Wedding Day

The day was finally here. Shawn and Juliet are finally getting married.


Shawn's alarm went off at 6:30. He rolled over and grabbed his phone and saw the time. He jumped out of bed, grabbed everything that was needed and got in his car and drove the 5 and a half hour trip to Napa.


Juliet's alarm went off at 5:15. She rolled out of bed and woke Shannon up and they grabbed their belongings and started their drive.


Juliet got to Napa at 11:30.

Shannon dropped her off at the door and Juliet ran inside and met with everyone. She drove off and to find a spot and saw Shawn turning into the parking lot.


Shawn pulled into the parking lot at 11:30 and saw Shannon drive around looking for a parking spot. He pulled into the Groom's parking spot and got everything out of the car and went to his side of the venue.

Gus walked in shortly after Shawn and went to the Groom's side of the venue.

Gus knocked on the door, but didn't hear anything. He walked into the room and heard the shower going. He arrived in his suit and sat down and waited for the rest of the party to get there.

The rest of the party arrived dressed and ready to go.

Shawn got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist and dried off. Once he was dry he began getting dressed. While getting dress he heard laughter outside of the room. He figured that it was his party.

Shawn finally got dressed then went to the mirror and started on his hair. He played with it for a few minutes before it sat right. He grabbed the tie and started on it.

Shawn was completely ready and walked out to greet his groomsmen.

The men heard the door open and shut and looked up and saw Shawn ready.

"Ready?" Gus asked.

"More than ever." Shawn answered.

The men visited for another 15 minutes before Madeline Spencer walked in.

"Mom!" Shawn said.

"You look good. I need to put these boutonnieres on your suits." Maddie said.

Maddie started with Shawn and ended with Lassiter.

"Mom, how's Jules?" Shawn asked.

"I don't know. I haven't seen her yet." Maddie said.

Shawn nodded.

Maddie left the room and went on to finish her duties.


Juliet's wedding party walked in the room while Juliet was getting dressed.

Juliet put on her dress and went to the mirror and put on the earrings that her mother gave her and the necklace that Shannon gave her. She looked in the mirror and took a deep breath.

Juliet moved her engagement ring to her right finger, so her wedding band could be put on.

Juliet fixed her curls and walked to the door and opened it.

The women heard the door open and looked up and saw Juliet in her dress.

"Oh my baby." Maryanne cried.

"Mom, not now." Juliet laughed, trying not to cry.

Karen walked up to Juliet, "Juliet, you look absolutely stunning. That Shawn Spencer is a lucky man."

"That he is." Juliet said.

Shannon came up to her and hugged her, "I can't believe you're getting married."

"Me either. I know I've been engaged 6 months, but it went by so fast." Juliet said.

"That's why you have forever."

Juliet nodded and pulled Shannon into a hug once more.

Maddie Spencer walked in and saw Juliet in her dress.

"Juliet, you look amazing." Maddie said.

"Thank you, Maddie. How is Shawn?" Juliet asked.

"He's good. He's much calmer today."

"Good. These last few weeks have been crazy to say the least."

"Oh I know. You two have first look in 15 minutes. Are you ready?"

Juliet nodded.

15 Minutes

It was time for the first look, Mason knocked on Shawn's door and told him to come on out and stand in the spot that he had picked out.

While Shawn was waiting on Juliet, Mason decided to take some pictures of just Shawn waiting on Juliet.

Maddie walked in and saw Juliet talking to Shannon.

"Juliet, you ready?" Maddie asked.

Juliet got up and nodded, "Let's go."

Maddie brought Juliet to the spot where Mason wanted her to stand.

Mason saw Juliet walk out. He went over to her and took some pictures.

Juliet walked and covered Shawn's face with her hands.

Shawn's breath hitched when he felt Juliet's hands over his face.

Mason took a few pictures of them like that.

Juliet removed her hands from Shawn's face and grabbed his hands.

Shawn closed his eyes and turned around.

A few seconds later, he opened his eyes and saw Juliet in her wedding dress.

"Jules." Shawn whispered.

Shawn felt tears hit the back of his eyes and his eyes started to water.

Juliet saw Shawn's eyes and reached up and wiped the tears before they even left his eyes.

"Juliet, you, you look amazing." Shawn said.

Juliet smiled, "Shawn, you look amazing."

"I have an idea. Why don't we take some baby bump pictures."

"I barely have one."

"That doesn't mean I can't put my hands on your stomach."

Juliet nodded.

Mason took a few pictures of Shawn's hands on Juliet's stomach and Juliet's hands placed over his.

"Are you ready baby?" Shawn asked.

"I sure am. Are you?" Juliet asked.

"More than ever. In just 20 minutes we will be married."


"Don't you have a gift for me, Mr. Spencer?"

"I do, indeed, but it's on the dresser at the house."


Shawn smiled.

Shawn took a deep breath and looked into Juliet's eyes.

Juliet looked into Shawn's eyes and saw his eyes the calmest they have been in the past 6 months.

"Baby, I will see you in a bit." Shawn said.

"I love you." Juliet said.

"I love you too."

Juliet went back to her room and Shawn went to his.

Everyone in the Spencer wedding party got where they needed to be.

Shawn made his way in front of the crowd of people and stood in his spot.

The groomsmen and bridesmaids started walking out.

Finally it was Juliet's turn to come out.

Juliet wrapped her arm around Lloyd's arm.

"Julie, you look gorgeous." Lloyd said.

"Thank you, Lloyd." Juliet said.

It was time for Juliet to walk down the aisle.

Juliet rounded the corner and got in Shawn's eye line.

Shawn saw Juliet walk out and he cried.

Juliet saw Shawn crying, which made her tear up.

Lloyd got to the end of the aisle and placed Juliet's hand into Shawn's and shook Shawn's hand.

Shawn grabbed Juliet's hand and turned to her and Buzz started to speak.

Buzz got to the vows.

Shawn took out a piece of paper out of his jacket pocket and looked Juliet in the eyes, "Juliet, there are not enough words to describe to you how much I love you. When I walked into that diner that morning, not only did you take my spot, you took my breath away. When I started talking to you, that's when you took my heart. As a kid, I didn't want to get married, because I didn't want to end up like my parents, but when I met you, everything changed. I'm glad I stayed in Santa Barbara, because if I didn't, I wouldn't have met you. Yeah I opened Psych, but you are the most important thing in my life. Jules, when we were on that bridge kissing, I knew I had you forever. Relationships are hard, but you taught me that if you really want something to last, you take care of it. Yes we have hit a few bumps, some big, some not so big, but I fought, we fought for this relationship. I love you so much Juliet, I can't wait to see what our life together has in store for us."

While Juliet was listening to Shawn, all of those memories flooded her mind and made her cry.

Shawn looked up at Juliet with tears in his eyes from his vows and saw Juliet's tears on her cheeks. He wiped her tears from her cheek with his thumb.

Juliet looked at Carlton, who held her vows for her.

Carlton reached in his pocket and gave Juliet her vows.

"Thanks." Juliet whispered.

Carlton nodded.

Juliet took a big sigh before reading, "Shawn, you are the best thing, the richest thing in my life. These past 6 months have been crazy, but you, you kept me sane. You always know how to make everything that's going on, just melt away. When I get home after you, you take one look at me and know what kind of day I've had. If I've had a bad day, you wrap your arms around me and hug me until everything goes away. Don't get me started on your smile. Seeing you happy is the biggest joy in my life. After the first 6 months of our relationship, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. You support me in every aspect of life and I couldn't ask for a better man to spend the rest of my life with. When we found out our news the other day, it felt like all of my dreams came true. I love you Shawn Spencer, I will never stop loving you."

Shawn wiped his own tears when Juliet subtly mentioned the baby and smiled at her, "I love you so much sweetheart. I don't know what I would do without you."

Juliet grabbed Shawn's hands.

Buzz wiped his own tears and went back to the ceremony.

"Time for the rings. Who has them?" Buzz asked.

Gus reached in his coat pocket and took out the rings and handed them to Buzz.

"Juliet, grab Shawn's ring and Shawn, grab Juliet's ring." Buzz said.

Shawn put Juliet's ring on her finger and kissed her hand.

"Not yet, Shawn." Buzz fussed.

Shawn clicked his tongue at Buzz.

Juliet put Shawn's ring on and smiled at him.

"Are you guys ready to be Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Spencer?" Buzz asked.

"I've waited 8 years for this moment. I don't think I can wait a second longer." Shawn said.

"Well go for it. You two are married now! Kiss your bride, Shawn."

Shawn smiled and stepped in close to Juliet and grabbed her face and gave her a passionate kiss.

Juliet wrapped her arms around Shawn's neck and held him close.

Shawn pulled away and kissed Juliet one more time.

"We did it baby." Juliet whispered.

"We did indeed." Shawn whispered.

Shawn and Juliet turned toward the guests and Shawn picked up Juliet bridal style and ran down the aisle to the Bride & Groom room.

Shawn kicked the door open and dropped Juliet onto the couch and kissed her.

"Well Mrs. Spencer…" Shawn started.

"Mrs. Spencer, I love it." Juliet said.

"Good. It's your name for the rest of your life."

Juliet wrapped her arms around Shawn's neck and hugged him.

"You know, I don't know what I was so nervous about." Shawn said.

"I loved your vows by the way." Juliet said.

"That's what I was nervous about. I didn't want to cry, but Juliet, you are the best thing in my life, not to mention the most important thing in my life. I will protect you and our family with everything in me."

"I love you. Our family will be the most protected family in California."

"We're a family of cops, of course."

Karen knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Shawn said.

Karen walked in with the signed marriage certificate.

"Is it signed?" Shawn asked.

"It is. I will drop this at the courthouse on the way to work in the morning." Karen said.

"Thank you so much, for everything." Juliet said.

"Shawn, can I steal her for like 5 minutes?" Karen asked.

"Go for it." Shawn said.

Karen took Juliet by the hand and brought her outside.

"Is that news what I think it is?" Karen asked.

"What news?" Juliet asked.

"The one in your vows."

Juliet couldn't help but smile and nodded.

"No shit?" Karen asked.

Juliet brought Karen back inside, so she can confirm it with Shawn next to her.

"No shit?" Karen asked.

"We swear it's 100% real." Juliet said.

"You two weren't trying were you?"

"No. We were going to try after we got settled in, but I guess when you stop trying, things surprise you."

Shawn caught on to the conversation and wrapped his arms around Juliet's waist and put his hands on her little baby bump.

"How far along are you?" Karen asked.

"8 weeks. We went to the doctor the other day." Juliet said.


"Dr. Green."

"Love her! She was mine when I was pregnant with Iris."

Karen turned to Shawn, "Shawn, I'm so happy for you. I know life has been crazy the past year for the both of you, but this is your fresh start. The one you've been wanting since you two got back together."

"You wanted a fresh start?" Juliet asked.

"I did. I wanted to restart our entire relationship. One with no lies." Shawn said.

"Baby, I know it still gets to you, but look, you have a wedding band on your finger. We're married. This Spencer Life isn't going anywhere."

"Did you just give our life a title?"


"You're cute."

Juliet smiled and leaned into him.

"Alright, let's go take some pictures." Shawn said.

The trio walked out of the room to the wedding party standing around talking with Mason.

Mason saw Shawn and Juliet come out and smiled.

"Congratulations, dude." Mason said.

"Thanks, man. You got some good ones?" Shawn asked.

"You're going to have a few hundred in this album."

"Perfect. We need to find one to hang in the living room."

"You really want a picture of us in the living room?" Juliet asked.

"That are in the foyer." Shawn said.

"How about we move our pictures to one side of the wall and put the wedding one next to it and then once we have the thing we can put it next to our wedding picture."

"That's a good idea."

Juliet smiled.

Mason told everyone to get in line and he began to take pictures.

45 Minutes Later

Mason got done with the wedding party pictures and went to take some reception pictures.

Carlton walked up to Juliet, "Juliet, congratulations."

"Thank you, Carlton. I really appreciate it." Juliet said.

Carlton started to walk away when Juliet cleared her throat.

"What?" Carlton asked.

Juliet looked over at Shawn and Carlton caught on.

Carlton walked over to Shawn, "Spencer."

Shawn looked up and saw Carlton in front of him, "Hey Lassie."

"Congratulations, Spencer. I still have my pistol. It's always loaded." Carlton said.

Juliet elbowed Carlton and Carlton walked away.

Shawn grabbed Juliet's hand, "Are you ready for cake?"

"I'm starving." Juliet said.

"Then let's go."

"Wait, I need to go put my reception dress on." Juliet said.

Juliet ran to the bridal room and changed into her reception dress and put her wedding dress back in the back and zipped it up.

Shawn heard Juliet's heels come down the walkway and he saw Juliet in her reception dress for the first time.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Shawn asked.

"Not my intention." Juliet said.

"You look hot."


"Yes hot. Gorgeous left when you took off the wedding dress."

Juliet grabbed Shawn's tie and pulled him forward, "If I'm hot then you're one sexy beast."

"Do you want me to ruin my clothes?"

Juliet giggled, "Not right now anyway."

Shawn rolled his eyes and grabbed Juliet's hand and ran to the reception.

Karen saw Juliet and Shawn run into the room and everyone cleared the dance floor, so they could have their first dance.

Shawn put his hands on Juliet's waist and Juliet wrapped her arms around his neck and they swayed in place.

"You know, today was absolutely perfect." Juliet whispered.

Shawn put rested his cheek on the top of Juliet's head, "It has been. I hope this wedding lived up to your childhood dreams."

"My childhood dream didn't involve you. This is way better."

Shawn smiled.

The song was ending and Shawn grabbed Juliet by the waist and dipped her. He stayed there for a second and looked her in the eyes and kissed her.

Juliet wrapped her arms around Shawn's neck and kissed him back.

Shawn got upright and let Juliet have the father/daughter dance.

A few minutes later it was the mother/son dance.

It was time for toasts and cake cutting.

Gus grabbed the microphone and started talking, "I wasn't there when Shawn first met Juliet, but I saw him change. He changed for the better. He changed hoping to be the man that Juliet would fall in love with. Spoiler alert: she fell in love with him. Juliet, thank you for making Shawn so happy. I've never seen him this happy before, even when we were kids growing up. I now pass the invisible torch to you. It is to keep his ass in line. Thank you for taking that off my back. I love you both, welcome to the family, Juliet."

Shawn smiled and rubbed Juliet's back.

Karen got up and took the mic from Gus, "When I first met Juliet O'Hara, she was new to Santa Barbara, as I saw her relationship with Shawn turn into something more, I couldn't have been more happier. Yes they work together, but they keep a line of keeping business and personal separate. I knew these two were going to make it at Shawn's high school reunion 6 years ago. They may have not have known it, but I sure did. Seeing Shawn change in front of my eyes has been amazing. Who knew it only took a blonde named Juliet O'Hara to flip his world upside down. Shawn, take care of her please. I wish you nothing but the best in this journey for you two."

Juliet leaned into Shawn and smiled.

"Come with me." Shawn whispered.

Shawn took Juliet's hand and walked to where Karen was standing and took the mic from her.

"What are you doing?" Juliet whispered.

"You'll see."

Shawn grabbed the microphone and started to speak, "We have some news to share with you guys."

Juliet caught on to what Shawn was doing and smiled.

"What is it, Goose?" Maddie asked.

Shawn looked at Juliet and Juliet nodded, "We are having a baby!"

Juliet's hand involuntarily went to her stomach and Shawn covered her hand with his.

Shawn locked eyes with his dad and Henry left the building.

Juliet saw Henry leave and went after him. She caught up to Henry.

"What was that?" Juliet asked.

"Are you two ready to become parents?" Henry asked.

Shawn saw Henry and Juliet talking. He grabbed his mom and went over there to listen to what they were saying.

"Yes, we are ready to have a baby. We have thought about it for so long. I want to see him as a dad. I want to see him be the father I know he can be." Juliet said.

"He's going to follow in my footsteps." Henry whispered.

"The hell I am!" Shawn yelled.

Juliet jumped when she heard Shawn's voice.

Henry's head popped up and saw Shawn furious.

"Excuse me?" Henry asked.

"You heard me. I am not going to be like you. I want my kids to be happy." Shawn said.

"You weren't happy?"

"No I wasn't. You pushed me into something that I didn't even want to do, that's why I left. You pushed me away, you're lucky I came back."


"No, that's it. You're clearly not going to be happy for me, so I'm done trying."

Shawn put his hands in his pockets and walked away.

Juliet turned to Henry, "Why can't you be happy for him, just this once?"

Henry stayed quiet.

Juliet left Henry alone and went and found Shawn out in the garden. She rounded the corner and saw Shawn picking at a flower.

"Hey." Juliet whispered.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" Shawn asked.

"I came to look for you. I don't want to cut the cake by myself."

Shawn smiled.

Juliet shivered and Shawn took his coat off and put it over her shoulders.

"Thank you." Juliet said.

"You're welcome." Shawn said.

"Now, I want my HUSBAND to come cut our wedding cake with me. Can he do that?"

"He most certainly can."

Juliet put her hand out, so Shawn could take it.

Shawn took Juliet's hand and they walked back into the reception and went to the cake.

Everyone saw Shawn and Juliet at the cake and Shawn and Juliet grabbed the knife and Mason took some pictures.

They cut the cake and Shawn saw pineapples in the cake.

"How did you do this?" Shawn asked.

"I know a few people." Juliet said.

"Thank you baby."

Juliet smiled and kissed Shawn before they had cake all over their faces.

Shawn pulled away and wiped icing on Juliet's nose.

"My sweet Jule." Shawn joked.

Juliet took Shawn's hand, which had cake in it, and pushed it in his face.

"Jules…" Shawn whined.

Juliet wrapped her arms around Shawn's waist and pulled him forward for a kiss.

"I love you. You're the best thing in the world." Juliet said.

"Me? No it's you and the bump." Shawn said.

"Why are you calling it the bump?"

"It's growing Jules, duh."

"Ok I guess it's kinda cute."


Juliet laughed and kissed Shawn once more.

The party was winding down and Juliet wanted to throw her bouquet. She turned around and threw it and Shannon caught it.

Shannon squealed and Juliet knew that squeal from anywhere.

Juliet turned around and ran over to Shannon and jumped with her.

Shannon saw Shawn laughing.

"Shawn hasn't met Ramsey yet." Shannon said.

"Let's go." Juliet said.

Juliet and Shannon walked over to Shawn and Shannon caught Ramsey's eye.

Ramsey walked over to Shannon and saw she had the bouquet.

"Really now?" Ramsey asked.

"Yep." Shannon said.

Ramsey turned to Juliet, "Well isn't it Miss Juliet."

"Hey Ramsey. How are you?" Juliet asked.

"I'm good. Congratulations."

"Thank you."

Juliet grabbed Shawn's hand and pulled him over to her.

"Ramsey, this is Shawn." Juliet introduced.

Shawn stepped forward and shook Ramsey's hand.

"Nice to meet you." Shawn said.

"You too. How long have you and Juliet known each other?" Ramsey asked.

"8 years."

"Wow. Congratulations."


Shawn turned around and got a chair and pushed Juliet in it. He got on his knees and went and grabbed the garter with his mouth. He got it and came out from under Juliet's dress with the garter between his teeth.

Shawn turned around and shot the garter and Gus caught it.

Shawn saw Gus catch it and laughed.

Juliet turned around and saw Gus with the garter, "Gus, I want that back please."

"Hell no." Gus said.

"Gus, give it to me now."

Gus rolled his eyes and gave it back to Juliet.

Juliet grabbed the garter from Gus and stuffed it into Shawn's back pocket.

"Are you ready to go, Mr. Spencer?" Juliet asked.

"More than ready, Mrs. Spencer." Shawn said.

Shawn grabbed Juliet's hand and they ran toward the exit.

Everyone followed them and sent them off.

Shawn opened Juliet's door, so she could get in and he went around and got in and drove back home to Santa Barbara.