I would like to thank PhineasFlynn24 for helping me come up with the title and plot.

Screen Title: #SavinDice101

Zoey, Chase, and Lola are driving down to Los Angeles, California

Chase: I can't believe we're going to Los Angeles.

Zoey: Me either. This is going to be so much fun.

Lola: Where are we staying at Zoey?

Zoey: At an apartment. I asked the owners and they said they can let us stay with them.

Chase: Well that was nice of them.

Lola: Where's the apartment at?

They arrived at the apartment

Zoey: Right here.

Inside Sam, Cat, and Dice are watching an episode of Henry Danger

Cat: Henry is so hot.

Sam: Yeah he's a pretty cute guy.

Dice: I like that Charlotte girl.

Doorbell rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Dice: Who's here?

Sam: Probably our guests.

Cat opens the door

Cat: Hi.

Zoey: Hi I'm Zoey Brooks. This is my husband Chase and my friend Lola.

Lola: Hello.

Chase: Sup.

Cat: Come on in.

They walk on in

Zoey: Thanks for letting us stay here for a few days.

Cat: No problem. My name's Cat.

Lola: Like the animal?

Cat: What's that supposed to mean?

Lola: Nothing.

Cat: Well these are my friends Sam Puckell.

Sam: Puckett!

Cat: And Dice Corleone.

Dice: Hey.

Sam: Sup.

Chase: Whoa you're from iCarly.

Zoey: It is Sam from iCarly.

Lola: What is a famous star like you doing here?

Sam: I live here now.

Cat: Hey you look like my friend Tori Vega.

Sam: And the MMA fighter Shelby Marx.

Lola: Yeah I get that a lot.

Zoey: So what was it like making iCarly?

Sam: Eh it was fun. We had a big psycho fan that kidnapped us a couple times.

Chase: Who was it?

Sam: Her name is Nora Dershlit.

Dice: A few months ago she kidnapped me and trapped me down a wishing well.

Cat: She did the same to me.

Lola: Why?

Sam: Because she hates me and they're my friends. But now she is back in prison. All the way in Seattle.

We now cut to the Seattle Police Department where Nora Dershlit is working out ready to get her revenge

Nora: Someday I'm going to get out of here and when I do, I'm coming for my revenge Sam. And that goes for the rest of you iCarlies!

Cop: Dershlit you've been bailed out.

Nora: I have?

Cop: Did I stutter?

Nora: Who bailed me out?

Lewbert appears

Lewbert: Me.

Nora: Lewbert?

Lewbert: Hey baby.

Lewbert and Nora walk out of jail

Nora: Thanks for bailing me out?

Lewbert: No problem. Now we can get out revenge on the iCarly people. They're going to pay for doing those pranks to me.

Nora: Well we can't get Carly since she's in Italy. But we can get Sam.

Lewbert: Are you going to kidnap her little friend with the fat hair again?

Nora: You know it.

Lewbert: This is going to be fun.

Nora: Watch out Sam.

Lewbert: We're coming for ya.

Back at Apartment #22

Chase: This is a cool apartment.

Cat: Thank you.

Lola: Isn't all of this from that show That's a Drag?

Dice: Yeah.

Zoey: How did you get it here?

Sam: Well Cat was very mad that the show was canceled, so I managed to get the whole entire set here.

Chase: Aren't you sweet.

Sam: Yeah don't call me sweet okay.

Dice gets a text from "Goomer"

Dice: Oh Goomer needs me. Bye y'all.

Dice leaves

Zoey: Who's Goomer?

Cat: A friend of ours.

Sam: He's an MMA fighter.

Lola: Mixed Martial Arts?

Cat: That's the one.

Zoey: That's cool that you know an MMA fighter.

We now cut back to Nora and Lewbert who have arrived in LA

Nora: He got the text. He should be here soon.

Lewbert: Good.

Dice is walking and is humming the theme to Make it Shine

Nora: He's coming. Is the trap set up?

Lewbert: Yep. Go hide.

Dice steps on a line and a cage comes down on him

Dice: What the?

Nora: Hello Dice.

Dice: Nora?

Nora: Did you miss me?

Dice: As if. What are you doing here? How did you get out of jail?

Lewbert: Because I bailed her out.

Dice: And you are?

Nora: Lewbert. My husband.

Dice: Your what?


Nora: We're taking you hostage.

Dice tries to scream for help but is quickly knocked out by Lewbert

Lewbert: Don't bother screaming for help.

Nora: Let's roll.

They drag Dice and they put him in Nora's car and they drive off

We cut a couple days

Sam: Where's Dice at?

Cat: He hasn't shown up for two whole days.

Chase: Maybe he has stuff going on.

Sam: He's only 13.

Cat: What could have happened to him.

Lola: Maybe he got kidnapped.

Sam's phone begins to ring

Cat: Is that Dice?

Sam: No. It's an unknown number.

Zoey: Answer it.

Sam: Okay.

Sam answers her phone

Sam: Hello?

Nora: Hello Sam.

Sam: What the Nora?

Cat gasps

Nora: That's right. I'm back and I'm not alone.

Lewbert: Remember me?

Sam: Lewbert?

Lewbert: The one and only.

Sam: What do you nubs want?

Nora: First don't call me and my husband nubs?

Sam: Your what?

Lewbert: Did she stutter?!

Nora: Second, we kidnapped your friend Dice.

Sam: You kidnapped Dice!

Nora: Indeed.

Lewbert: Good luck finding us.

Nora: Bye Sam.

Call ends

Chase: Who was that?

Sam: Nora Dershlit.

Zoey: The psycho girl that kidnapped you, Carly, and Freddie.

Sam: Uh huh.

Cat: What did she say?

Sam: She and Lewbert kidnapped Dice.

Lola: Isn't he that gross doorman?

Sam: Yeah.

Cat: They must have been the ones who texted Dice and pretended it was Goomer.

Sam: Those nubs.

Cat: We have to save him.

Zoey: Can we help?

Chase: I know we've known each other for two days but we want to help.

Lola: Yeah.

Sam: Well I guess we do need help.

Cat: You're in.

Zoey: Everyone get in my car.

Chase: We don't know where they are.

Sam: I do.

Lola: How?

Sam: I put a tracking device on Dice.

Sam uses it to find his location

Cat: Where's he at?

Sam: It says he's at the same place the last time Nora trapped him.

Cat: At an abandoned house?

Chase: Well now we know where they are.

Zoey: Let's roll.

They head outside and into Zoey's car

Cat: Hold on Dice. We're coming to save ya.

Dice is trapped in the same wishing well as he was trapped in #SuperPsycho

Dice: Hey!

Nora and Lewbert walk up

Nora: Hello Dice.

Lewbert: How are you liking the well?

Dice: Let me out of here!

Nora: Okay.

Dice: Really?

Nora: NO!

Dice: Why is he doing this to me?

Lewbert: Because I hate foul mouth Puckett and you're friends with her.

Nora: And I hate all the iCarlies. That includes Spencer and Gibby.

Dice: Uh I don't really know Carly, Spencer or Gibby.

Lewbert: Well you know Sam.

Nora: So we're keeping you down there as long as we want to.

Lewbert: Have fun down there.

Nora and Lewbert begin to walk away

Dice: LET ME OUT! I'm alone aren't I? Ugh. I hope they come looking for me.

Back with Sam, Cat, Zoey, Chase, and Lola

Lola: How close are we to his location?

Sam: Just 2 more miles.

Cat: Who knows what horrible things they're doing to him.

Sam: Well they can deal with my butter sock.

Zoey: Butter sock?

Chase: It's a sock filled with butter.

Zoey: I know what it is baby.

Sam: I've been using this bad boy since 2009.

Cat: That's a long time.

Lola: Hey we're almost there.

Sam: Good.

Back with Dice

Nora: Well Dice it's officially been two days.

Lewbert: And it looks like nobody has come for you.

Nora: Which means you're stuck here forever.

The doors burst open

Sam: Hello Nora! Lewbert.

Nora: Samantha Puckett and Cat Valentine.

Cat: We know you have Dice here.

Lewbert: There aren't any dices here.

Dice: I'm down here!

Chase: Let him go now!

Sam: Or else!

Nora: Or else what princess?

Sam takes out her butter sock and begins to whack Nora

Nora: What's in that sock?


Sam whacks her many times

Sam: This is for kidnapping us! This is for kidnapping Dice and Cat! This is for taking him hostage again! And this is for calling me princess!

Nora goes down

Sam: You're next!

Zoey: Get em Sam.

Lewbert: Stay away from me Puckett!

Sam: Nope. I don't think I'll do that. You have been causing me, Carly, and Freddie pain for years.

Sam starts whacking Lewbert with the butter sock until he goes down

Cat goes up to the well

Cat: Dice are you okay?

Dice: I think so. Did Sam knock out Nora and Lewbert?

Lola: Oh yeah.

Chase: How are we supposed to get him out?

Sam: I brought a rope.

Sam throws down the rope and Dice comes out

After the cops arrest Nora and Lewbert, Sam and the others are back at the apartment

Dice: Thanks for saving me from Nora and that gross guy.

Cat: Anytime.

Sam: We're always here for you.

Lola: That Lewbert guy has a gross wart.

Zoey: He should get it removed.

Chase: Yeah he should.

Cat: Well let's just hope that Nora and Lewbert are locked up for good.

Sam, Dice, Zoey, Chase, and Lola: Agreed.