Greetings fellow readers, MasterW here.

I can't believe many people liked this story with just one prologue. Thanks to everyone for your support. As you can see, Aaron has formed his reputation as a Devil Hunter, and is already playing with canon as he sees fit. This chapter should show you what does he means when going "Dramatic" into the worlds he visits.

Many time-skips in this chapter because I wanted to make the scenes of him meeting the characters and the Sparda Family. A lot of points of view since the most important way is how people see him instead of how he thinks and interacts.

To those of you that might be uncomfortable with him getting strong so quickly, well, he has been in the DMC world for year, you expect to keep the same level after killing a lot of demons for years?

I changed the date Aaron arrived to make accurate dates of how I see the timeline. It will go like this.

Eva meeting Aaron - 1959

Eva meets Sparda - 1973

Vergil and Dante Birth - 1975

DMC 3 -1994

And so on.

This marks the start of the canon for the DMC world. And no, I don't plan to make lemons.

Without any further to do, enjoy!

Chapter 1: One-armed Swordsmen Look Cool


"Here we are" Aaron signalled as he spread his arms "I don't have a lot of furniture since I bought this place just recently, so we will have to go out and buy a lot of things if we want to make this place our home"

She is still in shock after what had happened. He just offered her a family all of the sudden, like he was buying bread. The next day he came back to the orphanage to officially adopt her.

She still remembers the face of all the children the moment he entered through the gates of the building. When he entered the orphanage, his bright smile appeared as he placed his eyes on her. Calling her name in front of all the children made them stop and every eye turned to her, much to her shyness.

When he went talking to the administrator of the orphanage, all the children came to her asking questions. And some of the older ones asked if she knew he was single. Which she doesn't. She doesn't know anything about him other than being a devil hunter. But she can't blame them. He is Aaron Blackheart after all.

Aaron Blackheart is basically a celebrity in Redgrave and its neighbour cities. The Devil Hunter that has slayed about hundreds of demons in weeks without suffering damages or injuries.

Many had tried to become devil hunters before. None of them is still working today. They used to carry weapons, pistols, shotguns, and none of the devil hunters managed to survive more than 1 week. Those that survive more than that usually get crippled by demons or surrendered seeing the difficulty of the job.

But Aaron Blackheart hasn't. He is the one that continued working for weeks without suffering any injury or lesion that prejudicated his work. He has continued to work even when demons came in the dozens.

That's why, and added to his looks that made the women around blush, many see him as a celebrity, as a hero.

And now, that hero is her adoptive father.

Why? She asked herself.

She is only another orphan of hundreds that live in Redgrave.

She doesn't have anything interesting about herself.

She is just a small girl with nothing.

So why adopt her of all people?

"Something the matter, Eva?" The hero kneeled to get face to face with her "You have been quiet all the way here"

"Why?" She asked

"Why what?"

"Why did you adopt me?" She turned to stared directly to his eyes "Is this some kind of joke?! Is there any other motive for this?! You could've adopted any other girl, there are better looking girls than me, and other strong kids if you wanted someone to follow your footstep, so why did you adopt me?!"

"Hmm" He hummed, her outburst doing nothing to him "You remind me of myself"


"When I was a kid, I saw demons for the first time. And I always wondered what were they? Why did they exist? how do they think. I wondered, could demons cry?" She seemed to stop all thought of her head after hearing that sentence "That's why I became a devil hunter, to have power. Power to fight back demons, and through fighting, I may come to an understanding. I may come to know them other than they being mindless beast. That's why, when you asked about them like that, you reminded me of myself, Eva"

She seemed to stare to his eyes for a long time.

For the first time, someone that understood her, someone with the same questions as her. Someone like her

Without thinking, she threw herself into him for hug. Which he received completely, moving his arms around her back.

She hugged her father.


I didn't have any idea how to deal with that so I just made up a lot of shit I thought sounded good and grouped it together.

I mean Holy Shit talk about insecurities.

But she was kind of right, but I can't tell her I adopted her because in the future she would meet a devil in human clothing that would become her husband and give birth to twin messiahs and I needed to adopted her because I wanted to get close to a reality-slashing sword.

Of course, I couldn't tell her that.

But it seems my bullshitting skills worked for something.

+60 Affection with Eva Blackheart [80/200] (For adopting her and accepting who she is)

Yep, totally worked.

Now I have the future mother of the protagonist infatuated with me. Which works for my plans.

"Eva, now that you are my daughter, we need to deal with something important"

"Which is….?"

"How are you going to call me" She seemed to stop at my words "I mean, you can continue calling me Aaron if you want, but now that I'm your father that might change in the future. So, you can call me Father, Dad or Pops. Daddy is out of the question"

"Why is that?"

"Well, "Daddy" is reserved for other women Eva, it would feel weird if you call me like that"

She tilted her head in confusion, not knowing the innuendo.

"Don't worry, you will understand when you get older"

Years Later

Should I farm a little bit, or should I just expend the rest of my day doing nothing. I mean, to go up levels I would probably have to farm for hundreds of hours seeing as my level got high enough for me to have to kill a thousand demons to go up a level. Which I'm actually too lazy to do.

Should I try going other classes?

Nah, I already have enough skills to get what I want in this world.

What should I do?

I check my stats once again.

Aaron Blackheart

Level – 325

Class – Blacksmith [25/100]

Race – Human

HP – 307500 [30750 per minute]

MP – 212500 [21000 per 30 seconds]

DEM – 204000 [17500 per 30 seconds]

SP – 246000 [20500 per 30 seconds]

STR – 1940

END – 2050

DEX – 2100

INT – 1700

WIS – 1750

CHR – 2200

LCK – 1950

POINTS – 1085

IMA – 6827430

PP – 1319

HP – END x 150

MP – INT x 125

DEM – INT x 120

SP – END x 120

HP Regen – END x 15

MP Regen – WIS x 12

DEM Regen – WIS x 10

SP Regen – END x 10

Hmm. Decisions, decisions. I mean, I could use the perk points to buy more perks. But I still need a lot to get the good stuff. Turns out, the system has good skills and perks. But those cost a lot and need a lot of requirements.

For example, this one.

[Eyes of the Bladesmaster] (Passive)

No cost to use.

Heavy trained eyes belonging to a true swordsman. With just one look you can understand the style of any blade.

This should've been available for me the moment I got [Blade Master] to level 100, but nooooo. This was Unlocked in the store when I got the class to level 100, and then, it costed 1000 POINTS.


Couldn't you just give me the fucking skill by getting a class to level 100?!

You know how difficult it is to level up with this system?!

Five years and I only got 200 levels, that is just how difficult it is. Though, to be fair, I stopped farming seriously after level 250.

But getting back to the point…


Who made this system?! EA?!

But ranting apart, that skill was very valuable and it would work in the future. So grudgingly, I bought it.

That way, the moment I see Vergil using his [Dark Slayer Style] I will unlock it. I will spam Judgement cuts everywhere after that just to calm my stress on wasting 1000 POINTS on a skill.

After [Blade Master] went to level 100 I decide to try a magical class. And since I had Demonic Energy unlocked, another class appeared for me. [Demonic Sorcerer]. Which is the class that will unlock [Demon Summoner] in the future. It basically focusses on using demonic arts to fight.

Remember [Air Hike] from the games?

Well, in this class it is just called [Devil Solid Glyph] which doesn't work only as a platform for jumping but also as a shield. Glyphs is something that works well with demonic arts since it uses them to canalize the energy into forms.

Have you ever seen Doctor Strange?

Something like that but darker, just like Dormamu's powers. Reality warping, time dilatation. Damage absorption. Weapons enforcement. Teleportation, duplication.

Basically, all skills of Dante like Trickster, Royal Guard, Quicksilver and Doppelganger, just that in this class they have different names.

After that, seeing as times of canon where approaching. I decided to get the class [Blacksmith] since I wanted to be able to modify my weapons when I get my hands-on Yamato.

What truly made my blood boil was the other skill I needed.

[Eyes of the Blacksmith] (Passive)

Heavy trained eyes belonging to a true Blacksmith. With just one look you can understand the composition and design of any weapon.

(Locked): Needs [Blacksmith] Level 100, 1000 POINTS

For completing my dream of unlocking fucking Yamato, I need to get Blacksmith to level 100 and ANOTHER 1000 POINTS. I swear I'm going to kill whoever invented microtransactions for videogames.

Happy thoughts Aaron, Happy thoughts.

At that moment, someone decided to take me out of my thoughts my stomping into the living room.

"Oh, my goodness dad, you are such a perv"

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the 15 years old Eva Blackheart. Who seems to be…? Blushing? for some reason apparently.

I haven't done anything recently that could mark me as a pervert. An original classic Playboy magazine was something I always wanted to see. Most were already burned, in bad state or kept by collector that just keep them in bags against dust and all that. Besides, with [Cold Heart] I can seal my libido and all feelings like love or sexual attraction. Which works because I want to focus this world on farming, getting weapons and getting skills.

But as it turns out, with Charisma above 1000 I become irresistible.

No, literally.

[The Handsomest]

Your appearance is godly, nothing is more charismatic than you. All CHR checks automatically pass.

Yeah, and with that I can walk out in the street and all the women and guys that swing that way will be infatuated with me instantly. Additionally, charisma works different for me. My charisma works by making me handsomer and charismatic, the charisma of other people works by making them more understanding of other people emotions or is just a raised stat.

For example, Mundus has 6666 CHR stat, but he isn't handsome, he is just a blobby mass inside a rock statue. That is just how his stats are scaled. Which I'm actually grateful for the system. It helped me get laid, like a lot.

After 1000 thousand all stats stopped giving me Perks.

But all the perks obtained at 1000 are basically the pinnacle of perks for every stat.

[The Strongest]

Your strength is godly, nothing is stronger than you. All STR checks automatically pass.

[The Fastest]

Your speed is godly, nothing is faster than you. All DEX checks automatically pass.

As you can see now, every one of my stats I basically higher. The only thing they work now is for bonifications in battle. Like weapon damage and so on. With those titles, a being with 5000 DEX will be the same speed as me. That just means its bonifications cause more damage. And so on and so on.

With actually makes the system kind of balanced.

I won't be outmatched by someone with better stats. But instead I can fight to the same speed or strength they have. But at the same time if they have higher STR stat they will cause higher damage to me.

So, no more weaknesses but also no advantages against them. Except my skills. Which I can use to overpower my opponent.

But well, let's see what this is about.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Nothing to pardon here, "Daddy""

Why is she calling me dad-


"It took you six years to get a joke I told you when you were nine?"

"I didn't know about that when I was nine, but now I do, you perv"

"And what were you doing exactly that made you realize the joke?"

"I-I- Nothing!" She ran back to her room

Probably a friend of school.

She is on the age where teenagers talk about boys and sex. Which means I will have a lot of suitors coming to my front door.

I should probably buy a shotgun any time soon.

But speaking of age….

I moved from the sofa to Eva's door.

I knocked two times before she opened the door.

"What is it, dad?"

"Let's go outside" I told her "It's time for your training"

"Are you finally going to train me?!" She replied excited.

"A promise is a promise. Grab something comfortable, and I will wait you for you outside"

She asked me to train her when she was twelve, but I said no because I wanted to do the cliché of having to be a specific age to train.

Which is actually true, because her stats were low enough that she couldn't do much. Even with I had planned for her.

"I'm done"

Eva came out of the house with sports clothing. Showing an eager smile.

"Let's go to the plain field"

This is the place I usually "Train". Which is actually me just doing flashy stuff in front of Eva when she asked me if she could see how I trained.

My true training place is the dungeons. Which I barely use now since I got too lazy for them. [Combined Mode] is basically Bloody palace but with the demons of all games. And a lot more difficult. Demons like Frost, Blitz and motherfucking Hell Judecca who keeps teleporting away every time I try to kill it.

Fucking coward.

And that is that for them. Just a bloody palace with thousands of demons, and with no bosses, for some reason. Since bosses are unique existences in this world, them having high demon status like Cerberus or Beowulf, I guess to get them I need to kill them in the outside world.

And I wanted a devil arm so much…...

"Dad, you've been thinking a lot today" Eva tells me by my side.

"Nothing, just thinking about how much you've grown"


"Well, let's start with your training then" She nodded standing on the clearing, prepared for everything.

Since I already have an idea on how to train her. I decided to help her with the basic.

[Demonic Energy Awakening] (Active)

Cost: all other person's demonic energy locked stat

Unlocks DEM stat for other being that have it blocked.

Since Eva is a human, she doesn't have the DEM stat available for her. And it costs all her stat to unlock. Which means…...

Eva Blackheart

Level – 21

Race – Human

HP – 350

DEM – 0 (Blocked)

SP – 350

STR – 34

END – 35

DEX – 34

INT – 38

WIS – 36

CHR - 52

LCK – 33

Thoughts about you: Admiration, Familiar love

Affection: 150/200 (Locked thanks to Familiar Love)

Oh, yes, Familiar Love. Since has lived with me for 5 years, she has become more infatuated with me. But as it turns out, her love with always be stranded in a certain stat since she sees me as family and I haven't changed that. And I won't.

I already see her as my daughter. And this isn't a hentai like OniChichi or some shit like that. If I want to fuck my daughter I could just go to those worlds when I unlock Jump Chain. Which is actually on the list of things to do when I unlock Jump Chain.

Amongst other things…


[Eva Blackheart: 150/200 (Locked)]

Relationship: Familiar Love.

Being adopted by her hero, Aaron Blackheart, she has grown to become famous as the daughter of Aaron Blackheart, the Devil Hunter. She aspires to become a Devil Hunter like her father.

Bonifications: [Daughter of Blackheart (Adopted)]

The system decided to grant those in a relationship with me bonifications. Which actually helps for me since she can grow stronger thanks to this.

[Daughter of Blackheart (Adopted)]

The daughter of Aaron Blackheart, even though she is adopted. Doubles stat gained by level on every stat and increases CHR gained by level 3 times.

As it turns out, normal humans gain 1 stat point on every stat per level since going level 5. When being born every stat if distributed as they grown, until level 5 where stats maintain course and they keep their stats growing, at least until a big change happens to them like deciding to become stronger instead of faster, at that moment, the stat gained for DEX goes to STR instead.

Eva having the bonification gains 2 stat points instead of one and in charisma she wins 3 stat points per level. When she grows up, she will be a beauty, and I can't wait to use a shotgun to threatening every one that isn't Sparda.

You know what, fuck it.

I will threaten Sparda himself just for the laughs.

Anyhow, since DEM scales with INT it will cost about 380 of my own DEM to unlock hers.

Let's do it.

"Eva, I am going to do something for you quick. It might feel weird but deal with it if you want to be strong" She nodded "Alright, let's do this"

Placing my hand on her head, I close my eyes. She closes hers too just to imitate me.

Smiling inwardly, I start.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Hell is full of good meanings, but heaven… is full of works. Carve a path for yourself, O' sweet child of the Earth"

A reddish aura started surrounding her. And in a couple of seconds, the aura seemed to implode to her chest, disappeared.

"This feels, weird…." She stated, opening her eyes looking at her hands.

The chanting was unnecessary, I just needed to activate the skill.

But where is the fun in that? That isn't Dramatic at all!

Fun is having to recite a poem when releasing a skill, or doing a powerful attack. That is where the fun is. Dramatics is the way the world should move.

"That's Demonic Energy running through you" I tell her

"Demonic Energy?"

"Basically, energy from the underworld that filters to Earth and people aren't aware of it. I unlocked to your body to absorb it and use it"

"Then, you use this for fighting? Is that how you are so strong?"

"More or less" I shrugged "I was strong before unlocking demonic energy, but I became stronger afterward" Complete lie if I ever told one. "Anyway, let's start you training. I want you to learn how to move your demonic energy around before starting the heavy stuff"

"Are you going to give me a weapon like yours?"

"Nope" I show her a smirk "I'm going to turn you into a witch"

"…. Excuse me?"

"I'm already a damage dealer, and if we want to do a Father-daughter combination, we need more than another heavy hitter, we need a support"

"And for that you are going to turn me into a witch?" She raised her eyebrow "How are you going to turn me into a witch if you don't know spells?"

"Is that so?" I turned into a nearby rock "Exitium Percutiens(Destruction Strike)" From my hand a red glyph was formed and a barrage of red energy appeared, pulverizing the rock.

"Wait, you know spells?!"

"Of course, you can call me a Demonic Sorcerer, but I prefer to use swords to cut demons" I tell her in my impassive voice.

She stares into the pulverized rock a couple of seconds before turning to me.

"Teach me!"

I smiled "Of course"

Many Years Later


Humans are truly interesting beings.

For years he has roamed through the civilizations, and yet every time he come around something new is discovered. These televisions, telephones, radios, these things they create, fascinating.

And most importantly, the peace.

The love that he feels around, the atmosphere, totally different from the one in the Underworld. He sacrificed everything for them, and it seems his sacrifice wasn't for nothing. The way they live, the feelings they can produce.

Humans are a lot different than devils.

That's why he swore to protect them. To watch over them with the miniscule power he has left after sealing it all

Yet it seems that with all their inventions, they still haven't made something to deal with the lesser demons that roam through the human world. Well, it seems he will have to do something about this. Moving towards the demons that appeared in the middle of the park. A voice stops him in his tracks.

"Accipiendis Impenetrabilis Clypeus (Impenetrable Shield)"

A familiar glyph appeared between the people and the demons, a woman, wearing a red conical hat with a conical crown that ends in a pointy tip. A red shawl hanging on her shoulder with a black sleeveless dress that ended in high-heels on her feet. The woman had large blonde-golden hair that ended in the middle of her back with dark gloves covering her delicate hands.

"She is here, the Crimson Witch!"

Someone shouted. Everyone seemed to understand who she was as the moment she was named everyone cheered.

The demons seeing her roared loud, like knowing who stands before them and seeking vengeance for something.

Her lips covered in red lipstick morphed in a small smile.

"Cute little things. Thinking they stand a chance" Her voice showed authority combined with a flirting overtone. Every man around seemed to blush at her voice. He would lie if he didn't think that was attractive. That was the perfect example of a dominatrix voice.

The demons threw themselves towards her while she just stood there without any worry.

But before the claw of the demon could touch her.

"Regiis Statio (Royal Guard)"

It seemed that the force of the attack was absorbed into another glyph that appeared between her and the demon. The demon stopped for a moment, seemingly surprised that his attack was stopped.

Then, lifting a finger, she pointed to the demon.

"Vermiculo Inspiratione (Crimson Blast)" A red shockwave emerged from her finger pulverizing the head of the demon in front of her.

Then with her other hand, she pointed towards the other demons.

"Extollendam, Cinco tempora (Amplification, 5 times)" Five similar glyph appeared in between her and the demons, then another one appeared in between her and the five glyphs. "And for the final act. Exitium Percutiens(Destruction Strike)!" A barrage of red energy appeared from the first glyph, then in when it passed through the other it became bigger, and then bigger, and then bigger as it passed through the 5 other glyphs.

In the end, the barrage was as big as a car.

A great explosion occurred, making everyone flinch back with the sound of the impact

The red dressed woman seemed to release a small chuckle seeing her work on the devils.

"Oops, to much power. I will have to fix that" Pointing her arm towards the now formed crater. She released another spell. "Contrarium Horologium(Reverse Clock)"

The crater in the middle of the park seemed to reverse back time, as piece that flew around in the explosion returned to it. Even the grass seemed to regrow as it was placed.

Nodding satisfied, the woman turned to the crowd, moving her hand to dismiss the shield she casted. "Finis Naeniam (End Incantation)" The big red glyph disappeared.

The crowd now having a direct look to her face took a moment to see her appearance. Although she was called a witch, she is nowhere near the meaning of the word. Beautiful is the most appropriate word to describe her. Her face was missing any imperfection whatsoever, showing a face with delicate features that held dark eyes that swallowed any remnant of light.

While people came back to cheer, she seemed to look for someone in the crowd.

She stopped when she came across him.

"You, with the white hair, I need to speak with you" She spoke with authority of a Queen "You reek of demonic energy, I demand an explanation"

He swallowed not knowing what to answer.


It's been half a year since Eva left. I could say I feel lonely but I would be lying. More time to spend in me, crafting weapons, sleeping, eating pizza. A lot of things to keep me occupied. Raiding the [Combined Mode] dungeon after the 11 time gave me nothing except money. Which I don't need since I am already millionaire with all the money I receive for killing demons both in dungeons and in real life

Oh, by the way, I met Nell Goldstein.

"What are you doing Aaron?"

"Oh, nothing, just thinking about my daughter"

"Tell me about it, my son went to his father after the divorce, the son of a bitch doesn't let him close to me"

"Well, last thing I heard, you let him lose an eye"

"That wasn't my fault, he was 7 years old and entered my workshop without my permission. He touched a couple of things here and there and blew his own eye!"

"And why was your workshop unlocked then?"

"….. I went to the bathroom"

"And if you knew your son, 7 years old at the time, could enter the workshop, then why didn't you close it when you went to the bathroom? And more importantly, why did you leave a fully loaded weapon around a 7 years old kid?"

"…...Point" She stated drinking her liquor. I was just drinking Coca-Cola, or its equivalent in this world at least, since I don't drink alcohol. Just something I brought with me from before. I never liked alcohol. I preferred sodas and juices more. And even with the [Gamer's Body] healing every status and basically making me immune to intoxication, I didn't want to.

"Shouldn't you be, I don't know, sober? When making a weapon?"

"I can assemble a M60 while being fucked from behind and drunk as fuck, I am sure I can assemble these old weapons"

"….. Is that how your son was conceived?"

"No, I am sure that when he was conceived, I was assembling a M1919 Browning"

"….. Do you like to be fucked while assembling weapons?"

"Do you want to find out?"

"… Not at the moment, no" I moved my eyes to the table "So, going back to the work at hand…"

"Oh, yes, the gun" She spoke, going back to the things we are working on. She came to me asking me how different are weapons to kill demons. She has heard of Machiavelli's work to create weapons beyond human comprehension. And inspired by that she sought to create demon killing weapons.

And of course, she came to me. The most famous Devil Hunter to time. Thanks to my fame, many came to me to try and teach them. Which I of course rejected.

Why should I let other try to get famous by killing demons?

I did it first and it will stay that way at least until Dante and Vergil are born. Which could come in the close future. I should be 39 if not for the gamer's body not letting me age, not that I complain. I was 25 when I arrived this world and Eva was 9 years old. Now she is 23 and I am 39.

Since my body didn't seem to age, Eva started asking questions, and I manage to convince her that there was a way to stop aging using demonic energy, just like Tsunade uses Chakra to look young. Which was actually true, there was a way to use demonic energy to not age, by moving demonic energy through your cells and keeping it moving from time to time.

That would explain why even though I was 31 I look ten years younger. She immediately asked me to teach her that and she spend a whole week trying to figure it out. She did, by the way. That was the most determined I ever saw her.

Now we have not only a Witch Eva but an Ageless Witch Eva.


I don't know how to feel about that, just that canon is fucked with a ten-foot dildo and let's leave it at that.

That actually remined me of the Eva mentioned in Bayonetta. There was the item [Bracelet of Time] that mentioned a witch called Eva that made a contract with the Legendary Dark Knight to fight the armies of Inferno.

I unknowingly turned Eva into a version that resembles that description. At least I know this world isn't combined with Bayonetta. I already checked for any information on that. And combined worlds aren't unlocked until I get the Jump Chain.

That's a shame, I wanted to meet Bayonetta. Maybe when I unlock Jump Chain.

Going back to the topic at hand.

I completed level 300 letting get the [Eyes of the Blacksmith] in time before canon. After that, deciding to adapt another one of this world's famed weapons, Ebony & Ivory. I went to the next production important production class, [Gunsmith]. It took me about 3 years to level up this fucking class, but I made it just before Nell came to me. Then, I'm going with the next class that specializes in guns, [Gunslinger], belonging to the [Hunter]class.

Aaron Blackheart

Level – 459

Class –Gunslinger [59/100]

Race – Human

HP – 544000 [54400 per minute]

MP – 449750 [37800 per 30 seconds]

DEM – 385500 [30240 per 30 seconds]

SP – 516800 [46240 per 30 seconds]

STR – 2610

END – 2720

DEX – 2770

INT – 2570

WIS – 2520

CHR – 2750

LCK – 2620

POINTS – 245

IMA – 16837450

PP – 50319

HP – END x 200

MP – INT x 175

DEM – INT x 150

SP – END x 190

HP Regen – END x 20

MP Regen – WIS x 15

DEM Regen – WIS x 12

SP Regen – END x 17


About 14 years in this world and someone thought I wouldn't train and farm to level up each year?

Well, surprise!

Mundus can start making his testament, because I'm going to kill him until he dies.

Seriously, I got into the biggest problem a gamer can get when playing RPGs, leveling up. When you are so high level, leveling becomes tedious. You need to kill a lot of enemies to level up. And in my case, since the system already gives me a ton of bonifications for leveling up. It becomes difficult.

How difficult?

To get from level 458 to level 459 I killed at least 10 thousand demons in the dungeon. Yeah, those ten thousand PPs where for going up one fucking level.

I decided to give the system a name, I gave it "Victoria".

Say Hi Victoria


See, she has keeping company for the last years. And helped me understand how the system works.

When killing enemies, I get a certain amount of experience, just like any other game. The problem is my level when getting experience. My level literally fractions the amount of experience I get from killing enemies. Let's say, I kill a level 10 demon with my actual level. I receive the experience the demon normally gives me times 0.0217.

And I'm too lazy to start farming again. I prefer enjoy live before canon starts by eating pizza in every pizzeria around Redgrave. Dante had the right idea, pizza in the DMC world is more delicious than in my original world.

"Two Colt M1900. With the metal you gave me and with the specifications you made" She looked at the blueprints of the weapon in the table and the assembled versions. "That metal you gave me was very weird, it seemed to adapt to any form I gave it and other metals were absorbed by it… What kind of demonic metal was that?"

"Gilgamesh, very special, and not that easy to find. Many demons wield weapons made of that metal of contain part of it in their bodies"

"Huh, you have any more of that?"

"A couple of kilograms left"

"Do you sell it?"

"If you want, I can give it to you as a gift"

"That would be very appreciated. Are you trying to get on my pants?"

"Aren't you the one trying to get on my pants?"

"Fair enough"

Ever since getting here, she has been flirting with me. I mean, it is kind of my fault by having 2000 CHR and not doing everything to deal with that. And being single of course. I haven't married anyone yet. And I don't plan to, at least for the moment. And she isn't the old Nell Goldstein that appeared in DMC novel, she is 35 right now. She still has her brown hair without any grey. She looks fairly young for someone in her thirties. Quite a beauty I must say.

Also, I lied about the metal.

When getting the Blacksmith class to level 50 I unlocked a new feature in my menus.

[Available Materials]

I can buy materials using my IMA from this store.

There, I bought metals like titanium or Palladium, and the devil metal Gilgamesh. There were other devils' metals I could buy but none of them are as strong as Gilgamesh.

"Well, thanks then" She turned back to the weapon "The difficult part was to balance the 16 inches barrel into it. But in the end, we made it work. The recoil could probably destroy any arm that fires it. I still don't know how you plan to fire it without bullets"

"Let me show you"

I grabbed the white pistol and turned to a wall. Moving my energy through it, the DEM turned into a bullet that then was shot away into the wall.

The imprint on the wall was big enough to fit two fingers. Since the recoil was strong, the sound of the bullet being shot was stronger.

"Holy shit. That was powerful" Nell commented "How did you do that?!"

"I turned my demonic energy into a bullet and then I pulled the trigger" I moved my eyes to the weapon and then used [Observe]

[Unnamed Firearm] Rank: Legendary

Requirement: 150 STR

100 DEM to make a bullet

A firearm made by the collaboration of two master Gunsmiths by using a very powerful demonic metal. This weapon could be considered a Devil Arm thanks to its power. It can be feed demonic energy to make bullets.

+2500 Physical damage per bullet.

+30% Critical chance per bullet.

+15% Armor Penetration per bullet

Can shot 3 bullets per second.

Very good stats. I can shoot this thing 3000 times before running out of DEM, and even so, I regenerate it with enough ease that I can continue to shot for a long while. Of course, I based its design from Hellsing, but a little bit larger than the Casull and using Demonic Energy to fire it. It has the function of rapid fire like Dante's weapons but faster than them thanks to my own gunsmith skills.

Besides, its colour is Metal Red instead of silver.

I wanted weapons since I already have the sword, I need the guns.

One of the most important part of DMC where the guns, Ebony & Ivory. Every character in DMC had a characteristic gun by their side. Dante has his two guns, Lady has her Handguns, Trish has Luce & Umbra and even Nero has his Blue Rose.

The only one left behind is Vergil, but he throws literal swords at demons so that counts for something.

"At least now we know they work. How about a name for them?"

"I was thinking, something like Koukyougaku"

"What the hell does that even mean?"

"It means symphony in Japanese"

"Shouldn't you just name it Symphony then?"

"Where's the fun in that?" I told her spinning the weapon in my hand "If I named it a simple thing like Symphony it would just be boring"

"Fine, but I'm not going to call it whatever you just said. I don't even know how to write it"

"It's Koukyougaku"

"I don't know Moonspeak, so I'm just going to call it Symphony"

"You know its derogatory to call it Moonspeak"

"Do I look like someone that gives a shit?"

"Fair enough" I put the weapon in the table. "Anyhow, let's work on the other one"

"Fine by me" She turned to me "Let me guess, you are going to give it another weird name"

"Of course, I was thinking Chouwa"

"And what does that mean?"


"So, Harmony and Symphony. That sounds like a good combination"

"I know"

"I'm still not calling them by those weird names"

"Have it your way then"



"Any chance you can get behind me while I assemble this weapon"

"Not today at least, since I'm working on it too"


2 Years Later


"Are you nervous?" His blonde fiancé asked.

"Me, of course not, I am thousand years old, why would I feel nervous meeting your father?"

"Well, you have been arranging the neck of your shirt three times and you are sweating. I can see you are nervous"

"Sorry, it's just, it is the first time I've been to meet the father of my fiancé. In all my years, I've never been married, or had a special relationship with someone. I want to make a good impression"

"Well, there is a first time for everything Snow-brain" Eva moved towards the door. Knocking two times before receiving a positive answer from the inside. "Don't worry, you will be fine" She said

"Come in" A voice called from inside

"Let's enter"

She opened the door and signalled him to enter the house.

"Dad? Where are you?"

"In the living room"

She grabbed his hand and the two moved to the living room.

There he saw him.

When she described her father, she always spoke highly about him.

Tall, handsome, strong, and young.

He thought she told him he was young for his age.

What he didn't expect was a 21-years-old looking man sitting comfortably in a couch. His eyes connected to the red eyes of the man. And then he saw it, Death.

The only signal his own body send his brain. Death.

He has fought against Mundus, against countless demons. But this man right here, causes him fear. She described him as imposing. But this is a lot more than imposing. Is demanding respect, commanding fear, and forcing submission.

If he had his full power, he would've sent him a similar aura to fight back. But now, he has less than half his power.

"Dad, stop with the intimation aura"

"Sorry sweetheart"

The feelings stopped like it never existed. He turned to the man, and he showed a well-crafted smile that showed nothing other than kindness.

Then, without the "Intimidation Aura". He had the breathing space to feel it. An ocean. Even in his lesser form, he can feel demonic energy. Eva has a considerable pool of it for a human. But this man right here, he has an ocean compacted inside a box. Thanks to in the same room, he can feel how the demonic energy is sealed inside him. He has trapped an ocean inside a box.

And ocean that, if it explodes, could flood everything around him.

This man is Powerful, that's the best way to describe. Not any other description, any synonyms.

Just Powerful.

And of course, he is cleaning a shotgun.

Why of all things he is cleaning a shotgun?

"Well, hello there" He spoke standing from the sofa leaving the shotgun on the table, the shotgun's barrel mysteriously aiming towards his privates "You must my daughter's fiancé. What is your name?" He extended his hand in invitation

He took a small breath before gasping the hand with his own.


Years Later


Eva Blackheart can say she has lived a fulfilled live. She was adopted at the age of 9 by the man that she admires. She became known as "The Crimson Witch" thanks to her strength and power using demonic arts.

She met a particular devil, and by particular she means a very special devil.

She met Sparda, the Legendary Dark Knight. The devil that fought against his own kind for the sake of humanity. What she didn't expect was that Sparda himself would declare his love her.

She accepted, as she has been in love with him months after meeting him. The love turned into marriage. The marriage into children. And children into a family.

Now, she has a complete family full of live.

Her father, a man-child that likes to play with his grandsons, and if they misbehave hits them in the head with what he calls "The Fist of Love"

Her husband, an educated man that is actually shy to everything for some reason. Who would've thought that the legendary Dark Knight could feel shyness at seeing his wife's body. Yeah, she neither. Really, what was he doing for thousands of years?

Her children. Twins born with the same white hair as their father. The older one, Vergil, a quiet kid that likes literature and training with his sword, going all the time to his grandfather to ask for books or sword practice. The younger one, Dante, a boisterous kid that likes sword training, pizza, ice cream, and loud music, going all the time to his grandfather to ask for pizza, ice cream or both, and also picking a fight with him from time to time.

And finally, her. Eva Sparda, the matriarch of the Sparda-Blackheart family. Sparda with his thousands of years had a lot of properties spread around the world, one of them here in Redgrave, a big mansion with vast grass-fields to move around. They moved to that house alongside her father, who spoke about playing with his grandchildren when they come. She just enjoys the family they have.

Sparda seemingly lend Aaron the weapons he brought with him, two swords that he called "Devil Arms". Which Aaron took and examined like he was trying a new Christmas gift.

He spent 2 weeks playing with them, literally playing with them. And them when to the room they gave him for him to use as a workshop for another week, coming out with an improved Shi no Yokan that Sparda compared with the sword he brought. The two became friends when exchanging ideas for weapons and seemed to develop a mutual hobby in testing them against one another. Men.

When Vergil and Dante got old enough to fight against each other, her husband gave the weapons to them as family heirlooms.

Dante received the big double-edged sword called Rebellion. And Vergil received the blue-themed katana called Yamato.

Vergil was happier than Dante since it is the same kind of weapon his grandfather uses.

They both love their grandfather, but she has noticed how Vergil always tries to spend more time with his grandfather than Dante. To Vergil, his grandfather is a role model. He has heard from the other kids in town about the tales of the Devil Hunter Aaron Blackheart. And how he fought against hordes of demons that invaded the cities.

Dante on the other hand prefer to past time with her. Since he also heard stories about the "Crimson Witch" that destroyed countless demons by merely flicking her fingers. He likes to hear the stories of how she protected the civilians and used big explosions to decimate the demons.

All in all, Eva has a fulfilled life, and she loves to enjoy it with her family. Of course, there are times where things get weird, especially with her father.

Always with her father.

Just like right now.





She went to the backyard where her father and sons were playing, only to find her son Dante hugging Vergil on the ground, while Vergil wore a…


"Oh, hi sweetheart" Her father replied

"Hi mom" Her two children replied

"What are you doing?"

"Oh, we are playing poetry"

"Okay…... but why does Vergil have a blonde wig?"

"Oh, that was necessary for Dante's part"

"I see, and what about Vergil's coat and…... are those tattoos on his chest?"

"Those are for Vergil's part, very important. And don't worry, that's just black marker"

"Okay… And why are you dressed like a bird?"

"That's for Vergil's part too, it is necessary" He then titled his head "Although it's not a bird, it's a Griffon"

"Okay… But why?"

"Well, they wanted me to buy them a couple of things, but I decided to bet if they could defeat me, I would buy anything they want and if I defeated them then they would have to do whatever I say for 2 hours"

"Let me guess, Dante accepted?" She asked

"Yes mom, it was all Dante's fault" Her oldest son replied

"My fault?! I was sure I could win!" Her youngest son shouted

"And yet you were defeated in less than 15 seconds"

"I bet I can defeat you in less than that Vergil"

"Foolish thoughts of a foolish fool"

"I will show you who is the fool!"

She turned to her father who seemed to be smiling widely.

Of course, he was the one that taught Vergil those words. Alongside making that Vergil's first words were "Scum" and Dante's were "Jackpot"

Those words have now become characteristic of them and they speak them every time they can.

As weird as their family is, she wouldn't change it for nothing.

"Alright kids, that enough" Her father stopped the fight, raised the two children effortlessly in each arm. "How about this, I have a mission that will take a long time and your birthdays are coming up, so get cleaned and dressed and I will get you to town to buy whatever you want"


The two ran back to the house, both sporting smiles on their faces. She turned to her father, sporting a different kind of face.

"Dad" She spoke with a serious tone "I know how strong you are, and no kind of mission would take that much time" Her sons' birthdays were in 1 month, no matter how difficult may a mission be. Her father always ends the missions in less than 3 days.

Something is wrong. And she knows it.

"I was discovered huh?" He chuckled "As expected of my daughter"

"Da-" "Sparda is dying"




"Eva, I know this sounds unbelievable, but your husband, Sparda, is dying"


It can't be!

"You are lying…."

"I'm not"


"I'm not Eva!" He shouted the same way she did "How long do you think Sparda has been alive?" He asked turning into a tree in the backyard "Sparda has sealed a lot of his power in many places, even Yamato and Rebellion are part of his power that the split long time ago. Every year, his remained power decreases. That's what has been keeping him alive all these years, think about how we keep young, by moving demonic energy through our bodies. But his power has been sealed for a long time, and he has no way to enter the demon world to replenish his reserves, he sealed himself out of there when he sealed the Underworld from Earth. Eva, he will die the moment he loses the remained energy he has"


It can't be.

Yet, she knows it's true.

Her husband. The father of her children, will die.

"Can't you do something, to help him?!" She asked desperately

"No Eva, the demonic energy we manage is different from the one he has. We are human, he is a pure Devil, there is no way our energy will help him"

"Then, what are going to do in your mission?"

"The moment Sparda dies, thousand of seals he has spread around the world will weaken. He asked me if I could try and reinforce them while he checks the True Hell Gate and reinforces its defences, by doing that, he will fully die thanks to using the last remains of his powers."

Tears began forming of her eyes. She knows Sparda's history. He has told her how many times he has sealed the lesser Hell Gates around the world. What he didn't told her is that he sacrificed part of his energy every time he sealed them

"How long does he have…...?"

"About three weeks, maximum"

She cried.

Falling to her knees, she cried.

She felt her father wrapping his arms around her.

But she paid no mind.

The family she has enjoyed, the family she finally has after years of wishing for a full happy family, will lose a member.

And she can't do anything more….

But cry.

Days Later


Everything was supposed to go right this day.

It was supposed to be a happy day.

Then why?

Why did everything go wrong?

When his grandfather left to complete his mission, mom was saddened by something, but she wouldn't tell them what it was. Vergil accepted the silence of his mother, and he did the same.

The days went like always.

Before leaving, their grandfather gave them gifts since he would miss their birthday.

Vergil received a book with a big "V" on its cover. His grandfather telling him it was a collection of famous poems. It was one of the few times he has seen Vergil smile as big as he did. He is usually brooding and his face trying to imitate grandfather's.

He, on the other hand, received a sword. Specifically, his grandfather's first sword. It was an iron longsword with nothing else to it. But it had a sentimental value to his grandfather so he accepted. He always preferred swords more than books. He started practising with it a couple days later.

He didn't expect to be using it so quickly.

"Back off ugly" He sliced another one of those demons with the sword. Rebellion, the sword he was given by his father was still to heavy for him, so he decided to use the longsword of his grandfather.


That voice…


"Mom! Over here!"

He saw his mother running towards him. Her hands carrying red glyphs that could be used at any moment to attack.

"Dante! Where is Vergil?!"

"I don't know!"

They had to shout. Their home was on fire, and hundreds of demons surrounded the house. Even killing a dozen did nothing to stop the horde.

"I shouldn't have slacked in my training" He heard his mother whisper. She then turned to Dante, a serious expression on her face. "Dante, I need you to run. As fast and as far as you can. I need to look for your brother"

"Mo-" "No Dante, I need you to run"

He doesn't want to leave her alone. He doesn't want to leave his brother alone.






"No time Eva"

That voice…

"Grandpa!" He saw behind them their grandfather. In his shoulder his brother, who seemed to be unconscious. He moved to hug him, but stopped midway at seeing his appearance.

He was covered in blood, a lot of it. He seemed to have been fighting for a long time, sweat covering his head. His hair must be wet from all the sweat he released. One of his eyes were closed thanks to the blood that covered his face, probably obstructing his vision.

But most important, he was missing something.

He was missing an arm.



"I came as fast as I could when the wards told me the house was in danger. I found Vergil outside, he is unconscious. He tried to use Yamato, but the power of weapon was too much for him" He passed Vergil to his mother, who received him carefully and caressed his chest, which seemed to be covered in blood. "Go away Eva"

"But Dad, we can't leave you alone"

"You can't stay here, they brought Higher Demons"

"Higher Demons?!"

"I saw a couple of Cerberuses on my way here, I don't know how many they have. But we can't risk it. Mundus really wants us dead"

"Then I can help!"

"You can't Eva!" His grandfather shouted "You are powerful, yes, but against this many enemies your energy will run out before getting to the Higher Demons, all of Redgrave was invaded, not just this home. As your father I'm giving you an order Eva. if you want, you can help the survivors escape, but only after taking Vergil and Dante to safety."

Her mother seemed to thing about it for a couple of seconds, and then nodded.

"You better come back to us, Dad"

"I will"

He showed his characteristic smile that means "I will handle it".

"Take this Dante" He threw him something heavy, he catches it with mild ease and takes a moment to look at it. It was his sword, Rebellion, he forgot about it thanks to all the commotion. "Take care of it"

"Let's go Dante" Grabbing his hand, his mom pulled him away and started to run the opposite direction of his grandfather. Turning, he saw how his grandfather pulled his sword with his remaining arm. He ran towards the city, where the hordes of demons appeared.

That was the last thing he saw before losing sight of him.


Pain, that's the only thing he can feel at the moment.

Opening his eyes, he saw his brother's eyes looking directly to his. Trying to look around, he found himself in a bed, the place is unknown, he doesn't know where he is. This isn't his home, that much he can say.

"Vergil! Are you alright?!"

"I would if you stopped shouting"

"Mom, Vergil woke up"

He heard a couple of footsteps before seeing his mother enter the room.


She launched herself towards him. Hugging his chest with the strength he has grown accustomed to.

"Mom, where are we?"

"This is an hospital Vergil"

"Hospital? Why are we in a hospital?"

His brother chimed in.

"Don't you remember, the demons? The house on fire?"


House on fire….

A pain shook his head. Memories of his house burning, demons grabbing him and dragging him away from his family. He remembers grabbing Yamato desperately. And when his hand touched the handle to unsheathe it, nothing.

"I remember" He spoke "But I can't remember what happened after the demons grabbed me"

"Grandpa appeared and saved you"

"Grandpa…..." He then noticed the mentioned person missing. "Grandpa! Where is grandpa?!"

"Vergil, he is outside, killing any remaining demon and looking for survivors"

"Remaining demons? What do you mean?"

"The attack wasn't only in our home Vergil. they attacked all the city. Redgrave was invaded by demons"

"All of Redgrave?! Why?!"

"I will explain later Vergil" His mother interrupted "Let's wait for your grandfather"

He nodded.

A couple of minutes later, the door opened. A familiar face entered the room.

""Grandpa/Dad"" Both his mother and brother shouted.

He on the other hand, was to shocked to react. He saw him, bandages around his eye. His shirt covered in dry blood. But most importantly, he is missing arm.

He was missing his left arm, from the middle of his forearm to downwards was nothing. An unhealthy emptiness that makes his insides stir uncomfortably. The appendage is covered in bandages, with small blood spots on it.

"It seems you woke up" His grandfather spoke nonchalantly. Like nothing was wrong. "Here, I found this on the house, seems it managed to avoid being burned" He moved his remaining arm to his jacket and pulled a familiar book. The same he was gifted before.

"Grandpa…" He spoke, his throat trying to come out with the appropriate words "Your arm…"

He looked like he just remembered something "Oh this, yeah, a higher demon just cut it off when I was coming to save you. Nothing important"

Nothing important?!

He lost one arm and he just treat it like it was nothing?!


"Why?!" He shouted "You lost an arm grandpa! How can you be so relaxed about it?!"

He chuckled, he dares to chuckle in this situation. Then placed his remaining arm on his head, ruffling his white hair.

"Because Vergil, your safety is more important than a simple arm"

His safety?

He sacrificed his arm….

For him?



It was his fault.

His grandfather, his role model. The strongest Devil Hunter, lost an arm. And it was his fault.

He was weak, he couldn't protect himself.

So, his grandfather went to save him.

He wasn't strong enough.

He lacked…...


He needs more power. He will not be protected again. He will not let his grandfather sacrifice something for him again. He will get stronger.

Stronger than his brother.

Stronger than his mother.

Stronger than his grandfather.

He will not be hopeless again.

He swears, he will get more power!

And he will show them!

A power greater than they ever imagined.

The power of a son of Sparda!

The power of a son of the Crimson Witch!

And most importantly…

The power of the grandson of Aaron Blackheart!