"Jeez Bells you already have to go?" my little brother Harry asked.

"Yes, I know you will miss me but you can still send me a letter and ONLY in case of emergencies send me a patronus. I really don't need you getting into too much trouble while i'm

gone" I told him.

You are probably wondering who I am. Well I am Isabella Marie Lillian Potter, older sister of three years to Harry James Potter. We are both magical, I am a witch he is a wizard and we are the "chosen ones". When he was merely a baby and I was 3 years old Voldemort (a very powerful and evil wizard) he came to kill Harry and I. There was a prophecy that said two children one born in Septmeber and one born in the end of July he found out it was Harry and I and came to kill us. He killed our parents before us but the spell rebounded on him and "killed him or so we thought. He came back many times in many forms but I will explain that later.

I really am going to miss Hogwarts. It has been my home for the past seven years but it's time to go. I graduated and now I am off to live with a friend of Remus (my godfathers friend) named Charlie. He is a squib and I have always wanted to attend regular high school so that's what I was doing. Starting my junior year I think they called it. I apparated to his house and it was cute, very worn down. It was around 2 in the morning, time change and all. I got ready without using magic and stuck my wand in my sleeve just in case any death eaters found me. That's why I chose to live with Charlie. He lives in Forks, Washington USA. Everyone else besides The Order thinks im still in the UK. I got to school and the first few classes were fine, but very boring. I had already learned muggle subjects when Herminone and I tought ourselves. I got to lunch and I could feel something off. I looked up and what did I see…..vampires.

A YEAR AND A HALF LATER! (Basically twilight-new moon-eclipse happened- But the wedding hasn't)

I was sitting in the cullen house with my amazing fiance at my side. We were just cuddling and talking to each other quietly. Alice was online shopping, Rosalie was doing her nails, and Emmett and Jasper were playing Halo. Everything in my life was good, and thankfully no death eaters or snatchers found me….yet. I realized everyone went quiet and were staring at something, Jasper even started growling. I looked up and saw the familiar patronus of my brother. I knew it was an emergency cause he wouldn't send his magic off school grounds without a real reason. I got up as fast as possible. I could tell Edward was very nervous about me being right next to it but I didn't care. I took my wand out of my sleeve and flicked it at the doe, then I heard Harry's voice.

" Bella I know I would only contact using this if it was an emergency and it is. I know you are an Occlumus but i'm not he got in my head. He has Serius in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry we need all the help we can get. Please Please Please come help I need you in case anything happens. I love you big sis see you soon."

As soon as I heard it was an emergency the color drained from my face. I didn't have time to explain because Harry and the DA were probably already at the ministry. I walked up to Edward and said, " I'm sorry about all this I will explain after, Alice may be able to see some things I love you" then I apparated to the ministry.