Title: I Want You
Rating: T (to be safe)
Author: Trista Groulx aka dustytiger
Disclaimer: I am just a poor crafter on disability Prodigal Son is owned by its creators, network, actors and actresses that bring it to life please don't sue me.
Summary: Malcolm and Eve are spending a quiet morning together when a call about a case comes in will the team be able to solve it?
Notes: The title which I know is a bit bland comes from a Tom Waits song. This is my first Prodigal Son fic and I'm excited to have written anything it's been a while. Enjoy!

Malcolm Bright woke up still fuzzy but clearly smelling coffee brewing mixed with the smell of eggs, which surprised him since he knew didn't have any. It took him a few moments to remember Eve Blanchard was there the night before. He took off his restraints then went into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Morning," he greeted.

"Morning," she replied.

"I wish I could hold you at night."

"Me too," she agreed, her voice woeful. "But we both know why we can't."

"I know. I can still dislike it."

"I hope you like omelettes."

"I'd like anything you made me," he assured her, pouring a cup of coffee, and taking a sip. "Good and strong thank you." He kissed her softly. "The omelettes look great I didn't know I had so much in my fridge."

"You didn't I brought in some groceries last night."

"How much do I owe you?"

"I can afford a few groceries, I'm here enough."

It was not long before they were eating, but it was short lived when Gil Arroyo called. There was a murder that he needed his help with. He didn't have a lot of details other than the location which meant the team wasn't there yet so he had a few more minutes to finish his breakfast and get dressed.

"Sorry," he said after hanging up, but finishing the last bites before saying. "Here's a key lock up whenever you're ready to leave."

"All right," she said a little surprised, wondering if they were there yet, but that would have to wait he was already getting dressed to get out the door, and she knew his job couldn't wait.

He left the apartment still a little disappointed his morning had been cut short, but understanding it was part of the job. When he got to the scene Gil, Dani Powell, and JT Tarmel were all there but Edresa Tanaka had yet to arrive, but he was more interested in taking in the scene.

"What do you see?" Gil asked.

"First impression she knew her killer," Malcolm replied. "There's no forced entry and she let him get close- or her- definitely her which is rare."

"How on earth do you know that?" asked JT.

"It's obvious, the shallow stab wounds, the hesitation the killer was less confident it indicates a female killer. There's probably nothing missing all she wanted was to kill and get out."

"So how do we find her?" asked Dani.

"Talk to her friends one will be nervous and cagey that one will be our killer."

"You make it sound so easy," sighed JT.

"I'm just the profiler."

"What have we got?" asked Edresa entering the room. "Stabbing how exciting."

Gil rolled his eyes no matter how long he worked with her he just couldn't quite get used to her. She was great at what she did he couldn't deny that though quirks and all.

"I'll do a tox screen to be sure it was just the stab wounds that killed her," continued Edresa.

"Sounds good," Gil said. "Let me know what you find."

"I will."

They were soon moving the body out and the team meanwhile were looking through the home to find somewhere to start looking for who killed her. Malcolm picked something up in her room.

"This might help she kept a journal," Malcolm told them.

"I'll see if there's anything good in it," offered Dani.

Malcolm handed her the book and Dani began to look through it hoping that it would give them something. There were first names of friends but that didn't help them find them much.

"The name Stacey keeps coming up, and it's not always good so she might be a person of interest once we find her friends."

"I think I found the murder weapon," called JT, he came out of the bathroom with a knife in his hand. "It was in the toilet tank. Edresa will have to tell us if it's the one used."

"She didn't bring the murder weapon with her. She didn't plan to kill her," said Malcolm.

"Now that I could have told you."

"Could be a lovers' quarrel," added Dani.

"That's interesting," said Malcolm.

"We need more than that to catch her," sighed Gil.

"Who are all you people?" asked a wobbly voice at the door, surprising everyone.

"NYPD," Gil replied. "How did you get in?"

"I – I live here. Is that blood... did something happen to Jemma?"

"I'm afraid so."

"Stacey finally did it," she sighed tears starting to fall down her cheeks.

"What can you tell us about Stacey?"

"She's toxic but ,Jemma loved her. If you want help on where she might be I have no idea I usually went to my boyfriend's when she was here. Her last name is Storm I know that about her. And that she was awful to Jemma I'm not surprised she did something like this. I saw bruises on her all the time. She tried to blame it on being clumsy but I knew it was Stacey."

"Do you know Jemma's parents?"

"No, I don't, I'm sorry I can't be of more help."

"It's okay," he assured her. "An officer will bring you back to your boyfriend's if you want."

"Thank you."

She left and Gil followed asking one of the officers who was there to bring her where she wanted to go. He came back into the apartment hoping there was more since he had left but there wasn't.

"Bright why don't you bring that knife to Edresa while we continue here?" he suggested.

"Sure," Malcolm agreed.

He went back to the station house and went straight autopsy. He hated going down there and it was even harder knowing the body on the table was so young; just a freshman in college and now this, and there was another on its way over such a waste of life.

"Bright!" greeted Edresa, excited as always.

"We think we have the murder weapon," he told her, handing her the knife.

"That's easy enough to check. She's so young I hate it when they're young."

"Me too they have so much left to do and then someone does this."

Edresa went over to the body with the knife. "This is your murder weapon."

Malcolm texted Gil to let him know the result. It was not long before they were all back at the station trying to find out where Stacey Storm lived.

"Oh!" exclaimed Dani. "I got it here's her address."

"Great let's go," said JT.

Malcolm stood up too, and no one questioned it and they all went to the address Dani had found. When they got there they all went up to the apartment hoping she was home and this would be an easy apprehension.

"Police open up!" called Gil, knocking on the door.

She didn't open the door so JT rammed it open. They all went inside, except Malcolm, weapons drawn. They looked through the apartment looking for Stacey but not finding her. JT went to the balcony and nervously looked over it, both surprised and not surprised that there was a body lying on the pavement.

"She jumped!" JT called.

Malcolm entered the apartment then. He looked around the small bachelor apartment looking to see if there was a note and soon found what he was looking for. It read;

I loved Jemma and I'm sorry I hurt her I never meant for it to get so bad. I couldn't deal with what I'd done maybe we'll see each other in whatever happens next.


"Gil you'll want to see this," Malcolm told him.

He took the piece of paper. "So she was planning this it wasn't us that made her do it," he said assuring himself just as much as the rest of the team.

"I'll call Edresa," said JT, taking his phone from his pocket.

It was not long before Edresa arrived on the scene to clear away another eighteen year old's body. "I hate jumpers," she informed them. "It's easy to pin point the cause of death but it's an awful way to go."

"I hate suicide even of a suspect," Gil sighed.

"Fair enough."

They were soon back at the station house working on paperwork. Slowly they all headed home but Malcolm seemed to be lingering, the note still not in evidence. He just kept re-reading it wondering if somehow he could have changed the series of events.

"Bright go home," Gil told him. "File that and let it go."

"We lost two eighteen year olds today Gil," sighed Malcolm.

"I know and it's hard but you need to move forward dwelling on it won't change anything."

"I know."

"Call your friend and enjoy your evening."

He nodded and went to file the last piece of paper. On his way home his mind was still racing though. He wondered if they could have gotten there sooner if they could have stopped her. He wondered if her friends had tried harder Jamma would still be alive. He just couldn't get his brain to shut up. He was glad to be home he was loosening his tie as he came through the door when he heard a whistle and a female voice laughing as she said, "take it off," Eve encouraged.

"I've never been greeted like that before," he responded.

"Rough one?"

"Always." He poured himself a glass of Scotch. "Do you want one?"

"Thank you, but no."

"I'm only having the one."

"I'm not judging, your job is hard."

"Thank you for understanding." He went over and kissed her softly.

"How about pizza tonight?"

"Sounds good to me."

She took her phone from her pocket and tapped on it a bit. "It'll be here in half an hour."

"Our next meal is on me," he told her.

"All right," she agreed. "Do you want to talk about the case?"'

"Honestly, no. I like having you separate from work."

"All right, I understand, but I'm here if you change your mind," she assured him.

"Thank you."

"Can we talk about the key?"

"I didn't mean anything huge by it but I have to leave at the drop of a hat sometimes I feel bad rushing you out so I thought your own key made sense. I'm not expecting you to reciprocate."

"All right I think I understand. But here's a key to my place anyway."

"Thank you." His stomach growled, which made her laugh. "I didn't eat since this morning."

"You were busy it shouldn't be much longer now."

"Good. How was your day?"

"Quiet, I like working with your mother she's so chill."

He laughed a little. "That's not a word I associate with my mother."

"She's so easy to work with even if you don't believe it."

The bell buzzed indicating the pizza was there he went to the door and got the food while Eve got some plates out.

"I don't think I've ever ordered from here before," said Malcolm.

"Best in the city," she assured him.

T"I guess I'm going to find out. Go ahead," he told her letting her take hers first.

"Thank you, and they say chivalry is dead."

He took a couple of pieces of pizza. "Not with me," he told her taking a bite. "This is good.

After they'd eaten he pulled her toward him and she gladly let him. He kissed her softly but with purpose pulling her toward the bed. She didn't fight it she would gladly follow him off a cliff not that he knew that.


Notes: So that's my first Prodigal Son fic hehe. I hope you liked it! Let me know reviews are good for the soul! hugs and hearts -Trista