Hello everyone! Long time no see right! Well Let me start off by saying that this isn't a chapter update, more like an update with what's going on with my life, and how I feel towards some reviews that I honestly shouldn't even bother myself with. ALSO THIS WILL NOT BE ABANDON (Just things will take longer especially how long my chapters are lol This also goes to all my fics aka something worth fighting for. I am working on a Naruto depression fic and debating writing my own character fic for Versatile Mage (if you never read it's definitely a good mage webnovel.)), the past couple months have been a struggle for me. Work has been annoying with a manager trying to pull a fast one on my overnight partner and I and trying to cut hours (We took care of that bullshit pretty quick.). I also need to start to find motivation to work out again, but with everything going on and being a fat shit I really have no motivation for that. Now with writing, well the official English translation of High School DxD Volume 1 came out, so I slowly been reading that at work with Volume 18 of The Rising of The Shield Hero. Not only that My parents are moving to a new house at literally the end of December so I'm going to be busy driving from Boston to close to Rhode Island to help them move at the end of December. My Goal is to get this chapter done for Christmas so you PEOPLE can have something to read =). Another reason everything is taken so long is… Well… I have a PS5 so like Demon Souls is taking up a lot of my time. Also with depression, my motivation to write has been pretty low as of late. I will say I have lines on how these next few chapters are going to go. After Part one and two of the next two chapters. I don't know if I'll jump right into the next arc or have a training chapter and then right into the next arc. Now along with seeing some reviews that kind of urk me. I honestly shouldn't even let them get to me, but well you know it's my first time writing and everything so I let it get to me. Now with one of the reviewers that I usually see on other NaruSaku fic's constantly degrading there fics or questioning every single thing the author fucking writes. Let me say this to you, even though you won't see it. Us Author's can write whatever the fuck we want to write. If a character seems out of character well guess what everyone, ITS FANFUCKINGFICTION they can be out of character if we fucking want them to be LET ALONE IF ITS AU! Tsunade act's this way with Jiraiya because guess what? IN MY FIC THEY ARE MARRIED AND RAISING NARUTO! SO YES SHE WILL BE OOC FUCKING DEAL WITH IT MY FUCKING GOD! Now that I have that part out of the way, let me go to the other part, STOP JUDGING HOW WE PORTRAY NARUTO OR THE FACT SOME OF US ARE NOT WANTING HIM TO BE EXTREMELY OVERPOWERED BECAUSE WHO'S RAISING HIM (if we go that route of having some Ninja raise him)! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT YOU WRITE YOUR OWN FUCKING FIC THEN AND WHEN YOU DO SEND IT TO ME SO I CAN GO AND REVIEW IT AND JUDGE EVERY LITTLE FUCKING THING YOU DO AND SEE HOW YOU FUCKING LIKE IT! (yeah I probably will never do that since I usually never ever leave a bad review, even if I don't like the fic I won't leave a bad review, because I'm not an asshole).