The missing scenes in the show after Season 2 finale always bothered me. So, I kinda changed things and just went with it really. Kirsten doesn't go to rehab in this version because I think her and Ryan's relationship is important. I also focus more on Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa instead of the adults. Hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters.

Seth sat in the passenger seat constantly fidgeting. If it wasn't shaking his legs it was biting his fingernails or opening and closing the glove box. He regretted telling Ryan about what Trey did. He should know by now that Ryan will defend anyone he loves, even if it kills him. His mind was constantly replaying that look in Ryan's eyes when he said he was going to settle it with Trey. He knew what that meant and yet he didn't jump in the car with him. Again, Seth failed to have his back.

He was pulled out of his pity party when Summer put her hand on his "Cohen stop tapping and just call Marissa. She's closer, maybe she can stop him" she ordered.

"Yeah sure. Marissa would definitely be able to stop Ryan and Trey" he said sarcastically as he dialled her number

"It's not like we'd be able to do anything either" Summer countered.

"Hey Marissa"

"Hey, Seth can this wait" Marissa said still smiling at the idea of her family finally working its way back together. It had been so long since there was any hope for her to get the life she wanted with her parents and now it was there, she could feel it. And then she felt it slip right through her fingers with just two words "Ryan knows" she didn't even need to question about what because the only thing she was currently hiding from Ryan that was drama worthy enough for Seth to call her was Trey assaulting her.

"Where is he?"

"Well we're on our way to Trey's. But you're closer. Maybe you can stop him." Marissa didn't even respond she just closed her phone and walked straight to her car. She heard her dad call out to her, but she just waved them off jumping into her car without a second thought.

Meanwhile Ryan sped towards Trey's apartment. The angrier he got the harder he slammed his foot on the accelerator. A part of him wished Seth had come with him because then at least he wouldn't be trapped in his own head. But at the same time, he couldn't risk Trey hurting Seth, the Cohens would never forgive him for that.

A flare of anger raced through him and he slammed his hands on the steering wheel. How could he? He asked himself. How could he do this to him? Trey was the only family he had left. Yeah so, he had made mistakes, but Ryan would never forget the days where he protected him from a beating or stole some food for him when Dawn would forget their existence. His mind flashed back to when he was living with Dawn and AJ. AJ was probably the most consistent boyfriend she had since his dad went away. He was a big-time dealer and so every time Dawn got fired and needed money, she'd run right back to him forgetting that she promised them after the last beating he'd never come back. He was walking back after dropping Theresa home and he walked in to see AJ backhand his mum "Hey leave her alone!" without thinking about himself he jumped in between and swung at him. Ryan's memory of the rest was fuzzy but he remembers waking up in hospital and the only person there was Trey, fast asleep on the seat next to him. Trey had apologised more than once blaming himself for not being there. Its memories like that that always had Ryan trusting him, knowing that he could do better. But this, assaulting his girlfriend, knowing how much that would hurt him and he still did it. He pushed those memories aside and any hope he ever had for Trey changing and was going to end this once and for all. He knew he would never be able to kill his own brother, even before Newport made him soft, he would never have the guts to take another life, but whatever happened next would definitely kill their relationship for good.

He turned into the parking lot and jumped out the car, putting his keys in his pocket he banged on the door as hard as he could.

The door swung open "Hey Ry" Trey said smiling completely oblivious.

"I know what happened" at this point there was nothing but rage in his eyes "I know what happened with you and Marissa" Trey stood in silence, not knowing what to say.

"How could you man?" Ryan said stepping forward forcing Trey to take a step back "I woulda done anything for you"

"Man, I was messed up okay, I was really stoned" was Trey's only defence

"It wasn't my idea Trey. I didn't want to steal that car" Ryan knew he jumped accusations, but he had bottled up a lot of anger for the mistakes Trey made that cost him.

"I… uh... I did my time for that man. And you got the good life" it was a lame argument, but it was all he had.

"And so, you had to destroy it huh? YOU HAD TO HURT HER!" Trey knew this anger. He had seen it in their father. Before he let Ryan do anything, he shoved him back and reached for the gun under the pillow of his couch.

He turned and pointed it at his little brother "Hey, okay, listen we're just gonna calm down, okay, just… just calm down right now."

Ryan smiled "or what. You'll shoot me?" Trey's hand shook for a moment, so he brought up his other hand to steady the gun "is that how it ends?" Ryan asked.

"No how this ends it up to you now Ry" he took a step forward "just walk away!"

Ryan put both his hands up hanging his head down he began slowly turning to leave.

Trey sighed and lowered the gun and Ryan took advantage of the moment and ran head first into Trey's midsection slamming him into the wall letting the gun slide across the room. Ryan punched him over and over again watching blood spill from his lip and nose, until he grabbed Treys face and banged it on the wall behind them.

Trey pushed the dots from his vision and knew that the only way they'll resolve this is by fighting so he mustered up enough strength and grabbed Ryan's legs off the floor basically carrying him until they both came crashing down shattering the coffee table.

Ryan had the wind knocked out of him. He could feel the cuts on his back and arms and before he had the chance to gather himself, he felt Trey get on top of him.

Trey went straight for Ryan's neck but only held on for a second before Ryan rolled on top. They both struggled, each having just a moments power until the other regained it.

Eventually, Trey being the stronger one, he won the power struggle and was once again on his knees above Ryan grabbing his neck. Ryan gurgled the blood in his mouth as he reached out for Trey attempting to strangle or at least hit Trey, but he was too weak by the pressure on his neck cutting his air supply to do anything.

Kinda short. But i'll update soon!