1 – Ianto

I know it's silly but it's something I do not want to budge on. I do NOT want my wedding to be on the anniversary of our real one. I mean … it's a day of loveliness sure, the day we met. The day we fell in love, the day we accidentally got wed … but it is also the non-wedding anniversary of my sister and Jack's brother. I do not want to share ANYTHING with them.

Case in point … my kids. Rhiannon is trying to rumble things there again, another lawyer she found somewhere in London stupid enough to think I might actually believe after two years of silence she might be able to begin demanding things again. The tone of the letter was clear. Give me my kids or compensation for the loss. Money. It always comes down to money with her. I was so pissed I almost vomited, standing there with that piece of paper in my hand imagining her spontaneously combusting or something. Jack took the crumpled letter from me and calmly called our lawyer who sorted things toot sweet. He is so bloody supportive. I still find it hard to believe we found one another under such weird circumstances.

So … I was thinking … the window between the wedding and Jessie's birth might be the best spot. Between the moment of 'hello' and the moment of 'oh wow' right? Seems Jack was also thinking about the perfect moment and he had another date all together in mind.

"But it makes sense" he said for the umpteenth time "It's your favourite holiday bar Christmas, we can have a tree and…"

"Halloween" I know I am pulling a face but seriously, I am a bit disappointed in his lack of imagination there.. also .. it's SO far away. I have waited two years for the big wedding; I have it all in my head what I want, how and where. I even have things I have been buying to prepare now he wants it later in the year? A Halloween themed wedding. Is he fucking…. Oh. Bastard son of a bitch … he's messing with me. OK. "Sounds lovely … I could be Dracula. What about you?"

He sort of blinks and stares at me, caught in his own game "Ah … I think … a pirate. Like Jack Sparrow."

"Well … then we could do the entire thing pirate themed if you like. You know … the Pet Store over by the Plaza has parrots, David pointed it out the other day and I said no, no more pets. He would be so…"

"Oh god!" he suddenly blurts "TIGER! Jesus … I am kidding!"

"What?" I make my eyes wide and sarcastically say "No booty then?"

"You knew!" he points at me, laughing now as he realizes I got his number, then we both laugh softly as the silliness of it "Darling!"

"You should know me by now Cariad … it takes more than a little needling to get a rise out of me. Cheeky Stinker!" I scold, leaning in for a kiss as he hums happily, his hands sliding around me to pull me closer.

"I think a nice summer or autumn wedding would be lovely" I murmur as he strokes my face in that way only he ever has, stroking away any frown lines and reminding me that he finds this face of mine attractive.

"I have the image in my head … at the other place. We can open up the two out buildings and people can stay if they don't want to drive after drinking … get wed out back by the woods, a nice buffet style meal after when people can sit, or walk around if they want … the kids will have the playground to play on, their own little space so they are not running underfoot … I even have a few things put away already including some really cute lights for the twilight… thinking maybe some music and dancing … you know … just a party. A celebration of us" I stop talking as his face is so soft, those eyes drinking me in like I am the last and only thing on earth. No need to talk anymore, not when I now he can't hear me over his own heartbeat, my own getting louder as we kiss again, the sink bench digging into my hip as he pushed against me.

"When does Luce get back with the kids?" he whispers, Lucia has taken our son in the pushchair for a nice walk to retrieve the kids from the library.

"Half an hour, story time will be just finishing now" I whisper back, giggling as he waggles his eyebrows and there is no need to enquire what he wants.

It's what we both want.

Some afternoon delight.