"AHHHHH! HELP ME!" screamed a woman. Hands of blue rushed to her aid but she only felt more and more trapped. Alone, desperate, in agony. She frantically looked around, beads of sweat sliding down her pale and gleaming skin. Her hands were tense down to her fingertips, her throat dry and sore from screams, her-

"AHH! SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!" she begged, but could not even remember who she was begging to… God, perhaps? Was she dead?!

"Martha! Please! You're okay!" a smooth, warm voice comforted. It almost sounded familiar..?

That didn't matter to her. She was in pain. I'm dying, aren't I? I'm going to die here.. Where am I? Where is here? God, please, "HELP MEE!" she let out as another wave of pain flashed through her body. Labored breathing, tired eyes, relentless screaming…

And a baby was born.

Little did anyone know what life this newborn baby had in store for himself, what great danger this baby would encounter, what inevitable destiny he would create. The universe recognized his power as he gave his first cry into the world.