Hello welcome, back, and there will be POV'S (switching between Danny and Berry). But anyway let's get on with the chapter, I don't own ether show they go to there rightful owners.

Name of chapter is: Meet the Justice League

As soon as I walked out of the zeta tube I saw supers left and right, everyone was doing there own thing ether talking in groups or walking somewhere. Flash started walking somewhere and I just followed looking around in awe, the place was high tech (not as high tech as I make, but high tech). People walking by said hi and other things to the flash they even said hi to me, even though they didn't know me. We walked by a room with a lot of planets, couches, and a big window that was a simi-circle that showed earth and a lot of stars. I immediately ditch flash and go to the room, I recognize a lot of the planets from my time in the GZ with CW, and go ahead and look out the window at the earth and the stars.

I don't know how long I'm there for, but soon the Flash figured out that I'm not behind him and finds me. "There you are!, I've been looking for you for 3 minutes." I turned around not really caring about it, so I said 'well you found me, now what?'. "Now we can get you, to the meeting room so the others can meet you" Flash said, leaving no room for argument. Not arguing I get up and follow him not really caring for the other members, we soon found ourselves in a big room with a big long round table, with the other members. Barry took his seat and I stood at the front, a little uncomfortable with all the attention they were giving me.

Batman started talking to me, "What's your name?" He said in a flat tone, I looked at flash and told him he's going to answer for me. Flash said "His name is Shade, and I'll be doing the talking for him", "Why? is he unable to talk, if so J'onn can link us up to his mind" Batman said eyes narrowing ever so slightly. "No he's able to talk, he just needs to trust you enough to go it, the more he trust you the more outward he'll be with talking" Flash said to Bats, Batman did not like it but there was nothing he could do to stop it. "Fine" Batman said giving me the bat-glare, but I was unfazed I've seen worse than that so he was going to have to up his game to affect me.

"How old are you? when were you born? what are your powers? what are your weaknesses? what are your intentions with the League? are you a threat or a friend? where are you from? what are you?" Batman questioned him, everyone except me was shocked at some of the questions he asked.

Shade started to speak to me through the ML (mind link) and said, 'I want you to repeat after me and answer for me please' I say 'OK'. 'I am 16 almost 17, when I was born is none of your businesses, I only want to help people, my powers are invisibility, flight, intangibility, little ice power, energy manipulation, duplicate up to two, do you really think I'm going to tell you that, obviously I'm a friend, I'm from the infinite Realms, and as for what I am well I'm a hybrid, half of two species'. I repeated everything he said, and everyone was shocked at some of the things he said. Batman was furious that he didn't get some of the answers he was looking for, and gave the biggest and meanest bat-glare ever to Shade. Everyone except Shade was scared for there life and wanted to get as far away as possible, bats soon soon calmed down (much to the relief of everyone else).

Batman then told J'onn to read his mind and see if what he saying was true, but Shade didn't like that so he sent a glare that stopped J'onn cold. Everyone (even batman) was surprised 'he stopped J'onn cold' was the collective thoughts of everyone, they then tried to forget the glare they saw. Keyword:tried.

When I felt the martian try to come into my mind I was mad, I immediately put up my mind shields and forced him out. Everyone was shocked, so I decided to have a little talk him, 'Hey martian what's your name?', 'My name is J'onn Jonzz, I am a martian fro the planet mars'.

Shade-'Well hears the deal J'onn, if you don't read my mind or try to look into my memories, I'll let you talk to me telepathically any time you want'

J'onn's eyes widened a bit, 'Why would you let me do that?'

I roll my eyes, 'Because you don't seem all that bad, and it's natural for your kind to talk like that right?', 'Yes thank you so much, I will respect your wishes' J'onn said while nodding his head. I look around the room and my eyes landed on Black canary, I saw something that resembled Jazz and pure kindness in her. I set up J'onn and Canary up in the link with Flash and said, 'You are some of the only people I trust right now, I trust you to not give away any information unless I give permission is that OK?' They say yes its fine, I then tell them the some of the truth about me and they were understanding of my privacy. Soon after we finished talking the meeting ended and I became a member, then Barry took me to his house and said I could stay here for the time being.

He also said he had something to ask me but that it could wait a while,and as I drifted off to sleep there was only one thing on my mind. 'I found someone to trust.'

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Anyway I wonder what the Berry wanted to ask Danny? Has Danny really found people to trust? And what's up with Batman? all will be revealed next Saturday.