Seth knew his parents weren't at the hospital and decided that he'd pick up some takeaway from the crab shack and him and the girls could sneak into the hospital to have lunch with Ryan. They got held up waiting for Marissa trying to get past Julie but finally made it to the hospital at 1:30.

"Seth the nurses aren't even going to notice the food"

"er- yeah because I'm stealth" he said rolling his eyes

"stuffing a brown bag of food into your coat. Is not stealth" Marissa laughed opening Ryan's door. They saw the covers pushed back and the food uneaten on the tray

"Ryan?" Seth called. He knocked on the bathroom door "I'm coming in" he shouted just in case and opened it to see it empty

"How could we possibly have lost him in a hospital" Summer said confused

"okay well let's not panic. Nobody panic" Seth said panicking. He put the food down "where would he go"

"Trey" He said after a moment

"you really think he'd go see Trey" Marissa asked

"To what finish the fight?" Summer asked eyes wide

"Sum you stay here in case he comes back. Seth lets go see Trey" Marissa ordered not wanting to go to Treys room alone.

Seth just nodded "text us if he shows up" he said walking out.

"Do you really think Ryan would go back to fight Trey. Neither of them can even stand properly" Marissa asked as they made their way up

"I doubt it. but you know Atwood's. It's not like words are their strong suit" Seth said. They saw Ryan standing in the hallway in his hospital gown holding on to the railing.

"Ryan!" Marissa shouted as they walked up. He turned around and Seth saw how pale he was. His hair was stuck to his forehead with sweat and he looked confused. They got closer to him and he placed a hand on Ryan's shoulder "hey buddy you okay? You don't look so good" Before Seth knew what was happening he saw Ryan's eyes roll into the back of his head and suddenly go limp "woah" he grunted as he held onto Ryan, stopping him from his hitting his head on the floor.

"NURSE" Marissa shrieked in the direction of the nurses station.

"and now I'm deaf" Seth muttered.

A young nurse ran forward after ordering for a gurney and two residents

"what happened" she asked checking his vitals in the meantime.

"I don't know he just passed out" Seth asked looking at Ryan's pale face on his lap "is he okay?"

the nurse ignored Seth's question and checked the tag on Ryan's wrist "Ryan? Ryan can you hear me" Ryan responded with a groan and Seth put his hand on Ryan's forehead trying to stop him from rolling of his lap.

"His doctor is Dr Jones. He's been here for a couple weeks." Marissa spoke up. The nurse nodded as two young male doctors walked up with a gurney beside them. They gently picked up Ryan and placed him on the gurney. The nurse turned to Marissa and Seth "he's going to be okay. Ill page Dr Jones and he'll come update you" she said turning away

"Could they be any more vague" Seth said as he and Marissa turned to leave

"Do you think he's okay"

"I hope so. He's gonna be pissed if he was so close to leaving and they make him stay"

Seth and Marissa walked back to Ryan's room to fill in Summer. They turned into the hallway to see Sandy pacing and Summer trying to talk Kirsten from suing the hospital. "how can they lose someone. He's hurt!"

"Oh shit" Seth muttered. He ran forward

"Seth! Did you find him"

"Yeah. Yeah guys he's fine don't worry"

"Where is he" Sandy asked

"well not fine"

"what happened? Seth? Where is he?" Kirsten urged

"Did he run away?" Sandy asked regretting it the minute the words came out

"What. No dad. Of course not. He went to see Trey. I don't think he made it in though. We found him outside and he... he kinda passed out" seeing the panic flare up again he spoke quicker "but the nurses took him. said he's fine and Dr Jones will come soon"

Sandy and Kirsten sat down in the chairs holding each other's hands. Summer walked over and kissed Seth before hugging Marissa and standing with her. They hadn't had this much tension between them since the first night they got here. The wait on whether Ryan was okay or not. There may not have been any genetics between Ryan and the Cohens but the love that they all had for him was clear. They all treated him as family, like they've known him his whole life.

After 20 minutes of silence, excluding Seth's occasional mumbles about deja vu that Summer stopped with a simple smack, Dr Jones walked up to the five with a gurney rolling behind him. Sandy and Kirsten stood up instantly "Ryan's okay" he said knowing the question they all wanted answered.

"Oh thank god" Sandy sighed running a hand through his hair.

"He just over did it. Considering everything he's recovering from I'm surprised he got as far as he did"

"That's Ryan" Seth smiled somewhat proudly "will this affect him coming home?"

"No, not at all. He just pushed himself a little too fast. He was in a coma for a while and his surgeries and injuries – his body will need time. He just has to take it slow"

"I won't let him out of my sight don't worry" Kirsten assured.

Dr Jones smiled. "we found this paper crumpled up in his hand" Dr Jones said pulling a paper out of his pocket "it seems Ryan's brother signed an AMA and discharged himself. He left this for Ryan." He handed it over to Sandy.

"Thank you again Dr Jones" Kristen said

"No problem. I'll be back tomorrow morning for Ryan's discharge" they nodded as he left

"what does it say?" Seth said moving to grab the paper from Sandy's hand.

Sandy pulled back "no this is between Ryan and Trey. Its personal"

"erm there's no such thing. Give me it" he tried to get it again

"Seth. Unless Ryan gives you permission you can't read it"

"ugh that'll never happen. What'd you reckon it says"

"probably the same thing his mother wrote before abandoning him" Kirsten said causing everyone to look at her surprised. She was always so elegant and diplomatic; this anger was a new side of her to the kids "sorry. I just I can't believe after everything he put Ryan through he didn't have the decency to apologise to him face to face"

"Totally agree. But the last time they were face to face it didn't end so well. so I'll take a note over that." Seth said

The door opened and the nurse came out "he's all yours. He's a bit tired but he's okay" she smiled.

"Thank you." Kirsten called as she left. Kirsten, Sandy and Seth walked in straight away but Marissa sat down "aren't you coming in coop" Summer asked

"Do you think it'll ever go back to normal" Summer sat down

"It hasn't been the same since Ryan got here" Summer hit her head lightly "not what I mean. I mean it's always been one thing after another with you two. And you have always found a way back to each other. It's not going to be easy. I mean you shot his brother. But you'll get past it" Summer said wisely

"is it wrong that a part of me didn't want Trey to wake up. I mean I'm glad he did because I don't think I could handle killing someone. But it's like while he was in his coma I had the best sleep I've had since … since the beach" she said honestly, remembering the awful night.

Summer put a hand on her shoulder "that guy was a creep. And it doesn't make you a bad person for thinking that because he violated you. I mean he broke into your house! Of course you felt safer with him in a coma. But he's gone now. And you have Ryan" Marissa nodded at the reassurance "come on"