After lots of thinking, I finally decided to publish the first chapter of my first Klaine story ever! I started this eight years ago and just recently, I found this story again. After lots of editing, the first chapters are complete now. They are probably shorter than the chapters of my other stories, but I hope you don't mind. I would be happy if you let me know what you think and if I should continue this.

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For about the third time in ten minutes, Kurt checked his reflection in the mirror. He was wearing dark, skinny jeans, a white shirt and a stylish, grey vest. His hair was styled as usual. He smiled at himself, but it didn't reach his eyes. Today was going to be the first day of his last year at school. Kurt knew that he should be excited, but somehow, he couldn't manage that. Instead, the young man he saw in the mirror was a little too pale and looked tired.

A look at the clock told him that he needed to go now, or they would be late. Most probably, Finn was already waiting for him downstairs. His brother couldn't wait to go to school again, since it meant that he was going to see Rachel, his girlfriend and Kurt's best friend, every day. At the thought of Rachel, Kurt managed a small smile. She always made everything better. And of course Mercedes, his other best friend. Together, they were attending the Glee Club of the school, with several others. All of them were Kurt's family. And they took care of each other.

Feeling a little better, Kurt went downstairs. Finn was already leaning in the door frame. When he saw Kurt, he grinned. He was wearing jeans and a plain green t-shirt. Kurt wanted to roll his eyes, but he held back. Finn was always dressed horribly, and there was no use to try to talk to him. Kurt knew that Rachel tried it regularly, but with no success. At least he wasn't wearing the red jacket of his football team right now.

"Are you ready?" Finn asked.

Kurt nodded. "Always." He didn't sound too enthusiastic, but Finn didn't seem to notice his discomfort.

"Can you believe it? Our senior year." Finn smiled broadly. "And this year, I'm sure we're going to Nationals. And we'll win that thing!"

Kurt chuckled at Finn's excitement. "If you don't hurry up, we will be too late for the first day of our senior year." he grinned, hoping that it looked convincing.

"Right. Let's go, bro." Finn ran a hand through his hair, before they made their way to the car.

"Kurt!" Rachel called him once they got out of the car. He turned around to see his best friend running towards him with a wide smile on her face.

"Hey Rachel." he greeted her when she wrapped her arms around him tightly.

"How was your vacation?" she asked.

"As you wouldn't know that." he murmured and rolled his eyes. "You were there nearly all the time, Rachel." He watched when Finn kissed her quickly. Then they began to walk towards the school, Rachel and Finn hand in hand, while Kurt walked next to Rachel.

"But it would be impolite not to ask." Rachel said now and looked at him thoughtfully. The frown on her face made Kurt feel uneasy, but he tried to ignore it. Just like he'd ignored all her questions about how he was feeling in the past weeks. Of course Rachel and all the others knew how Kurt was feeling towards school.

It was one thing to have good grades, amazing friends and to be part of a wonderful Glee club. However, being bullied constantly threw a shadow above all of this. His friends defended him when they could, but sometimes, David Karofsky and his companions still managed to get Kurt alone. Even Pucks most deathly threats couldn't stop them from hurting him sometimes.

"No it wouldn't. Because you know what I've been doing." Kurt threw in.

She nodded, that thoughtful look still on her face. "Indeed." In the holidays, they'd discussed the latest fashion very much, as always. And then they've been singing. Since Kurt and Rachel both wanted to attend NYADA after school, they needed to be very good.

He already feared that she would say anything else, but another voice interrupted their conversation.

"KURT!" They all turned around, but Kurt already knew who'd just noticed them. He would recognize that voice anywhere. Mercedes was walking towards him, a wide smile on her lips.

"Mercedes!" They hugged and he kissed her cheek. For a few minutes, they talked about Mercedes' holidays and how the journey to Canada with her family has been. Slowly, the uneasy feeling that had accompanied Kurt for days now vanished. He was with his friends now and everything was alright. At least for now. He couldn't stop himself from looking around carefully from time to time.

"Okay, I know that it's a bit impolite, but how are things with you and Sam?" he asked after a while, curious about their current status of relationship. Right before the holidays, and after they'd lost Nationals (thanks to Rachel and Finn, who'd kissed each other on stage), Kurt had met them at a coffee shop and they've been holding hands. They still kept their relationship secret in public, so Kurt was one of the few people who knew about them being together.

Mercedes grinned. "We had a great summer together! I am about to say that we're inseparable."

"Wait, you and Sam...?" Rachel, who'd apparently listened to their conversation, threw in. "What is between the two of you?"

"Nothing." Mercedes interrupted her quickly. "Oh look, there's Artie!" Without looking at Rachel, she sped forward.

Rachel raised her eyebrows at Kurt. "What was that? Mercedes and Sam? What did I miss? And why didn't you tell me, Kurt?" She crossed her arms. "I thought we were best friends!"

"We are, Rachel." Kurt emphasized. "Isn't this something you should ask Mercedes yourself?"

"I will." She said sternly. "After all, this could influence our group. And when our performances don't work out anymore..." She continued to talk, but Kurt didn't really listen to her anymore. Everyone knew that the New Directions and her career were the most important thing in Rachel's life. Well, except for Finn, maybe.

The New Directions sat in the choir room and talked about their holidays. Except for Mercedes, who'd been in Canada and Quinn, who visited Los Angeles, no one had to tell anything too interesting. So mostly, they talked about music or tv shows.

They had two new members, Rory – a shy boy from Ireland – and Sugar – who was the complete opposite from Rory and couldn't sing very well. Mr Schuester smiled widely at them once he entered the room. "As you know, our goal this year is to win Sectionals, Regionals and Nationals." he began and wrote the words down on the board in front of them. "Last year we reached twelfth place at Nationals. This year, we have to win, because it is the last year for many of us." He looked at Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, Quinn, Santana, Mike, Puck and Kurt. Kurt noticed that Mr Schue's smile was sad now. Somehow, Kurt felt sad as well when he realized that his time at school would end soon. Then, his whole life would turn around. And he might never see all of his friends again.

Tina nodded. "And we will win." she said loudly.

"Hopefully." Kurt added and exchanged a look with Rachel. They both wanted to apply at NYADA and had the best chances if they would win Nationals.

"So we have to work very hard." Mr Schue grinned. "And we will begin now. As you know, our most dangerous competitors are the Dalton Academy Warblers, just like last year..."

Everything seemed to be perfect in Kurt Hummel's life. Until he showed up.