Drew- The visionary of the story. Overall a chilled out guy.

Tim- Drew's best friend. Can be a jerk sometimes, but will come through for his friends.

Katie- A Justin Beiber fanatic. It's all she listens to. Can get really annoying, but is kindhearted.

Benson- The leader of the group. Tries to take control of the situation in a calm manner.

Rachel- A girl that is a little obsessed with beauty, but nice nonetheless.

Raven- A shy girl that likes to keep to herself.

"DIE! DIE!" Tim said, as he played on his TV, with everyone else watching on.

Benson said, "Isn't that a little violent?"

Tim said, "Shut up, Benson!"

Drew said, "Well anyways, what are we gonna do next? I mean, this is a sleepover, right?"

Tim said, "Let's make some food.. i'm starving!"

Drew cooked up some food, but accidentally left it on the stove. He didn't turn it off.

Tim said, "Actually.. let's just watch some Total Drama. I mean, I have to know who goes home next!"

Everyone agreed with that, and they went upstairs... while the fire started.

Drew said, "Well, guys, so are we going to turn on the TV?"

They did, and they watched for about 5 minutes until..

Katie said, "Does anyone else smell fire?"

Everyone went downstairs in horror to see that the house was on fire! Everyone rushed downstairs, but Rachel stumbled falling face first into the fire. The remaining five tried to open the door, but Tim's prank he had planned locked them in.

Drew said, "I HATE YOU!"

Tim said, "I-i'm sorry!"

Drew pushed Tim towards the fire, but he stumbled onto Benson, pushing him into the fire. Tim managed to escape his fate.. for now.

Katie, horrified, tried to break the window, but the window was too strong, so the chair impaled her in the eye when it bounced back extremely hard. Only Tim, Drew, and Raven remained.

The second floor was on fire now, and trying to avoid the crumbling ceiling, Tim and Raven fell into the fire. Drew cried out as the ceiling gave out from above him.

Then it all went black.