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This is a new story that I made a while ago but hadn't completed. When I decided to get back on to Fanfiction, I finished this story as a warm-up. This is a four chapter story and I'll be updating it infrequently between Skeleton Moon chapters.

Ghostly Investigation came to me originally when I saw a piece of fanart of a skull damashii for Ghost. It was titled "What if.. Kamen Rider Ghost?" by RamenDriver. I thought that if Double and Ghost were to crossover, this would be a fun story to do. I'll put a link down at the bottom.

My hope is for this story to be cannon compliant but I might take a few liberties so that the story makes sense.

Disclaimer: Kamen Rider is a property of Toei and this is story is for fun

Chapter 1: The G of the Opera/The Skull Damaishi Appears

"I don't wanna," was little Akiko's reply to her father's suggestion about going to bed, "I can't talk to you if I go to sleep and then you won't call in forevvvvver."

Narumi Sokichi allowed a small smile to faintly cross his lips, "Ah mou Akiko. Bossy as ever."

Akiko giggled on the other side. "I order you to come home."

Sokichi smile disappeared, "I can't."

"Why not?"

Sokichi could just hear the frustration in Akiko's cute, little huff."I have a case here in Fuuto. I can't put it on hold, not even to come see you."

"That's stupid."

"It's my job." Sokichi refuted. "I protect this city."

"Why can't you protect me?"

"By taking protecting Futo, I am protecting you. I'm stopping all the evils before they get even close to you." Sokichi replied.

Akiko groaned and slumped against her pillow, playing with her dinosaur onesie between her pudgy fingers. It was always like this, why can't he just come home for once? "But I miss you."

Matsu came around the corner and signaled to Sokichi. The detective nodded, knowing he was going to have to wrap this up.


"Akiko, I'll let you on a little secret, can you see the stars?"

"You can't see stars in the city." Akiko said.

Sokichi chuckled. "True, but imagine you can. We're both under the same stars, right?"

"…. Hai,"

"Those stars connect us together. You see, we have something special. We have a bond, you and I. It's proof of our love and nothing can break that bond. It's proof that I'll always come back to you." Sokichi said softly.

"… promise?"

Matsu looked agitated that Soukichi's phone call was taking so long. Maybe he should drag out his talk with his daughter just to irritate his partner further. Then again, the dead body hanging from the rafters wasn't going to tell them how she got up there.


"I'll remember" Akiko said quickly. "So you better be here soon."

"Yeah, I'll come nothing in the world will stop me." Sokichi promised. "Good-night Akiko,"

"Night Tou-san,"

Kaigen! Goodnight!

The Isty-Bitsy Spider climbed up the water spout

Down came the rain and washed the Spider out

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain

But the Itsy-Bitsy Spider Never Ever Came.

Kaigen! Goodnight!

"My name is Tenkuji Takeru." Takeru smiled as he greeted the frazzled young lady who had come to the temple.

"I'm Onari, Chief Paranormal Advisor."

"I'm Akari, resident scientist!" said Akari.

The woman nodded. "Sorry for intruding, but I don't know who else to turn to."

"Just tell us what's bothering you and maybe we can help." Akari suggested.

The woman nodded. "I'm Yuri, an opera singer."

"I've heard of you, you are going to do a concert here. That's date is coming up soon." said Onari.

Yuri nodded solemnly. "Yes, but I'm really terrified."

"Why is that?" Takeru asked.

"I'm cursed!" the woman squeaked.

"You think… you're cursed?" Akari repeated, surprised that people believe in curses. To Akari, curses were just a string of unfortunate incidents that people blamed on nonexistent paranormal power. The mindset of believing in curses doesn't allow the person to think clearly and keeps them from seeing more plausible solutions.

Yuri nodded viciously. "Or maybe it's the concert hall, I don't know but ever since I came here, I've had several near-death accidents at the hall. Spotlights falling, my dressing room caught fire, and I was almost impaled by an endpin."

"A what?"

"The stick at the end of a cello," Yuri explained.

Takeru's eyes widen almost to the size of plates. "How…." He muttered mostly to himself.

"Um… Yuri-san, is it possible these are just accidents? Bizarre ones, but accidents," Akari asked.

Yuri shook her head, "No, definitely not. When something happens, I'm sure something moves just out of the corner of my eye but there's never anything there! Nothing's normal about!" she stated firmly.

Kannon walked in with a cup of tea and set it before Yuri.

"Thank you."

Kannon bowed slightly. "I hope you like it… I know this isn't the best time, but could I ask for your autograph?"

Yuri smiled kindly, "Of course."


While Kannon and Yuri chatted, Takeru, Onari, and Akari conferred.

"What do you guys think?" Takeru asked.

Onari nodded his head seriously. "I didn't know Kannon-dono liked opera."

Akari pulled at his cheek.

"Ow, ow, ow,"

"It does sound suspicious and odd… If it is a Ganma, why is it targeting Yuri-san?" Akari questioned.

"Then I guess we'll have to find out," said Takeru.

They broke apart their huddle and faced Yuri who was fidgeting impatiently in her seat - drinking her tea.

"We'll take the case." Takeru said.

"You can count on the Paranormal Investigations to solve this mystery!" Onari added with confidence.

Yuri rose up and bowed. "Arigatou Gosimus!"

Kaigen! Goodnight!

Yuri took them to the concert hall where she was running late for her dress rehearsal. Takeru gave her a reassuring smile before she disappeared behind stage.

He turned to his friends. "I'm going up on the balcony."

"I'll take the backstage." Akari offered.

"And I scout the audience seats," said Onari.

"I'll go with him!" Kannon added.

They all looked at her.


Kannon blushed. "This isn't an opportunity I want to miss." She admitted.

The group chuckled at her honesty.

"Stay safe everyone." Takeru said before running up the stairs.

The lights dimmed and the single spotlight illuminated Yuri's figure. With a deep inhale, Yuri sang. Her voice swept through the concert hall like a gentle breeze. Her voice was gentle and was soothing to listen to.

"So pretty," Kannon whispered in awe.

Onari could only smile in agreement.

From his spot on the balcony, Takeru enjoyed the performance from the young singer. He wished it could have gone on for longer but the sound of metal cracking ruined the beautiful melody. Everyone's eyes were drawn to the frame of stage collapsed but Takeru was jumping from the balcony, an eyecon in his driver.

"Henshi!" Takeru shouted, pushing the lever.

[Kaigen ! Musashi! Kettō! Zubatto! Chō Kengō!]

Takeru flew across the theater, drawing his blade. Akari ran across the stage and pushed Yuri down as Takeru cut through the metal saving both women from being injured. As he landed, Takeru saw a figure in the backstage running away.

"Matte!" Takeru shouted and pursued.

"Are you alright?" Akari asked.

Yuri blinked, looking at the suddenly cut wreckage. "What happened?"

Kaigen! Goodnight

Ghost stayed on the retreating culprit's tail through the endless twists and turns of the concert hall. But then he lost track of his target in the shadows in the back of the hall. The hall opened up a bit where the personal tended to store extra props and costumes. The light was extremely dim for this area and room was quiet. Without warning, the culprit dropped from the rafters. Ghost barely had enough time to block a fang from piercing his neck. The kamen rider pushed his assailant away. The light was just good enough for Ghost to realize what he was fighting.

A huge spider ganma.

Ghost grimaced. "Who are you? Why are you attacking Yuri-san?"

The spider ganma growled and charged. With a power strike, the spider sent Ghost in a bunch of boxes.

"What's with its strength?!" Ghost yelped, rolling out of the way of another devastating blow.

Ghost swung his sword, the spider jumped back to dodge but went right back in and struck again. Ghost continued to try and hit the spider but the ganma was agile and it kept dodging his attacks. After getting punched in the chin, Ghost had enough.

"Billy, a little help,"

Ghost placed the eyecon in the driver and activated it.

[Kaigan: Billy the Kid! Hyappatsuhyakuchū! Zukyūn! Bakyūn!]

The Ghost Parka of Billy the Kid rushed forward, smacking the spider ganma before return and dressing Ghost. Ghost pulled out his guns and fired. The ganma dived behind tables and costumes for cover. Only when Ghost stopped his hail of bullets did the ganma pop up and shoot tiny bullets from its fangs.

As it was a spider, Ghost was not prepared for the ganma's bullets to stick to him and explode. Ghost gave a shout as he went flying through the air. He hit the ground hard and slid across the cement, losing control over his rider form. The blast had been powerful and unexpected. The ganma growled while Takeru struggled to sit up.

And then.

The eyecon came down the stairs.

Every bounce down the cement steps echoed in Takeru's head. It was surreal to the young kamen rider. The sharp light of overturn stage lights cast shadows across the walls creating a heavy atmosphere. The eyecon exuded a presence that made Takeru unconsciously shiver. It was as if a silent, stalwart figure was approaching him.

In his predicament, Takeru wasn't going to think about it. Grasping the eyecon, Takeru faced the ganma and placed the eyecon in his driver.

[Kaigen! Skull! Hard-boiled within! Start counting up your sins!]

The Ghost Parka appeared above Kamen Rider Ghost and lowered itself down onto the young man. Ghost's jacket became black with white lining with four white ribs decorated the front. The face plate image resembled a skull. Ghost felt calmer, confident. Nerves hardened to face whatever dangers lay before him. On impulse, Ghost tipped his head forward, lightly touching the edge of his hood while pointing at the ganma.

The spider ganma looked pissed off. Whether it was from the transformation or from his taunting attitude, Ghost didn't know. He did know that the spider ganma was coming at him, ready to kill. Ghost moved effortlessly, avoiding the ganma's strikes. Ghost could feel the power as he redirected the ganma's limbs and punched it. This eyecon's power seemed to be completely focused on hand to hand fighting techniques.

He had to admit it was quite the rush.

With a firm kick, the ganma was forced through the wall and outside. Ghost pursued and didn't relent in his attacks. The ganma was getting more frustrated and sloppy as the fight continued. Ghost was sure he was going to win until the ganma landed a lucky foot to his gut. Ghost rolled back but the time he recovered, the ganma had hopped off the bridge.

The horn of the train blew loudly as the ganma was taken away by a passing by train.

"Crap!" Ghost exclaimed. He had already missed his chance to follow. Accepting defeat, Ghost pulled the eyecon from the driver.


Takeru watched as the train became nothing more than a speck. He grasped the Skull eyecon a bit harder.

"Ah mou…"

What shocked Takeru next was when the eyecon shook from what felt like anger.

Kaigen! Goodnight!

Sliding open the door, Kannon, Shibuya, and Nari peeked into the room where Takeru was mediating, the Skull eyecon sitting in his lap.

"How long has he been like that?" Shibuya asked.

"Hours," Akari replied from the other room, not looking up from her computer.

"How long will it take for him to connect with the eyecon?" Makoto asked.

"It's a very touchy spirit, it will not be easy for Takeru-dono," said Onari sagely.

"What do you even know about this eyecon?" Alain pointed out.

"Do you know anything, Alain-sama?" Kannon inquired.

Alain shrugged and leaned back in his seat, "It's definitely not anything special, probably a regular eyecon that was created and Takeru managed to find."

"But isn't it a strange coincidence that he conveniently found it in battle?" Nari asked.

"There's too many question about the eyecon." Shibuya agreed.

"GAAHH!" Takeru shouted from the other room.

"Sounds like Takeru's having a hard time." Makoto remarked.

Takeru slammed the door open, causing his three spies to tumble back. He placed the eyecon on the table rather roughly and ruffled his hair in frustration.

"It's like talking to a wall!" he exclaimed.

"No luck then?" Alain assumed.

Takeru nodded and sat down, dejected. "The eyecon has the soul of Narumi Sokichi."

"You got a name! It's that good?" Kannon pointed out.

"But he wouldn't talk to me at all!" Takeru exclaimed.

Akari smiled teasingly. "So he's giving you the silent treatment."

Takeru buried himself in the crook of his elbow and glared at her. "Not funny."

"Gomen! But you're pouting." Akari giggled.

"Yu!" Yussen popped up out of nowhere, shocking everyone. "What are you kids doing, slacking off?"

"Don't pop out of nowhere!" Takeru demanded and swiped at the ghost but Yuusen dodged.

"Missed me!" he sang. "Baka~" Yuusen paused when he saw the eyecon. "Oh, so you found another one... eh, it's worthless, I'd toss it."

"No way!" Takeru said while snatching the eyecon before Yuusen could grab it.

"Now, now, we have quite the case on our hands." Sennin remarked casually as if he didn't just appear out of thin air. He blew into an antique smoke pipe. The ghost was dressed like he had just hopped out of Arther Doyle's book, Sherlock, complete with a deer stalker hat and a skull.

"A… detective?" Takeru guessed, not really sure what Sennin was getting at.

"EXACTLY!" The ghost exclaimed gleefully before sobering up. "Narumi Sokichi, he was a hard-boiled detective from Fuuto city."

"Fuuto? So this guy died recently," said Makoto.

Sennin grinned impishly. "Compared to the legendaries? Yeah~"

"What do you know about him, Gramps?" Takeru asked.

Sennin's expression turned grave for he grinned stupidly. "Mm~ nothing~"



Sennin shrugged. "I heard your father once worked with Narumi Sokichi on a case but compared to the legendary eyecons, Narumi Sokchi's soul is one of a million."

"In other words, worthless!" Yuusen shouted, flying dangerous close to their heads.

"But he was from Fuuto…" Akari muttered.

"Is something interesting about Fuuto?" Alain asked.

"Well that's where our little spider ganma got off," said Akari and turned her computer around. The screen was playing a footing from a security camera from a Fuuto train station. The only people on the platform were a couple. A trashcan suddenly went flying scaring a scream out of the man.

"EH!?" Everyone shouted.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US!?" Onari shouted.

Akari shrugged. "I was but I had to make sure first."

"How many invisible, scientific things can throw a trashcan?" Shibuya tried to reason but was ignored.

"It can't be coincidence that your father and Narumi have met and now you're in possession of the Skull eyecon," said Alain.

"Right," Takeru stood up. "I'm going to Fuuto!"

Makoto clapped Takeru's shoulder, saying. "Alain and I will stay here in case more ganmas show up. But call us at the first sign of trouble."


"Kannon, can you figure out when tomorrow's train is leaving for Fuuto? I need to pack my equipment." Akira asked, standing up to go to her lab.

"Of course,"

Takeru sat back as his friends made arrangements for tomorrow. What Sennin had said about Narumi and his father had stuck with him. How did they meet each other? A detective and a paranormal investigator are so similar but so different at the same time. Alain was right though. Takeru believed that whatever was going on wasn't simply coincidence. Perhaps by going to Fuuto, Takeru could have a chance to learn something about his father he didn't know. Then again, Sennin had been adamant that there was nothing special about Narumi. What if Takeru was looking to find answers where there were none? Whatever the case maybe, Takeru could feel that, by following Narumi Sokichi, everything would become clear.

One of the aesthetics of Double that I love is the episode titles. There are two titles per episode - one that relates to the overall arc of the two episodes and then the subtitle that relates to the story in the episode. The best part is that the Latin letter in the story arc title has a double meaning: the name of a Kamen Rider, Dopant, or an important character featured in the story arc and another word that indicates the theme of the arc. I love this so much and I'm excited to incorporate this into the story. Can you guess the double meaning behind the "G" in "Chapter 1: The G of the Opera/The Skull Damaishi Appears?"

Kaigen! Skull! Hard-boiled within! Start counting up your sins! - This actually came from one of the comments (JoinedZero) on the deviantart page and I thought it was really cool.

Fanart Inspiration: ramendriver/art/What-if-Kamen-Rider-Ghost-553570193