerous veins and tendons. They too, just like Bia and Carla, glared at him with hatred.

''Dad?'', Tiago muttered, but he was cut off by his father.

''Don't call me that.'', Blu snapped. Tiago flinched,

''I-I'm sorry…'', Tiago's words had no effect on them.

''I… hate you.'', Blu spat out. Tiago's heart broke, and tears formed in his eyes. Its one thing to have your siblings openly state they hate you. But your parents? It was something no child should have to hear their parents say to them.

''Please, I'm sorry!'', Tiago cried out to no avail. Blu narrowed his eyes,

''I wish I never conceived you.'', he spat out coldly. Tiago's eyes filled with tears, as he turned to his mother. He could tell she'd be like Blu.

''Mum…'', Jewel glared at him.

''No, you're not my son. You left us; you abandoned your family! I wish I never laid your egg.'', his family's cruel words were chipping away at him, and this was the last straw. He burst into tears,

''I'm so sorry, mama, papa, I love you so much! I want you back, I just want you all back! I miss you guys… I'm so sorry!'', he wailed. Unlike the others, his words and tears did nothing.

''Good, cry. I never want to see you again.'', Blu spat at him. Tiago simply sat there and wailed. By the time he could see again, they were gone. He was alone and hated by his family. He curled up into the fetal position and cried even more. He was shaking, and soon cried himself to sleep. He was mumbling their names, and how he was sorry.

(Warning: Graphic-ish scene)

It was dark, and Tiago had no sense of direction. He felt intense fear and had a feeling something bad was going to happen.

His instinct was to fly forward, but the ear-splitting screech of a Harpy sent him to the ground. His eyes darted around him, but he couldn't see it.

''No!'', he cried out. He ran and ran, until he bumped into something.

Shaking his head, he saw Bia, and she was pissed.

''You can't run.'', she blankly stated. Tiago was confused and terrified, he bolted away. Again, he bumped into something. It was Carla.

''Give up.'', she stated. Tiago bolted away, and again, bumped into something. Looming over him was Blu and Jewel. They wore the same hate filled expressions.

''You're not going anywhere.'', they said. Tiago tried to run again but bumped into Bia. He was on the ground and surrounded by his angry family. His eyes darted between them, and he was hyperventilating.

''Please, I'm sorry!'', he wailed.

''Oh, you'll be sorry!'', Blu chuckled maliciously. The others smiled, and Tiago's heart sank. He could tell something bad was going to happen to him.

''Please, don't hurt me!'', he begged. They simply laughed. Jewel picked him up by the scruff of his neck in a rough manner and proceeded to whack him with her wing. He stumbled, only to have Carla do the same. Soon, they all descended on him, whacking him with their wings, as he cried out in pain. He finally fell to the floor and laid on his back. They loomed over him.

''No, please don't hurt me! Mercy!'', he cried out. They fell on deaf ears, as Jewel placed her foot on his head and pressed down. The others did the same, restraining him, as Blu went over to him. He grabbed his beak with his talon and pulled hard.

''NO!'', Tiago cried out, but his speech soon became drowned out in pain. He tried to cry for mercy, but the pain was unbearable. Blu pulled and pulled, as Tiago screamed in pain.

Soon, his lower mandible was torn off. Jewel lifted her foot off his head, and Tiago looked on in horror.

''No… please, don't… no more…'', Tiago moaned, his words drowned out slightly in his blood and pain.

''Oh, this is nothing…'', Jewel smirked, and so did the rest. Tiago watched on in horror, as they each grabbed a limb of his. Jewel grabbed his left wing; Blu grabbed his right wing. Bia grabs his left foot and Carla grabbed his right foot.

''Ready?'', Blu asked mockingly.

''No… please…'', Tiago responded, shaking his head. Blu smiled.

''Too bad.'', he chuckled. Almost simultaneously, they pulled on his limbs. It quickly became painful, and then agonising. Tiago cried out in pain,

''STOP, PLEASE!'', he wailed, but they didn't stop. They kept on pulling and pulling as tears filled his eyes. He let out a yelp of agony as each of his limbs were dislocated.

''NO MORE!'', they kept on pulling and pulling. He screamed as loud as he could, as the tendons ripped. Slowly, they tore off his body and he let out a final yelp as each of his limbs were pulled away. The pain was unbelievable, and he was winded. All he could do was silently gasp, like a fish out of the water.

He looked on in horror, as blood spilled out of each of his numerous severed veins and arteries, and blood pooled in his beak, or what was left of it. They let out a cheer, and soon descended on his body. They clawed at it, as Tiago laid there in shock. His vision began to fade, and it was about time too.

Tiago's eyes opened, and he was back in his comfy pouch. He was panting, and his eyes filled with tears. He quickly inspected his body, and to his relief, all his limbs were intact.

Tiago crept out of his pouch and was relieved to see no one in his cage. But Linda was there. He squawked to get her attention.

''Oh, hey Tiago. You feeling better?'', she asked with a somewhat sweet voice. Tiago scoffed, if only she knew… Tiago shook his head.

''Oh… Well, I'm sorry to hear that.'', Linda was clearly still down. She opened his cage up and stuck her finger out for Tiago to perch on. He stepped on her finger and was brought out. She brought him closer and gave the closest thing she could to a hug. Tiago accepted it, and was glad that someone still loved him…

''Oh, and Tulio made cenotaphs for your family… If you want to… visit them.'', Linda said quietly. Tiago had no idea what a cenotaph was, but figured it was like a grave. He nodded sadly.

''Well, the windows open, you can go and see them.'', Tiago nodded and flew off. He was nervous about being outside. He worried that the Harpies would be there to finish the job, but at this point he would accept it.

For the first time in his life, he just wanted to die.

He flew outside and saw their cenotaphs. As he imagined, they were some sort of grave. Tears began to form, and he flew down.

Each one was marked. Blu, Jewel, Bia and Carla. The scene was peaceful, but incredibly sorrowful. He let out a pained sigh.

''I'm so sorry.'', he muttered. This was all too much for him, and he collapsed. His tears came out with a vengeance, and he cried harder and harder. At this point, he was wailing in anguish. Why did this have to happen? It was all so unfair!

His mind was a jumble of self-loathing thoughts and his wishes for them to be back. He needed the comfort from another bird, but that comfort would not come to him.

As the days went by, he began to eat and drink less and less. His health declined, he became tired and incredibly depressed.

His condition deteriorated, as is the case with birds when they become stressed or depressed. Mixed with his reduced sleep, eating, drinking and his young age, and it was too much for his body. Stress and depression would take his life away.

But he welcomed it, he had no desire to live.

He simply collapsed, his heart stopped beating and never did again. The humans couldn't save him, and he was glad. Though he felt bad to see them like that, at least he'd be dead…

It was blurry, but he felt… relaxed.

Tiago realised this must be the afterlife. He looked ahead, and he saw his family in the light. Tears filled his eyes.

''I'm sorry…'', he apologised, but they didn't take notice. He began to be able to see them better and was surprised to see them lacking the look of hatred. They had the same injuries, but they seemed mellow… calm.

''D-do you still hate me?'', he asked in fear, as he walked closer to them. They shot him a confused look, which gave him a sense of relief, along with confusion.

''Of course not…'', Jewel said in a soft voice. Tiago approached closer, and they had small, sincere smiles on their beaks. One began to form on Tiago's.

''But I abandoned you!'', Tiago countered. They kept their calm looks,

''Tiago, there was nothing you could've done. Do you really think you'd stand a chance against a pair of Harpy eagles?'', Blu's words made Tiago realise something. Those visions he had, were fake. He was so overwhelmed with grief that he hallucinated his angry family.

''You… mean, you forgive me?'', Tiago asked in a wobbly voice.

''Yes, we love you…'', Jewel smiled. Tiago smiled too, and he approached them. He was tearing up from happiness and relief. They smiled too, and they welcomed him in with open wings.

''Oh, and I'm sorry for all the things I did…'', Tiago added, but his voice wasn't like it was when he said it to the hallucinations. His happiness made it sound like an almost cheeky remark.

''Its alright, its alright…'', Tiago smiled. He had no unfinished business, and with that, he took his mother's wing, and they all walked off into the light…

Well, that wraps up this story, hope you enjoyed it! Also, good job me for finishing my second story. I deserve a medal lol

I decided to end this on a positive note. Initially, I planned on ending it with Tiago wailing over his parent's cenotaphs. But I felt this story needed a happy ending. I simply felt bad for Tiago, he's a kid, and even though he's fictional, I can't bring myself to end a story like that.

I'm not religious, but as the afterlife is a major element in fiction and this would be the only way to have a happy ending, I decided to include it. Besides, it doesn't matter if its real or not, this is a story and I can include it. But we won't know until we die. Until then I guess we can argue about who worships the correct god. (Hint: It's the Flying Spaghetti Monster)

Well, I'll start working on One-Winged Angel and Little Blue Orphan again. This was a quick side project, and I'm glad I finished it so quickly.

Until next time, goodbye.