This is the best day of Becky's life when she finally asks Scoops to prom and he said yes.

Becky danced into her house and walked upstairs to her room as she sanged beautifully

~La la la la la~

Becky thought 'I-I ask Scoops to prom with me!?'

Becky squealed mentally

'Wait how am I gonna wear this dress for prom'

Becky sees a white fabric and yarn

An idea popped into a teenage girl's head


Scoops walked to the Botsford household and knocked on the door.

Scoops was wearing a yellow tuxedo

Becky opened the door

Scoops' jaw dropped

Becky was wearing a white dress, pink bow, white Mary Jane shoes with yellow butterflies and star earrings. She have her brown hair in a bun revealing her ears.

Scoops said "H-hi Becky nice dress"

Becky blushed "Thanks I made it myself my mom taught me how to sew or knit or crochet but never mind that we're going to prom!"

Becky grabs and pulled Scoops' hand

They arrived at the prom

Everyone was dancing

Scoops said "Now we can dance"

Becky said "I don't think I know how to-"

But Becky began to dance with Scoops

The crowd cheers

Victoria said "How come Beckface learned to dance better!?"

Violet said "Go Becky!"

Becky thought 'This is the best prom ever!'

Scoops spinned Becky

A woman tapped on the microphone

"Alright it's time to announce the prom queen and king"

Victoria said "Yeah right it better be me!"

Everyone confusedly looked at her

"Anyway this year's prom queen is...Becky Botsford!"

The crowd cheers expect for a angry Victoria Best

A principal gives Becky a tiara.

"And this year's prom king is...Todd Ming!"

The crowd cheers

A principal gives Scoops a crown

Always by Vincent Lopez played as the students began to slow dance

Becky and Scoops began to slow dance

Suddenly Becky began to hum a tune as they were dancing

Scoops said "Becky why are you humming"

Becky said "Sorry sorry I can't help it humming calm my nerves!"

Becky continued humming

Becky kissed Scoops on the forehead

Scoops blushed

"Best prom ever!"

The End