Please enjoy this completely renovated story!


Shawn Spencer walked up the steps of the Santa Barbara Police Department one Friday afternoon to pick up Psych's check for the week. He walked in the station and his eyes went straight for Juliet's desk, but didn't see her.

"Sir, here's your check." the clerk said.

Shawn looked up, "Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you. Have a good weekend."

Shawn left the desk and went to look for Juliet. He checked the holding cells, interrogation rooms, and the chief's office.

Shawn went up to Buzz's desk, "Buzz!"

Buzz looked up from his work, "Hey Shawn, what's up?"

"Have you seen Detective O'Hara?"

"Not in a few hours, why?"

"I needed to tell her something. What about Lassie and the Chief?"

"They left to go to a scene like an hour ago."

Shawn nodded, "Thanks, Buzz. You have a great weekend."

"You too."

Shawn walked out the door and went to his motorcycle when Juliet's green bug pulled into the parking lot.


Juliet pulled into the SBPD parking lot and saw Shawn walking out the door sad. She saw Shawn look up and she smiled. She pulled into the parking spot next to him and got out.

"Shawn Spencer, what's with the look?" Juliet asked.

"I finished early today. I came to surprise you." Shawn said.

Juliet walked up to Shawn and gave him a quick kiss.

"So, when are you off the leash?" Shawn asked.

"Leash?" Juliet asked.

"Lassie's leash."

Juliet smiled, "Another couple of hours."

Shawn hung his head and sighed.

"Spencer, what's wrong with you?"

"We've both been really busy and haven't seen much of each other outside of work in a couple of months."

Juliet silently agreed with him, "I know. I wish crime could take a break, but you know…"

"Yeah I know."

Shawn turned around and began to get on his bike.

Juliet walked up to him and pulled off his helmet.

Shawn looked at Juliet in confusion.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Juliet asked.

"Yeah, why?" Shawn asked.

"You've been acting weird the past few months. Are you mad at me?"

"Sweetheart, why would I be mad at you? You're the perfect girlfriend."

Juliet smiled.

Shawn thought of an idea in his head and made a plan.

Juliet went up to him, "How about a movie at my place?"

Shawn nodded, "That sounds good. See you later."

"Bye. Be careful please."

"Of course."

Shawn gave Juliet a kiss and took off to the Psych office.

Shawn got to the Psych office and began getting everything ready for the surprise date that popped in his head. The office was cleaned up and things were put where they actually belonged. Shawn found some extra candles and placed those on the table. He left the Psych office and went to the store to pick up something to cook tonight.

Shawn walked into the supermarket and went straight for the crab meat to make crab cakes. He put everything in the cart and a bouquet of roses stuck out, he grabbed those and a bottle of Juliet's favorite wine and went and paid.


Shawn got back to his apartment and brought the supplies inside and put the wine in the fridge to cool. He went and took a shower and found the only suit he owned and put it on.


Shawn got to the Psych office and began to get everything ready for the date.

While he was putting everything together his phone rang.

"Hello?" Shawn asked.

"Hey dude, are you busy?" Gus asked.

"Yeah. What's going on?"

"Oh if you're busy, never mind."


Gus hung up before Shawn could ask what was wrong.

While Shawn's phone was in his hand he texted Juliet.

"Come to the Psych office after work!" Shawn texted.

A few minutes passed and Juliet texted back, "See you in an hour."


Juliet got a text from Shawn. She checked it and saw that he wanted her to go to the Psych office after work. She checked her watch and figured she could get off in an hour. She texted him that she would be off in an hour and got back to work.

An Hour Later

6:45 finally arrived and Juliet went to the Chief's office and put the casework on her desk for her to review it. She went to her desk, logged out of her computer and grabbed her purse and walked to her car.

Juliet pulled up to the Psych office and noticed the blinds were closed. She got out of her car and walked in the office.

Shawn heard the door open, he got up quickly and grabbed the flowers and met her at the hallway.

Juliet rounded the corner and saw the lights dimmed and a nice dinner set up.

"Shawn, did you do this?" Juliet asked.

"I did. I miss you so much." Shawn said.

Juliet went up to Shawn and saw the roses in his hand.

"Roses too? Mr. Spencer, are you trying to get lucky tonight?"

Shawn nodded slightly and smiled.

Juliet took the roses from Shawn and gave him a deep kiss.

"Jules, there's something I want to tell you." Shawn started.

Juliet pulled away from Shawn and looked him in the eyes.

"Juliet O'Hara, I love you. I love you so much it hurts. I've never been in love with someone before, I didn't know how love felt until you walked into my life. I don't know what I would do without you in my life. You're my family now." Shawn started.

Shawn began getting on one knee and took the ring out of his back pocket, "Juliet O'Hara, you are the light of my life. I have never met someone who can keep up with me. When I'm having one of my days, you just hug me and tell me that it's going to be ok and everything melts away. Juliet O'Hara, will you marry me?"

Juliet looked down at Shawn with tears in her eyes and her hand over her mouth. She nodded through the tears.

Shawn placed the ring on her finger and pulled her into a kiss.

Juliet pulled away and looked at the ring and was in shock.

"Shawn, how long ago have you had this?" Juliet asked.

"That was my grandma's ring. I've been holding on it for a while." Shawn said.

"Shawn it is absolutely beautiful."

"Does it fit ok? If not, I can have it re-sized."

"It's a perfect fit. I love you too."

"Would you like to eat? Crab cakes were made and wine was grabbed."

Juliet dropped her purse on the table by the couch and ran to eat.

Shawn leaned on the doorway and smiled.

Juliet turned around and saw Shawn leaning on the doorframe.

"It's ok baby, you can breathe now." Juliet joked.

Shawn chuckled and pulled Juliet into a hug and kissed her on the top of her head.

"Shawn, I'm starving. Can we please eat?"

"Of course."

Shawn loosened his grip on Juliet and pulled her in for a kiss.

"I love you." Shawn whispered.

"I love you too." Juliet said.

Shawn grabbed Juliet's hand and brought her over to the table, so they can enjoy the meal that Shawn prepared.