Chapter 8
Mad Max Fury Rip-Off, Part 1

AN: Okay, before we begin: I do apologize for anything offensive in this chapter. Nearly vomited a few times while writing this by how offensive it is.

Somewhere in a disclosed location, we got some people wearing white robes and pointed hoods in some underground bunker. Confederate and Nazi flags are hung with many portraits of Nazi commanders along with Hitler, Confederate generals, many racist radicals and detailed pictures of people of different races other than white being treated harshly, as if they were slaves. Even pictures of the Imperium of Man from Warhammer 40,000 killing aliens, Chaos worshipers and mutants while wearing more Christian symbols than the other symbols used in WH40K. In this wooden bunker, candle chandeliers light the room by candle light along with small, electrical lamps on some of the wooden beams that support the room. At the front, there is a large, brass Christian cross with a golden figure of Jesus Christ with a red liquid leaking out from the eyes and areas where the steel nails are. The room is filled with stone chairs that are twenty across and twelve down, filled with all members of this organization that are awaiting for their leader, who is now approaching the podium. All members seem to be members of the triple K, yet some look like they're claymations of some show. The leader is also a claymation figure, wearing the same white outfit yet has a large cross with a red ruby at the center, while also wearing a golden disc on his head, meant to be a halo. The leader then makes a speech to his ill-minded followers as he speaks from the podium.

"My fellow followers." the man speaks in a similar manner to someone from the 1950's, "The apocalypse is here. But do not fret, for we are god's chosen. Loved by Jesus, who had bless us with many who follow his teaching." Not really since people like these followed how he died. "Today, we are going to rebuild America the way it is meant to be. A land ruled by the Protestants! Not by liberals, people of different colors, devil rockers, or those stupid FUCKING HIPPIES! It belongs to us that follow the teachings of the cross. We will free America, and remake this land they way that our southern forefathers intended it to be!"

The crowd cheers with religious fervor. Raising their hands and standing on the chairs.

"We will also kill those that stand in the way! The open minded Catholics! The Jews and Muslims! The descendants of the immigrants that ruin this nation by demanding that we treat them as equals instead of animals! But we are now plagued by mutants and aliens created by these so-called people! Including the demons that we are suppose to be fighting against! We will-"

"Sir!" one of the members come bursting in all flustered, "We have animals trespassing close to our sacred site!"

"ROUND UP OUR VEHICLES AND WEAPONS!" the leader ordered with a thunderous voice, "We have disgusting degenerates to kill in the name of Christ!"

Over at the highway, the group passed by Casper and that place has suffered the worst. Not as bad as the demons that attacked Glendo or whatever the black stuff was at Douglas, but still bad. Zombies are all over the place along with monsters from Resident Evil, Killing Floor and House of the Dead. To make matters worse, the place looks like it became a swampy ruin with algae covered bogs, tall reeds, swamp flora from Florida, smelly marshes, and strange glowing fungus growing on the ruins. Most of them are covered in black mold, crimson moss and ivy vines. Not to mention some of the animals that are native to swamp lands, other than the mutants, yet mixed. Fauna includes poison dart frogs, American alligators, great blue herons, swamp rabbits, harpy eagles, and many more animals that are from American swamp lands and Amazon Rainforest. Not only that, Carboniferous species are dwelling there as well such as meganeura (giant dragonflies), pederpes (large amphibians), proterogyrinus (large and nasty amphibians), and arthropleura (gigantic ancestors of millipedes and centipedes). Not only that, there is some form of heat coming from the ground that make the place more tropical temperature wise.

They all drive out of there as fast as they could to avoid such a place. Although, it wasn't easy.

Uma sarcastically says as she drives the 7500, "Well that was a lot of shit."

"No kidding." Richard says while holding a SPAS-12 shotgun, "Zombies and swamp monsters? Seriously?"

Carly is also holding a shotgun, "Well, that's human imagination in a nutshell."

Muammar does his usual, "It is impossible to predict what will happen. The stakes are really high and survivability will decrease if we encounter more unexpected surprised like that."

Jack is looking out the left window, "Shit man. It looks like things are getting worse as this continues."

"Any calls from your cousin?" Uma asks as she keeps her eyes on the road.

"Yeah. I told him about Big Sky Mountain Village. However, Siren Heads have attacked the place and the different military groups abandoned the place according to Tsuki's parents. If Marcus makes his way over-"

Muammar interrupts, "Then their survivability will be high."

Jack hates being interrupted, "Thank you, Muammar."

"Sorry, couldn't help myself. Doing some statistics helps calm me down."

Jack turn his attention to Richie, "Hey, Richie?"


"Can you check the right side of the trailer? Need to make sure that we're not gonna get hit by any random charging dino."

"You got it." Richie heads on over to the right window and keeps an eye out.

"Just hope we make it out of this damn bayou." Carly complains, "Because I hate this mosquito infested shit hole."

"Have a fear of bugs, don't we?" Jack asks.

"Just blood suckers. Like leeches. Last thing I need is a disease bringing me down. Especially during the pandemic still happening."

Uma says, "Well, Tsuki says that the cure for COVID-19 is being spread around and we gave you guys the cure to make sure you won't have it."

"I know, but still. It's just that I've been afraid of vampires for years and anything that sucks out blood."

"So you hate Twilight?" Muammar asks.


Jack giggles a little, "Welcome to the club."

Uma states, "Twilight isn't all that bad."

All the boy goes, "Uuuuuuuuhhhhh..."

"Fuck you guys."

Muammar states, "Well at least it's better than Mama Mia."

Jack shudders when Muammar mentions that movie. "That movie was awful."

"Oh, I agree." Uma agrees, "One of the worst chick-flicks ever. Typical terrible USA movies."

Then finally, they made it out of the swamp. Everyone sigh in relief as they made it out with no incidents or any sort of encounters, living or otherwise. So they drove off and headed north. But as they exited out, someone on the sunroof of a white truck is eyeing on them with a pair of binoculars. It is the same white clad racist bastards from before on a white truck with a Confederate flag painted on the hood.

"That's them!" he speaks as he head backs in. "Star the engines, brothers! We got some illegal immigrants to teach them their proper place: buried in the ground!"

A fleet of similar Dodge trucks star their engines with some driving old army jeeps, army trucks and motorcycles with the same symbols of religious racism on them as they head out. Same with those that look like they're claymations.

In the van, Jose notices something on the radar. He takes a closer look and see multiple dots coming in from the southeast.

"Que demonios-?" he said in a confuse tone.
Translation: "What the hell-?"

Jeb leans over, "What's up?"

"I'm getting multiple contacts on the radar."

Jeb looks at the radar screen, "That can't be right." He then opens the back of the van to take a good look.

Jeb looks to the southeast and is in total surprise by what he sees. He sees what is best described as the Triple K coming down on them with everything that they got.

"Oh cac!" he says before a bullet hit the door of the van. "Oh bloody hell!" he looks back, "WE GOT TROUBLE!"

Jose is already loading a rocket launcher, "So I heard!"

Liga says over the phones, "Heads up! We got company!"

In his truck, J.H. asks, "What kind of company?"

The right sideview mirror gets shot.

"THE WORST KIND!" Liga shouts.

J.H. looks at where the shot come from and sees the Triple K coming down.

"Ah hell nah!" J.H. gets upset, "Those assholes shot my truck! Sonuvabitch."

Everyone has the pedal to the metal as they try to get away from the Triple K as fast as they can. One of the clan members fire an RPG at the van, yet missed.

"Fuck!" Liga swears from the close call, "This is why I don't wanna head to the southern parts of the States!"

Jeb corrected, "But we're in Montana! Aren't they supposed to be burning crosses in the swamps or some- Oh yeah. We just passed a swamp."

"Beats the hell out of me! But those fuckers should stay in the southeast and die faster than plague victims!"

Tsuki asks, "What is going on out there?! I spilled coffee on my pants!"

J.H. says over the phone, "Those motherfuckers just damage my truck!"

"What mofo's?!"

"Racist, white robe wearing assholes that wear Confederate flags on their vehicles!"

"Wait, you mean-" Tsuki was interrupted by a loud whack to the side of the trailer that nearly yanked her from her chair, "OW!" she spilled more of her coffee, "Dammit!"

Muammar opens up the hatch and arms himself with a chaingun from Doom: Eternal with an auto-turret mod. He aims at the nearest vehicles and opens fire while having an energy shield protecting the RV. Muammar guns down a few motorcyclists and one of the trucks. J.H. also activated the shield ability to protect his truck from further damage as he slams one of the jeeps with the trailer. Causing it to be flipped over.

"Ye-hah!" J.H. cheers, "That's what you get for ruining my baby!"

"I'm still in the trailer, you know?!" Tsuki sounds upset.

"But those assholes ruined my truck and they have to pay!"

In the van, Jeb finally got his case open, "Bingo!" and pulls out his weapon.

The weapon he is holding looks like a minigun yet the barrel looks more like a cannon. Jeb fires a shot at one of the trucks. What happened is that there is an electrical charge in the gun that fired the projectile at lighting speed, almost like a railgun. Actually, it is a railgun. The truck exploded into dozens of pieces and killing the people in it. Roasting them to nothing but skeletons.

"FINALLY!" Jeb screams with joy, "I FINALLY GET TO USE MY RAILGUN!"

A few bullets from a machine gun mounted on a jeep almost hit him and got the right side door.

"Oh shit!"

That one jeep is directly behind the van and is about ready to take down Jeb. But Jose manages to fire his revolver at the driver, causing it to swerve out of control before crashing into a truck.

Liga says while driving, "Hey, uh, am I the only one that notices that some of the guys look like clay dolls!?"

"Yeah!" Jose says as he heads up to the front seat and fire a few that were coming to the right, "What's up with that?!"

One of the trucks is speeding on Liga's side with the passenger saying, "Prepare to die, you filthy immigrants!"

Jose fires his revolver and double head shot the passenger and driver.

One of the motorcyclists got close to J.H.'s driver side of his truck, "Your kind doesn't belong here!"

The one riding behind the driver says, "Yeah, black lives don't matter here in our America."

J.H. pulls out a desert eagle and fires at the motorcycle. Causing it to catch fire, lose control and explode six feet away.


Another motorcycle pair then tries to climb onto J.H.'s truck and try to pry the roof open. But thanks to his shielding, they can't get in. J.H. put his hand out the window with his gun and fires at the two on top.


On the driver side of the 7500, many machine gunners on the trucks and jeeps try to shoot at the 7500. But like the other vehicles, the 7500 has energy shield too. When they realize that they aren't putting a dent into the RV, they are confused on what is going on. However, a rocket came out of nowhere and destroys them. In actuality, it came from Jose as he controls the rockets via psychic powers.

"Take that, pendejos!" Jose says.

Jack walks up to the front and armed with a heavy machine gun, also from Doom: Eternal. As he looks at the opposition, one of the claymation Triple K had their masks on backwards yet removes it. Jack looks at the figure and immediately recognizes him. The man has black dots on his angry clay eyes, have neat brown hair and eyebrows.

"Is that...Clay Puppington from Moral Orel?!" Jack says as he recognize the character.

"What's Moral Orel?" Uma asks.


Clay and his fellows were killed in an explosion. From the west, they got more problems to deal with.

"Uh-oh." Jack says as he sees the new enemies arriving.

What is arriving are Bandits from Borderlands with their vehicles such as Cheta Paws, Out Riders, Bandit Technicals, Cara-Vans and Skagzilla Technicals. On one of the technicals, there is a bandit badass psycho standing on a tower of speakers that stands about three stacks while having his shoes strapped on it and playing an electric guitar.

"What the fuck?" Uma says as she sees this new opposition. "Are those...bandits from Borderlands?"

"Hey, uh, guys?" Jeb says over the phone, "We got another problem."

"Yeah, we can see it." Jack says.

"Actually, we got something coming from the rear."

Jose says, "Bow-chika-bow-wow."

Coming from behind, another fleet of vehicles are joining in to add to the hype- I mean, make things more complicated. They are a bunch of regular cars that are painted black yet some of them have graffiti on them. Some say, 'Man Yes!', 'Michael Bay Iz #One', a female symbol with a red circle and a diagnal slash, and many testosterone, anti-women messages.

"We got meninists." Jeb says.

In one of the vans, many of the men wearing black leather jackets with spikes, Michael Bay movie shirts, some having a more stereotypical nerdy outfits and one of them have thick black glasses.

"WOO!" they all say.

One in a nerdy blue sweater vest and tan slacks outfit says in a stereotype nerdy voice, "Time for us to prove how manly we are!"

One guy in a biker outfit goes, "Man yeah! Kill every fucker and rape women into submission!"


Uma and Jack are dumbfounded and confuse on what Jeb just say along with Richie and Carly.

Carly says, "I'm sorry, what?"

"Meninists. Basically the opposite of feminists. In other words, older men that haven't gone past the age of eleven. Other words, whiny man-children."

Richie is a bit disturbed, "Sooo... Are they homosexuals?"


This add even more confusion to Richie and Carly.

Jack facepalms and says silently to himself, "This is the weirdest rip-off of Mad Max: Fury Road I've ever been apart of."

Richie looks at Jack, "Did you say, Mad Max: Fury Road?"

"Unfortunately, YES. This is the dumbest thing ever."

Carly asks everyone, "Does anyone have a weapon I can borrow?"

Jack just spawns in the Unmakyr and gives it to Carly, "Here. Teach those morons a lesson."

"Will do."

Tsuki says over the phone, "We also have another problem."

Jack says, "Let me guess: Feminists."

"Nope. We got something Does anyone know any demons from a video game that involves heavy metal music?"

Jose answers, "Wait, we got Brutal Legend?"

Up ahead, they got a bunch of demonic-themed cars with some having the front as razor-sharp teeth and eyeballs for headlights. Many of them are painted red or the color of flesh with many BDSM demons driving or riding on them. Yet some of them look like demonic chariots with some have motor engines while others have giant demons similar to Bleeding Deaths that pull them and act like gorillas while charging. And we also got imps on motorcycles armed with bombs.

Uma facepalms, "What the fuck...?"

Carly asks, "Can we go one day without demons or zombies?"

"If you don't like that," Tsuki says over the phone, "then you're all not gonna like what else is coming."

"Let me guess:" Carly says, "More tied-up, leather wearing weirdos?"

Uma gets annoyed to her breaking point, "FUCK IT!" and uses her powers to speed up the RV.

J.H. and Liga catch up with Uma by using the same ability as her. Then we got all the other factions meeting each other in the most bizarre Mad Max-inspired chase scene.

Over at the meninist side, one group sees a truck with a Punishing Party whipping their bulky, muscular slave that have spears on his back. The demon dominatrixes use their tail to scar him.

"HEY!" one of the more nerdier members say, "YOU CAN'T DO THAT! ONLY A MAN CAN DO THAT!"

"YEAH!" says one in a biker outfit, "YOU GIRLS SHOULD BE THE ONES BEING TREATED LIKE THAT!" So he pulls out a dumbell and hits one them by throwing it.

One of the female demons is knocked off and rolls out dead with a broken horn. The others look at the meninist in their van and are not happy.

"Uh-oh." they both say.

The slave demon takes out two handful of spears and jumps onto the van. Many of the men scream their dumbass soiled pants off and the slave demon stabs the engine, which causes it to explode.

Another meninist group in a truck are beside one of the Triple K look at them from their own truck and see two black guys in it.

One of the Triple K points and scream, "FILTH! FILTH! THEY HAVE FILTH WITH THEM!"

So the Triple K have their guns out and try to shoot at the meninists while the meninists shoot back.

Then we have the Triple K meeting with the Tainted Coil's Tick Choppers (imps on motorcycles) as one of them screams out, "DEEEEEMMMOOOOONS!"


One of the Tick Choppers just throw a bomb and destroyed the Triple K and their truck while giving them the middle finger.

One of the Bandits from Borderlands try to steer some of the meninists off the road and vice-versa. That is until a Bandit midget goes kamikaze as it jumps off. Some of the bandits in a Cara-Van jump off from the roof and jump onto one of the demon chariots and try hacking and slashing with hatchets made from lawnmower blades. Lots of gunfire, rocket fire, screams and explosions fill the highway along with many wrecks and corpses that litter it. Over five miles, fire and smoke can be seen with the smell of burnt corpses from humans and demons. All four factions fight over the prize on the road that is getting further and further away as the fighting continues with ceaseless and senseless violence and mayhem as our group gets away. Yet what is this other faction coming in to this chaotic mess? Will there be more? For that, is to be continued.

AN: Yeah. Once again, I apologize for anything that is offensive in this fanfiction. In any case, I am thinking of doing another new one yet it revolves around the WH40K universe but takes place in the Era Indomitus (207.M42) in If The Emperor Had A Text-To-Speech Device universe so expect some comedy along with some Homebrew under Free Use. If you guys know anything that can survive, please leave a reply in the forum. The link is below.

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Until then, happy holidays. And most importantly: Black Lives Matter. The Triple K retards should've died harder than dinosaurs at this point.