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Percy's POV

I woke up and looked at Annabeth, a smile came on my face. She had been so worried and tense when she came here, that I woke up instantly. Now, seeing her sleep peacefully, it was overwhelming.

Then I thought about every thing that happened after the war, Leo and Calypso had returned, Piper and I finally had some sass competitions and I got to see my bro Grover again, right now all was well. Nico and I had also developed a nice brotherly relationship, although I quite often joke about how jealous Jason is after seeing my brotherly relationship with him. I knew Jason wasn't jealous but while Leo was 'dying' I took over the annoying people job.

The day began normally, I woke up Annabeth, she and I together walked towards the dining hall. The dining hall was crowded and cheerful as usual. Annabeth and I sat down near Clarisse, Rachel, Nico, Thalia (who needed a break from the Gods) and Grover. No one stopped us as these days, we were allowed to sit wherever we wanted too. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Annabeth shooting nervous glances at me and looking over the whole camp as if it would be the last time she saw it.

I thought Annabeth's nightmare still haunted her, I had no desire to let her remember it again so I didn't inquire her about it. I glanced at the table where Piper, Leo, Calypso and Jason were sitting, they were laughing about something Leo said that I didn't hear. The only unusual thing about the mess hall was that Chiron was nowhere to be seen.

My soo peaceful and nice day was ruined by the presence of the goddess of love, Aphrodite teleporting along with my friends, Hazel and Frank. I was extremely happy when I saw them that it almost made up for the goddess of love coming and ruining my very peaceful day; almost.

After welcoming my friends and consoling Piper that her mom would not be sharing anything about how love is everything and heartbreak is her favourite blah blah blah. Well, Aphrodite seemed like she was extremely angry, on one of us. She addressed me, "Perseus Jackson," I flinched upon hearing my full name, "I am here to tell you that you will have to find the sword, otherwise you might die." "Okay, I get that a lot, but why are you tensed about me dying?" I said and couldn't help my bitter tone. But it was a fair question. What had the gods ever done for me expect making my life a thousand times harder, they didn't care when I was 5, trying to hide my pain from my mother because of an abusive jerk, but they suddenly started to care when Kronos stirred!

To my reply, Aphrodite said, "Because the death of the greatest hero will bring us down, and it would crush you from inside."

"Okay, but what kind of sword are you talking about? And how do you know that I might die?" I asked. "Ask the daughter of Athena, she knows." She scowled at Annabeth. I shrugged it off, Annabeth might have made an enemy of Aphrodite too. "As for your second question, Perseus, I am the oldest Olympian God, I got to know about it faster than the others. And as an advice I will tell you something, close your heart and in the end think of those who have been with you until the end."

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