"My soul is always with you, I told you that before right? But I think that's not quite true, it's more like the other way around." Eiji smiled as the tears fell from his eyes. Sing and Akira by his side suppressing their own tears holding each others hands to find comfort in the warmth, but Eiji on the other hand is just holding a picture that Sing printed for him.

"Sing, thank you for printing dawn. I hope you're over it now, it's not your fault, I've lived a happy life for the both of us. Now I can let this go, I'm ready to meet him I have so much to tell him." Eiji slowly put the photo on top of his chest where it's closest to his heart. "I'm ready to go." He closes his eyes as if he's already planned on dying at this time. The beeping sound of the monitor stopped and was replaced by that constant sound that signals that his heart already stopped working.

Akira bawled in Sing's arms.

"Time of death, 6:04 am" the doctor said and made his way out of the room.

"This is as if he already planned to leave at dawn. It is indeed a fact that Eiji truly belonged to Ash. He have the same smile as Ash had back then as if they're dreaming the same dream." Sing stated in a low voice, only enough for Akira to hear.

"Oniisan, I've been waiting, what took you so long?" Ash said while stretching his arms open, inviting the only man he truly loves to hug him. He's longing for Eiji's warmth all along.

Eiji ran towards him and hugged him so tightly. Eiji might be alive but this is the first time in his long life after Ash's death that he felt this warmth. "Stupid, I lived long enough for the both of us, now I can tell you everything." Eiji looked up at him and smiled. The smile Ash longed for. A smile even brighter than the sun.

"I love you Eiji." He whispered just enough for Eiji to hear, "I love you too Ash." Eiji replied.

Ash kissed Eiji, the first kiss without any ulterior motive. A kiss that said a thousand words.