Screen Title: #HauntedBabysitting

Sam is walking in the living room

Sam: Yo Cat are we babysitting anyone today?

Cat: Let me check.

Cat checks their website

Cat: We're babysitting a girl named Frankie Hathaway.

Sam: Where's she from?

Cat: New Orleans.

Sam: I heard that state is lovely.

Cat: Oh it is.

Sam: When will she get here?

Doorbell Rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Sam: I guess now.

Cat opens the door and it's Michelle and Frankie Hathaway from The Haunted Hathaways

Audience cheers

Michelle: Hi is this Sam & Cat's Super Rockin Fun Time Babysitting Service?

Cat: Yes I'm Cat.

Sam: I'm Sam.

Frankie: No way you're from that webshow iCarly.

Sam: Great another fan.

Michelle: Thanks for agreeing to look after my daughter.

Cat: No problem.

Sam: How much will you pay us?

Michelle: If all goes well, I will pay you two $500.

Sam: Sweet.

Michelle: Frankie you behave and do whatever Sam & Cat tell you.

Frankie: Okay mom.

Michelle: I'll be back to pick you up in a few hours.

Michelle leaves

Cat: Well Frankie what do you want to do?

Frankie: Can I get a selfie with you?

Cat: You talking to be or Sam?

Frankie: Sam. You were so awesome on iCarly.

Sam: Thanks.

Frankie: Can you take our picture?

Cat: Sure.

Cat takes their picture

Frankie: Thank you.

Sam: So you're a big fan of the show huh?

Frankie: Oh yeah. I've seen every webcast ever. I watched it with my older sister Taylor.

Cat: How come your sister isn't here?

Frankie: She doesn't need a babysitter.

Cat: How old is she?

Frankie: 16.

Cat: Ah.

Sam: What's it like in New Orleans?

Frankie: Oh it's fun.

Cat: Is the weather nice there?

Frankie: Uh huh.

Sam: Cat when is Dice coming over?

Cat: He's not. He's in Phoenix doing the hair magazine.

Sam: Why didn't you go with?

Cat: I got banned there after I got arrested remember.

Flashback to the end of #GettinWiggy where Cat is getting arrested

Past Cat: I mean it really looks like a wig.

Back to reality

Sam: Oh. Well you shouldn't have torn that guy's hair out.

Cat: It looked like a wig.

Frankie: You seriously tore some guys hair out?

Cat: I thought it was a wig.

Sam: Hey I would have done the same thing too.

Cat: My friend Jade laughed when I told her that.

Sam: Of course she would laugh.

Frankie: When did all that stuff happened?

Cat: Back in July of 2014.

Frankie: So last year?

Sam: Pretty much yeah.

Cat: Is this your first time to Los Angeles?

Frankie: Yeah it is.

Sam: How do you like it here?

Frankie: It's very cool. Especially that I'm meeting an iCarly star.

Sam: The show was a lot of fun.

Frankie: Are you guys ever going to come back?

Sam: Well that depends if Carly ever comes back from Italy.

Cat: Sam please don't go back to Seattle.

Sam: Relax Cat. I don't plan on going back to Seattle anytime soon.

Cat: Good I need you.

Sam: I know you do.

Frankie gets a text from her mom

Cat: Who texted?

Frankie: My mom. She's on her way back to get me.

Cat: All ready?

Sam: Well sometime things have to get rushed in these 30 minute episodes?

Cat: Aww.

Frankie: So this isn't going to be extended?

Sam: I guess not.

The doorbell rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Sam: It's open.

Michelle walks in

Michelle: Hi I'm here to pick up Frankie.

Frankie: Hi mom.

Michelle: Did you have fun with Sam & Cat?

Frankie: Yeah. They're the best babysitters ever.

Michelle hands Sam & Cat $250 each which equals $500

Michelle: Well here's your money. Come on Frankie let's go.

Frankie: Okay mom.

Cat: Bye Frankie.

Sam: See ya.

Frankie: Bye.

Michelle and Frankie leave

Cat: Sweet we each got paid $250.

Sam: We've made a lot of money these past few years.

Cat: Yeah. So you're not planning on going back to Seattle are you?

Sam: No Cat. I'm not going anywhere for awhile.

Cat: Good I need you.

Sam: I need you too kid.