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Pakistan. My jaw dropped; it was like a dream come true! I was standing in between a crossroads. Now that's stupid! After my mind finally got some sense, I walked over to a corner in front of a mosque. I was in the city Skardu; my heart broke at the very thought!

Skardu; the city of lakes was looking beautiful! The turquoise water surrounded the place. That mere thought made me want to breakdown and cry! The water just represented one thing for me; Percy. The emotional pain was so unbearable that I started to regret my choice! I mentally slapped myself for being that selfish and regretting my choice, how could I even think like that? The vivid flashback of the night where I met Lord Chaos didn't aid.


I was in the woods of camp half-blood chained by my thoughts as the dream of Tartarus still plagued my mind. I was ready to shoot out streams of curses, but a man in the shadows attired in black grabbed my attention. My hand reached for the celestial bronze knife/wand given to me by Sadie, but something told me I wouldn't have to use it, not yet. " Welcome Annabeth dear, I am Chaos the primordial of creation. You have a great gift bestowed upon you. You have a great opportunity of being the greatest hero amongst all. But remember a heroes' fate is anything but tragic." I was stunned, the primordial attired in a black comes up to you and dwells right into the crust of the matter by telling you that you can be the greatest hero, how would you deal with it?

"You will have a choice, either prepare for Geae's one last attack at camp, knowing that many campers would die or you can divert Geae's attention by taking the seven to the Himalayas and kill your loved one. The choice is up to you." I was speechless. I wanted to scream at Chaos to provide me with this choice and then act all concerned! "Remember my dear, the spirit of the Sword of Creation seeks revenge." I was losing my cool and I burst out, "Revenge, for what you did! You were the one that sought to destroy the spirit of the first sword to ever be made, to gain the abundant power of creation; not my Seaweed Brain! You were the one blinded by hubris and lunacy; not Percy! (This is just made up, not actual mythology.) And now, you want me to kill him, listen here, that's a catch-22!" I was beyond mad, I was way beyond mad!

Yet, a small voice in my head started to blabber, "Hmm, Annabeth since when have you been seen as the hero. You went to the underworld; being the sidekick. You held up the sky; because you were captured. People saw you as the reason you and Percy fell into Tartarus. And in the end, it happened just like it always had happened, the hero saves the damsel in distress. It's time to change something now, isn't it? Its time to build something that will last for eons, why not build up the courage? And if you still disagree with me, think, what will Percy chose?" I hated it when the voice seemed to say the truth, but the words, 'What will Percy chose?' echoed in my mind. The decision was still nebulous nonetheless I said the words that changed the course of my life.


Back to the glorious present, I found myself wandering through the streets of Islamabad (Wow! She literally walked from Skruda to Islamabad in a matter of minutes! That would be because the author is an idiot.) I wanted to set a sightseeing camp here, see the many historical sights present and forget about everything, but unfortunately, my deadline was nearing. My last thought after spreading my sleeping bag, watching the stars was, "Bob says hello." And it all went black as exhaustion took over me.

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