Waking up sick

A/N: This is a fanfiction where Shego gets sick with a cold. I don't know why but lately, I been really obsessed with reading stories where people or sick and sneezing. So obsessed that I started to write some of my own.

Anyway onto the story

It was almost the afternoon. Yet one person was still fast asleep in bed while everyone else was fast awake. Outside you could hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing the tree leaves.

In the lair of Dr. Drakken, a woman with green skin and long black hair lay underneath the covers. In her arm, she was hugging a small soft plushie dog. That she kept hidden not wanting people to see she has a soft side.

As soon as her clock read 12 pm, she slowly opened her eyes. Letting go of her stuffed animal, she sat up in her bed and rubbed her eyes with her fist.

Another day had begun for Shego involving one of Drakken's plans. She didn't want to get up but knew she had to since she was already waking up later than usual.

Suddenly she felt a headache coming on. She places a hand on her forehead trying to get the pain to go away, but it wasn't working. She groaned in discomfort.

'Maybe I shouldn't think of Drakken plans too much.' she thought. "It will make my head hurt."

Then, a faint but noticeable itch appeared in her nose, so she sniffled. This sniffle sounded rather wet and didn't do much to satisfy the itching sensation in her nose, but it became clear that this wasn't working, either. Her nose just kept itching, and her nostrils flared up. Her breath hitched and knew she was going to sneeze.

"Aaaaahhh... Aaaaaahhh..." Shego tilted her head back as far back as possible. Her nose was quivering and flaring and finally released her sneeze. "Aaaahhh-choo!"

Shego double over with a quiet sneeze, and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

After she finished getting ready she started making her way downstairs to the lab.

"Ugh..." She sniffed her nose completely stuffy. Then her nose started to twitch again. Another sneeze was on the way.

"Aaaaaah... AAAAAAAAAAAH..." Shego tilted her neck back. She then brought her arm up to her mouth to cover her sneeze. She took a breath before she exploded.


She doubled over as she released a much louder and messy sneeze. When she finished letting it out, she was breathless. She moved her arm from her face and saw yellow snot on her jumpsuit sleeve. She grabbed a tissue from her pocket and blew her nose.

'What wrong with me today?' Shego thought wondering why she was sneezing.

Finally, she was almost to the lab when she released another sneeze.


Shego decided to stop at the downstairs bathroom to get more tissue before heading to the lair. She let out a groan while rubbing her head hoping the headache would go away.

Drakken was up working on his new invention. While wondering where Shego was since she was still not out of bed and it almost 1 in the afternoon.

He was thinking of going to check on her to see what was taking so long but decided to let her continue sleeping since she was probably just very tired and needed extra sleep.

He got back working on his invention when he was suddenly interrupted by the sound of someone about to sneeze and raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Aaaaaaahh... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh..., " the voice inhaled.

Drakken recognized the voice as a female and knew. It had to be Shego since she the only female here and was the one going sneeze. A finale inhale later, an explosive sneeze was heard.


Drakken turned around and there stood Shego locked into a sneezing position while standing next to the chair she normally sits in while he working, but then she recovered, she sniffed loudly and blew her nose. Her nose was bright red and she looked greener than normal. Drakken stood where he was, completely shocked by what he just heard.

"Oh my! Bless you Shego, " Drakken said shocked about how loud that sneeze was.

"Thanks, " She said while rubbing her nose then grabbing a tissue from her pocket and blew her nose.

"Are you okay?" he asked noticing how green and tired she looked.

"Yeah I'm fine, is your invention ready?" she asked her voice hoarse as she walked over to were Drakken was standing.

"Yeah but Shego are you sure your okay? You look sick."

"No, no I'm fine just didn't sleep, "

'Of course she too stubborn to admit that she sick. It very obvious with the way her eyes look and the way she just sneezed.' He thought.

He decided to try asking her again. "Are you sure? If you don't feel well then get some rest. I think it would be better if you..." She shut his mouth before he could continue speaking, and rolled her eyes before she spoke.

"I'm fine. Really so we're just waiting for Kimmie?"

"Or fight Kimmie, " A familiar voice said.

Both turned to the familiar voice. Kim stood in front of the only window in the room. Her sidekick climbed through clumsily as he was alongside her.

Shego inflamed her hands and Drakken try to stop her but was to slow. He didn't think it was a good idea for her to fight now. Yet she was attacking Kim and the first impact.

A few minutes later Shego stopped attacking Kim, and Kim looked at her confused about why she stopped attacking.

"Is something why you stop?" Kim asked. Shego answer was a sneezing fit.


Immediately after the sneezing fit, Shego raised a tissue to the end of her nose and rubbed her nostrils, which had reddened and started to run slightly. Then open her eyes and looked up to see everyone looking at her.

"Ugh, what?" She groaned annoyed that we're looking at her.

They all just continue staring at her with eyebrows rasied. Then open their mouths to speak. "Bless you, " Everyone said.

"Ugh forget it I'm going to bed, " She said as she turned around to walk away. "Also thank you."

As she was walking away she was stumbling trying to get to her room. She was also constantly stopping to sneeze each sneeze was becoming louder and louder. Kim and Ron look at her then at Draken wonder what was wrong.

'I can't believe I shown weakness in front of them with my sneezes. I have to be tough. I can't let anymore weakness show.' Shego thought as she walking away.

"What wrong with her?" Kim and Ron asked.

Drakken shrugged. "I don't know think she might be sick. Go ahead ruin my invention just don't destroy the lair, " he said.

They nodded and made the laser malfunction but not blow up.

Shego's POV

I could feel my nostrils quivering, and I could vaguely see my nostrils flaring up. Knowing what was going to happen, I sniffled, bringing up one of my hands to rub my nose. But that didn't really work, since I could still feel that annoying itch in my nose. I kept rubbing my nose, trying to stop it from itching so much, but it just wasn't working.

I continue walking to my bedroom stumbling a little but was managing to keep my balance while rubbing my nose to stop myself from sneezing, not wanting to sneeze again today.

"Aaah..." My breath started to hitch. By this point, it had become clear that I just couldn't hold this sneeze back, and I had to brace myself for it. My hand slipped away from my nose as I tilted my neck slightly back. "Aaaaaaaah..." I tilted it farther back as my nostrils kept growing and shrinking, over and over. Every gasp I took seemed to tickle my nose even more. "AaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAH...!"

After this final gasp, there was a long pause, with no release at first. I was almost convinced that the sneeze was gone. I took a sniffle hoping it was gone, but then the urge to sneeze came back and it was a lot stronger this time. That I didn't think I could stop it. So I had no choice but to let it out.


I shot my neck forwards as I released the sneeze. I could feel the snot escaping from my nostrils as I did so. But it wasn't enough relief for my poor nose. It just continued to itch, and I had to sneeze again. Faster than I could even sniffle, I took another inhale, throwing my neck backward.


Compared to the sneeze before that one, this sneeze really wasn't much better. More snot came out of my nose like I was trying to blow it without a tissue. Recovering from the sneeze, I sniffled and rubbed my nose with my hand. I had to stop after a few seconds, though, when I felt something wet oozing onto my hand. I removed it from my nose, only to see a stream of snot connecting it to my nose. It had started running again.

'This is so very annoying,' I thought as put my hand in the pocket of my jumpsuit and grabbed a tissue, and wiped my nose.

I finally arrived at my bedroom and was about to open the door but stop when I needed to sneeze again, so I brought my arm up to my mouth so sneeze into it.


These two sneezes weren't quite as big as the last two I'd released earlier, but they were still loud. And my nose was still running after that. I rubbed my nose again and then blew it with my tissue.

I then walked into my bedroom and went straight into the bathroom. I shut the door behind me, grabbed a tissue, held it to the end of my nose, and blew as hard as I could. It actually felt pretty good, but I was sure that my nose was still feeling runny. So I wiped my nose, sniffling a few times to clear my poor nostrils. After I was done I threw the tissue away, and then turn on the sink and washed my hands.

Then got in bed and decided to take a nap, until I heard a knock on the door.

"What?," I asked with a groan and turned to face the door.

"I want it to know if you want anything to eat, " I heard Drakken said from outside the door.

"Maybe later, for now, I want to sleep, " I replied a second later I sneeze again.


I sniffled and rubbed my nose before laying down.

"Bless you, " Drakken said. "There pizza in the fridge when you're ready to eat."

"Thank you, " I said. "I eat something later."

"Okay, "

Once I heard his footsteps walk away. I closed my eyes and went straight to sleep.

That the end of this chapter!

A/N: I don't know exactly how long this story will be. I probably it will be a short story or it might be a long story. But Kim and Ron will most likely be pretty often.