This was it. It was finally here. The day Ryan could leave. He woke up happy. He hadn't felt like this in a while.

"I know you have the urge to get out bed and scare everyone half to death" Seth's voice came interrupting his happiness "but my mum's right outside. And I will take you if I have to"

Ryan scoffed "you'll take me?"

"I didn't say I'd win. But you are one hand down, I'd at least tackle you"

"I don't think so man"

"Yeah I didn't either. But a guy can dream" Seth gave up


"so how you feeling?" Seth asked even though he knew Ryan wouldn't want to talk about it which he proved when his response was a shrug. "Where'd you think Trey went?"

"Dunno. Probably back to chino. Lay low until he's better"

Seth nodded. He was getting somewhere, kind of "why'd you go to see him?" he hoped he wasn't pushing it.

Ryan glared at him but then looked back down at the fascinating string on the blanket he was playing with "I don't know" he said honestly "ask him what the hell he was thinking. Maybe see the damage I did."

"What happened at his place? How'd it get so bad?" Seth didn't want to push it but as long as Ryan was talking he figured he might as well ask.

"I was just so angry at him. Not just about Marissa about everything I guess. I knew I wouldn't win in a fight against him, he did teach me to fight"

There was a moments silence and Seth was surprised when Ryan was the one who broke it.

"Can you imagine he left. I mean I was never going to speak to him again anyways. Not after what he did. But what is it with my family and leaving me? All he wrote was I was better off. Exactly what my mum said. In a note again. Is it something I'm doing? I mean I gave him a chance like you guys said. I tried with him didn't I?"

Seth was shocked. He'd never heard Ryan speak so much let alone so freely with emotion. He was now racked with guilt. It was clearly his fault that Trey left. I mean if he hadn't gone and opened his big mouth none of this would be happening "oh my god. I did again. I somehow just keep on doing it" he said loudly standing up and pacing "I honestly I don't even mean it man"

Ryan was so confused "Did they give me some kinda drugs. You're not making any sense Seth"

Seth went and sat back down "I'm the reason he left Ryan" Ryan just stared at him waiting for an explanation "I kinda spoke to Trey after he woke up. I've just- I've had all this anger and like I found out he was awake. And I said some stuff and clearly, he listened and I'm sorry. It's not you man."

"What did you say?"

"erm. Just the usual you know he betrayed you and it sucked that he couldn't see how much you believing in him meant." Seth lowered his volume "and to leave my brother alone" he mumbled

"What?" Ryan asked not fully hearing the end of Seth's sentence.

"I told him to leave my brother alone. I know. Minty. But I was just so angry, and I have been feeling so guilty for being the reason you and Trey fought and now I've chased away your brother and-"

"Thank you"

Now it was Seth's turn to look confused "what?"

"Thank you. I mean it sucks that all I got was another note. But you're right. He just… he was never going to change. And I'm glad I'm never gonna see him again. Because he'd suck me back in I know he would."

"erm okay" Seth said unsure of what to say for the first time in his life

"and you don't have to feel guilty. Nothing that happened was on you. Trey did this to himself. I'm just sorry you guys were involved"

"Ryan I know a part of you will always think that you're the reason your family keeps leaving. But I it's not. They just… they don't get it. and I guess that's just how they are. But they don't understand how family works. And you have this whole loyalty thing. But you have us. You will always have us. As minty as that is. We won't leave. Mostly because we live here."

Ryan smiled at the kind words that sounded exactly like something Sandy would say "thanks man. For everything. you're like the brother I never had" Ryan mumbled the last bit but Seth heard it

"Aww come here brother!" Seth shouted coming in for a hug, his arms wide open. Ryan glared at him not moving, Seth sat back down "yeah no I don't hug either" Ryan smiled.

The door opened and Kirsten walked in with Dr Jones beside her "Ryan I know you hate hospitals. Which means I know that you'll take it easy and listen to everything your mother tells you, otherwise you'll have to come back." Kirsten and Ryan shared an awkward look when he said mother having both corrected him about it. "You're going to be sore for a while as your wounds heal and your voice will get back to being normal in no time. I'll see you back in two weeks to remove your cast, until then cover it when you go for a shower" he looked up "that's it. you're free to go Mr Atwood"

"Thanks" Ryan nodded

"Thank you for everything Dr Jones" Kirsten said shaking his hand.

"No problem. Now that Ryan's leaving my young nurses will finally focus on their work" He smiled seeing Ryan flush red. "bye" he waved and left.

"I brought you some clothes. Why don't you change and I'll tell the nurse to bring in the wheelchair" she said putting the black bag on his bed and emptying it

"Wheelchair?" Ryan said sitting up

"Hospital policy" she shrugged

"I don't need one though" he protested

"I'll use it!" Seth said standing up. "nothing like getting a girls attention then a wheelchair"

"No Seth!" Kirsten scolded

"If you need a wheelchair man then you're doing something seriously wrong" Ryan commented pushing the blankets back.

"Okay I'm going to get the car around as well. So Seth can you bring him out"

"You mean I get the honour of pushing the wheelchair?" Ryan groaned loudly and Kirsten laughed as she left.

Ryan got up and waited a second learning from experience that he needed a moment after standing up "here let me help you" Seth said grabbing his uninjured arm "okay so I have news"


"No it's not always about Summer" Seth said rolling his eyes

Ryan glared at him "It's always about Summer man"

"well this isn't" Ryan closed the bathroom door "you've officially got your own room"

"I already have a room. It's the pool house" Ryan said.

"No dude the rents had us do up the room for you. It's the spare room near mine. Me and Summer already christened it for you…"

A nurse walked in and pushed in the wheelchair "here's the wheelchair. Does he need anything else?"

Seth eyed her recognising her as the nurse that was obviously pining over Ryan. "no he's okay" Seth laughed. If Marissa was here he'd bet there would be a cat fight. He grabbed the wheelchair "thank you though"

"Okay" she said closing the door disappointed

The door opened and Ryan walked out "you really have to tell me how you do that. I mean she hasn't even had a conversation with you-"

"christened?" Ryan asked ignoring Seth's tangent

Seth stared at Ryan and he instantly understood "SETH!" Ryan moved forward but Seth pulled the wheelchair in between them as his shield "don't worry Rosa changed the sheets" he defended

"I think I'll still with the pool house" Ryan said sitting down "you've never – in the pool house?"

"No. no. I mean I did almost that thanksgiving when Summer and Anna were over. But no"

"What's wrong with doing in your own room"

"and have captain oats see that?" Seth argued "anyways do you know what this means it means Seth/Ryan time will be more convenient. I mean if you I can't sleep; I can just come to your room and…." Ryan zoned out of Seth's rant and smiled as much he loved his 'privacy' in the pool house the idea that he'll be in the house with them was amazing. This is every kids dream, every kid who grew up the way he did dreamt that a nice family would one day take them away and they'd have everything. and it happened to him. He was going home. To his family.

Well that's it I guess. I was gonna have the normal Ryan opening up to Sandy conversation but I figure Seth and Ryan needed one. It was kinda rushed and probably not the best i've written but thanks for the reviews!