The time is 0430 est, this is your wake up call. Susan rolled over and groaned. How she hated mornings. Laying there, staring at the ceiling Susan could hear her lover breathing.

She turned her head to look at the woman who was sleeping beside her. Susan smiled and felt her heart swell with love. How could I ever imagine my life without her? Gently Susan traced Talia's face and caressed her cheek.

Her skin was like silk to the touch. Susan never got enough of touching her lover.

Talia began to respond to Susan's touches. A small moan escaped her lips and she opened her eyes.

"Good morning Susan", she replied in her sultry voice.

The sound of the telepath's rich sexy voice always sent shivers up and down Susan's spine.

"How did you sleep?", the telepath asked.

"Peaceful, you need to be here every night."

"I practically am Susan", Talia replied amusingly.

"I think we should move in together."

Talia arched an eyebrow at Susan's statement. "Are you sure you are wake Susan, do you even know what you are saying?

Susan playfully slapped the telepath's shoulder. "Of course I know what I'm saying and I'm serious."

Oh, Susan... Talia reached up and kissed her. Susan responded to the kiss, slowly tracing Talia's lips with her tongue. She felt her mouth open and accept her tongue. Their tongues began an erotic dance, slowly caressing each other's mouths.

The shrill beep of Susan's link interrupted the lovers. Reluctantly Susan answered the page.

"Ivanova here."

"Sir, you are needed in C &C. We have a ship that just came through the jump gate but hasn't responded to hails, it's just sitting there."

"Have you scanned the ship?"

"Yes but the results are inconclusive."

With a frustrated sigh Susan told them she would be there as soon as possible. She slowly removed herself from Talia's embrace.

She wanted to finish what she started a few minutes ago. Talia always had that affect on her. Just one kiss or a look and she had to have her. Stupid C &C and their problems, they couldn't wait just another hour.

"I still want to talk about what I proposed Talia, will you be free for dinner this evening?" She went about getting ready while waiting for Talia to answer.

The telepath went over her schedule, she had a few appointments but would be free for dinner. Susan entered the bathroom before she could respond. Talia decided to get her day started as well.

Twenty minutes later Susan was dressed in her uniform and heading out to C &C.