Team : Hunter

Full Name : Batu Çağlar

Codename : Wasp

Rank : Captain

Branch : Özel Kuvvetler Komutanlığı-Özel Görev Taburu (Special Forces Command-Special Missions Battalion)

Height : 1.91m

Weight: 92.3 Kg

P.O.B : Ankara, Republic of Turkey

D.O.B : 14th May 1986

Training :

-Infantry School Command Istanbul

-Mountaineer Commando School and Training Command Eğirdir


-Desert Warfare Training Command Kanbaktı

-Commando Advanced CQC/CQB School

-Airborne Tactics School (HAHO, HALO and Air Assault)

-Amphibious Assault and Infiltration School İzmir

-CDTC Trabzon





-ÖKK Krav Maga Course (Elite Degree)

-ÖKK Amarok Course (Elite and Trainer Degree)


-ÖKK Trust Shot



Deployments :

-ISAF (2004-2006) (in the 11th Ground Commando Brigade)

-2008 Tunisian Revolution (first mission as an ÖKK operator)

-2012 Operation Shah Euphrates (ÖKK, PK, SAT and 72nd Mechanized Combat Brigade operation to evacuate Suleiman Shah's tomb from combat zones in Syria)

-2012 Operation Hammer Dawn (First Turkish operation against the Syrian Assad Regime)

-2013 Operation Olive Branch (Second operation against the Assad Regime and YPG)

-2014-2015 Operation Peace Spring (Full scale Turkish intervention against the Syrian Assad Regime) :

-Battle for the Eastern Euphrates (March-April 2014) (Combat with both the YPG, ISIL and Assadist forces)

-Battle of Aleppo (May 2014)

-Operation Shah's Return (June 2014)

-Battle of Latakia (June 2014)

-M1 Highway Offensive (July 2014-September 2014)

-Battle of Humus (October 2014)

-M5 Highway Offensive (October 2014-December 2014)

-Battle for the Damascus Heights (December 2014)

-Battle of Damascus (January-February 2015)

-Er Remse Operation (Capture of Bashar Al-Assad) (24th February 2015)

-M7 Highway Offensive (Last major combat operation against ISIL in Syria, ISIL disintigrates in Syria) (March-April 2015)

-2016 Islamabad Stand Off Crisis

-2017-2018 Operation Benghazi Thaw (Intervention in the Libyan Civil War) (February 2017- Ongoing)


Born into a middle class statist family in Ankara, Batu 'Wasp' Çağlar was expected, due to his family background, to serve the state in some kind of way. And he chose to serve the state, by his own will. His father is a National Intelligence Organization higher up and his mother is a Gendarme Colonel. Rolling into the Ankara Science High School, he graduated early at 16 with flying colours. On the suggestions of his teachers, he enrolled in the Bosphorus University Mechatronics School, yet again graduating early at 18 with flying colours and also made the starting concepts of his gadget that would come to life 5 years later.

Joining the Turkish Land Forces's Ground Commando branch, he enlisted in the 11th Ground Commando Brigade of the 4th Ground Commando Division. Getting deployed to Afghanistan moments after his training was over, he started to stand out within his platoon within the two years he was deployed there. Especially when it came to combat situations, where he excelled in his abilities at command and control. His platoon commander called him the "Captain" back then and it became a running nickname for him, which is kind of foreshadowing his later life. He entered the sights of the Special Forces of the Republic in 2005, after apprehending a bomber within an extremely crowded area within a bazaar in Kandahar. At the rank of Senior First Sergeant in 2006, Batu volunteered to join the Özel Kuvvetler Komutanlığı (Special Forces Command), more commonly known as the "Bordo Bereliler (Maroon Berets)" by the public.

He passed the normally three year training program in half the time, impressing the command structure of the ÖKK. Getting promoted to Staff Sergeant in mid 2008, after his training was over, he started his first mission with the ÖKK, which was to eliminate leaders of forming extremist groups and assist in the formation of a fully democratic goverment in Tunisia.

After five years with the ÖKK, the Özel Görev Taburu (Special Mission Battalion), which only recruited from the top ÖKK operators, offered a place for Batu within their ranks. The then Second Lieutenant gladly accepted the offer, joining the team after getting promoted to Lieutenant. Within the first two years, he was placed under the command of the most elite of the ÖGT, Aurora Team. After Operation Peace Spring, Batu was appointed as the commanding officer of Aurora Team, after their CO retired from the ÖGT. Batu built the team from ground up and made it again the elitest of the ÖGT. He was selected for being a team commander in Task Force 1071, a special forces joint unit made up of member nations of the Turkic Council, in 2018. He and his sister, were picked as CO and 2iC of team "Hunter" respectively.

Being promoted to Captain in 2018, Batu continues leading Hunter Team all over the world.


Professional, educated, a skilled and respected leader and a soldier with skills that are respected by many. That was what I made of the Captain the first time I met him. But I soon learned that wasn't the case at all. You see, Batu has two personalities based on my observations. The Batu on duty and the Batu off duty. On duty, he is pretty much what you would expect : an officer leading the men and women under his command with utmost professionalism and perfection with a calm head and cool attitude.

Off duty however, he is much more friendly and easier to interact with. When I talked with him for the first time when he was off duty, he seemed like a different person to me. When I asked him why he and his sister had two different personalities on different situations, he simply said "part of the training". Talking to him off duty, him and I quickly became friends. He has an interest in psychology and told me that he had studied on it for a little while when he was still at the university. A little while is an understatement though, the best example would be him quickly realising Specialist Pereira's anti-social personality disorder (despite the fact that she has been improving socially for more than 12 months now).

His IQ is 145, just below Specialist Pichon and Chandar but above his sister's 142 IQ. I was surprised by the amount of R&D projects he had a part in throughout his military career. If he really wanted to, he could have made millons if not billions of the many state ran projects of the Republic that he was a part of or had a leading role. But quoting him "I want to serve my country, not myself.".

You can say that working for the state runs in his family. His father works in the Republic of Turkey's National Intelligence Organisation and his mother is a Colonel in the Gendarme (the Gendarme is like the US National Guard albeit more active as they're a part of Interior Ministry at peacetime and work on law enforcement as well). Most of his cousins are in the Turkish Armed Forces one way or the other. I asked him if his parents or other family members ifluenced him in the way of joining the military, he said to me that he wanted to join the army ever since he was twelve and it wasn't because of his parents or any family member, I got the same answer from his sister too. I guess the blood runs in the family, huh? And that reminds me, Batu has said that he has traced his family's history of serving the state all the way back to the times of the Ottoman Empire in the 1700s.

Batu also has history with some of the operators in Rainbow. Him and his sister have met Specialists Tori Fairous and Max Goose during joint exercises between the Turkish Armed Forces and Australian Army (as the two countries have good relations and conduct joint exercises time to time). There is also a brief encounter with Specialist Sanaa El Maktoub stated in the official files handed to me by the Turkish Military. But it's unlikely they remember each other.

As for the rest of the team, he is pretty much neutral as he is getting to know them. But, from my judgement, I think he will fit in well.

We'll just have to wait and see what the future holds.

-Dr. Harishva 'Harry' Pandey, Psychological and Cultural Advisor to Director of Rainbow


Protective Gear:

TCH-20 Helmet

Y-87 Plate Carrier Vest

M7B Plate Carrier Vest


Special Forces Standard Issue Uniform Woodland, Desert, Arid and Mountain, Tropic and Snow Patterns


Primary Weapons:

K-717 : Carbine version of the MPT-76 main battle rifle. Designated for Special Forces and Commando use.

MOT-919 : Standard issue SMG of all branches of the Turkish Armed Forces. Design is inspired by the Sig Sauer MPX.

M212 : Standard issue shotgun of all branches.

Secondary Weapons:

Canik TP9 SFT : Special Forces standard issue pistol.

ST9-S : ST9 pistol modified to carry suppressors.


Lightweight Stealth Killer Drone:

To call this, device, "just a silent drone" would be a very big mistake. Comparing it with some of the examples that have seen my hand in the past, I can say that this is the most sophisticated drone that I have ever seen out there. I can understand why Batu spent 10 years perfecting his design. His drone uses latest advancements in optical camouflages, which is the same type used by his sisters AOC. Short explanation, the drone uses it's body as a reflector to replicate the enviroment around it. Not particularly going invisible but blending in with it's surroundings, like a chameleon.

The drone is controlled by the users wrist computer with Batu's wrist computer being the only one that can determine who can control it or not. Meaning, he can assign the drone to some other soldier on the battlefield and have them control it. A very neat feature, it will require all of our operators to wear wrist computers but that can be handled. It can also use voice commands but that feature is only available to the Batu himself. The drone acts semi-autonomously on voice commands.

As for armaments, it sure doesn't lack. The drone has a in built H&K 4.6x30mm turret with 10 rounds. The turret itself is suppressed and is relatively light, thus being less cumbersome to carry around. But it could use improvements for it's rotating bolt system. It uses the same bolt used on the SAR-109T which causes issues time to time when firing. I will need to work on a bolt that would work better with the 4.6mm cartridges. But I do congratulate the Captain. His drone is an impressive piece of machinery and I'd like to see what it can do in the field.

-Specialist Elena 'Mira' Alvarez, Head of R&D Branch

Have a good day! Solozzo out!