Chapter 1

Dream POV:

"OH, GEORGEEEEEEEEE!" I screamed, chasing my pursuer away with an Iron Axe. "You muffin, run!" Bad shouted through the screen as I cornered George's Skin in a forest, where he enderpearled away. I laugh through our discord call, and everybody responds confused. I pull out a bow, and launch a slowness arrow through the air, sniping George in his gold leggings. "How do you have a slowness arrow?!" George screamed through the microphone. "I killed a witch on the way here." I said, smirking. I then chopped him to death with my Iron Axe, the screen chat showing, "GeorgeNotFound was slain by Dream." "WHY ME?!" Geroge screeched through his mic. SAPNAP WAS RIGHT THERE!" "Because you had Gold Leggings." "What does Gold Leggings have to do with my death?!" I cackled and wheezed, as I stepped through the obsidian frame, and broke into more laughter as the chat read, "Dream has made the advancement We Need To Go Deeper."

"The NETHER?!" All three of the hunters exclaimed as I continued on my wheezing, walking past the Piglins as if they were nothing. I even stopped to trade with a few. Luckily, both times I got pearls, meaning I could go to the end after the Nether. I continue walking, and smirk, as I walk into the structure made of Nether Bricks. "He got the fortress already?!" "Ha!" I shout through my mic, as I start killing Blazes. "Yes!" The trio screamed as they followed me into the Nether. I then see Bad running straight up to me as I run away from the Blaze Spawner, content with my six Blaze Rods. I then run back through the portal, where I'm met with Sapnap hitting me into lava. "NO!" I shouted, realizing I didn't have water. I gasped, and then threw a pearl at the nick of time, luckily landing in water, where I am left at half a heart. I eat my final Golden Apple, before throwing the Eye. Surprisingly, it plummets straight into the ground, so five blocks and killing Sapnap later, I was in the stronghold, right next to the portal room. I turn left, and fill the portal, before the chat read, "Dream made advancement, The END!?" I then was about to through a pearl, but I was knocked off by George, so my Pearl horribly misfired, as I was left to die in the void. "NOOO!" I shouted, slamming my desk, and returning back to the game, and then the video ended.

"That seems good enough." I said, after watching my video, as I upload "Minecraft Speedrunner v 3 Hunters Finale Rematch Rematch, and I sigh, pushing my rolling chair back to meet Patches, who was laying contently on the bed. I rubbed in between her ears, and my computer and phone started blowing up from comments from the video I posted a few seconds ago. It was in quarantine, so there wasn't truly that much to do, besides watch YouTube videos. I then get a call from George, and I pick up. "Hey, what's up?" I ask my friend. "Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to record a video for my channel. I have the plugin, it's insane." He said. "On it." I said, ending the call and logging onto the computer, calling George, and entering Minecraft, where George explains his idea more. "Minecraft, but water kills you." I sigh, laughing at his crazy idea. "Sure." I said, as we started the run.

3 hours later…

"Alright, talk to you tomorrow." I said, ending the call with George. For me, it might be 8 PM, but for him, it's 1 AM. I decided to record it as well, and I scheduled it for 2 weeks from now to come out. I smiled, before heading to bed.

George POV: Flashback

"No!" I screeched as the Magma Blocks broke my boat, sending me under. I started taking hit-points of damage, but I managed to click Dream's boat in time, at half of a heart. I go to my inventory and quickly pull out a Notch Apple, which I found in the desert temple 30 minutes ago. I sighed, as my hunger and health all went up, as we were rowing steady, until we found the Stronghold entrance. It was underwater. So, Dream rowed to shore, and dug down, instead of swimming. We searched for about 20 minutes, before finding the portal room, which we filled the gaps with eyes, and looked at each other confidently. It may have been Minecraft, but I could sense he was ready. I took the first step, followed by him, as we both pearl to the small endstone island. Sadly, Dream mis-pearled and landed there, staring at an enderman, causing them all to come after him. He towered up after a few tries, and placed down a bucket of lava around him. The Enderman died to burning in the orange liquid, and we started attacking the End Crystals, before chipping away at the Dragon's HP. After a few minutes, Dream rushed up and hit her one last time with his Sharpness 2 Iron Sword, Before being blasted backward, him out of Ender Pearls, and water wouldn't help. I throw my six enderpearls at him, and he reaches them three blocks from the ground. His hand was quickly to click it, throwing the enderpearl straight down, letting him survive. We then both sprinted to the portal, jumping inside…..

Out of Flashback

When I woke the next morning, I was greeted by the breeze through the window, the birds chirping happily. I scan around my room, as I get dressed, and make breakfast. The usual. But, before going out on his walk, he noticed a paper being slipped under his door.

"Greetings, valued tenant, but we sadly have to shut down half the apartments due to COVID-19, to make sure everyone stays safe, but sadly, your apartment was one of them. We will provide you with $1000 in cash, so you will have some money left, but you will have to leave the premesis of this building tomorrow at 10:30 AM."