18 –Ianto

"Gwen?" I smile as she enters the reception, looking around with interest. "In Uniform? I thought you couldn't make is and Rhys is long-hauling?"

"Sorry pet. I'm working. There was a disturbance out back, just making sure everything is good in here" she smiled.

"Oh, we are grand. Come on… we are about to cut the cake. Come … get a piece" I gush, I know Jack will be happy to see her. They have worked together and he speaks of her fondly. Apparently she had a thing for him and he just didn't feel it. A bit of a broken heart there, maybe if she sees him with me now she will understand that Rhys was the right one for her. "I hear you are getting wed too?"

"Rhys. Yes. A brilliant dress Mama helped me pick. Maybe you can give me a few pointers, Mama is getting …. pushy" she grins as we walk over and Jack sees her. As I thought, he lights up and hugs her enthusiastically. Also glad to see her. She checks on the kids and comments on how happy they look. I know they don't know why she is here but the way both of the kids smile at her comforts me as it seems they really do not hate ALL Heddlu. Thank god they don't associate uniforms with their parents. Although… Jack rarely wears his. Maybe they see him and realize Heddlu are human beings.

We cut the cake. It is a white extravaganza with the flowers cascading down the side bright colours to match us. Tropical blooms all made of sugar paste, some sweet little glittery stars flicked about… it is a lovely cake and when we cut into it there is a rainbow inside.


Gwen accepts a piece from me and steps back, her partner Andy something… steps up. I feel the spidey senses tingling, then remember "Andy Davison!"

"Hey Toto."

"My god, you …. Look at you." I am amazed, a childhood friend is here, one I lost touch with when we finished high school. Here. At my wedding. Gwen's partner … It seem so … destined. He takes a piece of cake and they wander into the throng of people, Estelle in the distance dancing with Jessie in her arms.

It all feels perfect.




Gwen. God, the only thing that could possibly go wrong would have been his sister turning up, so I thought. But Gwen? My resident stalker? Only … she seems happy and Ianto is gentle with her. As she steps away she smiles at him and I see that he had somehow won her over. Maybe this rumour of her finally marrying is real?

I feel like a movie star, the photos so much fun even as Ianto slips out all the time, hating the entire thing. He is only doing it for me. I see my Dad and Gray in conversation, a hug shared and I am glad they are on good terms too. Things are still a bit tense at times but I see mended fences now.

We step onto the dance floor for our first dance and as we do Ianto leans in, kissing my neck in that spot he does. I feel so gooey and really want to drag him off for a good shag. God, we will both be so tired tonight. Good thing our marriage is already consummated… lots. Snigger.




I am dancing with my man. Everything seems to have worked out for the best. Gwen tells me that they arrested the father, apparently he has not been seeing his parole officer like he should and she kicked up so much they arrested her for breaching the peace. Of course, slapping Andy means it went up to assaulting an officer. Hopefully both of them will be out of circulation for a while.


If they think they can come around here for another go … they can think again.




My sister was here. I can see Toshiko's determination and that little shiny backbone shoeing through her dress as she glances at the door every now and then. Also... the ever so faint smell of pepper spray lingers around her when I kissed her on the cheek. Gwen is here for back-up. I know it deep I my gut … My sister was here.

Rhiannon came, tried something and could have ruined everything. I don't know what happened and seriously I don't care. It was taken care of. Toshiko did her duty as a friend and I just hope Rhiannon doesn't pull someone else into her schemes. She usually likes a side-kick. Someone who is believing her crap and along for moral support of her imagined deserved payback. She must have some man with her.

I know I have to ask, I have to know. It will drive me mad until I know but not now. Right now I am dancing with my husband and the warm arms around me as I feel our bodies move in sync… that is all I need right now.

But I know it was her.

Will she never leave me alone?