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Morning arrived. Edd, Tom, and Matt were still sleeping in their beds. Edd's room was invaded by cola, but other than that, everything was clean. Tom's room was clean as well, full of posters of white backgrounds and white characters on them. He was cuddling up with his teddy bear. Finally, Matt's room was the messiest. Shelves and shelves of collectables and many mirrors and pictures of himself on the wall filled the room. And if that wasn't all, the attic was flooded with hoards of toys and objects, all collected from all the adventures they had in the past. There was even a sign written by Tom that said: 'No commies allowed! That includes you too, Tord.'

Matt's alarm started ringing. He groaned as he reached for the snooze button, but accidentally pressed the 'Wake me up in 1 second' button. "Oh come on!" Matt grabbed the phone and turned it on, the bright light blinding his eyes. "How can this day get any worse?" He sighed as he realized something. "This dumb tooth won't stop hurting…"

A few minutes passed, and Matt put his clothes on and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He saw Edd walk in too. The two brushed their teeth together. "Good morning, Matt!" said Edd. "Good morning, Edd!" replied Matt.

"Ow!" Edd looked at Matt. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Nothing!" replied Matt, his voice slightly cracking. "Uh okay…" The two continued brushing their teeth, Edd kind of worried for Matt.

Finally, it was breakfast time. Tom made some toast, which he just started eating. Matt took a seat and spread some butter on his slice, then took a bite. Edd came too, with a plate of bacon. "Hey, Tom!" said Edd, taking a seat. "Hey, Edd!" mumbled Tom, his mouth full. "Oww!" squeaked Matt, as he took another bite of the toast. "Are you okay, Matt?" asked Edd, pretty worried. Matt was staring into nothingness, realizing something. "I need to go!" he said as his voice cracked.

Matt dashed into the bathroom, his hand on his cheek. He stared at himself in the mirror, slowly releasing his hand to reveal a puffed cheek. "Dear God!" Matt exclaimed. He pulled the cheek to look at his painful tooth.

The ginger haired boy was panicking. Suddenly, a voice appeared from the other side of the bathroom. "Uh, Matt? Why is your face slightly more deformed than usual?" Tom said. Matt looked at himself in the mirror again, and realized his cheek was red! "AAAAH!" screamed Matt, in shock. "What happened to my beautiful face?!"

Edd came into the room, hearing the noise. "Is everything okay?" Matt was on the verge of crying. Tom didn't seem to care too much. "I think he has a toothache or something." he said. "N-No I don't! My teeth are perfectly fine!" objected Matt, trying to hide the pain. "Matt, we need to take you to a dentist." said Edd. "No you don't! I'm perfectly- OWW!" Tom opened Matt's mouth to see any sign of cavities.

"Alright, we have good news and bad news." Matt looked worried.

"What's the good news?" asked Edd.

"Well, there's no good news." answered Tom.

"And the bad news?"

"The pet shop closed for a week."

"No, I mean about Matt's tooth."

"Oh yeah, he has a cavity."

"A what?!" screeched Matt, in shock. "But I drink milk everyday!" he exclaimed. "Remember your birthday?" asked Tom.


The attic was flooded with candy, and the center of the room had a huge cake. All of them were wolfing down the candy like literal wolves. Edd stopped. "Guys, don't you think we should stop?" he asked, as him and his friends were swimming in candy. "This is the best birthday ever!" shouted Matt, bits of candy falling from his mouth. Edd shrugged and continued eating.

"Oh…Right." mumbled Matt. "That happened. But do I still have to go to the dentist?" he asked. "Not if you don't want to." said Tom. Matt looked back at the mirror, and saw that his cheek got worse. He took a deep breath.

"I DON'T WANNA GO!" Matt cried. "You have to!" said Edd. "They'll just take it out and done." Tom turned to Edd. "What about the money?" He shrugged. "I'm sure it'll be fine!"

A few minutes passed and the three went in the car, Edd taking the driver's seat, and Tom sitting beside him. Matt stood in the back, wrapped up in all the seatbelts so he couldn't escape and run away. "Get these blasted seatbelts off me!" he said. Tom chuckled. "Nah." Edd turned the key and the trip started!

The car drove through the streets, surprisingly empty. Everything was peaceful. Tom turned on the radio and started nodding to the beat. Him and Edd had fun, while Matt was stuck in the backseat, groaning of boredom. Edd stopped at a tall white building. "And, we're here!"

Edd and Tom left the car, and released Matt from his seatbelt prison. "Wait!" he exclaimed. "Do we have to go now?"

"What, are you scared?"

From the other side of the road, a ghost with a blue jacket, small eyes, and smooth hair was chuckling. Beside him was a boy that looked a lot like Edd, but with peach fuzz facial hair and a dark green button-up shirt. His arms were crossed as he was smirking at Edd and his friends.

"Eduardo!" exclaimed Edd, as if he was saying the name of a supervillain. "What are you losers crying about?" taunted Eduardo. "What are you doing here?" asked Edd, offended. "Uh…" mumbled the other. "We're taking Mark to the dentist!" explained the ghost. Eduardo gave him a death stare. "Jon, I told you not to tell them that!" he said, with gritted teeth. "Coincidentally," said Tom. "We're taking Matt to the dentist too." Jon smiled. "Well, good luck then!"

Edd, Tom, and Matt went towards the entrance, while Eduardo and Jon watched from afar. Eduardo opened their car's door so Mark, a boy with a cleft chin, blond hair, and a dark purple turtleneck, could escape from his wrapped seatbelts. "Thank god they didn't see that."

A few minutes passed, and Edd and his friends arrived in the waiting room. A young toddler was playing with a shape matching game. He was trying to find the right hole for the square. Matt sat next to him, trying to help. "Oh, I know!" Matt grabbed the square and placed it in the triangle's hole. "Hmmm."

Edd and Tom sat down, both reading a magazine. It had only white characters and white backgrounds. Edd chuckled. "'I like trains.'" Tom laughed. "'Wait this isn't a camera!'" A lady came out of one of the doors. "Next up is Matt-" Matt raised his hand, nervously. "H-Here." The lady took his hand and they entered a room.

A dentist with glasses was sitting next to a chair. "Hello, Matt. Are you ready for your tooth removal?" Matt imagined what horrible things could happen to his beautiful face. He managed to squeak a 'no' but it was too late, as he already laid down on the chair. "Just open your mouth and I'll do the rest." Matt slowly opened his mouth and closed his eyes. He felt a weird spray in his mouth. He widened his eyes as he realized what happened. "I CAN'T FEEL MY MOUTH!" he shouted. "Well, we had to numb it so you couldn't feel the pain-"

"PAIN?!" Matt screamed. He jumped off the chair and dashed out of the room. Edd and Tom looked confused. "We need to escape!" said Matt, grabbing their hands and dashing out of the room. Suddenly, all the employees in the building grouped up to catch Matt. "We're being followed!" shouted Edd. "Look!" said Tom, pointing forward. "Elevators!"

The three dashed into the one on the right and quickly escaped the dentists. Coincidentally, Eduardo, Jon, and Mark came out from the left one. "Look!" said one of the dentists. "There's the runner!" Mark was confused. "But I didn't do anything!" The dentists caught Eduardo and Mark, unable to catch Jon. "We'll need you to pay for the disturbance of the other dentists!" Eduardo looked at the ghost. "Jon! Do something!" His friend smiled. "Okay!" Jon started twirling around. "I hate you." said Eduardo.

Finally, Edd, Tom, and Matt arrived back at their home. "Ah," said Edd. "Home, sweet home!" Tom was about to trip on a twig. "Ha! Not this time, twig!" Unfortunately, Matt tripped on it. Edd helped him get up. Tom grabbed something from the ground. "Huh," he said, holding Matt's tooth. "That was surprisingly easy."

Yay! I'm done! I really hoped you enjoyed the rivals appearing. I like writing about them too. This chapter's name was inspired by my 2 minute younger sister's idea. Thanks! Also when I came up with this, both of my sisters had teeth they had to take out, so most of these chapters are inspired by things happening to us. Okay, have a nice day!