The Tenants of Loft 4D: Angus MacGyver

A New Girl and Macgyver 2016 Crossover Fan-Fiction

Summary: The first installment of my Tenants of Loft 4D series. Coach receives a call from Jack Dalton, an old friend of his dad's, with an odd request. Can Jack's army buddy crash in the loft for a few weeks? Coach can't refuse - mostly because he's terrified of Jack. A series of moments where fresh-out-of-the-army Angus MacGyver crashes in the loft and learns to live with - maybe even like - Coach, Nick, and Schmidt.

A/N: Welcome, readers, old and new, to my newest experiment, a crossover series I'm calling The Tenants of Loft 4D. See the end of chapter note to learn more about what this will entail!

Note on timelines: I'm going to try my best to be consistent with the timelines in the shows, but don't squint too hard; I might have to tweak things a little bit so that the two fandoms can mash up. For New Girl, this takes place a few months before the show starts, so it's just Coach, Nick, and Schmidt in the loft. For MacGyver, it also takes place before the show starts, right after Jack and Mac finish their tour in Afghanistan, and right before they start working at the DXS in L.A.

Without further ado, please enjoy - and also, please review and let me know what you think! :)

The Tenants of Loft 4D: Angus MacGyver

Part One: The Favor

When Coach answered his phone on a stormy Monday evening, he was expecting to have to chew out a telemarketer (he didn't recognize the number). Instead, he heard a southern drawl that he barely recognized, as it had been years since he'd last heard it.

"Ernie Tagliaboo," said the voice. "It's been a while."

Coach pulled the phone away from his ear, made a face at it as he tried to remember where he'd heard that voice before. And then it hit him.


"Hey, kiddo." Coach could hear the gentle smile in the older man's voice. After he and his family had left Texas years ago, he hadn't expected to see or hear from his dad's old friend again, even though he knew they kept in touch. Such was the life of an army brat. "How're ya doin'?"

Instead of answering Jack's question, Coach informed, "I don't go by Ernie anymore. It's Coach."

Jack chuckled. "Not a fan of your first name, huh? I know someone else just like you." He paused, then his voice turned serious. "He's actually why I'm calling you."

Coach racked his brain for why on earth his dad's old friend would be calling him about some random person Coach didn't even know.

Jack continued, so thankfully Coach didn't have to come up with something to say. "I was talking to your old man just the other day, and he mentioned you're in L.A."

Quite uncomfortable at this point, Coach just said, "Yep." He popped the "p" at the end.

"So listen, man, I normally wouldn't ask this, but I'm kinda in a tight spot. I just finished a tour in Afghanistan and I'm heading back to L.A. with a buddy of mine I met over there - he lives in L.A. too - and I've been approached with a job offer for us, but the interview process is intense, and I'll be stuck at the, uh, office for a few weeks."

Coach made a face. "A two-week interview?"

"Uh, yeah. Sort of. It's a job at a think tank, so I think they want to keep things confiden-"

Coach couldn't help it. He laughed. Loudly.

"Ha, ha," said Jack flatly. "Anyway, my army buddy, he's had a rough tour. I mean, we both have. And his roommate chose the exact worst time to be out of town for some kind of film conference or whatever. I really don't want to leave the kid alone for two weeks after just getting back home. I found out you were in the area, and I did background checks on you and your roommates-"

"You background checked us?"

"I'm thorough," was all Coach got in explanation. "Anyway, even though one of them has the lowest credit score I've ever seen and the other one is married to his job, they seem like good enough people. So what do you say?"

Coach blinked. "To what?"

"Letting my buddy crash with you until I get done tying up loose ends with this job, or his roommate comes back. Whichever comes first."

Coach's first instinct was to say no. Coach didn't do things for people out of the kindness of his heart, certainly not things that might put him out in any way. And the only house guests he and the guys entertained were the ones who just stayed the one night. Not random strangers who just got out of the army. Certainly not dudes.

But then he remembered that Jack was in the army. His dad had actually said he'd been a Delta. Those guys were huge, and terrifying. And Jack probably knew seventeen, maybe even eighteen ways to kill him.

Voice two octaves higher than normal, Coach agreed, "Sure, can't wait."

A/N: So this is my first ever New Girl fan-fic, though it is more of a series of vignettes than a full story. I absolutely love the idea of the gang throughout the years having what Nick calls "Crashers" stay in the loft for a short time for whatever reason. It gives so much opportunity for crossovers, for me to play with the characters, to challenge myself as a writer, and for me - and my readers - to stretch our imaginations. Some of these pieces may inspire more plot-driven, fuller fics in the future, but for now, I just want to put these characters together and see how it goes. :) I chose the MacGyver reboot for my first crossover, because it's my latest obsession, but also because it takes place right around the same time as New Girl and it's set in L.A. too.

Also, I've already got 12 parts planned out, one of which is already written, so this should be updated fairly regularly. In the next one, Mac meets our boys. I'm so excited about this little experiment, and I would LOVE to know your thoughts! :)

~Emachinescat ^..^