Izuku Midoriya was a special child

Until the age of six many believed him to be quirkless, and on top of that he suffered from anemia, making his young life a difficult one.

But that didn't stop young Midoriya from wanting to be a hero, every day (when he was feeling up to it) he would play Hero with his best friend Katsuki, and he would write continuously in his notebooks about heroes.

He knew that if he just worked hard enough, he could one day become a hero.

And that belief became stronger when the doctors finally found out that he wasn't truly quirkless.

It happened after an accident at the park, Midoriya had been following Bakugo through a heavily wooded area and over a ravine. Midoriya had slipped and fallen into the ravine, tearing up his arm as he did. Katsuki and the others had immediately panicked and rushed Midoriya back home, where he was promptly taken to the ER where his extremely injured arm had been taken care of and a blood transfusion was fixed into his arm.

That little bag of blood changed everything for Midoriya, for the first time in his life he didn't feel sickly or weak, and when his arm began to quickly heal because of the blood, Midoriya was instantly taken for more extensive tests.

The findings were amazing. By injecting or ingesting blood, Izuku was able to effectively combat his anemia; as well as gain an amazing healing factor because of the blood. The tests also showed a huge increase in physical strength.

From then on Izuku was drinking blood every day-Animal, so as not to scare his classmates TOO much-and he was now able to keep up with his best friend when playing.

But there was more to it.

Soon Izuku found that he was craving human blood, no matter how much animal blood he drank, he began to avoid his classmates as he could almost FEEL their blood pumping through their veins; staying too long around them would make his canines elongate and sharpen, and it scared him what would happen if he didn't separate himself. he began to become extremely sensitive to sunlight and began to feel lethargic during the day, sometimes sleeping all day and waking at night long after his mother had gone to sleep.

His mother was extremely worried about all this, but all the doctors she took her son too would simply say that it was his quirk at work and that they could do nothing but observe and adapt.

It was all fine until the day a couple of second graders decided to gang up on Katsuki.

They had fought Katsuki before, but this time they had ganged up against the small boy, pinning him on the playground rocks and repeatedly punching him.

Izuku watched from the playground equipment-having been watching the other kids play from afar-and felt something in him snap, with a snarl he lunged forward, tackling the lead fifth grader off of Katsuki, "LEAVE KACCHAN ALONE!" he had shouted as he slammed his fists into the older boys chest; he stopped when he saw the blood gushing out of the crying boys nose, coating his face and neck with the sticky liquid. Without even thinking, Izuku's fangs extended and he sank them into the boys neck, making him scream.


A hard shove from Katsuki had knocked Izuku from the boy, making him tumble away, he jumped back up and shook his head, looking down at his bloodied hands, then at the boy who's neck he had just bitten into.

"Deku-" Katsuki started as Izuku took off running, "Deku! Wait! IZUKU!"

Katsuki ran after him, but the blood had made his friend too fast to keep up with and the small explosion user was left in the dust.

The cops were called and a bulletin sent out, but no one could find the little seven year old; his mother was distraught with worry as her only son was gone.

Katsuki felt the whole situation was his fault, he had been the one to antagonize and fight the second graders, he was the one that Izuku jumped in to save; and now his best friend was gone, missing.

He vowed to himself that he wouldn't rest, and wouldn't call himself a hero, until his friend was found.


six years later.

Kyoka Jirou walked into the downtown Mustafu police precinct, her left earphone Jack plugged into her phone and a bento box tucked under under arm, as she walked several officers called out a greeting

"Hey Jirou"

"How are you doing today Jirou?"

"Stayin out of trouble, Jirou?"

"Of course." Kyoka said, barely looking up from her phone as she approached her uncles office, not even knocking on the door as she walked in.

"Hey unc, I brought some-" she stopped as she looked up and found her uncle talking with a boy about her age, with spiky pale blond hair and what looked like a permanent scowl on his face, "oh sorry, didn't know you were busy." She said.

"Its alright Kyoka, I was just about finished, young Bakugo, when I find out more information I'll let you know."

"Yes sir, thank you."the boy said, standing up and giving a small bow before walking out, not even sparing kyoka a glance."

"What was that about?" Kyoka asked as she stared at her uncle, "who was that kid?"

Natsu Jirou was a middle aged man who had worked from a bright eyed rookie to a tired detective, his dark purple hair was tied back in a loose pony tail and the earphone jacks on his earlobes were typing away at his computer as he smiled at his niece, "that kid was Katsuki Bakugou, UA hopeful, and my weekly reminder of a cold case."

"Weekly reminder? What cold case?" Kyoka slowly moved forward and sar across from her uncle, putting the bento box on the desk.

Natsu sighed, "six years ago, almost seven now that I think about it, a child went missing, his name was Izuku Midoriya; after an altercation at a local park he took off running and disappeared, i've been on the case ever since, haven't been able to find hide nor hair of the boy." He looked out his window to watch Bakugo slowly stalk away, hands in his pockets. "Young Bakugou there blames himself, said the altercation only happened because of him, he comes in every Friday to find out if there's been any progress on the case...almost thought he wasn't showing today, pretty late out you know."

"Wow...six years of trying to find his friend…" kyoka muttered, "how does he keep hope?"

"Honestly, i don't know, I sure as hell stopped thinking we'd find a live body two years ago." Her uncle sighed, pulling a small picture out, "we don't even know what's changed over the course of six years, his physique was already changing when he was seven, now...well he could look like anything."

Kyoka snatched the picture out of her uncle's hands to look at it. A smiling picture of a little boy with curly green hair and pointy canines, "what was his quirk?"

"Doctors called it Vampire, when he drank blood-animal or human- he'd gain an impressive healing factor and strength boost, the drawback is he craves human blood, he was antisocial and sensitive to sunlight by the time he ran away."

"Poor kid, hopefully he turns up."

"I won't be holding my breath...now what did your mother pack me today?"


Kyoka slowly left the precinct, mind on the missing boy, "uncle doesn't think he's alive...but that bakugou kid thinks he is so maybe…" she shook her head, "doesn't concern me anyways."

So caught up in her thoughts, the young girl didn't even notice the two men behind her until they suddenly grabbed her, "wha- hey! Let go of-mph!" She struggled against the gag

They forced into her mouth as they dragged her into an alleyway where a van was waiting; her earphone jacks were trying to jab at the men but they just painfully grabbed them and tied them behind her head before roughly throwing her in the back of the van. Her head slammed against the cold the back and she slowly lost consciousness.

When next she woke she was being dragged down a poorly lit hallway, her captures heading towards a heavy looking steel door, "you think he'll do it?"

"Dunno? He tore that mastiff apart. And that bear."

"But he was STARVING! and those were animals…"

"Look, boss said this is what she wants, so just suck it up...and hope we don't have to clean up the remains."

The one to her right let go of her arm and unlocked the door, "good luck kid." He sneered as he grabbed her arm once more and threw her into the room alongside his accomplice and slammed the door shut and locked it before she could get her bearings.

She clawed at the gag in her mouth, taking a gasping breath when she finally removed it, her earphone jacks slowly untangled themselves, "you assholes! Let me out!" She shouted, clumsily rushing to the door and banging on it, "let me out now!"

"Can you please stop screaming?"

The soft, slightly raspy voice made Kyoka freeze, slowly she began to turn around, looking at a pair of glowing green eyes.

"My hearings sensitive you see…" the voice continued in a tired drawl, "and with how weak I am right now, it hurts more.:

"S-sorry...just not entirely jazzed about getting kidnapped." She muttered.

"I get it…" he sighed, the eyes closing for a few moments. "Are you another person I have to punish? What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything!" Kyoka snapped quietly, "i was walking home and those assholes grabbed me from behind!"

Blink. "Really?"

"Yeah, why?"

"...no reason…"

"...okay, so, is there a way we can get some light in here, I can't see a thing."

"I...I'm too weak to be able to handle the light…my eyes are sensitive to begin with...but…"

"-I get it dude." Kyoka sighed, sitting down, then looking up in surprise, "did these idiots really not-" she reached into her back pocket and pulled out her small wallet "YES!"she exclaimed, opening it to reveal her phone, then she swore, "Damn it no service…"

"Please turn the light out."

"Oh right, sorry." she quickly turned the phone off, "is there any way you can handle the light?"

"I...if I had some sunglasses maybe...but Mistress took them before she locked me in here…"

"Mistress?" she questioned, then shook her head, her hand going into her other pocket, "these idiots really didn't pat me down, "she sighed as she pulled out a pair of aviator sunglasses, "here, they should help take the edge off."

There was a small pause, then a hand reached out and gingerly took the glasses, "thank you…" the glowing eyes were covered and the boy sighed, "the light switch should be on your left…"

Pawed around a bit until she found the light switch and flicked it, blinding herself for a few moments, "alright, lets see what we're working with…" she muttered, looking around the room and only seeing a plain bed and desk with a bookcase right beside it, "Not much huh?" she looked to her fellow captive and blinked, "you look...familiar…" she mumbled, looking at a boy around her age, with long, tangled green hair and a thin frame, his features were sharp and his skin was deathly pale, showing off the prominent scars he had on his exposed arms, his hands were claw-like and the wispy beginnings of facial hair dotted his cheeks and upper lip.

"Do I?" he asked, adjusting the aviators slightly, cheeks blushing as he realized that it was in fact, a girl in the same room with him, "I-I haven't been out of this compound in years…"

"How long?" she asked.

"Six? seven...I don't even remember anymore…" he slowly stood up, towering over her by a few inches, as he nervously looked over the bookcase, trying to keep his eyes off of her, "'Mistress found me in an alley when I was young...and she brought me here…"

"And she kept you locked up? That's cruel."

"It's what I deserve." he growled bitterly, making Kyoka's eyes widen as his claws dug into the sides of the bookcase, "i'm a monster…"

"Dude, you look like a tired out puppy, how are you a monster?"

"You don't understand…" he mumbled wearily, walking to the desk and grabbing the wooden chair that sat at it. "H-here, at least you can sit down."

'Oh, thanks." she said, taking the chair and sitting down, "what's your name?" she asked curiously.


"Your name?" she said again, "you got a name right?"

"I-I do…" he stuttered, sitting on his bed, his back against the wall, hugging his legs to his chest, "It's not important."

"Everyone's name is important." she argued, "it's an extension of who you are."

"Then what's your name?" he asked, giving her a side glance.

"Kyoka, Kyoka Jirou." she said, then gestured to him.

He sighed, "Izuku Midoriya." he mumbled.

Her eyes widened, 'No way! You're Izuku Midoriya!?"

He looked at her curiously, "yeah...h-how do you know me?"

"Well I don't, but my Uncle is a detective, and he's been assigned to your case since you disappeared!"

"My case?oh...guess they pressed charges then." he said sadly.

"Charges? No, no! Your case is a missing persons case, he said you've been missing since you were seven!"

His eyes widened at that, "Someone...filed a missing persons for me? Not even any criminal charges? Are you sure?"

"Yeah i'm sure dude, I read the case file while my uncle was eating, your mother filled out the report an hour after you ran. And a friend of yours baku-something goes every week to see if there's any progress."

"Baku...Bakugo?" He asked hesitantly, his eyes began to water when kyoka gave a small nod. "They...they don't hate me? They've been looking for me?"

"Yeah dude, but they've had no leads...which isn't surprising if you've been in here…" she looked at the door, "is there anyway we can escape?:

"Maybe...but...do you know what my quirk is?"

"Uh...yeah, vampire, you gain strength when you drink...blood…"

"Mistress hasn't allowed me to drink blood in a week." He mumbled, looking at his hands, "and I'm so weak i can barely tolerate the lights with these sunglasses on...i was expecting her to throw a dog or even another bear in here for me to fight and drain...then you got thrown in here…"

Kyoka gulped, "she...she made you fight animals?"

"I didn't want to…" he whispered, voice shaky, "but I got so hungry...and they were trying to hurt me...so…" he shook his head, "the longest I've gone without blood was two weeks, that was when they threw an Irish wolfhound in here...poor thing was too old to fight so I refused until the dog passed...i almost died…"

"So...you think...that I was put in here for you to...to...drain?"

He nodded, "i'd rather die than do it...but…if you give me a little blood...i may be able to break that door down at the very least."

"G-give you blood? Like...you're gonna chomp down on my neck!?"

"It's not my best idea, and I might lose control...but the longer we wait, the hungrier I get...and if It gets too long.."

"If we wait to long it'll either be you die or I die…" she whispered.

Izuku nodded sadly, "id rather die before draining a human...but if i get too hungry…" he shook his head, "you don't have to decide now-"

"-no." She said fiercely, standing and striding towards him, offering him her arm, "get what you need. If we can escape now then there's no need to wait."

Izuku hesitated, then gave a small nod, "im sorry, Jirou-san." He whispered as he opened his mouth, revealing sharp, shark-like teeth that quickly sank into her arm.

Jirou let out a gasp of pain as izuku began to suck out her blood; after five minutes, Izuku suddenly shot away from her, making her fall to her knees and covering her wound, "was it enough?" She gritted out as she grabbed the blanket on the bed and tore it to use for bandages.

Izuku was on top of the desk, panting heavily as he slowly reached up and pulled the glasses off. Revealing his now blood red eyes, " move further away from the door." He said, his voice had lost its raspy edge, and now sounded powerful and cold.

Jirou quickly scooted further back.

"Its been fifteen minutes, they do their checks every thirty, so when I break down the door, stick close to me, we'll be going to their break room."

"Is there a landline in there?"

"I dont know, ready?"

Jirou finished tying off her impromptu bandages and nodded quickly.

Izuku glared at the metal door, "i hate that door." He growled, "for seven years I've had to stare at it and watch others come and go through it, never allowed to leave, but now…" he crouched slightly lower, "knock. Knock."


Joro Hikashi sat in the small rec room that he and the others had set up, it was simple, with a billiards table and small kitchen that they all kept stocked up with snacks and drinks for when they were on guard duty.

"You think the kid drained the girl yet?" One of the other goons asked as he went for his turn at the billiards table.

"Nah, he's probably gonna try and not drain her for the next four or five days until he's way too hungry." Another said.

"Yeah, like with that one dog...poor kid, gonna fuck up his head going about it like that."

"Eh, whats it matter? Kids a monster."

"A monster am i?"

The voice that echoed in the room made all the men stiffen in fear, slowly Joro looked to the door where the boy they were supposed to be guarding now stood, red eyes full of hate and clawed hands poised to strike.

"He...he's loose!"

"Loose, and very pissed." Izuku growled, "and in need of letting off some steam...but who will I go for first...innie...minnie...miney...you." suddenly he darted forward-faster then the eye could see- and drove a fist into the stomach of a nearby grunt, sending him flying back as he turned and slammed his leg into anothers head, knocking him out and lodging him into the wall.

As another grunt ran at Izuku with his que stick raised, Joro ran for the open door, intent on alerting the boss of her escaped ward, only to get an earphone jack to the eye.

"GAAAAAAH!" as he collapsed on the ground, body shaking as Jirou walked in, kicking his body as she did.

"That's for tying my jacks together jackass." She snapped as she looked around the room. All of the goons were unconscious on the ground, with Izuku standing above them all, heavily breathing as he stared at the blood gushing out of one of the mens noses.

"Midoriya." Kyoka said, striding towards him when he didn't answer, "Izuku!" she exclaimed, shaking him and making him look at her, red eyes slightly unfocused.

"So much blood." he whispered, "it...it will all go to waste just pouring out on the ground…"

"Izuku no." Kyoka said firmly, making the boy shake his head, his eyes coming into focus.

"R-right sorry…" he quickly backed away, settling against the wall as Kyoka searched the room.

"Just don't look at it Midoriya, we need to get out and I want it to be with you in the right state of mind."

"I know...but...so much blood…" he whispered.

"No." she said firmly as she pushed bags of chips and beer bottles out of the way, "Yes!" she cheered, pulling an old looking phone towards her, "landline!"

"Who are you gonna call?" Izuku asked. Still staring at the blood.

"The police, hopefully they'll hurry."

"Hopefully." he mumbled, "because I don't know how long I can hold out…"


Shouta Aizawa ran across the rooftops of downtown Mustafu, stopping at the edge of an apartment complex to pick his goggles up and rub his eyes, "so tired…" he muttered as his earpiece began to buzz, with a sigh he pressed a button on it's side, "what do you have for me?"

"Got a call on the emergency line, some kid says she and another were kidnapped and are currently on the run from their kidnappers inside the building. Cops already have two units on the way, but are requesting a hero just in case, sending you the address now."

"I'm on my way." Shouta sighed, putting his goggles on as he once again ran, glancing at his phone to know exactly where he was going, soon he was arriving. Stopping short as an explosion filled the air, "what the hell!?" he snapped, staring at the building that was the specified location, currently on fire with several men running out of it; several of them were attempting to attack the cops but a quick drop down and deactivation of their quirks was enough for the cops to subdue and arrest them, "What's going on?"Aizawa asked them as they handcuffed the attackers.

"No idea, we were about to approach the building when the explosion happened!"

Aizawa looked to the building, his eyes narrowed, "call in more heroes, I'm going to go see what I can find."

"Be careful!"

A few minutes before.

Kyoka hid behind the overturned billiards table as several goons attempted to gain access to the room, only to be stopped by Izuku, "the cops are coming but I don't know how long we have!" she called out to him.

"I'm running on fumes." he panted out as he threw another man across the room before dodging a speed quirk user, driving his elbow into the mans solar plexus and slammed his head into the table.

"Just hold out Izuku please!" she begged.

Izuku jumped back to her side as several men entered the room with guns, none moved forward though. "She's here…" he whispered, making Kyoka peer over her cover as a middle aged woman walked into the room, dressed in a red cocktail dress and a fox fur draped over her shoulders, her hair was long and golden, shining in the dim light overhead.

"Izuku." she purred as she walked in, "you ruined the very nice dinner I was having with Kai, want to tell me why?"

Izuku tensed, his hands shaking slightly, "I-I won't be locked up any longer." he said hesitantly, "My...my mother is looking for me! You were wrong!"

The woman cocked her head to the side, "I was wrong? Well that can't be right," her golden eyes began to glow as she walked towards Izuku, "your mother didn't even want you."

'N-no...she...she's looking for me...they're looking for me…" Izuku whispered, slowly backing up as his own eyes began to glow.

"Why would they look for a monster? A boy who tore another boys throat out and killed him."

"I...I didn't...you're lying…" he shook his head, shrinking against the wall.

"Why would I lie?" she purred as she got to the table, "i'm the only one who ever took care of you, who loves you."

"You...you're my mistress…" he whispered, eyes vacant.

"Yes I am, now-" she let out a gasp as Kyoka suddenly tackled her, her earphone jacks driving into the side of her head. "GAH! You little bitch!"

"Izuku don't listen to her!" Kyoka exclaimed as she wrestled with the woman ,"you're family's waiting for you! DON"T LISTEN!"

The vacant look disappeared from his gaze and his limbs began to tremble, "you've...you've been controlling me with you're quirk." he whispered angrily, "you've been lying to me!"

Kyoka was thrown from the woman's chest, slamming hard against the wall.

"Little brat! I'll let my guards have some fun with you before I feed you to him Piece by Piece!" she snarled as she began to sit up, only for Izuku to tackle her, "What? No! Get off! Now!" she commanded, eyes glowing.

"That won't work anymore." Izuku growled as he opened his mouth and lunged for her throat, her struggling made him miss his mark by a few inches, sinking his teeth into the tender flesh of her shoulder as she screamed.


The guards, frozen in momentary shock, shot forward to grab onto Izuku's arms as he sucked her blood, the excess blood allowed him to simply swat the men away; one of them slammed into the nearby oven, destroying it and breaking the gas-line. Several more men raised their guns to take a shot at the boy,

"I...Izuku…" Kyoka groaned as she slowly looking up, her eyes widening at the state her new friend was in, gorging himself on the blood of the woman who had abused him. "Izuku STOP!"

Izuku raised his head to stare at her, an inky black spider webbing through his sclera, "Jirou…" he whispered, his eyes moving to a flame user as he stepped in the room, unknowing of the gas currently leaking a few feet away.

Without thinking, Izuku hurled himself forward and wrapped himself around jirou as the air erupted into fire and they were launched out into the hallway.

Jirou slowly looked up, her eyes widening as she saw the burns all over Izuku's body, healing at a steady pace as he slowly stood up, "are you okay?" He coughed out.

"Couple of bruises." She muttered as she watched several grunts retreat down the hall, their boss carried between them as a few others charges towards the kids, many of them with burns and gashes bleeding heavily, "Get them!"

"Jirou watch out!" Izuku exclaimed, jumping in front of her and absorbing several rounds from their guns as well as projectile quirks.

"Run!" he shouted at her, eyes shut tightly in pain.

"Izuku you can't-" she started.

"RUN!" he snarled, eyes shooting open, his sclera pitch black, a single tear of blood rolling down his cheek, "I can't hold myself for much longer...RUN!"

Jirou took a stumbling step back before running away.

"Boss still wants him and the girl alive! Don't let her escape!" one shouted.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Izuku roared, turning around as the shadows around im warped.

"Don't make us do anything we'll regret just-AH!" the lead grunt screamed as something lunged out of the shadows and tackled him, snarling in his face.

Izuku's eyes widened as he stared at the thing-a dog, he noted absentmindedly-as it growled at the mans face, slowly it lifted it's head and Izuku almost laughed as he realized that it was the Irish Wolfhound he had been forced to drain, now in its prime and with glowing red eyes, "this is interesting." he whispered, slowly walking forward; making the other grunts take a few fearful steps back, the dog looked up at him, giving a happy pant as he ran his hand through it's coat, "when I drain something, they're spirit stays with me...which means." he grinned as the shadows warped once more, several Rottweilers and Boxers stalked out of the shadows, snarling and growling with glowing red eyes, "Get them." Izuku commanded.


Jirou ran as hard as she could down the hall, tears streaming down her cheeks as she heard the screams and the sound of fighting behind her. "Get outside, get the cops, don't worry Izuku, i'm going to come back." she whispered as she turned the corner and quickly slid under a kick from a very shaggy looking man with yellow goggles, "Jesus!" she cried as she tumbled to a stop by the wall; before she could move, the mans scarf wrapped around her, anchoring her in place. "Damn it no! Let me go!"

"Not until you tell me what's going on." the man said in a dead monotone, his eyes narrowing as he heard the fighting, "and who you are."

Jirou stared at him for a few seconds, "you're not with them?"

"I'm the Pro Hero Eraserhead." he stated, "now, who are you, and what's happening?"

"I'm Kyoka Jirou I was kidnapped earlier today and they brought me here and threw me in a room with a kid, Izuku Midoriya, they've had him contained for six years and...and i think his quirks gone crazy…" she finished, looking back down the hall as a roar filled the air, "he needs help."

"Midoriya...if you're right then we need to get out of here.' he said, unraveling his capture weapon from her.

"What!? If you're a hero then you should be helping him-" Jirou started.

"-Last I heard, this kid's quirk was called Vampire, and if he lost control of that…"

Jirou looked back in concern, but Eraser was already moving, "come on, we'll get you outside and I'll return with a few more heroes...I don't know if I can erase his quirk fully."

Jirou sighed and followed the hero back up the stairs, passing by several knocked out grunts. "How many heroes are on scene?" she asked as they reached the first floor.

"We're about to find out." he said as they burst through the front door where several police units were making a line around the building, a SWAT team gearing up a few yards away.

"Erasure!" Death arms shouted, running over with his sidekick at his side, "what's going on in there."

"We have what looks like a Gang stronghold in this building." Erasure said, ushering Jirou towards the police line."and they're currently biting off more than they can chew with a missing person who lost control of their quirk, a quirk I'm not sure I can erase completely."

"Damn it, we got Kamui Woods on stand by and Backdraft is on his way."

"We'll have to make do with you and Woods for now, Kid, get behind the police line-" an explosion behind them made Death arms cover Jirou as Erasure shielded his face from the intense heat that billowed from the building.

"IZUKU!" Jirou screamed.

"Everyone back up!" Erasure commanded, "we can't go back in until Backdraft gets here-" he stopped as the doors burst open, several silhouettes appearing from the blaze.

"Paramedics! We have bodies!" Death arms shouted as several men were dragged out by Boxers and one ornery looking Grizzly bear. "What the…"

The top of the building exploded as two figures shot from the top of it before free falling towards the street.

"Everyone get back!" Erasure commanded as they all fell back in time to miss the impact that cracked the concrete.

As the dust settled, they found Izuku standing over the groaning body of his mistress, blood sluggishly bleeding from her shoulder and several burns covering her arms, her once shining hair was now slightly matted with blood and soot from the fire, slowly she tried to drag herself away from the boy.

"You won't get away," He growled, pressing his foot down on her chest, "six years you've kept me in the dark, starving me, forcing me to fight rabid angry animals...forcing me to kill and then experimenting on me after...it all ends today…" he began to press down harder, making bones creak as she let out a groaning cry.

"Izuku no!" Jirou shouted, pushing away from Death arms and running towards him.

Izuku looked up, eyes still their unsettling black and red.

"Izuku you can't kill her, I know what she did, and I know how much you're hurting, but this isn't you, you can't…" she trailed off as Izuku took a small, uncertain step back.

"Jirou...Jirou I…" he took another step back, looking at the police and the heroes who were tense, waiting to see what his next move would be.

"Look at me Izuku," Jirou commanded gently, making him look at her, "you're not thinking straight, the blood is messing with your mind, just relax."

Izuku fell to his knees as the dogs and bears around him disappeared, "Jirou...I'm sorry…" he whispered hoarsely, blood slowly leaking from the corners of his eyes.

Jirou stepped towards him as he began to sob, without thinking, Jirou put her arms around him, holding him close as the police went forward, arresting the goons and quickly restraining his mistress and loading her into an ambulance.

"Come on Izuku...lets get you seen…"


Several hours later.

Jirou slowly sat down in the chair just outside of Midoriya's room, her hands were shaking, from blood loss, and the stress of the day.

"Kyoka." the voice of her uncle Natsu made her look up to stare at the tired detective who was running towards her with Erasure leisurely walking over behind him.

"They do anything to you? Who was it that gave you this gash? I swear to god I'll-" Natsu started angrily as he saw the bandages on her forearm.

"Calm down unc, sheesh. I did this to myself." she muttered.

He sighed, "when they called me and informed me of what happened i was so...god what is your mother going to say." he groaned as he sat down next to her.

"That she's proud of me for clearing your missing persons case?" she asked, making him chuckle and ruffle her hair.

"Yeah, color me surprised…" He looked at the door to their side, "how bad is it?"

"He's having what amounts to withdrawal." Aizawa said, stepping forward, "it was fine the first hour, but then, when the blood began to work out of his system he began to crave it again and requested to be locked in a secure room." Aizawa sighed, "don't know how long he'll be like this, we have some quirk specialists coming to analyse his blood and see what can be found.

He nodded, "I alerted his Mother, so she should be showing up soon...hopefully he'll be better…"

"Hopefully…" Aizawa looked to Kyoka, "you did good down there kid, not many would be able to escape like you did within an hour of being kidnapped."

"It was either that or we waited another few days...and by that time…"

"By that time Midoriya would've probably drained you." Aizawa said with a slight nod, "half of the individuals arrested tonight were nearly drained of blood; as it is they're all suffering from blood loss, some worse then others...luckily since it's been confirmed that not only did they kidnap you, but they've been holding Midoriya hostage, no charges will be pressed against either of you."

"What a relief." Jirou said sarcastically.

"Hmph, problem children," Aizawa muttered, turning away, "I'm gonna go get this report finished, then get some sleep, try not to blow up another building."

Jirou huffed as her uncle laughed.

"We should probably be taking you home as well." Natsu said with a chuckle, 'before your mother comes to skin me alive."

"Can we wait just a little while longer?" she questioned him, "I...want to be here when Midoriya's mother shows up."

Natsu smiled, "looks like you two became quite good friends tonight, huh?"

"Happens when you get kidnapped and almost killed." Jirou joked.

"Alright...let me call your mother and let her know, i'll also grab you some food, you look like you're about to pass out."

Jirou sighed as she leaned back, her earphone jack discretely plugging into the wall behind her, she winced as she heard Midoriya's quiet sobs, "poor guy…" She mumbled, unplugging from the wall as her uncle came back, "How long do you think he'll be detoxing?" she asked as he placed a bag of chips on her lap.

"Hard to say, we barely know anything about his quirk, and from what we do know, he never binged on blood like this…" he stopped as the door suddenly burst open and a pudgy woman ran into the hall, a small five year old girl right behind her, hugging her small pink backpack to her chest.

"Where is he?" the woman demanded to know in a shaky voice.

"Ms. Midoriya, it's good to see you." Natsu said as he stood, "your son is in this room, but I advise giving it a little bit."

"A little bit? We finally found my baby and you want me to give it a little bit!?" she demanded to know.

"He's not in the right state of mind, if you were to go in there and overwhelm him he may hurt you-"

"-he's my son, he wouldn't hurt me-"

"-we don't know that-"

"-i do!"

Jirou sighed as the two adults devolved into an argument, "this is lame…" she groaned as she looked to the side, her eyes widening when she saw the door unlocked, 'Hey Unc!"

"-not now Jirou."


"-Not now!"

"-someone just went into the room!" Jirou snapped, making the detective look to the door and the mother to look behind her.

"Yuka!?" Inko asked worriedly as she went into the room, Jirou and Natsu right behind her, they stopped as they found the little girl sitting on the floor in front of Izuku, who was curled up in the corner of the room; he looked much worse for wear then when Jirou had seen him just a few hours before, his skin a sickly yellow and his body wracked with uncontrollable shakes, tears were streaming down his cheeks;but he was no longer sobbing, instead he was looking at the little five year old in front of him in shock. She looked so much like his mother only with auburn hair and soft blue eyes.

"What's your name?" the little girl questioned.

"I-Izuku...what's yours?"

"Yukari, are you hurt?"

"I-i-in a way…"

"Oh…" the little girl carefully opened her backpack and pulled out a small pack of bandaids, "Momma said bandaids help booboos." she said, carefully putting it on his arm, "Feel better?"

Izuku gave her a shaky smile, "much better…" he whispered.

"Izuku?" Inko started carefully, taking a small step forward.

Izuku looked up, his eyes watering as he did, "M-Mom?" he asked cautiously.

"Oh Izuku!" Inko cried, surging forward and falling to her knees by her son, hugging him tightly to her chest.

"Mom…" Izuku sobbed, putting his own arms around her.

Natsu smiled and put a hand on Jirou's shoulder, "Come on, let's give them some time alone."

"Yeah, okay." Jirou said, following her uncle out of the room, she spared one last look back as Inko brought Yukari forward.

"This is your sister, Yukari."

"We've met, haven't we Yuka?"

"Yeah, I made him better mommy!"

"You certainly did."