Hello everyone! To quote Tidus from FFX "Listen to my story"

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Now for the most part I will not follow canon for the majority of my story. I will say there will be some spots where it does follow cannon for certain aspects but besides that it will not follow cannon. There will be different genin teams, different mission arcs, and different ships potentially. This is my first fic so give me time on all other ships that aren't NaruSaku… and JiraTsun!

Now you're also gonna notice in this prologue that Jiraya and Tsunade are both in the Village when the Nine-Tails attacks. To help with my story I'm gonna have them both in the Village fighting the Nine-Tails. It'll be explained right in the beginning why they're there.

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The night the Nine-Tails attacked, Hiruzen Sarutobi was on the front lines fighting and just about on the verge of defeat, when his students Jiraiya and Tsunade came to his aid. Meanwhile the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, was engaged in battle with a masked man going by the name of Tobi.

Hiruzen Sarutobi was in the fight for his life as he was in battle with the strongest of all the tailed beast the Nine Tail Fox.

"Shit. I don't think I'm gonna survive this battle." Hiruzen said to himself. He noticed the Nine-Tails forming a tailed beast bomb. Quickly waving through a series of hand signs. "Earth Release: Mud Wall!'' A massive earth wall was formed in front of everyone.

The Nine-Tails fired his tailed beast bomb at the wall. The wall somehow withstands the attack, but after the attack the wall crumbles to the ground.

"What I… would give… to have my students… Jiraiya and Tsunade here." Hiruzen said while panting from exhaustion. The Third's eyes widened when he noticed the Nine-Tails charging at him. Hiruzen has no time to defend himself, crossing his arms to protect himself. Although he knows he most likely will die from this attack. As he was coming to terms that this was most likely the end he heard someone yell.

"Fire Release: Big Flame Bullet'' Jiraiya yelled, shooting a big flaming bullet at the Nine-Tails, hitting the tailed-beast straight in the face.

Landing next to his sensei, Jiraiya looked at the panting Hiruzen and asked, "Sensei are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Jiraiya. Just taking a moment to catch my second wind." Hiruzen replied.

"Looks like your age is finally catching up to you." Jiraiya said, teasing his sensei.

"Shut the hell up Jiraiya. You and I both know that not even you could defeat the Nine-Tails by yourself" Sarutobi scolded his former student.

"Hahaha I know sensei, but I'm here now to help you with this. So lets try taking it down." Jiraiya replied.

Jiraiya makes a sphere in his right hand, and starts charging at the Nine-Tails. Just behind him, Hiruzen waved through some hand signs. "Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet!" Hiruzen yelled, creating a dragon-like head that fired several mud balls towards the Nine-Tails.

The Nine-Tails moved to dodge the incoming projectiles just in time, but what the demon fox hadn't realized was that the Third Hokage intended to use the attack as a smokescreen to give his student an opening to strike up close. That's when the Nine-Tails saw the incoming figure of Jiraiya from the corner of his eye, leaping in the air and closing fast with a Rasengan at the ready. The Demon Fox brought one of it's tails up front just in the nick of time to block Jiraiya's attack.

While Jiraiya was successful in making contact with the tailed-beast, the Nine-Tails brushed off the Rasengan like it was nothing and used its tail to send Jiraiya flying through the air. The Frog Hermit made a recovery in mid-air just in the nick of time and landed next to his sensei once more.

"Damn it! How the hell are we supposed to get through it's defenses?" Jiraiya openly cursed, hoping his sensei would have a better idea.

"I don't know Jiraiya, but we need to figure something out or the whole village is going to get destroyed. Here it comes again!" Hiruzen said.

Hiruzen and Jiraiya were about to wave through some hand signs again for another attack, but chose to hold off when they noticed someone jump ahead of them and punch the ground, causing a crater to form in-front of the Nine-Tails. As the dust begins to settle, they see a pale blonde-haired woman standing in front of them.

"Hey sensei, Jiraiy. Looks like you could use some help." Tsunade said.

"Tsunade!" Hiruzen and Jiraiya yell.

"Did you guys miss me?" Tsunade said, giving them a cheeky smile.

"Tsunade, you know I missed you and those big melons of yours." Jiraiya teased, earning a smack and a punch on the back of the head from his sensei and Tsunade. "OW! That hurt!"

"That's what you get, you big pervert!" Tsunade said angrily with their sensei nodding in agreement.

After a few more attacks, "Damn it Jiraiya. What are we gonna have to do to put an end to the Nine-Tails destruction?" said Tsunade, desperately looking at Jiraya for an answer. "Even with Sarutobi-sensei, we're struggling to slow the Nine-Tails down."

"I really don't know Tsunade. The Nine-Tails is the strongest of the Tailed Beasts. We don't even know if they can be killed. That's why they've always been sealed in a person. I don't think they can be killed by normal means." said Jiraiya with a sad look. "I just hope Minato and Kushina are okay."

(In another part of the village…)

Minato looks at the mask man, "Who are you? And why are you doing this to the village?"

"Because I want the power of the Nine-Tails for myself, and I know when a female jinchuriki is about to give birth. That's when the seal is the weakest." the Masked Man said, "To answer your other question on who am I? Let's go with the name Tobi."

"But why are you doing this to the village!? What did Konoha do to you, that brought on this hatred to destroy the village and its people!?" Minato yelled at the masked man now going by as Tobi.

"Why does it matter? You can't defeat me and the Nine-Tails is under my control now. Just give up and die" Tobi said.

"That's what you think." Minato fired back, quickly going on to make a hand sign.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Minato shouted, producing ten Shadow Clones that started to advance towards Tobi.

"Fire Release: Fire ball Jutsu!" Tobi yelled. The large fireball destroys the shadow clones.

Behind his mask, Tobi was smirking at first, but it quickly turned into a frown as the real Minato appeared through the smoke with a Rasengan in his right hand.

"Rasengan!" Minato shouted, trying to shove the Rasengan into Tobi's chest. But the normal result that Minato was expecting to see upon making contact with his target ultimately failed, as he passed straight through Tobi's body.

Minato was in disbelief at what had just happened. To his knowledge, the only other person who could use a space-time ninjutsu was the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju. Taking that into consideration, whoever this 'Tobi' was, clearly possessed a jutsu not yet known to the shinobi world. The only way he could bring this fight to an abrupt close was if he could find a weakness to exploit.

The Yellow Flash was pulled out of thought when he felt his right forearm being grabbed by Tobi.

Minato quickly reacted by engaging Tobi in a Taijutsu battle. Despite his best efforts to land a blow on his opponent, every single of Minato's attacks were either dodged or went straight through Tobi.

Growing tired of this endless charade, Tobi began to fight back. After repeated attempts to land a blow of his own on Minato, Tobi finally managed to find an opening and landed a kick in Minato's gut, sending the Yellow Flash back about thirty feet.

"Is that the best you can do, Lord Fourth?" Tobi taunted. "Because if so, then you are truly unworthy of your title as Hokage. I was expecting much more of the man who single-handedly ended the Third Great Shinobi War."

"Not even close." Minato smirked, while maintaining a cool and calm mind.

Reaching for a three-pronged kunai from his pouch, Minato began to prepare himself for whatever might be coming next. He watched as Tobi pulled out a strange chain weapon with cuffs that the Masked Man attached to either wrist. With his special kunai at the ready in an offensive stance, Minato started to charge towards his opponent once again. And as he closed in on Tobi, his attack was rendered useless, passing straight through the mysterious assailant just like before.

Just then, Tobi tried to trap Minato using his chain. But his efforts proved to be unfruitful when Minato teleported to another one of his nearby kunai.

Following his second failed head-on attack, Minato took a moment to review what he had learned about his opponent thus far. At this point in time, Minato knew with absolute certainty that physical attacks had no effect on Tobi. In addition, Tobi only made himself solid when attacking his opponent in close proximity. That meant the key to exploiting Tobi's lone weakness not only lied in striking him at the exact same time, but it also entailed being faster than him even if it was only by a second.

Minato looked over his shoulder and saw Tobi was waiting for him to strike. The Yellow Flash prepared to strike his opponent one last time, starting to charge at the Masked Man; this time with a different strategy in mind. He threw his three-pronged kunai inscribed with the Flying Thunder God formula inscribed on it directly at Tobi's head.

Tobi thought nothing of the move, letting the kunai pass directly through him.

What the Masked Man didn't anticipate, however, was that Minato had no intention of hitting him with the three-pronged Kunai. Just as the two adversaries were about to collide in what would be their final blow, Minato vanished in front of his eyes. And less than a second later, Minato reappeared right behind him, catching the kunai and drove a Rasengan into his back. Tobi was sent flying back about 40-50 yards away.

As Tobi struggled to get up and stand on his own two feet, Minato appeared right before him and slammed his hand against Tobi's chest, making a contract seal appear.

"A contract Seal? What are you trying to do? Free the Nine-Tails from being under my power?" Tobi said with curiosity.

"Not trying! I already did! He's no longer under your control Tobi!" Minato said.

Impressed Tobi goes on and says "You're truly worthy of being called the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze. Not only did you stop the Nine-Tails from being under my power, but you also injured me too." Minato looks up at him with a smirk, but it eventually turns into a frown as Tobi continues to speak "But just realize this, I will be back, and the Fox will once again be mine. The Fox and this whole world will bend to my power… There's many doors left open for me still. The world better prepare." Tobi then proceeds to vanish from what looked like a portal.

After watching Tobi disappear using his teleportation jutsu, Minato saw that the Nine-Tails was still going on a rampage. He immediately started running towards the Nine-Tails knowing Naruto was safe with Kushina. Upon arriving near the Nine-Tails, Minato realized how much damage and death had been inflicted by the beast while it was still under Madara's control. With a saddened look, Minato knew what he had to do. To save the village and its citizens, he would have to use the Sealing Technique: Reaper Death Seal.

Minato threw his three pronged kunai towards the head of the Nine-Tails, and used the Flying Thunder God to teleport himself on top of the Nine-Tails. Once he was strategically positioned above the Demon Fox, Minato bit his thumb and shouted, "Summoning Jutsu!"

Appearing on top of the Kyuubi was the chief toad himself, Gamabunta.

"Gamabunta if you can hold down the Nine-Tails as long as you can, while I store chakra to teleport him to Kushina and Naruto" Minato yelled to Gamabunta.

"Listen kid, not even I can hold out long against the Nine-Tails. But I'll hold out as long as I can for you." Gamabunta said.

Minato put on a small smile for Gamabunta "Thank you my friend."

(Meanwhile right before Minato showed up…)

"Jiraiya, what are we gonna do? I'm running out of ideas on how to stop it" Tsunade said, looking at Jiraiya with a defeated look.

Jiraiya looks at Tsunade with a small smile, 'Just finally tell her how you feel, you coward. Who knows if you'll even live through this fight with Kyuubi'... "Hey Tsunade, I have something I need to tell you." Tsunade looks at Jiraya with a confused expression "Really right now Jiraiya? We're in the middle of a fight for our lives and the villages. What can be so important you need to tell me now"

"Tsunade, if I wait, and we die here, then I'll regret never saying anything to you." Jiraiya said with a serious face.

Tsunade looks at him, and is wondering what it could be, "Okay fine, tell me what it is?" Tsunade said.

Jiraiya took a deep breath and looked Tsunade in the eyes, "Tsunade, ever since we were on the same team together. I've always loved you, even though I know you loved Dan and never felt the same way about me. I always put my feelings down for your happiness. Although, from time to time, I would jokingly ask you out. I never truly told you how I feel and since we might die tonight. I didn't want to hold anything back and regret not telling you"

Tsunade's eyes go wide and start tearing up, "Jiraiya I nev… Wait what's happening on top of the Nine-Tails head?" Tsunade said, as a big smoke cloud appeared.

As the smoke cleared they saw Gamabunta on top of the Kyuubi's head. "Jiraiya isn't that Gamabunta on top of the Nine-Tails head?" Tsunade said.

"Yes it is, and it looks like Minato is on top of him… What is he doing here? He should be with Kushina, who's giving birth to their son… Unless Kushina has given birth and they're both safe. So maybe, he came here?" Jiraiya said to Tsunade.

They both end up looking very puzzled as they see Gamabunta trying to hold down the Nine-Tails as Minato looks to be charging up chakra.

"Wait Jiraiya what is Minato trying to do? You don't think he's gonna try teleporting the Nine-Tails to Kushina and potentially try re-sealing it into her… or worse, their son." Tsunade said, with a frightened look in her eyes. "Jiraiya, if he does the Reaper Death Seal, doesn't that mean Minato will die. And potentially Kushina if they re-seal it in her again?"

Tsunade and Jiraiya both look at each other, scared of what Minato might be doing. They start running towards Minato and the Nine-Tails. As they get closer so he can try to stop him, Jiraiya yells up to Minato "STOP MINATO, IF YOU'RE DOING WHAT WE'RE THINKING YOU'RE DOING. YOU BOTH WILL DIE AND LEAVE YOUR SON ALONE!"

Minato looks down and sees Jiraiya sensei and Tsunade running to him. Minato gives them a small smile, "Sorry sensei, and Lady Tsunade, but it has to be done." Minato says to them and teleport himself and the Nine-Tails to where Kushina and Naruto are to seal the Nine-Tails into his son.

Tsunade falls to her knees crying and screams "PLEASE MINATO! DON'T DO THIS!" she quietly mumbles, "Please don't die my son I can't lose you too".

Thinking no one heard this, but what she didn't notice was Jiraiya flinching, and putting on a depressed facial expression. Thinking to himself 'I really should tell her that Minato is actually…'

At that moment, Jiraya lost his train of thought, when he saw his sensei walking up to them.

"You two come with me. I know where Minato took the Nine-Tails. Minato told me where Kushina would be giving birth. So let's go you two. We need to hurry" Sarutobi Sensei said to the two Sannin,

"Yes sensei." They both said as Jiraya helped Tsunade to her feet. They start running following Lord Third.

(In an unknown location…)

Kushina walked over to Naruto, and couldn't help but smile at the blonde hair, blue-eyed boy. "I'm so happy you got your father's looks. I could just imagine how awful the kids in the academy would have been to you if you showed up with tomato red hair and blue eyes, you know." Kushina said to the sleeping Naruto. "I really hope you don't end up with my tics that I say or do. I truly hope you end up being a miniature Minato."

As Kushina is looking at Naruto, she starts to feel the exhaustion from childbirth and having the Nine-Tails extracted out of her. She never thought this day would happen, but here she was, the proud mother of a newborn son with the man she loves. The only problem left to be dealt with now was the Nine-Tails. As if on queue, she felt the Nine-Tails chakra and Minato's.

Kushina turned around and saw Minato with the Nine-Tails in front of her. She immediately jumped into action, "Adamantine Sealing Chains!" Kushina shouted.

Several chains emerged from Kushina's torso, flying through the air in the direction of the Nine-Tails. Not only was the Demon Fox now ensnared and unable to move, Kushina had used her chakra chains to produce a barrier that prevented anyone from entering or exiting the contained environment. Although she was exhausted and chakra levels running low, Kushina was doing everything she could to keep the beast at bay. Just then, Minato jumped down to her side.

"Minato, we should reseal the Nine-Tails in me. Even if I end up dying, that is a price I'm willing to pay to protect my child and the man I love. Please take care of Naruto for the both of us." Kushina said hurriedly.

"Kushina, I don't think we should do that. Let me use the Reaper Death Seal on the Nine-tails, and seal half of the beast's chakra inside Naruto. I believe, as his father, that he'll eventually grow up and learn to tame the beast." Minato said, looking at Kushina with sad eyes, knowing his decision would mean the end of his life.

"Minato, I can't let you do this! He'd be better off with his father in his life then with me. Please, let me do this and put an end to the Nine-Tails for once and for all." Kushina pleaded with Minato, only to get a shake of the head from her husband as his way of saying no.

What the young married couple didn't realize was the Nine-Tails was listening to their conversation. It would never accept being sealed within a newborn baby boy. It just got its freedom and wasn't going to let this opportunity pass him by.

"LIKE HELL I'LL LET YOU RESEAL ME! ESPECIALLY INTO YOUR BABY!" The Nine-Tails yelled, starting to move its paw towards Naruto, faster than either Minato and Kushina expected him to be able to do.

Without hesitation, they both jumped in front of the paws nail to stop it from piercing and killing Naruto. Minato and Kushina both ended up getting pierced in the stomach instead.

Kushina strengthened the Adamantine Sealing Chains to prevent the Nine-Tails from moving. "Minato, we'll have to go with your idea. I really don't want to leave Naruto to grow up alone." Kushina said as she started to cry, knowing she won't be able to watch Naruto grow up.

"Kushina my love, you'll see him again. I'm going to store the rest of your chakra into his seal so when the time comes and he needs help taming the beast, we'll be by his side to help him along the way. Now let's say some final words to our son before it's time for us to leave." Minato said, hugging his wife from behind.

"Okay," Kushina said as she continued to cry. Minato gave her a little squeeze and what could be their last kiss. "Okay, Naruto. Like I said to you earlier, even though your father wasn't present, I hope you don't get any of my weird tics or quirks, you know."

Minato interrupts, "Hey, I love those things about you. And if Naruto has those tics and quirks, I'm sure he'll do just fine. Look how you turned out! I'd say pretty good if I don't say so myself."

Kushina chuckled and continued, "Could you imagine if he had my tomato red hair and your blue eyes? I could just imagine how awful those kids at the academy would have been to him… Just like they were to me."

"Kushina stop! Everyone now loves your red hair. You just had to earn their respect and put some of them in their place… But it was also that beautiful red hair that attracted me to you." Minato said, causing Kushina to blush.

"Naruto, please be careful while growing up. Listen to your teachers and sensei's, also watch out for my sensei Jiraya… He can be a bit of a pervert, but he was always like a father figure to me… Oh and watch out for Lady Tsunade Senju. She has a really bad temper and is a terrible gambler. Both of them were like family to me. Although I didn't see much of Lady Tsunade after the Third Great Ninja war due to the loss of her lover, I always saw her as a mother figure to me. Please go to them if you need help." Minato passionately spoke.

"Naruto, please learn Fuinjutsu like me, and I hope you can unlock the Adamantine Chakra Chains. They will definitely come in handy to help you." Kushina paused, before going on to make her final request, "Now last, but not least. When you're old enough and can start dating, find someone like me. Try to find a girl who is kind, caring, and will know how to put you in your place when you get out of hand. Us Uzumaki's have a lot of energy and a bit of temper. Do not date and marry a quiet girl who won't know how to reign you in."

Minato couldn't help but laugh at what Kushina said, because she clearly was referring to him when it came to keeping her in check sometimes… But also at times, she had to do it to him too, especially when the Elders tried to over step their boundaries.

"Naruto, one last thing. Lord Third Hiruzen Sarutobi is an amazing man to look up to. Always go to him if you ever need anything and if Jiraiya isn't on his "research" trips and or Lady Tsunade isn't out drinking and gambling all her money away. Go to them… they'll do anything for you. I'm sure of it. Now, if you ever become Hokage… watch out for Danzo Shimura. He always wanted to be Hokage and would do anything to get it. Be careful of him" Minato said "Now Naruto we love you so much, and we're so sorry we can't be there to be your parents and watch you grow up. Stay out of trouble, and I hope you can follow our footsteps. I hope you can learn the Flying Thunder God technique. And in the end, I really wish you to be the one who can master my jutsu, the Rasengan."

At that moment, as Minato was about to finish the Reaper Death Seal, the two didn't know that Jiraya, Tsunade, and Hiruzen heard everything they were saying to Naruto. They were all in tears, because not only were they losing their loved ones, but Naruto would never know who his parents are.

"Reaper Death Seal!" Minato yells, as he seals the Yin half in himself.

While storing the Yang half in Naruto, he weaves Kushina's chakra into the seal, so she'll be there to help him when the time comes to face the Nine-Tails. Minato also weaved a little bit of his own chakra in the seal just in case the Nine-Tails ever tried to break free. Though he prayed that would never happen, Minato wasn't one to take such a huge risk without placing a precautionary measure to rebuild the seal if needed.

"Naruto, we love you so much and we're very sorry to leave you alone without parents," Kushina said, and Minato nodded in agreement.

Minato summoned Gerotora to give the key to the seal he would use on Naruto to Jiraiya. After he finished the toad summoning, Kushina and him noticed Hiruzen Sarutobi walking up to them with tears in his eyes.

"Lord Third, I'm sorry there was nothing more than I could do. But as my dying wish, please make sure the village knows that Naruto is a hero and not some demon child. I don't want them labeling him as the one responsible for our deaths or all the unnecessary damage inflicted by the Demon Fox." Minato said.

"Of course, Minato. I'll make sure the villagers know that Naruto is a hero and none will treat him like a demon." said Lord Third.

"Thank you, Lord Third" they both said.

"Goodbye Kushina, I love you." Minato said, giving Kushina their last kiss.

"Goodbye Minato, I love you too." Kushina said one last time, as she felt Minato go limp.

Knowing that it was almost her time too, she looked at Lord Third and said, "His name is going to be Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. I understand if you can't allow him to have Namikaze part because of the threat that Minato's enemies pose, but promise me that when the time comes for him to learn of his heritage, make sure it is something he can take great pride in."

Lord Third nodded his head and said, "Yes Kushina. I'll make sure."

Kushina's eyes widened when she saw Tsunade and Jiraiya slowly walking up to them. Kushina, with her final words to them, said, "Please look after our son like he's your family. Please Master Jiraiya and Lady Tsunade. We both loved you and saw you two as family… Please do the same for Naruto. When the time comes to tell Naruto the truth, we left a small wooden chest for him in the nursery closet. In it, he will find a note explaining what happened to us."

They both nodded, "We'll be there for Naruto. Now Kushina, go and be with Minato. We love you" Jiraya said to Kushina, as Tsunade and him were both crying while Naruto was sleeping.

Tsunade slowly walked up to the sleeping Naruto and picked him up in her arms. "He has Minato's hair and his eyes." Tsunade observed, turning to look at her teammate, "Jiraya, could you imagine what might have happened if Naruto had inherited Kushina's hair? I remember when Kushina would tell me about her time in the academy. That was a difficult point in her life, but that all changed when she took matters into her own hands and fought back against those bullies." Tsunade recalled, letting out a light-hearted laugh with Jiraya and Hiruzen.

"Yeah, that's when she got dubbed the Red-Hot Habanero. It's going to take me years to get over the emotional scarring of her anger. Tsunade, I swear she could even give you a run for your money when it came to her temper." Jiraya said, as he looked at Tsunade and started to notice the anger radiating off of her.

"And if you don't want to see another display of my temperamental side, Jiraiya, I would consider shutting your damn mouth!" Tsunade threatened, making Jiraiya gulp.

Hiruzen watched from the side and saw his two former students bickering. He couldn't help thinking that maybe these two should adopt Naruto. Naruto would grow up knowing love and for a jinchuriki, that meant everything to them. He remembered Kushina sharing with him at one point a lesson passed down to her from Lord First's wife, Mito Uzumaki. 'Love is the only way to tame the Nine Tails and overcome its hate'.

As Hiruzen was thinking of forcing these two to adopt Naruto, he was broken out of his thoughts by Tsunade.

"You know, you two are the only ones that know this, but Dan and I were awful parents to Minato. We forced him into an orphanage, because Dan and I were too young to be parents. We couldn't let people think down on us for being so young and having a baby. Dan had aspirations to be Hokage. We couldn't let us having a baby at a young age ruin anything for Dan. It was awful what we did, and there's no excuses for what we did. I regret everything we did now. I hope Minato can forgive us" Tsunade said, with a saddened look on her face.

"There is one thing that confuses me? Who named Minato? It wasn't I or Dan? Sarutobi-sensei ,was it you?" Tsunade asked Hiruzen.

"No it wasn't me Tsunade. I also have no clue who named him." He answered.

"If it wasn't you, then who was it? I thought you were the only one there besides Dan when I gave birth." Tsunade said with a confused looked.

While she was thinking about who came up with Minato's name, she realized Jiraiya has been awfully quiet this whole time. "Jiraiya, you've been awfully quiet this whole time. But I think you and I should do what Kushina said, and be family for Naruto… be his foster parents."

As Tsunade is looking at Jiraiya in the face she can see that something is bothering him, "Jiraiya what's wrong? Getting cold feet to actually be with me?"

Jiraiya looks at Tsunade with a sad face, "Tsunade... It was I who came up with Minato's name. It was because Minato was never Dan's son... I'm sorry I should have said something before, but Minato is your and I's son..." Tsunade looks at Jiraiya with a shocked face that slowly started to turn into an expression of anger.

Jiraiya quickly adds, "It was the night you and Dan got into a massive argument. You came to see me. We drank all night and one thing led to another..."

Tsunade looks into Jiraiya's eyes and can tell he isn't lying. Tsunade is then brought back to the memory of that night so many years ago.


Jiraiya was cleaning up his apartment, putting his ninja tools in the appropriate place so he doesn't forget them for whenever his next mission is. While cleaning he sees his team photo on a side table next to his couch. He looks at the photo and his eyes immediately go to his beautiful blonde teammate Tsunade. He sat down on his couch looking at the photo thinking 'I really wish she knew how I truly feel about her, but she's with Dan now. As long as she is happy, then I'm happy.' as he was thinking about her he heard a knock on his apartment door. 'Huh? I wonder who that could be?' Jiraiya thought.

Jiraiya got up from his couch and slowly walked over his apartment door. As he opened the door he was thoroughly surprised to see his blonde teammate he was just thinking about right in front of him. "Hey Tsunade? Is everything okay?" Jiraiya asked.

"No Jiraiya everything is not okay! Dan and I got in a massive argument right now. Is it okay if I come in? I just need time to cool down." Tsunade said. Jiraiya fully opened the door and let Tsunade into his apartment. "Jiraiya are you actually cleaning your apartment? Do you have a surprise date coming over?"

"For your information Tsunade, no I don't, I just want my apartment to be clean so I can have my Ninja tools ready for whenever we have to leave urgently for a mission."Jiraiya said, puffing out his chest while pretending he was actually being responsible for once.

Tsunade giggled, "Yeah I bet that's why you're doing it. I bet you brought a girl home and she probably laughed in your face on how dirty your apartment was and left."

Jiraiya's prideful look went into instant despair on Tsunade assuming that's what happened. Although she isn't wrong to a certain point, the other reason was he would be up late sometimes for missions because he misplaced some of his ninja tools and couldn't find them because of the mess.

"Anyways Tsunade, would you like a drink? Would you like tea or something maybe a little bit harder?" Jiraiya said, giving Tsunade a smirk.

"Jiraiya, what do you mean something harder? We aren't old enough to drink sake or any other alcohol? So how would you have any of that stuff?"Tsunade said, with a confused look.

"Well, I just so happened to snag a few sake bottles out of Sarutobi Sensei's desk not too long ago. I was gonna save them for a special moment, but since you're having a rough day. I figured you could use some sake in your life to get over what happened with you and Dan." Jiraiya said, with a smirk on his face.

Tsunade gave it some thought and eventually shook her head in agreement "Yeah sure why not, I doubt anything worse could happen to me at this point."

After a certain amount of time goes by and all the sake is drunk. Jiraiya and Tsunade are both red in the face on his couch laughing "Wow who knew sake was this good!" Tsunade said.

"Yeah I gotta hand it to Sarutobi sensei he definitely knows the good stuff." Jiraiya said. As Jiraiya was talking, Tsunade started to slide closer to Jiraiya. Jiraiya was unaware what was going on until she was right next to him "Hey Tsunade, why are you so close to me?"

"Jiraiya thank you, you've always been there for me whenever I needed you unlike our idiot snake teammate Orochimuri. So thank you for always being there for me. I truly appreciate it!" Tsunade said, as she went in and hugged Jiraiya.

Jiraiya had no clue how to react so he decided to hug her back "No problem Tsunade, we're teammates and friends. It's the least I could do for you."

While hugging they both look at each other, blushing. They both don't know what comes over them, but they both lean in and start kissing. After a couple minutes they break apart.

Jiraiya fearing for his life says, "Tsunade I'm so sorry I don't know what came over me, please don't kill me. I didn't mean it."

Tsunade looks at Jiraiya and then goes back in for his lips. After a few more minutes, Jiraiya breaks apart the kiss "Tsunade if you don't stop I don't think i'll be able to control myself".

Tsunade thinks about it for a minute, and then jumps onto Jiraiya and gives him a passionate kiss "Jiraiya, I'm willing to do this, but please let's never speak of this night ever. You mustn't tell Dan what happened tonight. Please." Tsunade said.

Jiraiya knows this is wrong, but he can't say no to the woman he's loved since meeting her. After thinking about it "Tsunade as long as you don't regret this decision then i'll do it. I'll do anything for you" Jiraiya said. Tsunade was shocked by this type of confession, and instantly started passionately kissing Jiraiya.

* A hour or two later*

Tsunade starts walking to the door and looks back at Jiraiya, "Remember Jiraiya nobody is to ever know what happened tonight"

Jiraiya nods and says "No one will ever know Tsunade so don't worry. Go back to Dan, you both need to apologize to each other." Tsunade nods and walks out the door, but what she didn't see was the painful look in Jiraiya's eyes as she left.

Ten or so weeks go by. Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Sarutobi-sensei find out that Tsunade is pregnant. Everyone believes it's Dan's child.

End of Flashback

"Jiraiya, if you don't mind me asking? Where did you come up with the surname Namikaze?" Hiruzen asked.

Jiraiya looked at his sensei and said, "Both of you never thought it was weird that I don't have a surname? Well, that's because it's actually Namikaze."

Tsunade and Hiruzen looked stunned at Jiraiya. They both completely just accepted that he didn't have a surname, and it now all makes sense.

"Now, to answer your question Tsunade. Yes, I'll gladly raise Naruto with you. But I think we should raise him in Minato and Kushina's home. It's far enough away from the heart of the village and it already has a nursery." Jiraiya said.

As Jiraiya was about to continue speaking he got interrupted by his sensei, "Okay you two, I think we need to set up some rules if you two are definitely sure you're going to raise Naruto. First off I think until the time is right he should go by Naruto Uzumaki, Second we shouldn't tell him he is a Jinchiriki until we think he is ready, Third we shouldn't tell him who is really parents are yet until he is also ready, Minato has a lot of enemies from the Hidden Cloud Village and the last thing we need is someone trying to assassinate Naruto." said Hiruzen. "So that means if you're gonna live in the Namikaze Estate, you'll need to hide the pictures of Minato and Kushina until he's ready. I'll let you guys decide when to tell him, but I think it would be best to wait till he either graduates from the academy or you think he's old enough to know."

Jiraiya and Tsunade both nodded at their sensei. "Tsunade, unfortunately I won't be able to be with you for Naruto's first year though" Jiraiya said.

Tsunade looks at him, slightly angered, "Why the fuck will you not be their for the first year Jiraiya!"

"You remember the three orphans I took under my wing right?" Jiraiya asked, getting a small nod from Tsunade.

"Well, they haven't fully completed their training yet. I especially want to finish working with Nagato. He is a gifted student with so much potential and needs to learn how to properly control his power. Once that's done, I'll come back to be with you and Naruto. I promise" Jiraiya said, to an angered Tsunade.

"Fine Jiraiya. But I swear if you're aren't back here for Naruto and I after a year, I'll hunt you down," Tsunade said, causing Jiraiya to start sweating.

"Yes dear!" causing Tsunade to blush and smirk at the same time.

"Alright you two, let's head back to the village. We're unfortunately gonna have to inform all the villagers about the death of the Fourth Hokage."

A Few Days Later

On top of the Hokage's Mansion, you see the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi with his two students Jiraiya and Tsunade Senju.

"To the villagers. It's with a heavy heart that I tell you our beloved Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, has died. He sacrificed his life to seal the Nine-Tailed Fox into this newborn baby. This newborn is Naruto Uzumaki. Minato's dying wish was for Naruto to be seen as a hero since he has to be burdened with now being the Village Hidden in the Leaf's Jinchuriki. I'm making it law as of now that it is to be forbidden to talk about the Nine-Tails attack to the future generations, so the kids don't hold a grudge or hateful intentions towards Naruto. Naruto has already been adopted, so no one has to worry about his care. I will not speak about who his parents are. I'm sure you'll have found out who his foster parents are when he enters the academy. I will say this. If any of you are against him going into the academy, good luck saying that to who his foster parents are. Now I will be once again taking the mantle of being the Hokage. I already have a replacement in mind, but I won't make that announcement any time soon. It'll be years till I inform you all, so don't worry about it until the time comes. Now with all that over and done with. Let's get to repairing our home." Sarutobi has finished his speech.

No one really knows how to react to the news of the Fourth Hokage passing and sealing the Nine-Tails into Naruto. Only time will tell.

Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Naruto head to the Namikaze estate to move all their stuff in. Tsunade, realizing she has no clue on how to be a mother or anything of the sort, speaks her mind to Jiraiya. "Jiraiya, I have no clue how to be a mother. What if I'm awful, what if Naruto hates me?" Tsunade said

Jiraiya walks up to her and hugs her. "Tsunade you aren't alone in this. In the year I'm gone, if my students are near the village I'll make sure to stop in and everything. You also have Sarutobi-sensei with you. I will say this, it probably would be best if you don't do any shopping and see if Sarutobi sensei can send someone out to do the shopping. We shouldn't let the villagers know that we adopted Naruto"

Tsunade started crying. "Thank you Jiraiya. Naruto-kun and I will miss you, so please hurry and finish that training and come back home to us." the three of them hugged.

Before the embrace ended, Jiraiya kissed Naruto's head and then kissed Tsunade on the forehead. "I'll be back as soon as I can, and maybe we can get married when I get back to make this all official" Jiraiya said with a smile.

Tsunade chuckled, "I'll think about it you perv. Now go before I change my mind on letting you go finish training those three orphans from the Hidden Rain Village" Jiraiya nodded and knew not to press his luck, so he walked to the front door and left his hopefully soon to be wife, and adopted son/grandson.

Jiraiya walks up to the entrance of Konoha to see his three students waiting for him. "Sorry to keep you waiting Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko. I have a year to finish your training til I have to come back to Konoha"

"What do you mean Jiraiya-sensei?" Yahiko asked with a confused look.

"Well it's S classified information. So let's just say I have two people waiting for me here, and I was given a timeline of a year to finish your training. So the year that we have is going to be some of the toughest training you will ever go through in your entire life… So be prepared" Jiraiya said to his students.

"Yes sensei!" The three yelled to their sensei. All four of them slowly started to walk away from the village

Jiraiya stopped and turned around thinking to himself 'Tsunade, Naruto I'll be back soon. Please don't give your mother a hard time Naruto. I love you' and with that Jiraiya follows his students.


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