The greenhouse is silent at this hour. Your lying on the couch, nearly napping, when the door opens. It permits entrance to an ethereal beauty. She smiles at you, noticing your tired appearance, before lifting you and brings you to the bedroom. She sets you on the bed, and tucks you in, before crawling in behind you, and holds you close.

You awake to the annoying nuisance of sun filtering through the curtains. Turning over, you try to escape them. Your bedmate chuckles, before pulling you to her chest, and the two of you begin cuddling. Soon enough, your dozing off again.

You become drowsily aware of lips pressing of your face, slowly bringing you to consciousness. Soon enough, your kissing her. Good lord, people say her kiss is deadly, but they never knew about this! God, her lips were heavenly.

Soon enough, your both dressed and showered, and she's heading out again, off to save more plants, or maybe a heist this time? You never know, she won't tell you. Somedays, you see her on the news alone, or with Harley. It worries you at times when you see her spending so much time with the clown, giving her so much attention.

Alright, you were jealous of the way Ivy was with Harley! It always worried you that they were more than friends, or that Ivy would leave you for her, or even that Ivy would cheat on you. These thoughts were never true, of course, but you could never help but worry.

Once again, late in the night, you're on the couch waiting for her return. Only this time, you're not tired. In fact, you're a bit mad at her. The news channel caught on camera, Harley kissing Ivy. She kissed your Ivy, and Ivy didn't stop her.

Once she walks through the door, she goes to smile, before noticing your expression, and sighing. She walks over to you, sitting down, dragging you into her lap, and wraps her arms around you. Eventually, you sigh, melting into the embrace. Honestly, why were you mad? Harley probably kissed her without thinking. Besides, you know she can't let others know about you, otherwise you'd be in danger, and she just won't allow that.

Slowly, you start kissing up her collarbone, trying to apologize. Soon enough, she's pulling you into a kiss, a hand weaved through your hair. The kiss soon breaks, and she trails kisses along your neck and shoulder, her way of apologizing. Not long after your impromptu make-out session, your both curled up in bed, cuddling, and awaiting slumber.