Greetings fellow readers, MasterW here.

I've been wanting to make a gamer story since a long time. It was just after reading some of the gamer stories in this site that I decided to make my own.

To those of you confused with the amount of numbers I added to the story, I apologize for that. But I wanted to make an advanced system similar to the working in LOL. You can ignore all the numbers if you want.

And to those of you wondering why I made him struggle at the beginning of the story, he is a normal person, just like everyone of us. He isn't just going to pick a weapon and become a killing machine in 1 day. He still feel fears and doubt. That's why he worked a lot to go levels above necessary, just like a Dark Souls or Bloodborne player.

Next chapters won't have all that information and will rely more on dialogues and interactions, I apologize once again for the inconvenience. Those wondering where is the "Dramatic" part of the story, it will start coming later when canon get started.

Without any further to do, enjoy!

Prologue: Press Start to Continue

Beyond the beaten path lies the absolute end.

It matters not who you are... Death awaits you.

You cannot avoid death. To live is to die; they are one in the same...

I got that clear a long time ago. I remember having to play that part a lot of times and all the dialogues of the fucking Nyx avatar got stuck in my head. Wherever you are, fuck you and your Moonless Gown.

I would die one day. That was a fact I had

What I didn't expect was that my death would come by a Peterbilt 386 with 6x6 traction and 50350 pounds of Gross Vehicle Weight rating.

And I could pretty much feel the 6x6 traction when it passed through my spine. Although after the first two wheels I was already numb and I couldn't feel the third.

Which actually worked for my favour, feeling two wheels of a 50-thousand-pound truck was already enough for me. I died like 1 minute after that.

I should probably stop monologing, but I've been in this place for…... a long time? I don't know, there is no sense of time in this place. Everything is confusing. I don't feel the passing of time, the space. It is just... existing, that's it

Just orange and green lights with rocks that join and separate all the time.

Is this the afterlife?

I don't know, I'm not knowledgeable about dying, this is a first time for me.

I don't even have a body, or at least I don't think I have since I can't feel fingers nor feet.

"[%$" *?!¡%$&]"


That sounded like an octopus gurgling in something

Where did that noise came fro-





Is enormous.

Easily drafting everything around here.

I don't know what this is.

It has like thousand of eyes, each of different shape. An enormous mouth with hundreds and hundreds of teeth in different rows. Tentacles, tentacles that seem to move each with their own will.

When I looked at it, I noticed.

Something is wrong


SoMEthing iS wRoNg


"[&%$#?!*¡? %$]"


Oh, darkness~

Integrating System

I hear voices in my head~

They council me~

Restoring sanity

They understand~

They talk to m-

Oh, that's better.

Sanity Restored

Huh, so that was my sanity being torn apart, and now its fixed.

Thanks, floating message.

You are welcome

I went from a place with lights into a void?

This is just a pre-select screen while we create you character and while we fully integrate the Gamer System into you

Character for what?

Let me present myself, I am the Gamer System, I will help you in your journey across the Omniverse

Gamer System?

So, I am a Gamer now.


But why though?

Lord Azathoth saw fit to give you tools for your ascension

Okay that makes sense.





"Wait a fucking minute"

Azathoth, as in fucking Cthulhu's great-great-grandfather?! The Blind Fool?!

An Outer God?!



He decided to experiment helping mortal beings arrive to the status of Outer Gods, so he chose you as his first experiment. We had to restore your sanity after being in his presence for more than 5 seconds since being in a presence of what is basically infinite given physical form can cause that to mortal minds.

We apologize for the inconvenience

That's nice, I guess?

I don't know how to feel about this

It is actually surprising you know about Azathoth on the first place. That saved me a lot of time

I liked Lovecraftian mythology when I was, alive I guess

Alright then, how about we start with the character selection

Fine by me

Let's start with our basics. Your race has been pre-chosen as [Human], design your new body.


Let's see.

Hair, skin, eyes… Oh, I can edit my height too, let's place it at 6'5", the perfect height, big enough to tower everyone around me. Well, depends of the world. In RWBY there is people with 7 feet on them like Yatsuhashi or Junior. From Dragon ball Piccolo is 7 feet and Cell in his final form is too. I used to look for the height of every character in anime or videogames I knew. I still don't know the height of Bloodborne or Dark souls' humanoid bosses. But I at least know the doll is fucking 7 feet. I dislike small protagonist, I always felt small discomfort when seeing a protagonist smaller than all the characters, apart from the default height in anime being 160 cm which is the average in Japan,

I'm just to edit another couple of unimportant things that could be useful in the future.

And done.

Character completed, choose your name

Finally, fingers!

Oh, how I missed thee.


Let's go with….

Stats generated

Aaron Blackheart

Level – 0

Class- None

Race – Human

HP – 100 [20 per minute]

MP – 100 [20 per 30 seconds]

SP – 100 [20 per 30 seconds]

STR – 10

END – 10

DEX – 10

INT – 10

WIS – 10

CHR – 10

LCK – 10


IMA – 100

PP – 10

HP – END x 10

MP – INT x 10

SP – END x 10

HP Regen – END x 2

MP Regen – WIS x 2

SP Regen – END x 2

I get most stats mean. But I don't get the last 3.

POINTS refer to Stat Points, each level grants you 10 Stat Point that you can use to increase a Stat of you choosing, you can also obtain or upgrade skills by using POINTS. Each level also grants 5 to every Stat.

IMA refers to Interdimensional Money Account, each level grants you 100 IMA and it can be converted to the currency of the world you are present in a 1:1 conversion, example 1 IMA converts to 1 dollar, enemies can also drop IMA points that are Auto-Looted by the System

PP refer to Perk Points. Can be obtained by completing quest or by other Perks. You can unlock Perks by doing specific actions and then you can buy the Perks you have unlocked. Perks might also be unlocked by default to buy at the beginning of every world or obtain in quest.

Many things to micromanage, but I like the difficulty.

But wait, why I don't have a class?

First class is unlocked at Level 5

So, I need to go up 5 levels to unlock one of the most important mechanics in The Game.

This is Bloodborne all over again, but at least I don't have to fight a boss to obtain insight and then to Level up, fucking Cleric Beast.

Skill Gained

[Gamer's Mind] (Passive)

-Allows the user to calmly and logically think.

-Grants immunity to psychological attacks and status effects.

Skill Gained

[Gamer's Body] (Passive)

-Grants a body that behaves like a videogame body.

Skill Gained

[Observe] (Active)

-Provides information on any target

My first skills, nice!

Your first 3 world are pre-chosen and they will be a secret until the user discover the name of the world, he is in.

Why is that?

I mean, you can just tell me the name of the world. Why wouldn't you?

This was designed this way from the start.

Fine, keep your secrets. Let's just start the jump already.

Starting in 5.






Light! Too much! Ugh!

Rubbing my eyes, I look to my surroundings. I am sitting against a tree somewhere? So maybe a fantasy world or something like that. I need to discover the world I am currently in.

Standing up I sense a little unbalanced, I have been too long without a body. I used to wear glasses but it seems the [Gamers Body] corrected it. That works for me, I will have to get accustomed to not having them, I used to try to arrange them even when I didn't have them on. Let's see, black hair long enough to cover my forehead and my skin is porcelain white, vermillion red eyes. I look like an edgy anime protagonist, just what I fully intended. My charisma isn't high enough to work with my appearance, but we will work on that later. First the power, then the bitches.

At last, it seems I am here finally. Cracking my knuckles, my neck and my hip, I stretch in the middle of the forest. Testing my new body, I try to flex as much as I can. It seems the [Gamers Body] help me with a lot of things. I jump as high as I can and I manage to go up at least 30 inches from the ground.

Everything seems to work perfectly. I wiggle my fingers for one last time before nodding to myself

Now, what should a do?

Quest Added

[A New Home]

Objective - Find civilization

Reward – Tutorial weapon, Tutorial Enemies, One Level up

Cliché first quest, that works, I guess. At least I get to level up and a weapon. I'm not sure about the enemies though. I would prefer to get a class before having to fight against anything. Let's get this over with, then.

I have the objective to become as strong as an Outer God, which means basically omnipotence and a lot of things. I am sure a Tutorial world will be easy. They wouldn't sent me to a place like Warhammer 40k for the first world.

Walking to any direction, I discover a road nearby. I will follow the road for a couple of minutes to see if I find any place for me to travel.

A road sign appears and I rush towards it

-Welcome to Redgrave City-

I know that name. Is one of the few games I played before dying. Then if I am where I think I am….

World discovered

DMC: Devil May Cry (Original Timeline)


Of all started worlds the Game choose DMC. A place with God Demons, reality slashing weapons and human eating trees?

I will have a lot of work to do

At least it is DMC and not DmC. I don't want to deal with gangster demons and Donte. I'm not calling him Dante. It will be disrespectful to the legendary demon hunter. If I ever get strong enough, I will just go to that world to kill everyone in it. And steal every weapon in there.

Quest Complete

[A New Home]

Objective – Find civilization

Reward – Tutorial weapon, Tutorial Enemies, One Level up

You levelled up

Weapon obtained

[Iron Longsword] - Rank: Uncommon

Requirement-STR 10

A well-crafted sharp weapon used for cutting and slashing and with very good range.

Deals (20 + (STR x 2)) physical damage

Special Ability: [Unbreakable]

Technically, I found civilization, or at least remnants of civilization. I don't know where in the timeline I am. DMC 5 happened on Redgrave, meaning that if I am on the DMC 5 times, the moment I arrive I will see a giant tree in the middle of the city.

Let's just use the weapon then.

I grab the weapon and swing it a bit.

It seems I have the perfect grip for it, with 15 STR that I gained when I levelled up, I have a little bit more than the requirements for it. Appropriate weapon for the build I have plans forming.

By the way, didn't the quest also said I would unlock the Tutorial Enemies?


That sounded oddly familiar.

Turning, I see a dozen of… Is that Scarecrows? Aren't those supposed to appear in DMC4?

Well, Tutorial Enemies. Let's deal with them.

Scarecrow (Arm)

Level 3

HP- 200

At least they are beatable.

Quest added

[The Start of the Devil Hunter]

Start your Devil hunting Career

-Objective: Defeat all the Scarecrows

-Additional Objective 1: Win under 2 minutes

-Additional Objective 2: Win without receiving damage

Reward: [ID Create] skill

Additional Reward 1: One Level Up, Random skill

Additional Reward 2: [Devil Hunter] perk, [Scarecrow's Executioner Blade] weapon.

You want me to defeat 12 Scarecrows with a simple iron sword in 2 minutes or without receiving damage even though while they are level 3 and I am level 1. Is there a setting to change difficulty or something like that?

Fine, have it your way.

"Well, hello there"

Is a shame they aren't Star Wars fans. Because the moment I spoke they started attacking me. How rude.

One Scarecrow span towards me which I just sidestepped and slashed downwards with the Steel sword. I can cause 50 raw damage. Meaning I need 4 hits to kill them.

The strategy on the games was to keep attacking them. Since they are so weak, we can attack a lot of them at the same time and they kill die easily. The problem was getting surrounded by them and the leg ones. Luckily, they are same as the games. When I attacked it, the Scarecrow released black substance and it weighed almost nothing so my attack causes it to stagger. Another one span towards me, I raised the sword and used it to defend myself.

The sword against the Scarecrow's blade released sparks from the friction. Using my 15 STR I pushed the demon forward to stab it 4 times as fast as I could.

[Gained 50 IMA]

You levelled up

Good, more stats for me.

I rushed towards another one of these Scarecrows and slash two times, downward and upwards. I then jump into it stomping its face. While falling I stab another one and twist my sword in its inside.

After getting my sword my free I cut in a wide arc to get as many as I can. I get 4 of those like this while the others jump to kill me. Moving backwards I evade the attack and I take a small breath.

This is more difficult than I though. They are a big group and I don't have an overpowered weapon like Red Queen or Rebellion. Just a simple iron sword. Besides, I am just a human and they are 11 Lesser Demon. Lady was able to kill demon because she had demon killing weapons.

I need more power.

Aaron Blackheart

Level – 2

Class- None

Race – Human

HP – 200 [40 per minute]

MP – 200 [40 per 30 seconds]

SP – 90 [40 per 30 seconds]

STR – 20

END – 20

DEX – 20

INT – 20

WIS – 20

CHR – 20

LCK – 20


IMA – 350

PP – 10

HP – END x 10

MP – INT x 10

SP – END x 10

HP Regen – END x 2

MP Regen – WIS x 2

SP Regen – END x 2

All the points to strength for now, I would have preferred dexterity but my sword work with the strength stat.

Aaron Blackheart

Level – 2

Class- None

Race – Human

HP – 200 [40 per minute]

MP – 200 [40 per 30 seconds]

SP – 200 [40 per 30 seconds]

STR – 40

END – 20

DEX – 20

INT – 20

WIS – 20

CHR – 20

LCK – 20


IMA – 350

PP – 10

HP – END x 10

MP – INT x 10

SP – END x 10

HP Regen – END x 2

MP Regen – WIS x 2

SP Regen – END x 2

I could feel my muscle becoming stronger. The grip on my sword strengthened. The sword already causes 20 damage plus 80 from my strength bonus makes it 100 points of damage in just one swing.

Good, just what I needed.

Yes, with this I will kill then all, I can cause enough damage to kill them with just 2 hits and have a little more to waste.

Now, just kill

Slashing forward I can see the results. The Scarecrows now stagger much more and I have more strength to use. So, using a 360 rotation I hit at least 6 of them, so I decide to rotate another time in the opposite direction.

[Gained 300 IMA]

You levelled up

Only five left.

I slash quickly the closes one and then moved to the other. My stamina is already low, I will waste it all killing the remaining 5 Tutorial Enemies.










[Gained 250 IMA]

That was pathetic.

Horribly pathetic.

I just had to struggle to kill fucking Scarecrows in the DMC world where there are enemies like Blitz, Frost and bosses like a Demon God and a demon that can create universe.

I am weak, pathetically weak. At least now I am more versed in fighting.

Just give me my rewards game.

Quest Completed

[The Start of the Devil Hunter]

Start your Devil hunting Career

-Objective: Defeat all the Scarecrows

-Additional Objective 1: Win under 2 minutes

-Additional Objective 2: Win without receiving damage

Reward: [ID Create] skill

Additional Reward 1: One level up, [Magic Materialization] skill

Additional Reward 2: [Devil Hunter] perk, [Scarecrow's Executioner Blade] weapon.

Skill Added

[ID Create] (Active)

-Creates an Instant Dungeon

Dungeons available:

[Lesser Demons]

Finally, the tool every gamer needs. Just needed to complete the tutorial to obtain it.

Additional Objective 1 completed

You levelled up

STR has reached 50, perk has been added.

[Brute Force]

You can double you STR stat for 15 minutes once a day

So, I get perks by levelling up to factors of 50, well, that is nice.

Skill Added

[Magic Materialization (Novice)] (Active)

MP variable with use

Transforms your MP into various objects. MP consumption depends on the size of the object. To create advanced and complex objects you need to know all the details of the objects.

Object rank available:


Isn't this from Dragon ball?

The famous Clothes Beam that Piccolo used?

Well, at least I know I can create things on the future, if I upgrade this, I might be able to recreate weapons like Yamato and Rebellion. I'm sure I will overuse this a lot in the future. It will take a lot before I can create highest rank objects like making clothes, but it will be worth it.

Additional Objective 2 completed

Perk Added

[Devil Hunter]

The title of someone who has slain devils with efficiency. Obtain 1 PP for each demon slain

So now I have a way to obtain PP.

I was wondering when I would get a way to obtain perk points. But I can see a catch in this. It says I only obtain one PP for each demon. So, I will only obtain 1 PP for demon, it doesn't matter which demon I kill. I can kill Mundus and I will not matter, I will only obtain 1 PP.

Well, at least this will work when I kill hordes of demon. Let's see the other thing

Object obtained

[Scarecrow's Executioner Blade] – Rank: Rare

Requirements: 50 STR, 40 DEX

It is the same blade the Scarecrows carry on their arm and leg. Just like the one Nero used in DMC4 intro. I don't meet the requirements yet so I will wait a little until I know I can use it. [ID Create] will be fundamental for me to become strong since the beginner demons are already a problem. I don't want to see what other enemies are like. I am sure it will take a lot more to kill them. It seems I can't look to its full description until I meet the requirements, I will deal with that later

I can't just create a home using [Magic Materialization] because I don't think I have the necessary MP. Besides, I think electricity or water won't be included unless I add a magical way to use them or I add my house to the city's.

For the moment, I need to move to Redgrave to see where in the timeline I am.

I managed to find a good hotel in Redgrave city. I rented the room for 3 days, goodbye 450 IMA. I didn't see any giant human-eating tree nor anything different. Redgrave was just as big as DMC5 with a lot of streets and stores.

What was interesting is the cars and people, they all look ancient. I remember seeing in DMC 5 normal cars but there are only cars from 1950s downwards. I walked looking to the city only to discover a lot of men dressed in suit and women dressed in high dresses. Which actually would explain why the newspaper I bought has the year "1959".

Not only sent me to DMC but also sent me years before cannon even happens. I remember reading DMC3 happened at least in the 90s, meaning I have a lot of time to plan on what to do.

First, I am in Redgrave city, meaning I can influence in a lot of things about Dante and Vergil's childhood. I could also stop their mother, Eva, from being killed by Mundus' soldiers. And finally, on the DMC5 story I can be a big influence for the protagonists.

Well, I will think about that later.

For now, let's check some things.

Aaron Blackheart

Level – 4

Class- None

Race – Human

HP – 300 [60 per minute]

MP – 300 [60 per 30 seconds]

SP – 300 [60 per 30 seconds]

STR – 50

END – 30

DEX – 40

INT – 30

WIS – 30

CHR – 30

LCK – 30


IMA – 750

PP – 10

HP – END x 10

MP – INT x 10

SP – END x 10

HP Regen – END x 2

MP Regen – WIS x 2

SP Regen – END x 2

I had to kill the double of enemies to get a level. Luckily, I have [ID Create] to help me with that.

I moved 10 of the points I have to DEX, and with that I can perfectly use the [Scarecrow's Executioner Blade] but too close for my comfort. When I level up again, I will use the 10 points to increase STR and DEX again and then I will focus on other essential stats like END, because I obviously need more health and health regeneration if I want to keep fighting against demons. MP isn't important right now because I don't have skills that require it.

Speaking of skills, I will also save a lot of points to get more skills. I only have one and it is still useless. Apart from making clothes and small daggers I can't do anything more.

First, I need to get a class. Then I will have to upgrade every skill that comes with the class to my personal minimum, which is at least medium level.

I already asked the Game about skills and proficiency, and it told me this.

Skill Proficiency Rank






A lot of ranks to get a skill to a maximum level. But I can bet it will be worth it.

What is important is this.

Object obtained

[Scarecrow's Executioner Blade] – Rank: Rare

Requirements: 50 STR, 40 DEX

A weapon made from both demonic and human materials that is usually attached to the Scarecrows, only those strong enough might be able to carry it.

Deals (100 + (STR + DEX)) Physical Damage

Deal 5% Lifesteal

Durability: 300/300

The weapon I obtained. It seems this one has durability, which is great and all but I will explain that later. It has an extra stat called "Lifesteal". I asked the Game and it showed me this.

[Available Skills]

[Available Perks]

[Advanced Stats]

These is this menu with advanced stats. I clicked it and this appeared.

Armor Penetration (STR/10 x 100%, Weapons, Skills, Perks)

5% (No bonus)

Lifesteal (Perk, Skills or Weapons)

0 (+5%)

Attack Speed (DEX/10 x 1/s)

4/s (Attacks per second)

Critical Strike chance (LCK/10 x 100%, Perks, Skills or Weapons)


Armour (Perks, or Armour items)


Item Drop (LCK based stat)

Common: 15% (LCK/2 x 100%)

Uncommon: 3.75% (LCK/8 x 100%)

Rare: 0.93% (LCK/32 x 100%)

Super Rare: 0.23% (LCK/128 x 100%)

Legendary: 0.06% (LCK/512 x 100%)


This numbers hurt my head. Of all things I had to deal with, it had to be math. Really, Azathoth created this entire complex system with all these subsystems inside, just what I expected from an Outer God that has lived for eons.

Sasuga, Azathoth-sama.

These four small stats depend on a lot of things. Some enemies might have enough armour to clear off my attacks so with armour penetration I can cause damage even though they have armour. Let's say their armour in impenetrable and it can shrug off 100% of the damage cause, my armour penetration will always let 5% of the damage I make pass through the armour. If I get 100% percent armour penetration, I will be able to pass though vibranium armour and kill however is inside. Your shield doesn't look that strong now captain.

Now Lifesteal means I can recover life from doing damage, 5% means that all the damage I make I will get 5% of it in life. If I cause 100 damage, I will recover 5 HP. That way I will always be able to come on top if I cause enough damage.

Critical Strike Chance is the possibility of causing a Critical attack. A critical attack cause 200% extra of the damage I make, if I can cause 100 damage I will and make a critical I can cause 300%. I will look forward to that obviously.

Item Drop is self-explanatory, but at least I know the ranks of the weapons I can get, and apparently, I can get more than one weapon at a time. Meaning that if I have 100% on all stats, I will get 5 weapons for killing one enemy.

Weapons have durability but up to a rank according to this or if they have an special ability like [Unbreakable] from by other sword. From Common to Rare weapons have durability that can be increased using abilities and when durability falls it can be repaired using sharpening tools or abilities of other classes.

Armour means that I can reduce the damage caused to me by a percentage. If I have 50 armour and someone causes me 100 damage, I will receive only 50 damage. Just simple reduction, the better the armour the better the reduction.

Now the interesting one is attack speed. I can make 4 attack per second, which might be a lot if I consider how much damage I can cause. But counter-point, let's go back to DMC3.

Vergil can kill at the minimum 8 demons in 1 second, and that was before DMC 5 where he ate the Qliphoth fruit to obtain power equal to Mundus. And don't let me started in his Judgement Cut, where he cut so fast it doesn't seem like he unsheathed his blade. All those slices that he can cause are in less than a second

I still have time before canon, so I need to become strong enough to fight against Mundus when DMC1 happens. That and create myself a reputation as a devil hunter.

By the way, demons aren't that rare, sometimes demons appear in the middle of a city or on any street. Since normal human can't deal with them effectively, there is a lot of casualties before the demons are killed.

More things to add to my plans.

For now, let's level up.

[Lesser Demons] dungeon activated

Choose your stage.

-DMC 1

-DMC 2

-DMC 3

-DMC 4

-DMC 5

-Combined Mode (Blocked)

I can choose a stage?

Well, that actually works for me. DMC 3 has a lot of low-level demons I can kill so let's go with that.

But what about Combined mode. How do I get that one?

To unlock [Combined Mode] you need to clear all previous stages.

Loadable. Fine. Let's kill some demons.

The world around me shattered and I instantly appear in yellow zone with mountains of trash and among other things. The most notable was spikes that seemed to have faces. The mountain of yellow trash signal is grouped in a way that signals a linear path for me.

This is actually DMC 5's third? Fourth? Bloody Palace stage.

Huh, so much for originality, I guess.

Following the yellow zone, I enter a big round area, as big as a stadium. From the ground black spot group together to make a recognizable demon.

Hell Pride

Level 5

HP – 500

A lot of those, I can count 25. I take out the [Scarecrow's Executioner Blade] and while I am at it, I place my remaining points into DEX, that way I will only need 2 hit to kill the Hell Prides. 5 attacks per second makes it that I can kill at least 1 Hell Pride per second.

DEX has reached 50, perk has been added.

[Flow Step]

Move without stopping for 15 seconds and you obtain an invisible shield that blocks attacks of any kind for 1 second. Shield will reload the same way after being used and it can be reloaded outside battle.

That actually could be beneficial, by a lot. Imagine a boss launching an unavoidable attack, what I need to do is keep moving until I get the shield up and then just receive the attack. The boss would have waisted his attack and I came out untouched.

I rush towards the nearest Hell Pride and I slash it 5 times in a row. Feeling the new DEX my hand moves faster and more refined. The Hell Pride barely has time to anything and its already death.

[Gained 50 IMA]

[Gained 1 PP]

Same IMA and 1 PP thanks to my Devil Hunter bonus. I evaded one attack of an oncoming Hell Pride, and I slice it fully with my blade

I don't have any quest that require me to come out uninjured, so….

"Let's have some fun"

Even after killing 25 Hell Prides, I only managed to go up only miserable level. Even so, 25 was very difficult, I used the [Flow Step] shield at least 3 times thanks to demons that tried to strike me in the back. Not something I like.

But well, let's get my first class.

Aaron Blackheart

Level – 5

Class- None

Race – Human

HP – 350 [70 per minute]

MP – 350 [70 per 30 seconds]

SP – 350 [70 per 30 seconds]

STR – 55

END – 35

DEX – 55

INT – 35

WIS – 35

CHR – 35

LCK – 35


IMA – 2100

PP – 35

HP – END x 10

MP – INT x 10

SP – END x 10

HP Regen – END x 2

MP Regen – WIS x 2

SP Regen – END x 2

I just needed one more to go to level 6.

Well, at least I get to choose a class now.

Level 5 has been reached

Please select a class

[Fighter] [Spellcaster] [Acolyte] [Hunter] [Production] [Wanderer]

That's a lot of classes to choose from. I guess the reason why Spellcaster isn't with Acolyte is that a Spellcaster focuses more on combat and priest works more for healing. Fighter is the one that specializes in combat so I guess is the most appropriate for me. I'm already using swords to fight so I will go with it for now. Hunter must be those specialized in stealth and traps, maybe archers and thief counts of that class. Production must be all those classes that specialize in manufacturing like Blacksmith, alchemist or something like that, useful in the future. Wanderer is a full mystery to me so I will choose it after I have enough skill to deal with whatever comes.

Please select a specialization

[Warrior] [Berserker] [Paladin]

I won't go Berserker or Paladin until much later. Berserker is pure damage and too aggressive for my liking, and Paladin uses holy weapons and skills which I will not use until I can get a lot stronger and when I feel like using shields. Warrior will have to do for now

Class Gained

[Warrior] – LVL 5/100 [0%]

Skill Gained

[Sword Proficiency (Novice)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to use swords decently

[Hammer Proficiency (Novice)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to use hammers decently

[Axes Proficiency (Novice)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to use axes decently

[Shield Proficiency (Novice)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to use every type of shield decently

[Armour Proficiency (Novice)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to use every type of armour decently

[Martial Arts Proficiency (Novice)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to use every type of martial arts decently

[Warrior's Observe (Novice)] (Active)

Obtain information about someone is fighting style and fighting skills

I feel my brain overload with a lot of information and techniques of all the weapons available for me. A small headache before the [Gamers Mind] healed it. At least I just need 5 levels to get skills for my class.

"Well, that took too long for my liking"

I grab the [Scarecrow's Executioner Blade] and swing it in one arm. I can feel more adapted to using this weapon, but still inadequate to use it to its full potential.

In the middle of the stage I was fighting in a black spot appeared. From the black spot emerged a very familiar boss. Another skeleton but bigger and with a shinning scythe.

Hell Vanguard

Level – 15

HP – 2500

Holy shit!

This is the triple my level and you want me to kill it just after getting a class?!

Can I escape?

[ID Escape] available after beating the first dungeon boss at least once.

This is going to hurt.

The Hell Vanguard shouts in my direction his weird scream/laugh while swinging his scythe towards me. My mind knowing more sword techniques gave the knowledge necessary to parry that attack. Swinging my blade to the same direction as the demon the two clashed releasing a spark.

The Hell Vanguard flinched back while I took the chance to throw and attack towards it. I launched 5 attack in one second, the demon received 4 of them but it parried the last one making me flinch. It took me one second to realise I stopped moving and my shield stopped reloading. The demon took this chance to throw its own attack towards me with its scythe.

My chest received the attack as I was launched away thanks to the impact

-80 HP




It hurts!

It is the first time I've ever received and attack from an enemy since I became a gamer and it took 80 HP. Another 4 or 5 of those and I'm dead. I can't let this simple starter boss kill me. I'm supposed to be stronger than anyone else, but this monster that Dante defeated with a couple of pistols and a sword needs 3 hits to kill me!

I only have 270 HP left, 4 more of those and I'm dead. I can't let myself be defeated like that!

"Alright motherfucker, come and get-wait, where did it go?!"

The fucking demon wasn't there.

-120 HP





I fell to the ground holding my side while having ragged breathing.




Without any hesitation I ran away.

I ran from the tutorial boss. I could hear the demon laughing from behind.

I don't care, I just want to live

I ran until my legs started hurting and rested myself against a pile of yellow trash, holding my head down while wetness appeared at the corner of my eyes. My hands are trembling...

I can't leave this place until I beat that son of a bitch, meaning I'm trapped here until then.




What I'm going to do?!

This was suppose to be a game.

Why does it feel so painful?!

Why didn't the [Gamer's Body] stopped the pain?!

Isn't that supposed to be its job?!

The [Gamer's Body] function is to act like a Videogame Character's body.

Then why am I feeling so much pain?!

In some videogames when a character level ups their body changes according to the stats, so the same happens with the [Gamer's Body] and it will regenerate most wounds the body receives without any scar

In addition, it is never said in videogames that characters can't feel pain.

Usually when a character is hit, it releases a grunt in pain and tends to be knocked back by the attack.

That... actually makes sense...


What am I supposed to do now?

I am too afraid to go back to that demon. I could probably wait until I get my full HP back, but that demon is stronger than me. If these are the enemies from now on, I prefer to just level up enough so that I can't live a life without worries. No getting into fight anymore

And I'm not a Half-Human Half-Demon badass with a sword that has skulls and bones.

I'm just a level 5 player.

In accordarce to the way I was created, I'm allowed to give you a help.

You can?


Here, buy this.

Perk: [Cold Heart] (Active)

Close your heart to anything. Control emotions of your own choice to the level you want

Cost: 25 PP

Control my emotions?

You mean I can control my fear with this?


Let's try it out then.

I bought the skill and...

Nothing happened... There isn't a menu or anything

What should I do now?

You need to command your perk to do what you want, be it mentally or outspoken

That's it?

Controlling the perk. Very good tutorial. Any more information

That's what all I'm allowed to say

Souls Series tutorial, got it.

Let's try it then.

"Cold Heart: Null Fear"

(Cold Heart: Fear has been disabled)


This feels completely different.

The trembling of my hands disappeared, the coldness of my shoulder dispersed.

This is amazing.

But I can't let myself grow complacent.

"Cold Heart: Null Happiness"

(Cold Heart: Happiness has been disabled)

"Cold Heart: Null Sadness"

(Cold Heart: Sadness has been disabled)

And I continued until most emotions were nullified.

Only those that inspire me to fight like determination and composedness

No longer happiness, only thought.

No emotion, only peace

No longer sadness, only content

No longer passion, just serenity.

So this is what being Jedi feels like.


Turning back to the path I ran away from. I turned my eyes with decisiveness. Waiting enough so that my full HP is restored

Walked to the boss fight

The Hell Vanguard received me with a mocking laughter.

If didn't work on me.

I held the [Scarecrow's Executioner Blade] tight in both my hands. Trying a posture that would give advantage in most sides. My back is the most difficult point and since it can teleport I need to concentrate in sounds coming from behind.

The Hell Vanguard started with an overhead slash from its scythe. Knowing what to do I immediately parry the attack making the demon's scythe be thrown back. But then it sliced downwards again.

This time I evaded to the right and then lunged with a thrust of my blade. My attack went right into its torso. I sliced downward and then upwards after that but then the demon started defending with its scythe, so I backed away.

Its black cloak grew in side before disappeared in shadows and I immediately remembered what it was going to do.

My shadow grew in size for a second before the Hell Vanguard sprouted from it. I managed to escaped being hit by jumping as the demon was appearing.

The Hell Vanguard landed on front of me swinging its scythe in a taunt. Something I took advantage off by hitting it 3 times before the demon deflected the 4th attack and replied with its own downward slice.

I evaded to the left, but then the Hell Vanguard swung again, too fast for me to reply.

-80 HP

It hurts. But I'm no longer afraid of pain.

A little disorienting feeling pain without having any reaction from the body. No surprise, no sadness, no fear. A little bit of disappointed because I received damage, which reminded me I forgot to null that.

It doesn't really matter, why?

Let me demonstrate.

The demon swung its scythe once again in a upwards slice. This time I jumped over the slice, reaching at least 8 feet thanks to my stats and landing behind the Hell Vanguard.

Immediately I swung my weapon.

+11 HP

See, lifesteal.

The stat this weapon had.

So as long as I'm swinging and hitting anything, I will be recovering HP.

So, I swung again, not wasting the chance of defeating this demon. Its HP is dropping quickly, I need to keep this pace.

The Hell Vanguard deflected my attack once again and screamed before disappeared in smoke.

I concentrated in my ears, letting them hear the demon before it attacked.

And I heard it.

From behind, a poof kind of sound appeared, letting me now where the demon appeared.

Without looking I dodged. The demon moving pass me before disappeared in another cloud of smoke.

From my right side, the distinctive scream of the demon resounded, letting me now where it was coming from, I jumped backwards and the demon passed in front of me, allowing me to see how it swung crazily its scythe.

And it continued for at least 3 times from every direction.

After that, the demon came from the front, swinging its scythe towards me. I looked to the path of the scythe and replied with my own blade.


My blade met its scythe halfway its swing. It opened another opportunity for me to swing, and I did. I swung again from every direction 3 times before it deflected the 4th and it countered with a swing of its scythe.

I jumped backwards to evaded its attack. The Hell Vanguard screamed and turned into a puff of smoke while raising its scythe. I deflected and attacked another 3 times. This time for good, as the demon released a different scream.

It's over.

The Hell Vanguard disappeared in smoke, this time not teleporting, but dying for good.

Fucking finally

[Gained 1500 IMA]

[Gained 1 PP]

You levelled up

Fucking starter world, everything is difficult.

Why didn't you let me choose a race, it could have been perfect being a Hybrid, or at least give me a devil arm to help in my endeavor

Dungeon re-spawning in 1 minute.

Want to continue?

Fine, just ignore me.

And no. Let's go back to the hotel room. I have been here for far too long. A lot of enemies and here I'm suffering with the tutorial boss.

A portal appears in front me and I jump in reappearing in the hotel room. I let myself fall to the floor, not wanting to dirty the sheet with blood, that would be too awkward for the cleanup crew.

Looking at the clock I see it has been…. Less than a second?

The hell?

Time dilatation occurs when entering inside a dungeon. 1 day inside and instant dungeon equals 1 second in the real world.

You are telling me I could farm for 1 entire year and only 3 minutes would pass in the real world?





That will be useful

Very useful.

I will probably use that in a situation where the enemy is stronger than me. I go away for 5 seconds and come back stronger.

Either than or being able to farm without worrying about canon timeline.

For now...

I need more power...

My objective is to become a being powerful enough to fight against an Outer God. And that's what I will do.

Quest Added


Obtain power comparable to that of an Outer God.

Reward: [Outer God] race

I'm going to make this work.

Weeks Later


It was another day in Redgrave. Everyone doing their own things, enjoying their own life, that is until demons appeared, again. It is a common occurrence here in Redgrave, where there is a group of demons attacking at least twice a week.

She lost a friend that way, all because of those demons. And even so, she can't but felt interested in them. Ever since she saw a demon for the first time, she has been interested in what they are, in what they could do. A dangerous behaviour of course, but she couldn't help but be intrigued.

Are demons as clueless minds as people say?

Perhaps they have thoughts, personalities, ambitions. Maybe they can cry too, the same as humans.

Of course, her curiosity made her be on the middle of a demon attack. A dozen of skeleton wielding scythes appeared in the fountain plaza, she was there wandering around, and when the demons appeared, she didn't run away like everybody else but hid to see the demons up-close.

It was a stupid decision; she was defenseless when the scythe wielding skeleton tried to kill her. She closed her eyes, waiting for the demon to kill her, but nothing came. She opened them and saw somethi – no – someone standing on top of the demon.

He was a beautiful man, his face without any imperfection that showcased a cold impassive face with lips that formed a thin line. Short hair, as black as the night sky. Eyes red like blood that seemed to shine a crimson light. Pale skin that contrasted against his black coat. He was tall, towering against her by a lot. Her eyes moved to the weapon he wielded in his arm. A large straight blade drenched in black blood that obviously came from the devil he just killed.

The demons stopped moving, instead, they all turned their attention to the man. The people around also stopped running, watching the man with widened eyes.

"Time to clean up this mess" He spoke with an elegant voice that carried authority of a general.

In a single second, he appeared in front of another demon and sliced it effortlessly with his blade. The demons screamed as they rushed towards him. He didn't even turn to them as he evaded their attacks.

His movements were gracious, like a dancer. But his attacks carried weight and power to exterminate the demons.

He just kills the demons without suffering a single injury. People watched astonished. After he killed all the demons they cheered, happiness, hope, all kind of emotions carried in their cheers.

The police finally arrived and moved immediately to the man. She wasn't close enough to hear the conversation, but she managed to hear two very important words

"Devil Hunter"

Someone specialized in devils. From that moment, she was interested in him.

She started following him.

Every time demons appeared; he was there to kill them. Every time he fought, he seemed to become better, faster, stronger. She hid herself when watching him, not having enough courage to ask him what she wants to know. Maybe he knows about demons. Maybe he knows if they can feel emotions, or maybe he is just someone with enough power to kill them and doesn't care about that.

This time, he fought demons in an empty street. She watched as he cleaved through a horde of giant skeleton demons. He fought them with the same grace as he always had. The battle ended in a matter of minutes.

Before going away, he seemed to stop to look around. His eyes stopping in the corner she was hiding. She moved out of his vision by planting her back to the wall.

Waiting a couple of seconds, she peeked a little bit only to see him gone. Releasing a relieved sigh. She moved to go home.

"This is no place for a girl"

She was stopped by a very familiar voice.


[Cold Heart] was useful.

Very useful.

I noticed my fear came from being weak with the demons, something I brought with me from my gamer life before.

Fear of losing, but this time, multiplied by 6 since losing means death. No just death and return back to checkpoint, but full soul disappearance death.

And I don't want that.

I don't want to die.

That's why it took me at least a week before returning to the dungeons.

Nullifying most of my emotions every time i entering, and over the course of 2 weeks, I grew strong.

Strong enough so that my confidence grew.

This brought me back memories of my Bloodborne times. I always loved farming, the feeling of getting stronger and stronger. So strong that any enemy is killed with minimal effort.

DMC 1 had the marionettes as enemies and then the boss were a trio of Nobodies.

DMC 2 had Msiras as enemies and a Savage Golem as a boss.

DMC 4 has the Scarecrows and then a trio of Mega Scarecrows as bosses.

DMC 5 had Empusas and a Empusa Queen as a boss.

My level was so high even clearing all the dungeons became useless. I killed at least 6 hundred demons in total. Thankfully, my strategy was resting for 8 hours in the real world, and then go back to the dungeon to kill demons and repeat 5 times

But anyways, it worked at least.

Aaron Blackheart

Level – 109

Class – Blade Master [LVL 9/100]

Race – Human

HP – 75500 [6040 per minute]

MP – 60000 [5240 per 30 seconds]

DEM – 60000 [5240 per 30 seconds]

SP – 75500 [6040 per 30 seconds]

STR – 575

END – 755

DEX – 675

INT – 600

WIS – 655

CHR – 800

LCK – 755


IMA – 31421

PP – 331

HP – END x 100

MP – INT x 100

DEM – INT x 100

SP – END x 100

HP Regen – END x 8

MP Regen – WIS x 8

DEM Regen – WIS x 8

SP Regen – END x 8

Not even close to my goal, but it works at least for my plans. Thanks to a lot of perks I managed to get while levelling up I got enhanced stats by a lot.

You might be wondering, what does DEM means.

It stands for Demonic Energy. Turns out, each world has their own type of energy available. Like Dragon Ball has Ki, Naruto has Chakra, One Piece has Haki, and so on. Devil May Cry has Demonic Energy, or DEM. I unlocked it by buying this perk.

[Demonic Energy]

Unlock the DEM stat.

Each world has the same perk which I can buy to unlock the different types of energy available. So I basically have another type of MP since the two behave the same, with the exception of Demonic Energy being more volatile.

I saved points to use in skills. But the skills I got with my classes where better.

[Sword Proficiency (Divine)] (Passive)

Knowledge about using a sword with godlike mastery.

[Hammer Proficiency (Divine)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to use hammers with godlike mastery

[Axes Proficiency (Divine)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to axes with godlike mastery

[Shield Proficiency (Divine)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to use every type of shield with godlike mastery

[Armour Proficiency (Divine)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to use every kind of armour with godlike mastery

[Martial Arts Proficiency (Divine)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to use martial arts with godlike mastery

Those are the most important skill, the first I obtained when using the Warrior class, and the last that upgraded. Each 5 levels the class gave me skills, and a lot where like this.

[Terra Triple] (Active)

2000 SP to cast

Slice in a radius of 12 meters. Each enemy inside the radius receives physical damage equal to (STR+DEX/2)

15 seconds of cooldown

[Weakening Strike] (Active)

1500 SP to cast

Causes and injury in the target that halves all stats for 12 seconds.

15 seconds of cooldown

[Counter] (Active)

1500 SP to cast

Blocks and deflects 50% of an attack.

30 seconds of cooldown

[Full Counter] (Active)

1500 SP to cast

Blocks and deflects 150% damage of an attack

300 seconds of cooldown

[Sweeping blade] (Active)

2000 SP to cast

Dash towards a target and from any distance and deal. (DEX/2). Cannot use in the same target for 10 seconds

1 second of cooldown.

[Combo Strike] (Active)

3000 SP to cast.

Deal a number of attacks equal to (DEX/5) in one second.

15 seconds of cooldown

[Cross Parry] (Active)

2000 SP to cast

You can parry a frontal attack with your sword. Not all attacks can be parried.

5 seconds of cooldown

[Traverse Cut] (Active)

500 SP to cast

You can attack any chosen objective even at a distance. The attack can pass though other targets without causing damage, only the chosen target will be hit.

20 seconds of cooldown.

[Over End] (Active)

10000 MP to cast

Double the stats of any weapon with mana for 30 seconds

45 seconds of cooldown.

There is a lot more skills that I bought with my points. But here is the most important of all.

[Magic Materialization (Divine)] (Active)

MP variable with use

Transforms your MP into various objects. MP consumption depends on the size of the object. To create advanced and complex objects you need to know all the details of the objects.

Object rank available:




-Super Rare


I spent 25 to get this skill to veteran, 50 to expert, 75 to get it to master, and 100 points to get it to Divine, I spent 250 points to get this skill to the maximum level.

But I was worth it.

[Shi no Yokan [死の予感] (Premonition of Death)] Rank: Legendary

Requirement – Creator and chosen

A weapon made by Aaron Blackheart, perfectly crafted combining both Devil and Human metal. It can cut everything around it and nothing can block its blade except another legendary weapon

+1000 + ((DEX+STR) x 5) Physical Damage

+10% Critical strike chance.

+10% Lifesteal

+15% Attack Speed

I created this, a beautiful katana with the dark red sheath and black handgrip. I made the guard to be similar to the one of Yasuo's katana. The blade is pure black with red just like Shusui from one piece. It costed me 10 thousand MP to create it and even so, it is not as strong as I expected.

Apparently even [Magic Materialization] doesn't compare to true production skills like blacksmith. I wasted points but at least I got a cool weapon that I can improve in the future

When getting to Warrior class to maximum I got and weapon mastery, being able to chose a weapon to master. I chose [Blade Master] which gives me specialization in katanas.

[Katana Specialization (Novice)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to use every type of katana decently.

I am a weeb so of course I would use katanas. I am already powerful enough with stats high enough to exterminate every enemy available. Why haven't I travel to another place?


Quest in progress

[Ultimate power]

Defeat the stronger being forever

Objective - Kill Mundus

Reward – Jump available, Legendary Item

Mundus is powerful enough to not being able to be killed. Even Dante only managed to seal Mundus, and this game wants me to fully kill him. At least the system helps me telling me the stats of my final boss.

Mundus, The Demon King.

Level- 6666

Race - Demon

HP – 66666666

DEM – 6666666

SP – 6666666

STR – 6666

END – 6666

DEX – 6666

INT – 6666

WIS – 6666

CHR – 6666

LCK – 6666

Not as strong as I expected, but apparently, he has his power sealed by Sparda hundreds of years ago. And if Dante can beat him, so can I. But Holy Shit!

I'm a couple thousand levels off, I don't think even with all my skills I could kill him. It will take a long time before I can beat him. But with my power, I will make him submit.

But anyway, I started my plan a week ago.

With demonic energy, I have this ability.

[Demonic Attraction] (Active)

5000 DEM to cast

Attract demons to your location.

With this, I managed to summon demons for me to kill in front of a public. Of course, I let the demon kill a couple of bystanders just for the dramatics. I appeared to save the day like a hero just and enamored people with my charisma and skills. And like that, I have full leverage to kill demon in the town and a group of fans that would do anything for me, I am basically a celebrity in Redgrave

Afterwards, people will call me to other towns to kill demons and then I will become a legendary demon hunter in title. But first, I need to deal with this girl that has been following me for a long time.

Appearing behind her, I speak. "This is no place for a girl"

She finches while standing still. She is at least 8 years old or so. Blonde girl with a red shirt. She starts turning to my direction slowly. While she does that I use [Observe] on her.


Level – 6

Race – Human

HP – 50

DEM – 0 (Blocked)

SP – 50

STR – 4

END – 5

DEX – 4

INT – 8

WIS – 6

CHR - 7

LCK – 3

Thoughts about you: Admiration, interest

It can't be, isn't it. Is she that Eva? Is the system playing with me or something? And why does she feel interest in me? I have so many questions.

"Girl, why have you been following for too long?"

She stutters trying to come with an answer.

"You are a Devil Hunter" She spoke

"Yes, I am"

"You know a lot about demons?"

"Yes, I do"

"Tell me…. Do devils cry?" She asked

Oh shit, she is interested in my knowledge about devils. That must be why she follows me, since I am a devil hunter, I must know about them. Well, I do, but not because I am a devil hunter. "You mean like those demons I just killed?"

She absently nodded

"Huh, you are wrong. They don't" She frowned at my answer "At least this type of devils"


"Yeah, this are just lesser demons, mindless spawn that serve higher ones"

"You mean there is stronger demons than these?"

"A lot stronger" I replied "Tell me, have you heard the tale about the legendary dark knight Sparda?" She shook her head. "Well, two millenniums ago, there was a war. Between the human world and the Underworld where demons live. But somebody from the Underworld woke up to justice, and stood up against this legion, alone. His name was Sparda. He felt in love with humanity and decided that instead of conquer them, he wanted to protect it. So, he alone fought against the Underworld forces and sealed them away forever, giving up his powers for the sake of humanity"

+20 Affection with Eva [20/200] (For telling her a touching story about demons)

What the hell?

I have relationship tracker?!

Why didn't it work with the woman on the hotel reception? Or the women that threw themselves to me at that bar? Or basically anyone that saw me after I got 300 CHA?

I remember many of them inviting me to their houses or a motel room just after seeing me.

Relationship tracker only work with genuine characters



Holy shit!

She is Eva

I am speaking with the future mother of Dante and Vergil. At least now I know what to do with the canon of the story. She is like 8 years old now, much later I will be able to meet Dante and Vergil.

I will think about that later

"Well little girl. It is past 9, let's go before your parents worry about you"

"But…. I don't have any parents"

I stopped at that "Are you an orphan?"

She just nodded.

This might be better than I expected. She is an orphan an admired me as a figure of authority thanks to my power and knowledge of demons.

Decisions available

[Would you like a family?]

Adopt Eva

-Greatly increased affection with Eva

-You get to meet Sparda

-Access to Yamato

-Access to Rebellion

-Perk [Member of the Sparda Family] unlocked in the future.

[Let's go to the orphanage]

Accompany Eva to the orphanage.

-Increased affection with Eva

-You may meet Sparda

-Perk [Friend of the Sparda Family] unlocked in the future


Leave Eva alone

-Decreased affection with Eva

-You will never meet Sparda

-Perk [Acquittance of the Sparda Family] unlocked in the future

Now this is something I didn't expect. I get options that tell me what I can do with her, just like a visual novel or a dating sim. The last one is out of the table. I don't want to leave the chance of playing with both Yamato and Rebellion.

Now I want to use a production skill to see if I can duplicate Yamato or Rebellion.

Of course, I know which option is the better one.

"Would you like a family?"