Being home with Aziza was something both Carla and Peter loved. They were settling into a nice routine, sometimes Simon would stay over with them and other times it would just be the three of them which suited them fine. Carla and Simon were getting along well and Peter was very happy. A couple of days in and they wouldn't be happier, they hadn't been out of the house yet but Peter's family were dying to meet the baby as well as everyone on the street so they decided they would just introduce Aziza to everyone today and maybe raise a glass to her in the pub.

"What do I even need in this bag?" she stresses, Peter raises his eyebrows at her knowing she was working herself up over the whole thing

"Sweetheart, just relax" he sighs trying not to disturb Aziza who was slumbering on his chest "You need nappies dont you?"

"Yeah" she mumbles grabbing a few "Is this enough?"

"Maybe a few more just in case and some spare clothes, a blanket and a dummy?" Peter suggests watching Carla glide around the room collecting what she needed and placing it in the bag "We're not going for long so you dont need to worry"

"Nursing cover and wipes" Carla sighs grabbing all the things she needed "There, I think that's it right?"

"All your stuff as well" Peter smiles, Carla nods slowly grabbing her stuff out of her handbag and putting it in the changing bag, "I think that's it if we need more stuff we can stop off at Devs"

"Yeah...yeah you're right" she mumbles sitting on the arm of the armchair and stroking Aziza's head "Shall we get her in the pram then?"

"She's going to love that" Peter mutters adjusting his daughter in his arms and placing her in the pram with a blanket "There we go"

"Oh no" Carla bites her lip watching Aziza's face scrunch up in displeasure, Peter's eyes widen as they watch her closely, she lets out a cry "No, you dont need to cry, it's fine sweetheart"

"Yeah she's really going to agree with you on that one" Peter mutters, Carla just sticks her tongue out at him "You could always use the sling?"

"Oh..." Carla trails off heading into the spare bedroom and finding the sling, she attaches it to her body whilst Peter places Aziza in it which settles her instantly "There we go, you feel safe now dont you, sweetheart?"

"She's happy now" Peter kisses Carla on the lips then Aziza on the back of her head "Right I'll carry the changing bag"

"Ok, me and 'ziza can have a cuddle eh?" she whispers putting a hat on her daughter who just removes it "No hat then"

"Let's go otherwise we'll be late"

They decided to head to the factory first to get that over and done with. Michelle was there and she was cooing over Azizza who was starting to get very annoyed about being passed to each person who wanted to hold her so Carla decided that after spending an hour there they would get the visit to Peter's family over and done with. She didn't know how they would take to her considering the last time she spoke to them she practically ran out on them so she knew that it would be mighty awkward for her.

"Hey dad" Peter smiles entering the room with Carla who had managed to settle Aziza after she was being passed from one person to another in the factory

"Peter, Carla" Ken nods watching Peter guide Carla to the sofa, he takes Aziza out of the sling which she wakes up at

"This is Aziza" Peter whispers holding her and showing her off to Ken and Deirdre

"She is beautiful" Ken observes "What do you think Deirdre?"

"She is a stunner I must admit" Deirdre smiles, Peter nods proudly "Can I have a hold?"

"Sure" Peter smiles passing her the baby, Carla grips onto his hand "She'll be fine, I know you just settled her"

"Yeah" Carla puts on a brave face when all she wanted to do was run away as she hated all this and on queue, Aziza starts to cry "She's probably hungry"

"Come here little lady" Peter whispers taking her off Deirdre and passing her to Carla who puts her nursing cover on to give herself and Aziza a bit of privacy

"You're breastfeeding, Carla?" Ken questions, Carla frowns as if it was obvious "They do say breast is best"

"I'll do anything for my little girl" Carla defends herself, Ken nods slowly "Did you not think I was capable?"

"It's not that, love" Deirdre cuts in "We just assumed that you wouldn't be the type to"

"Because I'm not maternal, because of my icy exterior?" she questions, Deirdre sighs "To be honest I feel rather judged, so I'm going to just leave before I say something I regret"

"Carla" Peter sighs, Carla shoots him a look adjusting Aziza and taking the changing bag, she storms out of the house "Sorry, she's just..."

"We are trying" Deirdre sighs "She's not like Leanne"

"So this is what this is about!" Peter exclaims "I knew this would fall down to her, Carla is not Leanne, no, but she is ten times the person" Peter points out, Deirdre shakes her head "If you can't accept that then you cut all three of us out of your lives because there is no way I am getting back with Leanne"

"Peter" Ken scolds not liking his attitude

"What is it? Dad? Do you not like my attitude?"


"Well Carla doesn't like your attitude and until you start showing her some respect then I will show you none" Peter responds "Right, I'm off see you later"

Peter tried to find Carla he asked Michelle and he checked all around but nothing so he just decided to head home. He found her curled up in bed, watching over Aziza who was lying on the nursing pillow on the bed, she was watching her child sleep and she looked so serene in doing it, he didn't have the heart to disturb her. She was holding one of Aziza's hands and her little fingers were gripping onto one of Carla's which made his heart feel an immense amount of warmth. He gently sat down on the bed and she smiles at him and he just smiled back simply, none of them able to grasp the words to start the conversation.

"Oh dear" Carla chuckles at Aziza sneezing, Peter chuckles as well "I'm sorry about running off"

"It's fine, it was kind of deserved on their part wasn't it?"

"I thought you were going to make me stay at one point"

"I would never make you do something you were uncomfortable with" he smiles, she nods slowly "How has she been?"

"Very awake actually but she's probably going to drop off any minute as she's just been fed" she whispers kissing Aziza on the forehead "Do your family hate me still?"

"I'm sorry," he says, she nods slowly "They're still not over the whole Leanne thing"

"Its amazing isn't it? How they could possibly think that an ex-prostitute is better than me eh? I must be bad"

"Dont put yourself down" Peter sighs bringing her in for a hug "They'll get to know you and realise you're not all that bad"

"Oh thanks" she scoffs nudging him playfully "I know you're joking. I guess I'll just have to get used to it then eh?"

"I dont know what else I can do but we need to focus on Aziza right now dont we?"

"Yeah we do, I agree, she comes first not my soon to be inlaws eh?"

"Yeah exactly" he smiles "Our futures looking pretty bright, my family aside eh?"

"It is, and I can't wait to live it"

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