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Momo smiled as she walked with her mother and father towards Naruto's home, a place that she had not visited in a long time. She had a skip in her step, since Naruto had been confirmed to have succeeded into getting into UA as well.

"Now, remember to behave yourself, and don't go snooping around where you shouldn't. Young boy's have secrets they hide in their rooms that they don't want their friends finding." Her father gave her advice that she would be sure to heed. His advice was sound, even if she was aware of the fact that he was talking about porn. Naruto was a year older than she was after all, so she was sure that he had his own hidden porn stash.

Then again, with how feminine he looked that might not be the case, so she was a little tempted to see if she could find any porn.

"I understand." Momo answered her father.

They were getting close to the party, and she was just excited for it. Instead of some big party at her house with all of her parents friends, it was just going to be a small get together. She wasn't used to such a thing, so this was going to be a first for her.

-With Naruto-

"Hey Naruto, WOAH!?"

"Izuku, the SHIT!? Go back downstairs, I'm not done storing away energy yet!" Naruto shouted to Izuku when he opened up the door. Izuku was stunned to see Naruto in his current form.

Naruto was currently standing at 5'11", with his soft body more visibly muscular with lean, sensual muscles. His horns were curved forward heavily, and his eyes were glowing bright red. He was wearing his usual loose clothing, but at the moment they fit his body a lot better.

"What are... what is that form?"

"It's my Power Release form, I store a ton of energy in my horns, but I need to release the energy in order to compress it." Naruto stated as he showed a pink ball of vitality in his hand. "Of course, at the moment, I have no stored vitality so all my usual abilities are at their bare minimum-" Naruto's body started to change back to normal as he took all of the vitality that he had in front of it and started to store it away inside of his horns.

His body shrank down to it's normal sexy appearance.

"Oh, so that is your true-"

"No, this is my true form. That form is me releasing all of my stored power, and upgrading my physical abilities equal to the amount of released power I had in exchange for my other abilities being lowered." Naruto's clothes became loose fitting once more. "Kind of like your One for All, but the more stored power I have, the less time I can maintain that form. So sometimes I need to release it and condense it so that I don't suffer any damage to my body." Naruto stated as he flexed himself.

"So, you always have a stored amount of power in reserve them... amazing." Izuku started to write that down in his notebook.

Naruto sweatdropped.

"No, I'm unable to use the stored away power in it's condensed form, the surge of power would be too much for me to handle and I would break. It's what killed my mother." Naruto deadpanned to Izuku.

"Killed your..."

"My Mom got her horns broken, and all of her released power caused her body to break. She was saving people, and a building crushed her while she couldn't do anything." Naruto explained with a shrug. It wasn't like he was all that upset about it anymore, since he didn't remember her at all. He also knew not to break his horns or release all of the power at one time for an extended period of time.

"Oh... I'm sorry..." Izuku was here with his mother to celebrate acceptance into UA, and he reminded Naruto of the mother he didn't have anymore. "So that form... is it safe to go into it?" Izuku was worried about Naruto having to regularly use that form to condense his stored up power.

Naruto stared at him, before he chuckled.

"Of course, I only use the form for about 2 minutes at most at a time, and my horns aren't broken. I slowly release all of the power first, so that the uncontrolled surge doesn't break me. My horns act like a Surge Protector." Naruto stated as his horns grew a small amount after he finished storing away most of his power. "... or would storage be... well they serve a lot of purposes. I have a lot of stored power in them... and my Dad doesn't know about this weakness. Mom never told him, and when I figured it out, I didn't want to worry him. So keep it a secret." Naruto explained as he put on a nice jacket.

The dinner party was waiting for him and Izuku, and for Momo to show up with her family as well.

The doorbell rang.

"1... 2... pause... and there door is now open." Naruto stated as he scratched the back of his head in mild annoyance. "... Kind of sucks I don't have more friends, a party with 2 other people my own age seems kind of sad. Happy you came though." Naruto stated as he crossed his arms and walked out of his bedroom.

Izuku looked around the room as he walked out after Naruto, taking note of everything in the room.

It looked... like a semi-normal room for a boy for the most part. Though, the bed was hanging from the ceiling in a spot that those that could not fly could not easily reach it.

'I'm going to make sure that you don't break your horns-'

-20 Minutes Later-

"WOAH!?" Izuku jumped and grabbed a frisbee out of the air when it was going to hit Naruto's right horn. They were getting some before dinner fun in, in the backyard, with a simple game of frisbee. Naruto looked at him oddly for a moment, before he shrugged his shoulders.

"Nice reflexes, I guess you told him you hate having your horns touched by people." Momo caught the frisbee. "I'm the same way with my belly." Momo tossed it to Izuku. They were just waiting for dinner, and she was super excited to get to spend some time with Naruto having normal fun.

'She doesn't know... she doesn't know that he could die if his horns break.'

Izuku's thoughts were caring.

But stupid.

'This is why I didn't tell Dad the truth either, because he would freak out the second anything got close to them. They won't break that easily.' Naruto didn't need mind reading to tell what Izuku was thinking. "Hey Momo, mind if I top off?" Naruto asked her as he caught a frisbee.

After removing all of his vitality and storing it away, he was running on the bare minimum that his own body provided him. He needed to feed a little, which meant that he needed to take some vitality from somebody else to get back to a normal level.

"Sure thing, you can take some of my vitality after dinner."

"Are you sure you don't want some of mine!" Izuku offered almost instantly with bright red cheeks. Momo looked at him for a moment, and their eyes made contact. She looked at his bright red cheeks, and he looked at her cheeks as well. They read each other's body language, and understood what the other person. 'The childhood friend who is romantically interested.' Izuku understood what she was.

'... A guy is my rival... but Naruto likes girls way more.' Momo didn't see Izuku as too much of a rival. "... Naruto prefers female vitality, since it's so much sweeter." Momo spoke with a smile, catching the frisbee, but her hands going to her sides.

Naruto sat down and grinned.

Okay, so this was interesting.

"... Yeah... but I..." Izuku got nervous when he realized that Momo was a very attractive girl, and that she was talking to him directly at the moment. "Uh..."

Minato watched from the kitchen window.

'Just like his mother... he enjoys watching the chaos unfold.'

"I don't know, I might be in the mood for some savory male vitality... who knows." Naruto spoke in a wispy voice, egging on the argument. "Or maybe some sweetness after dinner will hit the spot, like a nice slice of cake." Naruto waved his hand around. He was going to get all of the entertainment out of this as he could get. Naruto rolled up his sleeve and he pointed his forearm at them, and he blew his scent gently into the wind.

Time to get tension even higher.

"Bad succubus." Minato smacked Naruto on the back of the head with a sponge he threw out of the window.

Izuku was leaning over to hide his shame, while Momo was shifting her thighs nervously. She realized what happened, and she turned sharply at Naruto. Instantly the effect he had on her was reduced by most of it, since she had her guard up for his powers.

"Dinner time Hero's in Training!"

"Bad succubus." Minato hit Naruto on the head when he walked into the house, this time with a rolled up newspaper. "You start school soon, so you need to get these pranks out of your system if you don't want to get attacked." He offered a gentle lecture, and Naruto nodded his head.

He really only did this to people who he knew would handle it somewhat well.

Well, and that angry blond boy.

That was just TOO funny, and he hoped he would see him again.

He would love to torment him... just a little.

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