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WARNING: Graphic scenes

Nami rolled around in her bed, unable to sleep peacefully. The Whole Cake Island was so much for her, especially the idea of Sanji marrying someone else.

She doesn't fully understand why she was so restless; is it because he would leave the crew if he married Pudding? Or was it because he was going to be with another woman?

Nami sighed and walked out of her bed, as quietly as possible so she won't disturb her resting friend.

She got into the shower, enjoying the steam and hot water, wandering on her deepest thoughts and fantasies.

It has been a while since she realized she needs male company, and Sanji would always pop in her head; she would secretly move her eyes up and down his body, admiring every inch of it.

Nami turned off the shower and allowed the dry towel to hug her wet body as she grabbed her sleeveless, knee length white dress. With no underwear on, the dress showed her perfect curves and the slight pink shade reflected the site of her erected nipples.

Nami sighed and decided to see if Sanji was still awake, she needs to relieve some of the pressure.

On her way to the kitchen, Nami noticed that the ship was so quiet; everyone was in bed, she hopped only Sanji was still up.

Her wish came true when she walked into the dim lighted kitchen and saw the blond chef sitting at the table. He wore a black shirt and a pair of black pants , obviously comfy clothes , a steaming cup of what smelled like Chamomile was on the table in front of him , a cigarette that glowed in the dark was hanging at the corner of his perfectly shaped lips , Nami felt her heart skip a beat ; he was actually still awake.

"Hey" she whispered softly , still standing at the kitchen door.

"Oh Nami! Hey" he replied, startled at her sudden presence. "Why are you still up?" he asked casually.

"I couldn't sleep." Nami answered with a sigh as she walked into the kitchen, shutting the door behind her. She sat on the chair next to him, looking directly into his blue eyes.

"Sanji "she spoke softly "I want to talk to you "continued the orange haired beauty with a faint blush across her cheeks.

Sanji placed the cigarette in the ash tray, putting its fire out. "I am all ears my dear" he said calmly.

"I am not sure how to put it in words " hesitation lingering in her words " but I think I can trust you , you won't take advantage of my situation or misunderstand it." She swallowed dryly as she continued.

Now Sanji's eyes reflected worry "Are you alright? Did something bad happen?" he asked with concern.

"No , but when you were going to marry Pudding , I realized a lot of things about you." She continued shyly " I am not sure yet if I have feelings for you " her head hanging low , too shy to face him especially after all the fantasies she had about him " But I am sure that I am attracted to you" she continued still avoiding eye contact.

Sanji arched an eyebrow at her "Attracted?!" he wondered.

"Y…Yes, you see, whenever I feel needy, I only fantasize about you." She couldn't believe she actually said that.

After being dumbfounded for a moment, Sanji understood what she meant. He sipped some of his, now cold, drink before answering her "I see . You want the company of a man you can trust. "He spoke frankly.

Nami hid her face in her hands "I am so sorry "she said still hiding her face, "I shouldn't talk to you about such a thing." She continued, embarrassed.

"No, no it is totally alright." He said trying to ease her embarrassment. "I am actually happy you trust me this much Nami, and if it is ok with you I would like to help you." He replied softly, whispering the last words to her ear, earning a shudder out of her.

Nami looked at him for a moment before grabbing his shirt's collar and smashing his lips with hers , Sanji smiled at her lips and pulled her to sit on his lap.

He licked her lips before forcing his tongue inside her mouth, she moaned at the taste of his tongue.

"You taste so sweet" she said, panting.

Sanji sealed their lips again as he carried her to the couch, where he laid her and broke the kiss to take his shirt off.

He laid on top of her and started planting kisses on her neck, Nami arched her back at the feeling of his soft lips against her skin.

"You smell so good" he whispered huskily.

Nami moaned as she felt her aroused member pushing against her body, she spread her legs and locked her arms around Sanji's neck, pulling him for another passionate kiss.

Sanji felt her wet entrance against his hard member; he bit her lips and enjoyed the muffled scream he got from her.

Nami broke the kiss , her face was flushed as she stared with lustful eyes at the blond man a top of her . She took her white dress off, revealing her perfect naked body.

Sanji felt his pant grew tighter as he watched her skin glow in the dim light , and before he could protest , Nami pulled his manhood out of his unzipped pants and started to suck on its head.

Sanji moaned at the sudden contact of her tongue and started to push her head down on his shaft , encouraging the lady to take more of him into her mouth.

Nami felt her womanhood pleading for attention, so she took Sanji's hand , leading it to her clitoris.

Sanji rubbed his wet fingers at Nami's bundle of joy, as he pulled her hair to release his member out of her mouth, spraying his seed all over her face and breasts.

Nami threw her head back at the immense pleasure as Sanji's fingers worked their magic on her pleasure bundle. She sat on the floor, supported on her shaky hands, and opened her legs wide , showing her entrance fully .

"God! "Said Sanji weakly "I want a taste of this pussy" he licked his lips as he stared at Nami's pulsating entrance.

Before she could return to her senses, Nami let out a loud moan as she felt Sanji fully engulfing her wet folds into his warm mouth.

She rested her back on the floor, as one of her hands grabbed Sanji's golden locks of silky hair, her other pinching her erected nipples. She felt her head spin with pleasure, and her breath going erratic as she sprayed her warm nectar all over Sanji's face.

"Damn! You squirted just from oral sex." Said Sanji in a lustful tone.

He sat on his knees, releasing his organ fully and pulling his pants and boxers off completely.

Nami starred at his fully erected member "Sanji" she spoke in a sultry tone "I want your big cock inside me" she continued as she squeezed her breasts.

Sanji smiled wickedly and pushed her legs wide open; he licked her private entrance, savoring her sweet taste. He adjusted himself at her opening, and sealed their lips once more.

He felt Nami moan with pain and bite his lips, He broke this kiss and looked at his member, the head was covered with blood.

"Nami" he looked at the woman beneath him "Why the hell didn't you tell me!" he spoke with concern.

"Because I want you, I want you so bad "she spoke weakly. "Please Sanji make me feel good "she continued and spread her legs more.

Sanji kissed her again, and pushed his sizeable appendage inside of her slowly. He waited for her to adjust his size, then he began rocking himself in and out of her, sucking her nipples and rubbing her clitoris in the process.

All the immense pleasure made Nami squirt multiple times before she arched her back and screamed Sanji's name as she reached her climax. Sanji rocked himself few more times before releasing himself inside her. She moaned as she felt his warm liquid leak out of her.

They laid on the floor panting for few moments before their erratic breaths calmed to its previous nature. Nami rolled and kissed Sanji's lips.

"That was so good" she spoke against his lips "I want it every night" she continued with a seductive manner.

Sanji smiled at her " Whatever you wish princess " he replied lovingly before kissing her back

"Promise me this would be our secret" she spoke as her fingers lingered on Sanji's lips.

"You don't have to tell me twice." He kissed her fingers as he answered her, she was his love interest, no way he was going to let her down.

The End.

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