She slowly made her way down the dark deserted corridor. The walls were covered with cobwebs and dust. As if it had been abandoned many years ago. The surroundings looked familiar yet foreign at the same time. A door was up ahead, she could hear voices coming from behind the door. The door opened on a familiar scene from her life or was it just an implanted memory. Who could be sure anymore, she thought to herself. She decided to watch the scene unfold.

When the occupants noticed her all talking ceased. All eyes were upon her. Fear and anxiety ran rampant. She tried to turn and run away but her legs wouldn't work. They were advancing on her, their faces full of anger and contempt. They reached her and began clawing at her skin. She tried to fight them off but she wasn't strong enough.

She woke with a start, rapidly blinking her eyes and taking in her surroundings. She was breathing heavy and could feel the sweat dripping down her face. The room was unfamiliar to her, the bed wasn't hers nothing here really was. Her eyes landed on her companion, instantly the images flooded her mind. The frantic lovemaking they engaged in swept through her mind's eye.

She checked to make sure the woman next to her was still asleep. She carefully got up from the bed and picked up her clothes that were on the floor. She slipped her shirt over her head and headed to the living area.

Susan couldn't believe how messed up everything was. Her whole life up until this point had been a lie. She wasn't who she thought she was. That's what the DNA scan told her. She didn't want to believe it she still felt like Irinia. She couldn't think of herself as Susan. When anyone on this station would look at her that's what they expected.

She knew that's what Talia expected from her, that's who she loved. When they spent the night together it was Susan's name she called out when she came. When she heard the name it was like a slap to the face. It shocked her and made her sad.

She became restless, the walls felt like they were closing in on her, she had to get of there. She looked to the bedroom where Talia was sleeping and felt a pang of sadness. She quickly got up and left.

Talia woke with a start and immediately reached out for Susan. Her hand met with the cool sheets. "Susan," she called out into the darkness. She slowly sat up and the sheet covering her slipped down. She grabbed her sweater from the floor and pulled it over head. She reached the outer room and it too was empty.

"I knew this would be too much for her. I should have said no. It was just so hard." Feeling her hands caressing her body. The kisses to her skin were just too good to stop. Susan wasn't ready, I should have known better. Now she is roaming the station. Talia quickly dressed and went in search of her lover.

Susan really had no idea where she was going on this station and in her crazy mixed up life.

She needed to get some perspective, take a step back and just clear her mind of everything. She couldn't do that here on this station. She needed to feel safe and comforted for that to happen. For a brief time all her current turmoil had disappeared when she was with Talia, but it was a temporary fix. It was just a distraction, it didn't really solve her problem. She couldn't be who she expected. She couldn't live up to that expectation. She wanted to go back to Proxima. That's the place she thought of as home. It was familiar and safe, she could take her time and figure out her next course of action there. She knew what was expected of her there, she could deal with that. She knew where she had to go now, she would go and see Andrei. Susan made her way back to the transport tube. The doors slid open, Susan looked up and met the eyes of the last person she wanted to see.