Author Notes: Please be advise this is the final chapter for this story. Thank you for reading.

Color inside the line

Chapter 33rd.

Some time later Rosemarie's sister and her husband had arrived at the beach house to take the two boys for an overnight outing at there house. William and James was going to love every minute of it since they will have plans to keep them busy.

Lee and Rosemarie loved the idea since it was her idea in the first place to spend more time with her husband before the Seaview arrives back into port. Afterwards he will probably be knee deep with running the Seaview and making sure everything will be ready for the next cruise.

Watching the grey station wagon leave with their two boys. All of a sudden the beach house was extremely devoid of noise accept for the two of them. Already Rosemarie was enjoying the quiet along with grabbing him to head for the bedroom.


Meanwhile on board the Seaview heading home...

Admiral Harriman Nelson was beginning to feel better with his head concussion. He was finally able to go back to his cabin to rest with just some work. And for which the doctor will need to supervise at times. Commander Chip Morton better himself had dropped by before starting his morning watch. Commander Harrison will take over around five o'clock and than Executive officer Stu Riley for the overnight watch.

Commander Morton had brought in an additional report from General Norton with Chief Daniels and three others on board the Exeter talking with the authorities and telling them the one location of the terrorist group in Iran. "Anything else Chip?

He asked from his bunk sitting up with his glasses next to him.

"Other than the fact the repairs had been made to the hull with a second team having gone out to check. Kowalski and Patterson fixed all of the wiring for when it comes to the Intercom and the reactor is running smoothly." Chip will say ...

"Thank goodness Chip. The Institute is going to be busy when we get back with the further enhancements I plan on making with the defense grid of the hull to protect us further from attacks. Especially destroying two enemy subs to almost knock us out of the box." Nelson took in a deep breath with his head causing some pain in the back of his neck.

"I know one man that is going to be back to work on the Seaview?" Chip says with standing next to the bunk.

"I know. Our famous Captain Lee Crane. " Nelson responded with laying back down onto his pillows to rest.

"I will go now sir. Please have a good rest and I will drop by later with a further report." He will leave to have Nelson getting up again to call Sparks in the radio shack. "Sparks can you hear me?"

"Yes sir I can. Do me a favor to contact General Norton on board the U.S.S. Exeter to asked him when they plan on arriving back to Hawaii?" He asked since they are long time friends. However for when it comes to exercises between them it's a totally different thing with winning. And this time it was the Seaview technically winning.

"Aye sir right away..." He will say with seeing Commander Chip Morton arriving back into the Control room.

Ten minutes later he had his answer with a coded message from their radioman of the Exeter. He called back Admiral Nelson on the private intercom connected to his cabin.

"Yes Sparks? Did you get an answer from the General?" He was half asleep in his bunk.

"Five days Admiral Nelson. After they arrive their will be a series of briefings for when it comes to the exercises and those arrested on board the Exeter. Anything else Admiral Nelson?"

"Nothing Sparks. Thanks for all of your help. Good day." He stated with closing his eyes to fall asleep.



The Seaview had arrived five days later with everyone glad they were back into Santa Barbara. Even though of the families for those losing their lives with the attack of the enemy submarine. Letters had been written to the families done by Commander Chip Morton for which he always hated.

Waiting on the dock was Captain Lee Crane and his wife Rosemarie waiting for the command staff to arrive with Admiral Nelson walking with a cane given by the doctor with his balance still off from the concussion. Nelson was thrilled to see his long time friend looking fit and trimmed. Even Commander Morton had come over to him with hugging him tightly before letting go to salute him now taking over as the captain of the Seaview.

"Welcome back everyone. Admiral Nelson how are you feeling with the head concussion?" Lee asked with concern for his friend and boss.

"Better Lee. However the doctor has me using the cane in case I have further issues with dizziness and losing my balance. We all need to get together at some point before the Seaview goes back out again with a new cruise and hopefully no new exercises for awhile."

"I will agree." Lee said with taking his wife's hand to head for his red vehicle to drive back to the institute while the boys are at school.

They all left the dock with the shore crews and the personnel of the Seaview heading home accept for those ten crew members dying in the line of fire...

The End