So this fic is a repost of one that has been posted before on Ao3 twice. I had listed one of my fellow brainstormers ProfessorEl11 (summerofmileven, currently on twitter and milevenapologist on instagram) as a co-author despite writing every word of the fic myself. They were recently exposed for harassing minors, disrespecting boundaries and general misconduct especially on Twitter. I no longer wish to associate with them and thus I had to repost before my fic and effort could be harmed or unfairly claimed. For more information, the original fic of the same title is still up on Ao3 and I've left a note there explaining in a little more detail what occurred in case anyone is curious. Please do not repost this or any of my fics anywhere else.

The idea for this was born from the idea of Andrew Rich - El's real father - surviving. In the book he's said to go MIA in Vietnam after Brenner has him forcefully sent to war and this is a what-if fic if he was still alive and came back before the show. He didn't know Jane existed before leaving so the story mainly focuses on him coming home and dealing with the aftermath of everything and eventually finding his daughter again.

Andrew Rich's life took a downward turn the day he decided to participate in the Anti-Vietnam War Protest. His life had been smooth sailing up till then. He was the only child of a middle-class family so naturally his parents doted on him and adored him. His tendency to mischief certainly irritated them but it had never led him into trouble he couldn't come back from. He had good friends who had his back and he loyally had theirs. He was good looking too so there wasn't any abuse to be suffered in that aspect either. His grades stuck to As with a few Bs anytime he became a little too careless and he had a loving girlfriend who he was planning on marrying and who shared his world views. All in all, Andrew Rich had been lucky all his life. But luck tends to run out...

It hadn't been his first time in a protest but it had definitely been the first time things had gone so wrong. He hadn't expected to be arrested and the university to look up his past records. The minor offenses he'd had over the years–all for good cause of course–piled up in front of the committee's eyes and their decision started to lean against his favor. His parents came through for him, pleading with the people on the board to be lenient. It was his last year of college and he was a good student. His participation hadn't meant to cause any harm. For a second it seemed the jury would rule in his favor.

"He is a good student," the board noticed, going over his grades. "And he hasn't had any major offense. Perhaps the news is getting to him too much. Times are certainly bad enough to get any young man fearful of the draft to act out against the war."

But just as quickly as things turned right, they went wrong as well. The board had been considering allowing him to stay to complete his degree on probation with a few conditions; No more rallies and no more offenses and he'd have to do volunteer work around campus. But the very next week, before the decision had been finalized on paper, the board changed their mind. The 180 had been shocking considering how lenient they were being. Andrew didn't know why they'd so suddenly changed their minds when he had been on his best behavior as well.

All he knew was that one day he was almost safe, and the next day he was expelled; a notice handed to him asking him to return any library books he'd borrowed and to collect any of his items he had on campus. He wasn't welcome back.

His luck only seemed to get worse the day the next drafts were announced. September 14th was on the list. Happy Birthday to him. Andrew couldn't believe the irony. He had been expelled for protesting the war, and now he was being forced to go and fight in it. Initially he had been in shock; the weight of the ordeal hadn't set in and for a few days he went about life as normal. His parent's heartbroken looks and Terry's sadness when they talked on the phone drove him to anger. It wasn't fair! Innocent people were dying on both sides. The government was forcing people to fight in the name of glory and patriotism but Andrew didn't buy into that bullshit. It sucked that now he had no choice in the matter. If only he had stayed back during that one rally. Despite it being irrational as well, Andrew couldn't help but think, the circumstances were too perfect to be a coincidence. His expulsion and immediate draft? It was like a sick cosmic joke.

He didn't have time to dwell on these thoughts though because the time before he was shipped off he wanted to make the best of. Swallowing his anger, he hugged his parents, joked with his friends and kissed his girlfriend. They all worried about him and he worried too. But he knew he had to make the best of the time he had left. He tried not to notice his mother's tears or his father's tone when they spoke to him. He tried to ignore his friend's faltering smiles; the fear this would be the last time they ever saw him so carefree at the back of their minds. What he couldn't ignore was Terry.

The three years they had spent together were the happiest Andrew had ever been. Somehow, somewhere, between meeting her and loving her he had grown up. She was fiery and stubborn but careful and collected. In some ways she was exactly like him but in others she tamed him. She got him to slow down when he was getting too hyper; in turn he got her too loosen up when she was stressing herself. Andrew knew he would miss her most. In one of their last nights they spent together Terry had started crying. She broke down as they cuddled and stargazed from the porch of her home. Andrew held her tight, trying to keep himself together for her.

"You know," he said, when Terry eventually quietened down. "Not all soldiers die when they go to war. Some come back triumphant and get a kiss from their wives waiting back home."

Terry looked a little confused but a wry smile came to her lips.

"Too bad you don't have a wife then, huh?" she teased, her voice still a little heavy from the tears she had shed.

"No," Andrew agreed. "But I was planning on proposing after we were done with college anyway, babe." He was very serious and Terry was silent. They had talked about marriage before but never so definitely; they'd always assumed they'd have more time for that later.

"Are… are you proposing right now?" Terry asked incredulously; almost laughing at the suddenness of his proposal, almost crying at the more obvious reminder that he was leaving again and wouldn't graduate.

"If you'll have me," Andrew nodded firmly. Kissing Terry on the temple, he continued, "I promise, I'll make it back and we'll get married. I'll get you a ring and everything. We'll get married and we'll have a family. We'll name our kids things like Frodo and Arwen. They'll hate us forever but there's no compromise on Lord of the Rings."

Terry choked out a laugh and Andrew chuckled with her. Voice soft and serious he promised her, "We'll be ok, babe. I'll come back to you."

Terry felt tears fall but trying to keep her she said, "That was the most awful proposal I have ever witnessed. Why anyone would say yes is beyond me."

"Would you want it from anyone else?" Andrew grinned.

"No," Terry agreed. "Of course, I'll marry you Andrew," she said softly. "But I'm naming our children. They really would hate us our whole lives if you did it."

Andrew threw his head back and laughed. He pulled Terry closer, resting his head on hers as she lay snuggled in closer, her head in the crook of his neck.

"Deal," he told her, kissing her hairline softly. If only he knew how hard that deal would be to keep. And if only he knew that of all those promises he'd made, one of them had already happened.

He was shipped off only days later. After that Andrew experienced some of the worst years in his life. The war was horrible; that was uncontested. Dead bodies fell on both sides and Andrew had to put his morals on hold to fight to survive. He hated himself but more than that he hated the people behind the war, behind the bloodshed, who sat on their cushy chairs and made decisions the common man was suffering for. It had barely been a month on the front lines before he was captured. He moved a moment too late and he became a captive. A prisoner of war. He had gotten separated from his troop and had suffered injuries that would have killed him if he hadn't been found and captured by the other side. They didn't treat him kindly, he was their prisoner after all, but they had saved his life. Emotions meant little in the war so, despite Andrew's hatred for the war he was in, they tortured him for information and his life became a different kind of hell in the years following.

The war finally came to an end in 1975 and Andrew had never been more relieved as when he heard that; stuck in a cold gloomy cell that had somehow not yet driven him insane, he held out a hope that he would make it home. He would see his parents again, his friends too. He'd see Terry again. It took another two years before he could finally be shipped back. War tensions and prisoner negotiations weren't quickly arranged matters. And for some reason, Andrew had been one of the last to be allowed back home. There had been an issue with his identity that almost wasn't resolved and it was only at the eleventh hour he found out he was going back with the final set of war prisoners. The same niggling feeling he used to get– of the universe playing a sick prank on him– returned, because of all the prisoners being held he was the only one who had such a long drawn out case. But once more, he pushed the thoughts out of his mind. He was finally going home and he'd see his loved ones again.

So, when he finally did arrive on his doorstep, tears in his eyes because he was going to see his Mom and Dad again, Andrew was sent spiraling when he found out they had both already passed. In his ecstasy of going home, he hadn't even considered his parents ages. They had been getting on in age and weren't always well. They hadn't known their son was alive. He had been listing as Missing, Presumably Dead for years. The grief had been too much for his mother and his father had shortly followed. Andrew's parents were gone, his childhood home someone else's property.

The bigger shock came when Andrew had looked for Terry. He knew it was foolish to hope that she'd still be waiting. It had almost been seven years since he'd been gone. If his parents thought he was dead, there's no doubt Terry would have thought so too. And if Terry thought he was gone… there was nothing stopping her from moving on and carrying forward with her life even though they had promised to get married once he was back. The thought itself almost broke Andrew then and there. His sanity after years of torture was hanging by a thread but he pulled himself together. He had to find her first. It wasn't hard. Terry and Becky still lived in their old home, the one their parents had left behind for them.

It sat there, Number 515 on Larrabee Street, same as he remembered it when he left. The grass was still overgrown and the wood pile was still on the porch next to the door. Andrew knocked on the door, bracing himself for any news, good or bad. Becky opened it. Her expression betrayed her shock and she had teared up, seeing her sister's old boyfriend–who would have been her brother-in-law had life been kinder–safe and sound albeit not entirely healthy.

"Hey Becky," Andrew greeted with a weak smile and teary eyes. He hugged his girlfriend's older sister as she gaped in shock. It had been so long since he'd seen a familiar face. "Is Terry home?" he finally asked when he pulled away.

Becky's face, which had been happy and relieved moments ago upon his return fell. "Andrew…" she whispered, sadly. "There's something you should know."

And Andrew braced himself to find out that Terry had a boyfriend. She was married now and living her best life with children and a husband–all the things he'd promised her on this very porch before he'd left but hadn't been able to give her.

What he found out was so much worse.

Because Terry was home. Becky showed him to the living room where Terry was sitting in a rocking chair, watching TV looking a few years older but beautiful as ever. Andrew rushed to her, crying because she was here and he had missed her. Coming back to her had been the thought that had kept him sane. But when he called out to her, she looked at him without recognition; her eyes lacking the vivacious spark he remembered. Her lips formed words silently as she looked through him almost as if he was invisible.

"Terry?" Andrew looked confused. Why wasn't she responding? Why didn't she look happy to see him? He grasped his beloved's hand, and squeezed it tightly, desperately. "Terry, it's me! Andrew! You remember me, right? What happened, babe. Please say something."

"I'm sorry, Andrew." Becky whispered from behind him. "She… she's not doing so well."

"What happened to her," Andrew asked, eyes tearing up. Something was seriously wrong and it scared him.

"You should come and sit down," Becky said gently, something not at all common to the jaded woman. "I'll tell you everything."

That night Andrew Rich went to sleep sobbing. He lied on the carpet in his baby daughter's room–he had refused Becky's offer of the guest room–unable to leave it but unable to stand being there too.

"Her name was going to be Jane," Becky had said. "Terry was pregnant. She called to tell you but your mother said you'd already left. She… she didn't make it. Terry miscarried in the third trimester. I'm so sorry, Andrew."

He had had a daughter. A daughter. A precious little baby girl and he didn't even know it. Before he'd left, he'd promised Terry a family. They almost had a family. They had a baby girl and Andrew never even got the chance to meet her. To know she existed. Andrew couldn't help but blame himself. Maybe if he had been there. If he hadn't been part of that stupid rally, if he hadn't gotten himself expelled, if he hadn't been drafted in a war he wanted no part of! Maybe if he were here to take care of Terry, be with her in the highs and lows during her pregnancy, they wouldn't have lost the baby. His baby girl would still be alive. She'd be 7 years old, probably.

Andrew wondered what she'd look like. Would she look more like him or Terry? Would she have Terry's wit and caution or his more carefree personality? Would she love Lord of the Rings or would she find some other favorite books, instead? All these questions he asked himself then sobbed because he didn't know the answer. Would never know the answer. All he knew was, until a few hours ago he had no idea he was a father, but even so he loved his baby girl with all his heart. Even if he never got to meet her.

"I'm sorry, Terry," Andrew apologized the next day. She was unresponsive. Andrew wondered if she even knew he was there despite a feeling in his gut telling him she could. A few tears slipped down his cheeks as he kissed her forehead. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you babe, I'm sorry we lost our little girl."

In the next second Terry sharply inhaled and she looked straight at Andrew, her gaze piercing. "Jane," she uttered, before exhaling and the alert expression on her face faded.

"She does that," Becky said from the kitchen door. "Come and eat breakfast Andrew. I know you're not hungry. Terry wasn't either when she first found out. But you need to eat. You're already in a pretty bad shape."

Andrew listened to the older woman and sat down. He'd never had a sister but Becky had been as good as one when he was dating Terry. It seemed she had slipped back into that role now that he was back.

"What do you mean she does that?" Andrew asked after a few moments, forcefully swallowing down his eggs. His throat felt like sandpaper. "And what happened to Terry? How did she get like this? It couldn't have been because of losing J-jane… could it?" His voice catching on his daughter's name.

Becky looked at him for a few seconds, almost as if scrutinizing him. Finally, she sighed.

"You know that lab, Terry used to volunteer at? For MKUltra" Becky asked. Andrew nodded. "Well Terry… she had this whole theory in her mind that they stole Jane. The doctors said it was a miscarriage, the baby was never alive. But Terry was convinced she heard Jane cry. As soon as she woke up, she went on this tangent about some doctor from the lab stealing away Jane. She refused to believe otherwise. There were no medical records, no birth certificate. But Terry didn't listen."

Andrew gulped, looking at Terry still on the rocking chair. His heart was heavy. How could he have missed such an important part of his beloved's life. He hated himself for being unable to be there for her. Becky took a drag of her cigarette.

"She was grieving you and she was grieving Jane. No matter what anyone said, Terry was convinced. She poured over files and files of missing kids who were believed to have 'powers' just like she said Jane did. First, she tried suing the lab and when that didn't work out… eventually, she took off on her own to find her. From what I heard, she walked into that lab and shot a security guard. They detained her for a while but when she came out… she was like this."

"They did this to her?" Andrew's voice trembled with rage.

"I don't know," Becky said. "They told me she walked into a room where some experimentation was going on and ended up hurting herself. But if they hurt her, I wouldn't be surprised. She trespassed on government property and hurt someone all on the basis of some conspiracy."

"What conspiracy?"

"Well for one thing, she was convinced the lab stole Jane because she had some mental abilities. It's impossible of course. Like I told you, she was never born. And for another, she was convinced that the Doctor at that lab was the reason you ended up getting drafted."

Andrew inhaled sharply at that. Becky stopped and looked concerned. "Andrew… you can't really believe in what she said. The draft was random as it always is and… I already told you about Jane."

"But… what if she was telling the truth, Becky?" Andrew whispered. "I-I know it sounds crazy but the government has never done the common man any favors. I was almost not expelled; they were going to let me off on probation. But the day the board was to finalize their decision, they had completely changed their minds. It could have been on someone's orders. And…and… the draft! The first draft after I get kicked out, they pick my birthday? That's too crazy to be a coincidence. And on the way back, when the prisoners were released, it took forever for me to get clearance. I was in the last batch of released soldiers and there were so many complications with me. No other soldier had that much trouble being handed back over. If all that is true… what if Jane's still alive too. Terry… Terry wouldn't keep her room the way it is if she wasn't sure."

Becky looked pitying. She reached over and squeezed Andrew's arm.

"Andrew. You just came home. I know it's difficult for you. You're barely out of war trauma and your parents are gone and Terry is in stasis. But bad things happen. It was all a coincidence. I know it'll take time and you can stay here, as long as you need. I'll help you. But Jane is gone and that lab had nothing to do with it. Please, don't let this consume you. What's done is done and there's no going back."

Despite Becky's insistence, Andrew wanted to see Terry's files. It was a few weeks before he asked her for them. He needed time to process the new information and grieve the things that had happened. Seeing Terry in her comatose state filled him with a new bout of grief and blame every day. But he sat with her and took care of her. Andrew had missed Terry so much. He'd sit with her, hold her hand and talk with her every day; sometimes reading her books, sometimes humming their old favorite songs. She'd look at him with unseeing eyes and wouldn't laugh as she used to when Andrew kissed her on the cheek or forehead. Her eyes wouldn't light up with joy and she wouldn't cover his mouth when he sang off key or squeeze his hand back when he held it. Andrew knew, that no matter what, he'd stay with Terry even in this state forever. She was the only girl for him and knowing she had endured so much pain for their daughter, Andrew only loved her more. It hurt, knowing she couldn't recognize him anymore. Probably never would. But Becky noticed something, a few weeks into his stay.

"I think she knows you're here." She told him one day. Andrew looked up from the book he was reading to Terry, surprised.

"How do you know?" he asked Becky, afraid to hope but voice rising just the same.

"I dunno. She's… been calmer than before. It's hard to explain. She's just different now than she was before. A good different. The doctors say she has good days and bad days and, so far, she's been having only good days since you arrived. That's a pretty good streak since it's been running a few weeks. I'd wager she knows you're here somehow."

Becky went back to what she was doing and Andrew looked down at his book contemplatively, a lump in his throat. 'Could it be possible?' He wondered. He looked up to see Terry looking straight at him. Andrew went back to reading softly to her and Terry looked away again. Despite his blurry vision, Andrew finished the chapter.

Andrew began his investigation soon after. He'd noticed the words she tended to repeat (Rainbow, Sunflower, 3 to the left, 4 to the right, 450) but he didn't know what they meant. Some days she said different words– for some reason the lamp beside her always seemed to flicker when she did–but the only word he properly understood was 'Jane'. Andrew always grew sad whenever she said that.

"I miss her too, babe." He reassured her each time. But some days Andrew wondered if she was trying to tell him something more than that.

Finally, he asked Becky for the files on the lab. She had looked concerned, sighed, but then shown them to him, telling him what little she knew about how Terry kept them organized. Becky grew even more concerned when Andrew brought the files out to the main living room and would pour over them while sitting next to Terry, all the while commenting on their contents now and then. He didn't read those out loud to her but Becky still grimaced, not exactly pleased with this development.

Andrew met up with the Fellowship a few months after he was back. The reunion had been tearful and they had all been pleased to meet up with him again. Terry wasn't there and there was an unspoken sadness settled between them. They all knew what happened to her. Her presence was severely missing and their group wasn't complete. Andrew looked pained too and they knew why. They all spent a while catching up and consoling Andrew about his parents and Terry and even Jane. Andrew listened to them talking about their own lives and couldn't help but feel a little jealous. His family was splintered and they were part of the protests too. Their whole group always was; forever against Reagan's policies and the unnecessary wars. He swallowed the bitterness down though; he knew his friends weren't at fault.

It was finally when the lab was brought up when things took a bad turn among the friends. Andrew mentioned going through the Hawkins Lab files. Secretly, he had begun to believe Terry had been correct. Jane had been stolen. He hadn't mentioned it to Becky though, knowing she wouldn't approve. But these were his friends. They'd help him, right? So, Andrew told them what he'd found. He needed Gloria and Ken's help anyway. They were with Terry at the lab. He needed their help at least for information. He rambled on for a solid fifteen minutes before noticing the woeful looks his friends were exchanging between themselves. He stopped short.

"You all know this already, don't you?" He whispered. "Terry already told you. She would have."

"She did," Stacey nodded. She wouldn't meet his eyes.

Dave spoke up then. "It's not that we don't believe you, or her, it's just. There's no way to fight it. We were with her at the trials and they didn't work out. She got herself hurt by going back there. We just don't know if there's anything we can do." He shrugged helplessly; eyes genuine.

"Escaping the lab the first time? It was hell, Andrew." Gloria met his eyes unflinchingly. "We wanted to help Terry. But it's literally impossible."

"Brenner's got a lock on all of us," Ken added. "Laying low is the only option so we don't end up dead."

Andrew gulped. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. His friends, their friends, were giving up on him and Terry. Rage filled him as he lashed out.

"Is this what you told Terry when she needed you all?" his voice was a cold whisper. "You left her to confront the lab herself?"

"No!" Gloria protested. "We didn't. She was unprepared. We all were, honestly. But she didn't tell us when she was going and we only found out later what they'd done to her."

Andrew set his face in his hands, breathing in deeply a few times.

"Tell me what you know." His voice left no room for argument. "Everything about those experiments, everything about Brenner, everything about what that lab has done and what it looks like inside and out."

"Andrew," Stacy started.

"Please!" Andrew said. When he looked up there were tears in his eyes. "I need to know so please."

After learning all he could from Gloria and Ken, the Fellowship finally departed. Before leaving each of them hugged Andrew, asking him to say Hi to Becky and Terry for them.

"Andrew," Ken was the last to say goodbye. "We're sorry we couldn't help Terry. But please be careful. If Jane's alive… I mean, don't hurt yourself trying to find her by doing something reckless ok? She needs her parents and they're no use to her if they're both in stasis."

As muddled as Andrew was feeling, he took that advice to heart. Ken was right. He was no use to Jane if he got himself in the same situation as Terry. And if the man, Brenner, had managed to get him expelled and drafted then he'd have no hesitation in killing Andrew if he was nosing around. He had to be discreet.

Andrew spent the next few months vigorously researching all he could about the lab. He'd stay up late night and sometimes even try to ask Terry a few questions as well. Eventually, Becky had had enough.

"Andrew… I have been very patient. I know trauma takes time to heal but you need to stop with the Hawkins Lab stuff." She finally snapped and Andrew looked taken aback for a second before squaring his shoulders. He knew by now he couldn't convince her.

"Becky, I know you don't believe me but I know my daughter is out there. Terry does too. She always mentions Jane to me. She wants me to find her." Andrew's voice was also firm.

Becky scoffed. "Terry mumbles random words, Andrew! Stop being so dense. Of course, she's going to mention Jane. That's the reason she lost her mind in the first place!"

"It's more than that Becky, I know it. She's trying to tell me to find her."

"Andrew, you have officially lost your mind! Jane. Isn't. Alive. She was never born to begin with!"

"The lab could have covered it up, Becky. You think they can fry Terry's brains and make it look like a coincidence but they can't steal a baby and pretend she was never born?" Andrew's temper was flaring now.

"Andrew, you didn't even know you HAD a daughter until a year ago! You weren't even there. You know who was there? I, Becky Ives, was there. With my sister. I know what happened because I was there while it was happening! Terry can't even speak in her state, how do you think she's telling you Jane is alive. You're overcompensating for the fact you weren't there then and trying to fulfill a mission you know Terry thought was real!" Becky knew her words were a very cheap shot. It wasn't Andrew's fault he was drafted. It wasn't his fault he wasn't there for Terry.

"You're right," Andrew whispered coldly. "I wasn't there. But I am here now and I will find my daughter Becky. Mine and Terry's daughter. Our Jane."

Becky laughed coldly. "I spent so many years after our parents died looking after Terry, paying for her to continue school. She ended up in that stupid lab program after you introduced her to all that hippie crap! And in the end, it was the reason I lost her. You are the reason I lost my sister, Andrew, and I won't let you put her back in the state she was again! She's only barely begun to get better!"

"You're forgetting she got better after I came home!" Andrew yelled back. "She's your sister but she was going to be my wife and she is the mother of my child. I love her and I will fight for our daughter like she did!" He deflated then, realizing the words that had escaped him.

Becky rolled her eyes. "Since when is she your wife, Andrew? Last I checked you weren't even engaged and I doubt she's accepting any proposals in her braindead state."

"I promised Terry, we'd get married when I came home." Andrew sighed, suddenly weary. The fight in him had left entirely. "I promised her a family and kids that we'd love and take care of. I came home too late and I'll hate myself for it forever, Becky. You don't have to keep reminding me. I do that myself every day. I may not have married her on paper but she said yes to my proposal and she's the mother of my child. She may as well be my wife because I'm never leaving her."

Becky was quiet. Andrew continued, "I may never be able to keep the promise of actually marrying her but I unknowingly kept the promise of us having a family together. Out there, waiting, is a little girl that's half of me and half of Terry. Our Jane is waiting. You don't have to believe me. But I am never going to give up searching for her and finding a way to get her back. I'm her father. And I will fulfill my duty as one, even if I couldn't fulfill my duty as a husband to Terry."

Andrew left the room then. His eyes were filled with tears as he picked up the book he was reading and started reading it out loud to Terry again. Becky inhaled sharply, trying to ignore the stinging in her own eyes. She couldn't believe Andrew– her… her supposed brother-in-law. As much as she wanted to believe in Terry and Andrew, Becky accepted the facts. And right now, the facts were telling her that her sister was in stasis, and her sister's boyfriend, partner, husband, whatever was suffering severe PTSD from the war and severe loss of his family.

'It's a coping mechanism,' Becky told herself, looking at the broken couple pityingly. And as much as she disliked it, she knew she couldn't take away Andrew's coping mechanism even if it was as destructive as Terry's.

Terry and Andrew were seriously the original Mileven so I recommend anyone who's interested to check them out. They had the same goofy adoring relationship as Mike and El and Andrew is basically an older Mike in some ways. Andrew and Terry even hadad their own 'Party' called the Fellowship based on LOTR.

Andrew isn't given enough love despite him being, hands down, the best parent (or he would have been if he had the chance). Hopper is great but Andrew would have been better. I hope this fic helps people see how awesome Terry and Andrew are and how great they would be with Jane. I haven't read Suspicious Minds but luckily I had enough references to manage writing this.

The title is from Christina Perri's A Thousand Years. It's a romantic song but it's meant to reference both Mileven and Tendrew waiting for each other and Tendrew waiting for El to come home to them as well.

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