A/N: Deviant is one of my favorite episodes, admittedly. The scenes with Calleigh and Ryan were amazing. Thought I'd write a little scene based on that - but not as planned, my story has escalated into something that could have multiple parts.

Episode: Deviant (4x16)

"You're not mad at me? Because I, uh, heard we got into a pretty big fight today.."

"Don't believe everything you hear."

It had dawned morning in Miami, the sun was shining through the windows and light filled the once dimly lit room. The bedroom was cool and sunshine shone just about through the windows. Ryan slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes and glancing into the make-up mirror to check his hair. A spikey mess.

His lover was still sound asleep, clutching the comforter close to her chest. Her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail that prevented it from going all over the place. Last night they'd gone for drinks, as promised, after an apology for their argument about the case that took place earlier in the day. A smile graced his lips. They were on good terms, which brought relief to his originally troubled thoughts afterward.

The former patrol officer planned on leaving. He'd probably write a note and head home. Ryan never went in wearing the same outfit. That broke every moral he had about protocols and his key principles when it came to laundry. Green was his favourite color but that was a big no on his part.

He reached over Calleigh and grabbed his phone. Sorting through his notifications, he noticed an email sent to him from an email address directed from a mechanics company employee. He'd been quick to realize what was in the email. A photo of Horatio and.. Eric's sister? Since his email was also direction to the MDPD, he figured that someone else in the unit knew. RW. Who else had RW as their initials?

Ryan laid his phone down and got out of bed. Since he already had his underwear on, he just needed his shirt and jeans then he'd be out of there like nothing happened. It was easier that way after all. Him and Calleigh had slept together more than once, but always insisted it was just a friends-with-benefits type thing. That's why he said he was 'taking a break' from dating. Ryan just didn't feel he had the time to make a proper relationship work.

Once he had made up his side of the bed, and put his clothes back on, Wolfe shoved his phone into his pocket. He wrote a letter of apology for leaving before she woke up. Ryan went to kiss her forehead, but he missed as she turned her head and accidentally caught her lips on his. But she kissed back before he could pull away.

Calleigh made a readjustment to her position so he wasn't uncomfortable kissing her. Clad in her pajamas, she didn't think much of it that he was already dressed. The blonde pulled him back into bed and smiled. "You don't have to go yet, do you? I thought you only worked out early on Tuesdays?"

"I've got some things to do at work." He said, briefly kissing her once more. "I'll see you later?"

"Okay." She sighed.

He removed himself from under her and fixed his shirt. Wolfe smiled to himself in relief knowing that the morning wasn't when his passion awakened. The kiss was hot, but he could wait until later. She watched him leave her bedroom with regret. Calleigh had wanted him to stay, however, she didn't want to hinder whatever he had going on with work. Besides, they were no longer fighting. That made it ok.

The blonde laid back down onto the comforter, staring up at the ceiling. The sweet scent of his cologne still lingered on her. Calleigh knew that it would've been the perfect opportunity to say that things between them could become more serious. They pretty much acted like a couple without realizing it.

Ryan was right there and yet she hadn't taken advantage of his presence to tell him what she felt. The first person to steal her heart in a long time just had to be her case partner. Their starting friendship assured her that even if they did break up, they'd remain close. Calleigh loved Ryan a lot more than she'd loved before - that scared her. But he wouldn't break her heart.. she knew that because she was the only person he would openly apologize to. He really cared. Now it came down to whether the romantic feelings were mutual or not..