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Inspiration for Fanfic: "Fantastic 4" movie with Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, and Chris Evans.

Warning! This fanfic is Rated T for mild sensual content.


Welcome to the first part in my Sphere World Chronicles Mini-Series, part of my Origin Series and my Long Series. :)

I'll admit right now that this is an AU (Alternate Universe). The reason it's an AU is because I've attempted more than once, even reinstalling the "Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne" video game unsuccessfully, just to find information on the Twelve Wizards who govern the Spheres of Magic: Life, Death, Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Cosmos.

This was no easy find, and I did get close to getting information on the Wizards, but once again I am just waiting for information to come.

So, since I've already have an idea, and this fanfic is inspired by the movie "Fantastic 4" with Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, and Chris Evans, because I had this brilliant idea of discovering who the Twelve Wizards are in an alternate universe from their canon universe, and how the Twelve Wizards gained their powers, their lands in Evermore, and how they govern each race of creatures and beings.

So, this is going to be fun. And I'll stop talking now, and let you read on. This should be an interesting readthrough of my fanfic, The Twelve Wizards. Enjoy! :)


Gabriel sat on his throne, observing the Spheres of Magic. He sighed, knowing the elderly wizards were running out of time. They needed new recruits to take over the Spheres of Magic, in order for them to become the greatest wizards.

Yes, Gabriel was youthful, but he was aging. He didn't know if could watch anymore of this action going on down on the surface of the planet. Evermore needed new wizards to relieve them.

He observed his own sphere, a blue flaming one. Yes, it was decided. He would visit these new wizards on Earth, see what each wizard was capable of.

Gabriel looked on at the Spheres in wonder. Yes, it was time.

"I'll be on my way. Maintain everything while I'm gone," Gabriel stood up, reminding his servant that he would be busy tonight. The servant understood, making her way into the throne room to observe each sphere.

"Yes sir," the servant, with pale skin, dark brown hair, and dressed in a tan dress with a white apron tied around her waist, as she observed the Spheres of Magic for herself.

The servant smiled, observing the spheres for herself. She inched closer to them, determined. At last, one of the spheres caught her attention. She inched closer to the water sphere, proceeding to take great pride in its splendor. She looked left and right, curious about this Sphere of Magic.

The moment she touched the sphere, a watery hand grabbed her, pulling her through the sphere and into its watery prison. The servant looked this way and that, hoping for a way out! There was no other way. She was trapped.

"Do not fear, Miss Avergreen. You are safe," the water sphere called out to her.

"What?" the servant asked, having forgotten her name.

"No matter. I see what the world has done to you. But none of that matters now. You will soon become one of us. Isn't that right, Nimue," the watery sphere said, causing the servant to revolt in terror.

She knew her name now. It was Nimue. How long had she forgotten her name? She looked on at Gabriel, as the water sphere took her to her own watery kingdom in Evermore. Nimue stared at the old woman, the witch, as she died.

The old woman passed to Nimue a necklace with a large opal jewel strapped to the cord. "You're in charge now. Nimue." The old woman collapsed, drawing her last breath.

Nimue understood. She took the jewel, putting the necklace on as she felt a surge of relief wash over her.

Yes! She was finally Queen of the Sea. Now, nothing could stand in her way now. Nothing.


Thanks for reading. :)