Dragon Ball: Time Out! Chapter 1: The sun is beginning to set. As we look upon the golden-lit West City, we see two friends running in excitement. Among them were many others. Some were ecstatic, others broken down, receiving sympathy from their peers. It could only mean one thing. Today was the day letters came in. A boy and a girl. The girl is Majin, with strongly locked braids and a Capsule Corp. tracksuit and shoes. The boy in as casual as casual can get, with a graphic tee and Capsule Corp. Sweatpants, hair in a ponytail. His eyes are closed, but beneath them are the jet black eyes of a Saiyan. They run, calling for their friend. "Star!" "STAAAAAAAAR!" "Jeez, Tadamo, they'll hear you in Universe 6," Abra says with a smirk. "Sorry, but seriously, how hard is it to find one guy?!" "I have no idea, he said he would've met us after school. Why would he flake out today of all days?" "What if…" Tadamo looks down slightly. "He didn't make it in?" "What do you mean," Abra says with confusion. "Well, remember when he said that he didn't do well on the written test, and he was super self conscious about the combat test." "Yeah, but Star did so well. He's always like that. And Trunks and The Supreme Kai Of Time seemed to like him a lot." "Yeah" "Don't Worry! I'm sure he'll be fi-" "Yo! Tadamo! Abra!" They see their friend running up to them, looking as if he's run for quite a while. The friends both exclaim "Star!" He catches up to them before falling to the ground in exhaustion. His friends help him up, and dust him off. "Phew, thanks." They all look around in confusion. "Sooooo," Says Abra "What," Star says in sheer ignorance. "The letter, dumd dumb," "Shut it, Dumper." "Did you get in or not?!" "I…" He looks to the ground with a cartoonishly sad expression. "I…" building up fake tears. He then shoots up with a sunny expression exclaiming "I GOT IN! I sure got ya, huh?" His friends were unimpressed. "Let's be glad you did this and not theatre." "Quiet." "So we all got in, that's awesome, bro!" "You know it, though I didn't have any doubts of my skills, of course." "Really? I don't think that's exactly what you said last week. Right, Tadamo?" "Yeah it was more like 'O WOE IS ME, I DO BELIEVE MY PERFORMANCE WAS MOST INADEQUATE!" The two laugh, but Star scoffs at this. "Funny, funny guys, you two are. Well we'll see who's laughing when I'm the top ranked Time Patroller!" "Oh yeah," the friends say. "Of course!" Snapping out of it before the others, Abra exclaims, "Hold on! That can wait until after we celebrate." "Oh yeah! C'mon, we don't wanna make my dad wait any longer." "Then let's go!" The friends hop up and quickly fly over near the beaches. Waiting there for them, is Star's father, Gala. "Hey guys! I'm gonna guess it's a yes for all three of ya!" They all nod in excitement. "Well then let's get to celebrating!" The four sit on the hill near Star's home for their party. Gala sits next to Star. "Son, you did great!" "Thanks, Dad." "No, really." He looks his son in the eyes intently. "You've done your best to ensure that your talents are recognized. You trained hard for years to get to this moment. I'm glad I'm here with you. I just wish your mother was too." Gala looks hurt. "Thank you, Dad, really. For everything. I wouldn't have got here without you." "Heh, maybe, but you've got those 2 goofballs over there, too. And remember, appreciate the people that helped you get there,but remember that you took that step. Never forget that. Alright?" Star ponders what exactly he means, smiles, simply stating, "Ok." "Good." After a while, the friends get ready to part ways. "You guys sure you don't want a ride? All that flying must get tiring.""No, but thank you Mr. Gala," says Tadamo. "Yeah, we'll be fine," says Abra. "Alright, I'll let ya loose." They say their goodbyes, all excited for next week to arrive. Star hops in his father's truck, and looks up at the sky. He begins to reminisce. His mind flashes to 10 years ago. He sees a young Tadamo and Abra sparring in the sky. They clash punches, until Tadamo jumps back to distance himself, only for Abra to stretch her arms to catch him before he can create a big enough gap, before hitting him in the gut, making him lean forward in pain. "You okay, Tadamo?" A smirk fills his face, and he hits Abra with a surprise uppercut. "Ha Ha!" "Ow, no fair!" "You should've seen that coming, Abra," says Star. "Oh yeah, you wouldn't last a second against it either, Star," says Tadamo. "You can't even fly!" "Whatever, Dumper! I'll become a Time Patroller, and when I do, I'll beat both of you bozos to the ground!" "Oh yeah," says the 2 friends. "It's a promise!" He presents his Pinky and the 2 friends eagerly accept. Star flashes back to reality, looking up at the slowly darkening sky, smiling, awaiting whatever awaits him. The sun sets.