AN: Before we begin, I do apologize for anything that might be offensive in this fanfic. I'm usually a social distancing person since I was a kid so I don't know much about people or anything else. So I'm sorry for any sort offense I may cause. Plus, this is the longest chapter to any story I have ever written.

Chapter 1
Strangest Apocalypse Ever

"Mankind has always loved and feared their creations. But one day, their creations will meet them. The collective consciousness and subconsciousness will one day appear in reality that will flood the earth with every thought of Humanity ever passed one. There will be the day when the creation meet the creators. On that day, they will either be at awe with their true creators...or resent them."

-Black Tome of Humanity,
The Traveling Philosopher, 129 A.D.

It is late September of 2020. Fall is closing in with the green leaves of trees have are turning into various shades of red, gold, yellow, brown and/or orange. Crops are almost ready to be harvest and many people would prepare for the night when the world is close to the realm of spirits. Halloween is ever closer by another month as people would usually prepare for such festivities. Unfortunately, there is a world-wide epidemic that sweeps across the world known as the, Coronavirus, or COVID-19. This new virus had spread to many parts of the world and has infected and killed many in its path with almost every nation trying to develop a vaccine or some sort of cure in order to get things as close to normal as they could. Even with all their latest and advance technologies, process is slow and many are getting anxious.

Somewhere in the southeastern most state of Wyoming of the United States of America, many miles away from Cheyenne up north, a group of college students (that are racially diverse) have banded together and combined their resources to create not just a cure for COVID-19, but a cure for all known viruses and diseases once and for all by using some sort of unorthodox method. Their lab is located close to a town known as, Muddle Creek. A small town with a population of 219 people with a few modern stores and has a distinguish, rustic look to it. The lab is located westward in a form of a round building on top of a hill with various tiny houses where these scientists call home. This round building looks rather similar to the Round House in Eureka Springs, Arkansas with three floors yet the top is where these scientists...hang out. So basically a break room. In the front of this round house is something that looks similar to a modern building, but has decontamination processes for those who enter.

In the break room, there is a eight-foot, bald and muscular man of African-descent who is doing push-ups on the floor while wearing Nike brand blue shorts, blue tank top, and black and white sneakers, and cobalt blue eyes. This is John-Henry Smith, a neurologist at the age of 20.

He continues to do push-ups before asking a Japanese woman on her computer, "Hey, Tsuki! When is Jack getting back with the pizza?!"

The woman on her computer, checking YouTube videos, is Tsuki Tamaki. A Japanese immigrant who specialize in computer sciences. Age: 20. She is wearing an SAO white t-shirt with black, blue jeans with a feminine black belt, black shoes and has black hair only up to her shoulders and dark brown eyes.

She takes off her Hello Kitty headphones, "Huh?"

"When is Jack coming back with the pizza!?"

"I don't know." she replies. She turned over to an Indian woman, "Hey, Uma!" she shouts.

The woman meditating, with a red dot on her forehead, on a mat while wearing gray yoga pants and purple tube shirt looks over, "What is it?"

This is Uma Raj, who has her hair in a braided ponytail and has hazel eyes. She is an immigrant from India, and in all forms of medical sciences. In other words, the doctor or medic of the group.

"Sorry to disturbed your medication, but do you know when Jack is coming back?"

"Don't know. He shouldn't be taking him this long to come back from Carlito's."

An Arabian man comes in while wearing a light blue work shirt under his lab coat, tan slacks held up by a brown braided belt, brown loathers, black fade and taper hair-style, and light brown eyes comes in with an iPad, "There is a probability of some traffic accident that may be causing the delay."

This is Muammar el-Koroma, an immigrant from the Middle-East who is a statistician, which means he can solve problems relating to data, graphs and engineering. He is currently 19-years-old.

Muammar looks at a woman who seems to be of Aboriginal origin, "Do you know, Liga?"

The woman with poofy black hair held up by a red band wearing a tulip flower dress and red shoes is Liga Talutah. A woman born from an Aboriginal mother and a Native American father, who was born and raised in Hawaii before coming to the mainland of the United States. She specializes in neural chemistry, psychology, and anything that involves the human brain. Currently age 20. She is now sitting on a red leather couch while reading a People magazine.

Liga lowers her magazine, "I don't know. I wasn't paying attention to the time." Then resumes reading her magazine.

Over at the forty inch television screen with co-op play of Halo 4, are two other scientists playing a death match while on red and black checkered beanbag chairs. The one on the left is someone with pale skin, curly comb-over red hair and light blue eyes with many freckles on his face while wearing a black Bleach t-shirt, dark blue jeans, blue and white skater shoes while also having a Star of David dangling on his neck. This person is Jeb O'Devlin, who is a ginger as well as an Irish Jew who specialize in quantum engineering, electrical engineering and engineering management. Age: 20. He is also an immigrant, but doesn't like to talk about it. Next to him is a Hispanic man with his hair dyed green crew cut style, having a green left eye and hazel right eye, a Cheyenne Desert Shields shirt from his days in high school, tan cargo pants, black and red skater shoes with navy blue lases. He also wears an antique gold watch on his right wrist. This person is Jose Leoz. Immigrated from Mexico who specialize in mechanical engineering, computer engineering and quantum engineering. He is currently 19.

The two are tense as the game is on its few seconds. When the time was up, they both jumped from their seats with their arms in the air and cheer for their victory.

"WOO!" they both cheered before chest bumping each other. They do their victory poses, "YEAH!"

"OI!" Uma angrily shouts at the two while in tree pose, "Keep the noise down!"

The two immediately sat down, "Yes, ma'am!"

John-Henry finishes his push-ups, "And 2,000. Whew!" He stands up, "Man, what is taking so long? I'm starvin'."

Muammar giggles, "Ameen to that. Although..." He looks at his tablet, "Why isn't Carlito's Pizzeria appearing on the Door Dash app?"

The elevator pinged as the door opens to reveal a man with crew cut brown hair, hazel eyes and a fair complexion. This man is wearing a plain light green t-shirt, light blue jeans, white Skecher sneakers and only has a few freckles on his face. He comes in with four boxes of pizza and two bags of breadsticks.

"I've returned from hell." he speaks in a subtle passive-aggressive tone before putting the pizza on the table.

This is Jack Silversword. Specializes in finances, philosophy and neural science and he is 19-years-old. He is the leader of the group, but is more of an errand boy.

John-Henry claps his hands together, "Alright! Pizza time!"

Uma stretches, "Good. I hope you got the veggie-pizza."

Tsuki removes her headphones, "Same here!"

Jeb jumps up, "Victory meal!"

Jose jumps up after Jeb, "¡Demonios si!"
Translation: "Hell yeah!"

Liga puts down her magazine, "I'm a little peckish. So let's eat!"

Muammar asks Jack, "What took so long?"


"What the hell!?" Jose shouts.

Jeb shouts, "Are you kidding me?!"

Everyone has gathered around the pizzas and see that they are from Little Caesar's, not Carlito's.

John-Henry look at Jack, "Little Caesar's? Really?!"

Tsuki angrily looks at Jack, "Nani ga okashī no?!"
Translation: "What the fuck is wrong with you?!"

Uma asks Jack out of concern, "Is our finances that low? Because we're making money with those online classes we've made back in high school. Not to mention those investments you made in the stock markets. We should have plenty of money."

Jack sighs, "Did anyone ever watch the news?"

Everyone look at each other and have no idea what is he talking about.

Jack explains, "The main reason WHY I got Little Caesar's is because some radical racial protester stole a fucking SWAT car and rammed it into Carlito's and it is now on fire. And the reason why I couldn't go to Luigi's-"

"Is it because of that weird and creepy emo chick?" John-Henry interrupts.

"NO, J.H.!" Jack angrily replied, "It is because some of the employees have been tested positive for COVID and it had to be shut-down! I could go to Pizza Hut or Domino's but it is a three hour trip to them and a three hour trip back. By then, the pizzas will be cold. And nobody like cold pizzas. It was either Little Caesar's or no pizza at all and everyone wanted pizza. I would like to let you guys know, but I left my phone at my house because I forgot to recharge it last night."

A moment of silence filled the break room. They all noticed that Jack is looking very tired and upset as if he barely got any sleep. Usually he would be like every other person yet a bit more chipper. But after doing so many errands for everyone, securing finances, making sure their experiment is on schedule, he is running ragged.

J.H. broke the silence, "We'll take Little Caesar's and the crazy bread."

Everyone agrees and take the pizza and crazy bread.

"Thank you." J.H. thanks Jack.

"Sure." Jack sounds tired and depressed. He does appreciate the thanks but too tired.

Yet Tsuki asks, "Was the creepy emo chick infected or someone else? I know it sounds wrong for me to say, but I hope she did get infected with COVID." She shutters, "The less we see of her, the better."

Liga asks, "Her name was...Glenda, right?"

"I think so, but I rather avoid her."

"Let's just eat."

Everyone enjoys their lunch, despite the weak taste, as Jeb and Jose turned-off the Xbox 360 and turned on the news. The news is talking about the weather for the time being before it goes into sports and reports about the Coronavirus in other countries. They all enjoy their pizza and crazy bread while listening to the TV. The only pizzas Jack did get are cheese and pepperoni, which were already made and ready to go.

Jeb tells Jack, "By the way, your family members called."

Everyone in the room just stopped what they were doing as if Jeb just stepped on a landmine.

Jack groans, "What did they want?"

Jeb puts his cheese pizza slice down, "Well, your eldest sister, Amelia, is actually doing well. After you helped her get back on track with her life, she's getting her degree in biology real soon."

Jack sighs and smiles, "At least that sister is doing alright after being exposed for the moron that she was in public. But after that, glad to know that she is walking on her own feet." But his smile turned upside down, "But I hate to hear the other two."

"Oh boy." Jeb is regretting about telling him the messages. "Beatrice is getting married."

"Again? That's the sixth one. And let me guess, she wants money for her marriage?"


Jack groans louder.

Liga speaks, "Seriously, your sister needs to realize that getting a rich man is not a way to an easy life."

"I hope we're not going." Tsuki dreads. Then gets peppy, "But marriages are supposed to be the next milestone in life!" then switches to upset and shows her shaking left fist, "Yet your sister is more of a manipulated bitch that disgrace that milestone."

Jose laughs, "You can say that again, amigo!"

Jack then asks Jeb, "And let me guess about Catherine, she tried to pretend to be a fan of my site or something and wanted to get my credit card info, right?"

Jeb goes, "Eeehh... Close. She tried to be a banker and wanted you to sign-up for some special treatment bullshite by giving her your credit card info. She tried again for the second time and says that she needed money for cancer treatment. Then she tried a third time as a foundation that would like a donation. And then a fourth time as an FBI agent and demanded access to your accounts."

Muammar asks Jeb, "Isn't impersonating a federal agent a crime?"

Jack facepalms despite his left hand being a little greasy, "For the love of everything that there is, why can't she get your own damn money with that so-called brain of hers is beyond me."

Uma whispers to J.H., "Probably spent more time flirting and sleeping with lesbians and robbed them rather than getting a job."

J.H. whispers back, "I heard she nearly got in trouble with drug dealing one time."

"Where did you hear that?"

Jeb then says to jack, "But I do have some good news, depending on how you look at it. Your father finally paid off all his debts and they're moving out of their apartment into a trailer."

"Ha!" Jack is amuse, "That is good news indeed. Mother has always prefer living like some aristocrat. The move father made will surely show her how reality truly is." Jack laughs evilly, much to everyone else's amusement.

Muammar whispers to Liga and Uma, "I'm surprised that they haven't got a divorce yet."

The two women nod.

Jeb continues, "And there is a call from your cousin, Marcus."

J.H. smiles, "Oh yeah! The paranoid doomsday prepper..." he realizes the state of the world it is in and listening to the news. "Okay, maybe not that paranoid."

Tsuki says, "I like him. He makes good apple pie and cotton candy."

Uma rolls her eyes, "That's about all you like about him."

Jeb continues, "He and his fellow preppers have established a colony at the Kettle Range Mountains after acquiring crap from ruined buildings and such."

Jack chuckle a little, "Yeah, Marcus is always want to be prepared for the world to end. But with our Higgs Boson Psychic Amplifier, we can avert such catastrophes with psychic powers by gaining something from nothing."

Jose thinks about something for a bit before asking, "But is it okay if this project is independently funded?"

"Yes." Jack answers, "Because knowing this country, they rather use it as a weapon instead of helping mankind on the, and I quote, 'War on Terror'. If they are serious on taking down terrorists, why not get rid of the terrorist controlling the White House?"

Everyone broke out laughing with Muammar almost choking on his crazy bread because Jack is referring to Donald Trump and all his failures.

Tsuki continues to laugh, "Okay, that is true!"

Uma points at Jack, "Looks like you're feeling better!"

"Yeah." Jack nods, "I do feel a little better."

The news then says of an emergency announcement.

"Oh shit." Jose says when it went to that. "This can't be good."

Uma says, "Hopefully the president died."

The news woman comes on with a picture of Donald Trump, "We have received word from the White House that President Donald Trump has been assassinated in the rose garden by a sniper."

Everyone was shocked to hear that as Tsuki drops her pizza crust on her paper plate before everyone started to look at Uma as the news carry on about how the president was assassinated and no clues on where the assassin is.

Uma notices everyone staring at her, "I was only joking."

Jack says to everyone while still in shock, "Guys. Since Donald Trump was killed..." He smiles and jumps from his seat, "Let's celebrate with another few days off and a party!"

Everyone cheer wildly to celebrate the death of the most incompetent president that has ever govern the United States.

"I'll get the beer!" Jeb says.

"We're not old enough to drink alcohol yet!" J.H. says to Jeb.

Tsuki asks, "Where are we gonna go to celebrate?"

"We could find some form of entertainment." Liga tries to think of something. "Maybe we could make a cake and watch a movie."

"That's an excellent idea!" Muammar agrees with Liga's idea. "I do have this cake recipe I've been dying to try out."

But before they decide to do anything, a massive earthquake is felt that made many of them fell down and many objects started falling down and either crash onto the floor or just spill over. After a minute, everything stopped.

Jose looks terrified, "Ieieieieie! ¡¿QUÉ MIERDA FUE ESO ?!"
Translation: "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!"

Jeb speaks in Irish as he whack his head a bit, "Tharla an fuck díreach, boyo?"
Translation: "The fuck just happened, boyo?"

Liga stands straight up, "Was that an earthquake?"

J.H. gets up, "I think it was. We are close to a fault line. I think. Trying to judge distances on maps is not my specialty."

Muammar rubs his right shoulder and sounds a little pissed, "In the name of Allah, what the hell was that!?"

Tsuki shakes her head rapidly before getting back up, "Shibarakunoaida, watashi wa Nihon ni modotta to omoimashita."
Translation: "For a moment, I thought I was back in Japan."

Jack has his face on the floor, "I'm fine here." he waves his right hand, "Don't worry about me. The floor is pretty clean and cool. I'll catch my sleep here."

The news is back on and shows Fox News that shows a live video bird's eye view of New York City being invaded by ghosts, some buildings covered in some fleshy biomass, people screaming for their lives, Kraang mutants from the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles chasing after everyone, and a massive chaotic mess.

Jack lifts his head, "The fuck?"

They all gather around the television to see what the hell is happening.

The newsman says, "Everything is in total chaos! We have ghosts, aliens and mutants running across the city! No one knows where they came from but they are similar to-" The camera looks over and sees Slimer from Ghostbusters charging at the cameraman. "OH DEAR GOD, NO-!" The screen went static.

"Was that Slimer from Ghostbusters?" Jose asks.

Tsuki has the remote and switches over to NBC.

The channel shows a variety of spaceships over the planet via satellite imaging. These ships are from a multitude of different franchises. There are UNSC ships from Halo, Terran ships from Starcraft, a multitude of different ships from different timelines from Star Wars (Old Republic, Clone Wars and original trilogy), United Federation of Planets ships from Star Trek, United Citizen Federation ships from Starship Troopers, System Alliance ships from Mass Effect, Interstellar Alliance ships from Babylon 5, many different ships from Doctor Who, EarthGov ships from Dead Space, and many, many more. Strangely, they aren't firing each other nor entering Earth's atmosphere. They noticed that some look like they popped out of a game, others look like they came out of an anime or cartoon and still look like it while some look like they're realistic.

The newswoman says, "We have spaceships from practically every sci-fi franchise that there is hovering over the planet! This is no joke! We have ships over the planet's-"

Tsuki switches over to K2TV. It shows a live video of Miami being under attacked by zombies as the new crew is getting out of the city with their van as the camera is aimed at the running horde as they get away.

The newsman says, "Holy shit! Holy shit! If anyone is getting this, people who were infected with the coronavirus ended-up getting turned into zombies! Listen, if anyone is still-"

Something happened to the van as it crashed into something. Tsuki switches over to KCWY 13 and shows Los Angeles is suffering from major rioting from people dressed in gang colors from Grand Theft Auto. Gangs such as the Ballas, Varrios Los Aztecas, Marabunta Grande, Los Santos Vagos and the Lost Motorcycle Club. Not just GTA5 gangs are rioting on the streets of Los Angeles. There are gangs from Saints Row rioting as well such as Vice Kings, Los Carnales, Westside Rollerz, the Brotherhood of Stilwater, the Ronin, Sons of Samedi, Morningstar, Deckers and Luchadores. Even worse when you got Terminators and dinosaurs attacking everything on site. Plus they saw some pig cops from Duke Nukem blasting everyone on site and ripping vehicles apart.


Some drool landed on the man's shoulder until he looks up to see a velociraptor salivating at him. The cameraman drops his camera and runs while the newsman gets eaten. They can still hear the bloodcurdling screams as the raptor eats its victim. Tsuki just turns the television off. All eight of them look at each other with horror and confusion of what is happening. They have no idea on what the fuck is going on, but it seems that there is an apocalypse right outside their doorstep. A strange one, but an apocalypse nonetheless.

Jack says, "We need to finish the Higgs Boson Psychic Amplifier. NOW!"

Tsuki goes, "Nani?!" as Jack makes it to the elevator.

Everyone follows him with Jose saying, "Jack! The thing is still a prototype. We haven't even tested it yet." The elevator closes and they are being sent to the basement.

Muammar looks over his tablet, "We still haven't worked out on all the kinks! There are still some unforseen side-effects to the human brain that we are unaware of!"

"Not to mention the programming!" Tsuki adds in.

Jeb is worried, "We still don't have the induction coils or the necessary components for the helmets!"

J.H. rolls his eyes and cross his arms, "Typical white-boy heroism complex."

"WHOA!" everyone looked at J.H. with disgust.

J.H. covered his mouth before speaking, "Sorry, was that racist and out loud?"

Liga smacks him on the head, "Yes it was!"

Uma points out, "Even though it is the apocalypse, you should never EVER be racist!"

Jose speaks, "We all agreed not to be racist, judge people by their beliefs or some shit like that, idiota!"

"Sorry." J.H. apologize, "Didn't mean to say that out loud." He feels a little guilty as he rubs the back of his head.

The elevator stops and the door opens.

Uma turns her attention back to Jack, "In any case, the device isn't ready."

These eight scientists exited and into a dome-shaped room where there are six leathery rubber seats with helmets similar to the NerveGear from Sword Art Online, but has a mouth piece, hanging over the seats by wiring and cables. On the walls are various computers that are just like all the large servers used for all super computers except they are technologically twenty years ahead and are smaller. Smaller than a great dane canine. Heck, the walls are covered with them since they are so small. There are even heart-rate monitors close to the seats that are meant for keeping an eye on everyone's health. There is even a package close to the elevator.

Jack steps forward, "We must activate this project before things truly get out of hand." He turns to face Jeb, "We now have the components needed for our Higgs Boson Psychic Amplifier. I got it at the post office when I went out for pizza."

"Oh shite!" Jeb is impressed, "Should've told us that when you arrived."

"Well, working late nights with you and Jose with our apocalypse escape vehicles and trying to get this done makes one drowsy and from everything."

J.H. speaks, "Does that explain what happened to my truck?"

"Enough jibber-jabber!" Jack raises his tone, "Time for us to save the planet!"

But before they get to work, something came crashing down and crash right from the top. In the split second, Jack pushed everyone back by lunging as something comes crashing down and destroys the seats. Some sort of blue, crystal-like rock came crashing through by a eighty-five degree angle. After the crash, everyone got up as pieces of debris started to crumble. The sky can be seen as sections of the building above comes tumbling down the hill and pieces fill the hole.

"NOOO!" Jack screams out in despair, "THE MACHINE! IT'S DESTROYED!"

But just as everyone is about to panic and get all gloomy and depressed and shit, the rock emits some form of electrical current in a form of blue and purple sparks. These sparks started to shoot out and strike any form of electronics.

"Nani?" Tsuki tilts her head.

J.H. gets scared and realize its about to blow, "Time to move, IT'S GONNA BLOW!"

A few seconds later, a wave of blue energy is unleashed that blew everyone back along with the debris. Half way falling down, time froze. The moment is being paused for some strange reason.

(What the hell?) Jack thinks to himself as his thoughts as if it is unaffected by the time freeze.

Yet his mind isn't the only thing unaffected. His eyes gaze upon his comrades as he notices their eyes are moving too among the white particles and blue energy waves that struck them.

(What is this?! What the fuck is going on!? I...I can't move. Is time frozen? Or is my mind playing tricks? Shit, shit shit shit shit! This is not good! And I really need to blink!)

After being frozen into place for what felt like over two minutes, time resumes and everyone gets knocked back. All eight of them are rendered unconscious as the building is blown sky high. The debris is scattered all over while leaving a crater where the meteor unleashed its strange force of energy. Many have been blasted and hit the tiny houses they call home, rendering most of them to swiss cheese. The dust is still seen in the air as a saucer comes in close and lands. It is Rick Sanchez's ship from Rick and Morty with Rick and Morty.

Morty exits out of the shit, "Oh god!" and runs up to see the eight. "Are they alright!?" He checks Jose's pulse. Once he did and feels it, he sighs in relief. "Whew! They're still alive."

Rick approaches, "Of course they are, Morty. T-t-they're the main characters of this fanfiction story. You can't expect the writer to just *burp* make a story and killed off the main characters after giving a little bit of background to them. T-t-t-*burp*-this isn't Game of Thrones that you make characters and then have them get axed-off like a few scenes later or some shit like that." Rick takes a sip from his flask before putting it away.

Morty looks confused, "W-what? What're you talking about?" Morty has no idea that they're in someone's fanfiction. Mine of course, hehe!

"Nevermind. Help me get Isotope-300θ and get out of here."

Morty stands up and approach Rick, "Don't you have a shrink ray for this 210 ton hunk of rock?"

"Crystal, Morty!" Rick scolds Morty. "It is a crystal! Don't you know the difference between a rock and a crystal?! Geez, what have you've been learning at that school." He then pulls out a device that looks like a TV remote with two tesla coils and a dish and a black box, "And yes, I have a shrink ray to shrink it down and a box to make sure that it won't interfere with any of the electronics or bioeletrical neural systems."

Rick points the shrink ray at the isotope and shrunk it down to to a size of a baseball. Rick tosses the box to Morty so he can scoop it up with the box. Once inside, they head back to the ship.

Morty asks when he buckles his seatbelt, "What does it do with your nervous system?"

The ship takes off with Rick saying, "Best to leave it to the audience to figure out."

"But isn't it an important plot device for them to study?"

"Like the old saying: you snooze, you lose. Wubba lubba dub-duuub!" and the ship disappears into the distance.

Uma starts to regain her conscious with her vision being blurry. (Sonuvaabeech) she rubs her eyes, (What in the world just happen?)

Uma sits straight-up and notices that everyone else is getting up as her vision returns to normal. She also notice all the destruction around her. She looks up at the sky and notices that it is night right now as she can see a full moon casting its light down upon them to show the destruction all around.

"Gah!" Uma's head started to hurt as it is pulsating and aches. (My head feels like it is on fire!)

Jose groans in pain, "Aaaahhh... Mi cráneo se siente como si hubiera atravesado el infierno y regresado y se hubiera incendiado."
Translation: "My skull feels like it went through hell and back and caught fire."

Jeb sits up with both hands on his head. "I only got a bit of that, but if you said that your head feels like it got hit by the Hulk, same here."

Liga gets up, "What the fuck was that? And...did I hear Rick and Morty? That's the last and hopefully the final time I eat Little Caesar's."

J.H. is on his belly and raises his head, "Goddamn. Shit! I feel like I got ran over by a train carrying tanks and construction vehicles."

"Fuck me." Muammar rubs the dust from his eyes, "I feel like what happened to one of my uncles back in the Middle-East. Who died from a suicide bomber." he realizes, "That was some sort of meteor."

Tsuki tries to stand up, but her head hurts just like everyone else, "Otoko, soreha nattsudatta."
Translation: "Man, that was nuts."

She sits back down, "Did anyone catch the number of that meteor? And did anyone hear the voice of an alcoholic, emotionally unstable, narcissistic and cynical scientist who had his stressed out and anxious grandson with moral objections towards his grandfather? Or was I audio hallucinating while my ears were still ringing."

Uma looked around and notices someone is missing, "Wait a minute. Where's Jack?!"

Everyone look around to see where Jack is until they hear snoring. They look at where the elevator is and see Jack lying on his back with a few rock under him as he just snores away.

Tsuki is relieved, "Woo! Thought he died for a moment."

They all get up, except for Jack, as they look around and see that they are at ground zero of some sort of blast as pieces of junk are scattered about and notice that it is night.

"Maldición." Jose swears and checks his smartphone. His phone is still surprisingly works and checks the time. It's currently twelve minutes pass midnight. "Fuck, dude. It's passed midnight."

Everyone check their phones and see the time.

"We've been out for twelve hours?" Liga is perplexed. "Damn." Then she checks to see if she can get a signal. "Shit. I can't get a signal."

Everyone check their smartphones and notice that they have no signals.

"I got nothin." Jose says.

J.H. look at his, "Damn. I can't contact my folks."

"Same here." Muammar states as he tries to receive a signal by raising his phone in the air, but no luck.

Yet Uma notices something when looking at her hands. Then she look at her body and everyone else and notices something. "Wait. How the fuck are we not scratched up? I mean, we survived ground zero of some sort of blast."

Everyone stop looking at their phones and notice that there isn't a single scratch, wound, or anything like that on them.

"Holy shit." Jose notices while examining himself, "You're right! How is that possible?"

Jack snorted a little before yawning and turns in his sleep.

J.H. asks, "Can someone wake Jack up?"

Tsuki looks at Jack, "Aw. But he looks like an adorable puppy when he sleeps."

"Thank you for volunteering, Tsuki."

"...Dammit." Tsuki walked right into that one. She heads over and gives Jack a few gentle smacks to the cheeks, "Jack? Jackie. Jackie-wakie! WAKE-UP, JACK!" She slapped him on the head which causes him to wake-up.

"Aaahhh." Jack sat straight-up and has his hands on the right side of his head. "Fuck, man! What was that for? I haven't sleep like that in- WHAT THE FUCK!?" Jack realizes that the lab is completely trashed, "THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE LAB!? Did a nuke went off in here?!" But he tries to remember, "Wait. I remember that we were gonna use the prototype. J.H. was being racist."

"Dammit! It was a mistake, okay!?"

"Then something came crashing down. And there was some crystal meteor or some shit that what blue. Our prototype was destroyed. And then something cause it to unleash a wave of energy, at least that's what I remember. And now everything is a fucking mess. In other words, we're fucked."

"Pretty much." Maummar nods his head.

"Do you have a Plan B?" Liga asks.

"Yeah." Jack replies, "My cousin at the prepper colony, remember? I mean, we had that conversation like, hours ago. Speaking of," he looks at Tsuki, "how long was I out?"

"We were all out like a light for over twelve hours."

"Jesus, twelve hours? Damn. We really need a medical check-up at a hospital. Assuming that there are any hospitals still left."

Jose sniffs something in the air, "I smell something burning."

Uma looks outside, "Think the town is under attack?"

"Considering everything that is happening right now, I'm not surprise." J.H. states.

Everyone climb their way out of the crater they are in as they notice the smoke where Muddle Creek is at in the moonlight. They climbed out and see the town being burn and set ablaze. All eight of them are horrified by the devastation happening as the fires climb high in the sky. Only a small handful of cars can be seen with headlights on as they escaped from the fires. Above the fires, there are Daleks flying around and shooting everything with their ray gun attachment to their standard armor casing.

The Daleks can be heard crying out, "EX-TER-MINATE! EX-TER-MINATE! EX-TER-MINATE!" as they fire upon the fleeing cars.

Jeb asks, "Please tell me those aren't Daleks?"

The Daleks hit their targets and cause the cars to explode. One of the Daleks cry out, "EX-TER-MINATE ALL HUMANS!"

Jose gets scared, "¡Oh mierda, mierda, mierda, mierda, mierda! We have to get out of here!"

"Yeah, no shit!" Uma points out. "Let's get everything we can and roll out to Marcus' colony before they come over here!"

They all head towards their tiny houses with Jack in his two-story container house with a big hole through the roof all the way to his living room. He packs up clothes, survival guides, a few video games with a PS4, first aid kit, VHS tapes of the original Star Wars trilogy, toothpaste and toothbrush, towel and a few other essentials needed. John-Henry lives in a cabin house like those from camp grounds that have cement debris through the second floor that destroyed his kitchen. He takes some of the food that didn't get squashed, his collection of workout magazines, his Desert Eagle hidden under his bed along with some rounds, his golden plated ten pound dumbells and a case of root beer. Tsuki is living in a wooden-box-like house with Japanese aesthetics yet the tea room got destroyed by the debris. She packs Dr. Stone manga and anime, her katana, a picture of her family, and all the necessary essentials. Jeb lives in a concrete dome that now has multitude cracks on it and its solar panels destroyed. Jeb heads over towards his bedroom closet and remove a box to reveal a hidden hatch that reads, 'IN AN EVENT OF AN APOCALYPSE: OPEN THIS DOOR TO TAKE YOUR SHIT!' and opens the hatch.

Uma lives in a tiny house on stilts that is knocked down onto its side. She makes her way through her ruined house to get food, science books, her clothes, and whatever the hell she still has left. Jose lives in an adobe tiny house yet it is completely ruined by the debris after receiving the blunt of the explosion. He checks for anything he can salvage such as his tools, equipment, and whatever is still intact. Muammar also lives in an adobe house as well and is just as bad as Jose's. He also salvage whatever he can find for the road.

"Fuck!" Muammar swears, "This is why my family left our home country."

Liga is living in a hobbit-style house with a greenhouse but that is destroyed along with half her kitchen and bathroom. Liga changes her clothes into jean overalls, a yellow shirt, and leather brown boots while also having her hair in a bun before packing. Once they've finished, they headed over to a parking lot made of gravel which has an RV that is an Action Globe Cruiser 7500 yet has additional armor plating, painted woodlands camouflage, barb wiring on the top, and a plow on the front of it to mow down anything that gets in its way. And there is a motorcycle being covered in woodland camo tarp. J.H.'s red truck is also modified with a similar plow, has metal walls where the bed floor is that contains many supplies that everyone managed to pack in. Attached to this truck is an Adak Adventure Trailer that is modified to have solar panels, radio antennas and satellite dishes while also have four strange devices that looks similar to plane engines on the back yet are the size of shoe boxes. The last vehicle is similar to a news van yet has more satellite dishes and antennas along with solar panels on it.

"Dibs on driving the RV!" Muammar calls dibs on driving.

"I'll get my truck!" J.H. pulls out his truck keys.

Jose and Jeb say, "We'll drive the van!"

But before they can get to them, a few laser blasts fire between them and their escape vehicles. They get down as the explosions go off and the smoking hot pebbles and rocks. They turn upward and see three Daleks floating in the air with their weapons aimed at them.

"Oh fuck." Jack realizes they're in deep shit.


But before the eight meet their end, a bolt of blue plasma hits the Dalek on the left and cause it to explode. The remains of that Dalek comes crashing down that draw the other two's attention.

"WHO'S THERE!" the middle Dalek yells out at the direction of the blast. "REVEAL YOURSELF SO YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!"

The clouds covers the light of the moon which causes everything to darken. The only sources of light are the Dalek's eye pieces and the fire of the destroyed Dalek. From the darkness, some sort of metallic object being thrown at the right Dalek that makes something like a laser-buzzsaw sound and slices through the Dalek and killed it before returning to the shadows. (I don't know how to describe the sound of the Smart Disc but laser-buzzsaw is the best I can come up with.) The Dalek then opens fire at the direction of the disc before some sort of shimmer jumped onto it while let out some sort of grunting sound.

The Dalek flies around out of control, "EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! DANGER! DANGER!"

The Dalek continues to fly out of control until something pierced right through the casing and causing green blood to gush out before the Dalek gets yanked out and something to be jumping off before the casing comes down.

J.H. laughs and flips off the dead Daleks, "I hope you liked that, you fucking one-eyed, tentacled squids!"

Jose looks a little worried, "Was that the Predator?"

"It's actually called, a Yautja." Jack explains, "In other words, yes. Yes it was."

Jeb asks, "Can we finally leave? I feel like I'm in a Michael Bay movie where everything just explodes. And not in a good cinematic way."

Muammar is upset, "Reminds me of all the shit back home."

Uma orders, "LET'S GO ALREADY!"

But the Predator appeared in front of them as as it decloaked. Its bio-mask is similar to Wolf's from 2010's Aliens vs. Predators game, which means it is an elite. A warrior that has gone through many successful hunts and has enough experience to shame the most clever hunters. It has the skull of a Xenomorph on his right shoulder, some armoring around the chest area with smaller skulls of creatures it has hunted, his bare belly is exposed as it is covered in scars from all of his hunts, metal bracers that have all of his blades and one of them has the bomb and other stuff. He is wearing a metal belt that has a pelt made from the skin of some sort of animal made of green reptilian scales and yellow stripes. he has some metal kneecaps with human-like skulls like something out of Warhammer Fantasy along with some armoring below them while wearing some form of metal footwear with talons.

Jose shouts, "Quick! Everyone have their hands up!"

Uma asks, "Why?!"

"Just do it!"

Everyone has their hands up as the Predator looks at them via his thermal-vision. All he can see is the eight scientists having their hands raised in the air along with the fires.

Jose says to everyone, "This thing will open fire on those that are armed or are hostile. As long as we show we're not warriors, we should be okay."

"Should?" Liga asks and is worried.

"Yes. I watched enough AVP and played enough games to know. Plus I checked the AVP wiki site. Rule four of the Yautja Honor Code: Never harm the innocent. Whatever they see as 'innocent'."


The Yautja continues to scan them to see if they will attack him. However, no one is attacking and retract its blade and plasma cannon, cloak and runs off.

Jeb sighs in relief with his hands on his heart, "תודה לאל שהיה קרוב."
Translation: "Thank god that was close."

"Amen to that." Jose says as he drops his arms.

Everyone else drop their arms with Tsuki asking, "Can we leave now?"

"Good idea." Uma catches her breath.

J.H. gets into his truck and start it up. Tsuki is in the Adak with the inside being more like a computer room than a mobile home. Jose and Jeb get into the new van with Liga. The inside of the van looks more like something out of a spy movie or something made by the CIA or FBI for surveillance. Jack, Muammar and Uma are in the 7500 with Muammar at the wheel. The interior is normal yet has more lab equipment than made for living in. They all start their vehicles and headed on out of there with Muammar leading the way with J.H. following behind while being followed by Jeb and Jose. They got onto the street and head out to Washington State to meet up with Marcus and his colony of doomsday preppers. As they head out in the dead or night (or morning since it is past midnight), high above Earth's orbit, many ships are engaged in combat with enemy ships outside of the planet. Enemies such as the Drengin Empire from Galactic Civilizations, the Covenant Empire from Halo, the Martians from Mars Attacks!, the Borg Collective from Star Trek, the Daleks and Cybermen from Doctor Who, the Zin from Saints Row 4, the Skrulls from Marvel, the Unitologists from Dead Space, Reapers from Mass Effect and many more that has reduced much of the Sol System into a massive space battlefield with strange happenings across many moons and other planets. Venus has suddenly transformed into some sort of jungle world with active volcanic activities that make it seem similar to Zerus from StarCraft. Mars has some strange happenings such as an ocean, strange mechanical structures, random ruins across the world from various ancient civilizations from many different media sources. Even has some forests and grasslands while also having a giant Iron Ring around its equator.

Titan still has its methane oceans but has basalt landmasses covered in swamps and bayous with many crypts and Grey Knight facilities. But Titan isn't the only one with a face lift orbiting Saturn. Tethys has been transformed into a watery world with cyanobaterial-based plants on its islands. Dione has been transformed into some sort of tundra world along with Rhea. As for Iapetus, there are all kinds of structures on one side with no ice such as Warhammer 40,000, Star Trek and Mass Effect. Strange, yet are in complete ruins.

Some of the moons of Jupiter have undergone remarkable transformations as well. Io now has a breathable atmosphere with lichens and shrubs on its surface along with small seas. Europa now has holes in its ice shell as strange lifeforms burst through as it slowly transforms into a habitable ocean planet. Ganymede has been transformed into a cold desert world with never-ending maelstroms that wreck havoc on its surface. Callisto has also been transformed with red iron-oxide oceans and barren wastelands on its surface. The only moon of Neptune, Triton, has gone through a massive face lift. Instead of being a ball of ice and frozen nitrogen, it has become a volcanicly active moon. This is unbeknownst to the people living on Earth because they have their own problems to deal with all over the globe. This truly is a strange apocalypse indeed.

AN: Hey gang! I hope you enjoy this bizarre beginning to this new series I am working on. I went a little overboard with telling what is happening to the Solar System but hey, there is more going on than what is happening on Earth. If you truly want to know what is happening, you're gonna have to wait for the next chapter. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and avoid idiots that don't wear masks out in public such as trains. Or those idiots that refuse to wear masks out of protest. Idiots.

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PS: This was inspired by Galactic Battles - A Fan Fiction Crossover Film Featuring: Halo, Mass Effect, Star Wars & Star Trek by Calvin Romeyn on YouTube, Jump Force the video game and some Yu-Gi-Oh! series with crazy dimension stuff (Like in that one filler season of the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters where Duel Monster spirits rampage across Earth, that one season of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX with Yubel as the antagonist, and that weird mess-up different dimensions stuff that didn't go far with in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V) and Cartoon Network Super Secret Crisis War mini-series comic back in 2014.

I'm also uploading this early because I've gone back to the campgrounds to help out my relatives.

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