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"GAAAAAH! I hate this stupid Quirk SO much!"

Naruto Uzumaki hated his Quirk.

He hated it with a great passion some could say, because it made his life a lot harder than it needed to be. Naruto didn't know how his mother had put up with the Quirk when she was alive, AND managed to find a man to marry her with her Quirk. He even more didn't understand how she had managed to become a Hero with the very villainous Quirk that she had passed down to him.

His Father's "Vitality" Quirk that gave him enhanced Stamina, Physical Strength, Physical Speed, and Durability would have been a great Quirk for becoming a Hero. Sadly his Father had been a genius and preferred to design outfits for Heroes and was thus still alive. Naruto appreciated the fact his father was still VERY MUCH alive, but the fact remained that the man's Quirk was more heroic than what he had inheritted from his mother.

"Oh, Naruto, are you looking at Hero schools again?"

Speak of the Genius, and he shall appear.

Minato Namikaze was a tall man, fully Japanese but didn't look it in the slightest. He had bright blond hair, that had a little bit of white mixed into it (you could blame his mother for that, though the gold was returning to Minato's hair slowly). He had bright peach skin that looked like he got a lot of sun, and bright blue eyes with a very angular face. The man wore a long sleeved blue T-shirt and slacks, but over that he wore a pink apron.


"Well, Kushina went to Ketsubutsu before she became a Hero, and I think a couple of her old teachers are still there." Minato sometimes got letters from that school requesting that Naruto apply for the school. He had a very powerful Quirk, that allowed for those with it to become very great Heroes even if the Quirk itself was quite hard to deal with.

It was quite the villainous Quirk.

"No, I don't want to go there... and I can't go to Shiketsu since they don't allow relationships between students... Seiai turned into an All-Girls school, not to mention Isamu and Seijin are way too far from home."

"There is U.A., they are the Number 1 Hero School, I went there when I was studying to become a designer." Minato explained to his son. It was about time for the Entrance Exams for U.A. and that meant that there was a good shot that his son could get in. After Middle School he had taken a year off of school, so he would still be in the same general age range as the rest of the classmates he would attend school with if he went there.

"... Why couldn't I have something like Toad or... Monster Fox or something like that as my Quirk, but NOOOOOO, I had to inherit Mom's Quirk, a Quirk that makes my body weird..." Naruto ended his sentence by slamming his face into the table.

His Quirk was a strong one.

His Quirk was Succubus, he could do whatever a Succubus could do. He had Enhanced Strength and Speed, the ability to Fly, High Stamina, Supernatural Beauty, Sexual Inducement, Shapeshifting, a strong Healing Factor, AND his Quirk was powered by the vitality that he sucked out of others so the more vitality he sucked the stronger his abilities became until he reached his limit on how much vitality his body could hold. He could even send his mind into people's dreams and control their very dreams if he wanted to. Everything a Succubus had the power to do, he had the power to do.

The problem with such an amazing Quirk?

He was a boy, and his Quirk was not Incubus... that Quirk existed in another bloodline of people. That Quirk was a separate Quirk from the Succubus Quirk that he had inheritted from his mother. You see, when a person was born they could inherit the Quirk from one of their parents, or a combined Quirk from both of them. He inheritted his mother's Succubus, and it grew stronger thanks to his father's vitality.

Naruto was a 16 year old boy.

He looked like a girl for the most part, he tried his best to look like a boy wherever he could. He kept his hair cut and spiky, but it just looked like a tomboy cut. He tried to work out and grow some muscle mass, but his enhanced strength didn't allow him to easily work out and instead of gaining muscle from working out, all he did was increase the strength that he could build up using his Quirk.

He tried wearing boy's clothes, but he just looked like an attractive short girl, none of the clothes fit his body in the ways that it should. His hips were wider, arms, chest, and shoulders were smaller. Everything about him screamed feminine, and the sad part was that he was a feature-clone of his father in a way.

He had bright gold hair and blue eyes, with peach skin that was a shade or two lighter than his father's skin, but he had his mother's beautiful face.

He had a long succubus tail coming out of his tailbone, that showed what his Quirk was.

"I think your mother had a great Quirk, she saved quite a few lives you know. It's really a shame that she ran out of energy when on duty." Minato sighed, knowing that the Succubus Quirk was very powerful, but had the drawback of needing to suck vitality out of others to work properly.

For the Succubus Quirk, using up the sucked out vitality meant lowering your abilities back to their base forms.

"Dad, nobody takes me seriously... in Middle School girls would change their clothes in front of me, because they forget I'm a guy. Dudes hit on me all the time, and it was always so awkward to tell them I'm a guy too. My whisker marks just make me look even more adorable, and I hate it so much." Naruto slammed his face into the table several more times out of frustration.

"Now stop that, you'll hurt your face."

Naruto picked his face up from the table and showed off that he had cut open his forehead a little, but the wound healed up in a couple of seconds. Before even a couple drops of blood had leaked out of his body, the wound had already been healed. Part of his morning routine was biting his father's arm and sucking up some vitality out of him.

Naruto was NOT going to kiss his father.

It was less potent than kissing, but biting his father allowed him to suck out vitality from his body in a way that gave him more control over how much he sucked out. With his father's Quirk being uniquely suited to having a ton of vitality, this was just something of a morning ritual since he had been a baby.

"Yeah, I can't even get manly scars either... the worst part, is that when I'm not around you I have trouble controlling my Quirk and use it to prank people!" Naruto shouted out in annoyance. His Quirk was just as mental as it was physical for him, and he subconsciously seduced the people around him in the way he moved and acted.

When he smelled people, NOT his family, he had trouble NOT seducing people by accident and that led to a lot of awkwardness for him on the inside.

He was a Trap.

"Oh, you love pranking people... but maybe you should finish getting dressed and take a walk. Maybe that will clear your head-" Minato stated, before Naruto sprouted wings from the middle of his back and floated in the air. Minato grabbed Naruto by the middle of the tail, and pulled his feet to the ground. "-enhanced stamina you might have, but you should still make it a habit to use your legs even at home. Some people are really jealous of the ability to fly." Minato reminded Naruto calmly.

The ability to fly was something almost everyone that couldn't fly with their Quirk wished that they could do. It was just something super cool that everyone, at some point, wished they had the ability for.

By the way, Minato was immune to the effects of Naruto's Quirks.

Since he was biologically Naruto's father, Naruto's Quirk effect that caused those around him to get slightly turned on did not effect him in the slightest. Even if Naruto were to forcefully activate that part of his Quirk, Minato would still be unaffected by it. Not because he was immune to the Succubus Quirk, but because Naruto was HIS son.

Also, he had personal experience dealing with the Quirk.

Minato got shot in the forehead when Naruto pointed the tip of his tail at him, and shot a pink beam at him. His forehead jerked upwards, and Naruto was burning red in the face as he glared at Minato.

"Ow... that hurt." Minato rubbed his forehead.

Lust Shot.

It was a beam of energy that made people horny when it hit them, but since Naruto was his son that affect of the beam had zero effect on him. He looked at his hand, and saw that when he had yanked Naruto to the ground that his hand had slid dangerously close to the heart shaped tip of his tail.

"Oh... OH, sorry Naruto, my hand slid!"


"See, it's a nice day outside, and grocery shopping has never been more fun than when I do it with my son!" Minato always saw the positives in everything, or at least it seemed that way to Naruto.

Naruto looked at Minato, before sighing.

"The store clerk asked me if I was a lesbian, and when I asked for her Manager HE hit on me... and gave us a discount so I guess it wasn't too bad. I'm never shopping there again if I can help it." Naruto deadpanned after a moment. Other than the awkwardness of the stares he was attracting, and the fact that he was wearing two layers of clothes to contain his scent to him as much as possible, some of it was still escaping his clothes and affecting the people around him.

Minato was oblivious to the looks that his son was getting.

"Oh cool, would you look at that, it's a Hero and Villain battle! Usually I only see them on TV or recordings, been awhile since I saw one in person." Minato smiled as they watched a flame using woman combating against a water themed villain.

She was doing very good despite having a clear element disadvantage, and was making great use of her flames to not hurt the people who was civilians. The villain she was facing was injured with burns on his arms, and he was panting. The only injury that she had was a shallow cut that was on her ribs and the inside of her arm, showing a single attack had nicked both her arm and ribs at the same time.

"She works for Endeavor, he must be taking care of a bigger villain... her name is Burnin..." Naruto muttered, since he had seen her a couple of times on TV.

"Go Burnin, you can do it!" Minato just cheered the woman on.

She glanced over to Minato and raised an eyebrow, but that split second was enough for the villain to launch an attack at her that did more than just graze her. Her shoulder was split open deeply, and though it was an injury that wouldn't be fatal right away, her body slapped against the concrete as she launched fire at the villain and hit him dead in the chest. He was knocked out cold when he was sent flying into a brick building, hitting the back of his head.

"Way to go." Naruto punched his father in the arm.

Minato shrank in on himself.

"... Whoops?"

"Don't worry everyone, I'll be fine! This isn't much, I'll just go to the hospital after the police arrive to take this villain into custody!" Burning called out to the crowd who were showing concern for her. She forced herself to her feet and pushed her hand up against her wound to slow down the bleeding.

Naruto admired that trait in heroes.

Naruto walked towards her, though he wasn't alone as other civilians joined in in an attempt to see how she was doing, talk to her, or get an autograph from her. She was perhaps the most famous sidekick for the Endeavor Agency, and was the face of the sidekicks there.

People moved out of the way when Naruto walked forward, or rather Minato behind him helped to move people out of the way.

"Ah! Don't worry-"

"Actually, my son here wants to be a Hero, and he has an ability that can heal that wound on your shoulder. Since I'm the cause of your distraction and all!" Minato stated to her, and she looked at Naruto for a second.


"I can not heal you if you want to question that statement." Naruto stated to her with a deadpan stare. If she wanted to put his gender into question, then he could always turn around and walk away. She looked around, saw the crowd was starting to grow thinner as people began to go about their day to day lives again.

She gave Naruto a thumbs up.

She, as a Hero, was going to give him permission to use his healing ability on her, with her consent, so that she could get back to duty faster instead of wasting time in the hospital healing from her injury.

Naruto sank his teeth into Burnin's extended hand, and his sharp canines sank into her wrist like it was butter.


The wounds on her ribs, arm, and shoulder all started to heal as they steamed over and stitched themselves back together. Horns started to grow out of Naruto's head, but he pulled his head back and stopped healing her when she was 90% healed. Now she would only need light medical treatment, and she wouldn't need to stay in the hospital at all. The horns went back into Naruto's head and he cracked his neck.

"Not going to heal me all the way?" Burnin asked Naruto, and he looked at her with a deadpan stare.

There was a pregnant pause.

"I healed you until the wound was minor, I shouldn't do anymore for you than that." Naruto told her, and she pat him on the head.

"A great Quirk you got there, some real hero potential there, but the tail seems a little wicked!"

Naruto sighed.

He really hoped that when he became a Hero, he didn't have to work with heroes like her very much in the field. He was not good with hyperactive people, which was ironic because he himself was very hyperactive. The irony of him not being great at handling people like himself was not lost on him.

Now to go home and apply to a Hero School.

Chapter End!
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