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Love Letter: My True Feelings

Attempt #4673

Dear Senpai,

I know it's selfish of me but please.


Over the years we've known each other I know that the red string of fate binds us. I know, I know, I'm an old fashioned type. Recently, though you did not know it, our bonds were tested by… I will not grace her by using her actual name. She will henceforth be Viper-chan because she's nothing more than a little snake.

Viper-chan transferred to our school recently and I instantly knew she was up to no good. It wasn't just the transfer student bump in popularity, but she even went so far as to talk to you. On the first day she transferred! How dare she… even the new kids have to learn their place. Her unforgivable words to you were "Hey you dropped your eraser." Absolutely disgusting. She was a threat I could not ignore and an existence I could not tolerate. She had to be eliminated.

Ever since then, I've taken meticulous notes of Viper-chan's daily happenings. After school she participates in the drama club. Then she would pick some croquettes at a family shop by the abandoned warehouse before going home. Because she likes the croquettes hot, she waits a few minutes for a fresh batch before going home. She transferred to our school because her dad had transferred from the main office to a branch office after he… Never mind. It's not important. What is important is that her family is rotten, like her. And these were things I could use.

You see, it was a simple matter of making a fake flyer for a free theater event and emailing it to her via proxy and VPN-secured networks to prevent any possible tracing. I even left a flyer on her desk and let one slip out of my bag as I turned a corner when she was behind me. She took the bait, hook-line-and-sinker. She would buy her croquettes and head to the factory. Dinner and a show. Perfect. So I placed an anonymous ad on a wanted site for several older men who wished to spend quality time with a girl at an abandoned warehouse. The more the merrier. I made sure her father got an email. I couldn't stop grinning from ear-to-ear as she entered the warehouse alone, confused, looking for the show to start. And one by one, greasy middle-aged men enter the warehouse after her, nervously eyeing her like fresh meat, circling her like wolves. The look on her face… She knew she made a mistake. She was absolutely terrified but the exits were blocked by more and more pigs, each fatter than the last. At last, her father finally arrived and everything went to chaos.

Then using a pay phone, a voice modifier, and my deepest voice I called the local police box to let them know I saw several thirsty-looking salary men and a schoolgirl enter an abandoned theater. Her father was among those arrested for attempting to solicit services from a minor. She will be moving with her grandmother in the countryside, far from you, Senpai. Far away where she can't hurt you anymore. She's a snake. It was only a matter of time before her toxic fangs dug into your flesh. Don't you see? I did this for you. All of this! I did this for-

Oh, gah!-forget it. I'm burning this letter. It doesn't convey my truest feelings. I guess In-Cindy-chan is getting another snack during cleaning duty tomorrow along with the rest of the flyers I didn't end up using. This was a failure. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself. Why is being true so hard? Wuuuagh! I'm going to grab Teddy-chan and a nice cold glass of orange pop before bed.

Underneath the stars, many years from now, maybe you'll understand the things I did.

Hoping my true feelings reaches you one day,

Setsuna Haichi