Drew met up with his friends to discuss Rachel's death. He said, "Rachel is dead.. this confirms Katie's theory."

Tim said, "NOOOOO!" He looked like he wanted to cry, and hard.

Drew suddenly saw a vision of someone being struck in the head with a tire, and dying, He had no idea what if meant, so unfortunately he could not save Benson.

Benson said, "let's stay calm in this situatio-" as he is struck in the head by a flying tire after it crashed through the window, killing him.

Tim started sobbing.

Katie said, "None of us are safe! We need to do something!"

Raven said, "For once, I agree with you guys."

Drew said, "I think i'll have a vision when you guys are in danger.. anyways, let me write the list of when you guys died...





Katie sobbed, knowing she was next. She said, "P-please protect me guys!"

Drew said, "We'll try our best. I promise, you Katie. I promise."

Katie seemed reassured her safety was in good hands.

Drew said, "So, uh guys, I think I had a vision of how Benson died.. once I figured it out, he was already dead.."

Katie said, "So you'll be able to save me.."

Drew said, "Well, let's survive."